Most Seductive Expensive Lingerie Brands | TOP 10 Most Expensive Lingerie Ever & TOP 5 Best Brands You Must Try

Most Seductive Expensive Lingerie Brands | TOP 10 Most Expensive Lingerie Ever & TOP 5 Best Brands You Must Try

Expensive lingerie brands have increased in popularity since 1994 when Victoria’s Secret has revealed its gorgeous Fantasy Bra luxury lingerie. There are many luxury lingerie designers who come with new ideas every year, combining pieces of silk lingerie with precious gems and metals that catches everybody’s eyes. You will see that this TOP of expensive lingerie brands will be dominated by these creations of famous designer lingerie Victoria’s and its beautiful angels. Every woman out there has that need of feeling beautiful and sexy in her intimate moments. Well, expensive lingerie can offer you a hand and complete your appearance, not only because their high quality materials, but also thanks to their interesting and kinky design.

Some designer lingerie can be custom made to fit you the best and be comfortable, some are unique and there are only a few pieces of that luxury lingerie made. Each of the luxury lingerie brands has its own style and design, its own story and sexy, spicy touch. We’ll go through bra, panties, corset, all types of women’s underwear. Ready for that???

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You’ll see below a TOP 10 MOST EXPENSIVE LINGERIE EVER made, to have an idea how far it can go in this crazy industry, and I will continue with a GORGEOUS SELECTION OF AFFORDABLE HIGH END LINGERIE for your special nights. We have, for example, La Perla which is a famous luxury underwear brand, but it is only one in this high-end lingerie market. We have many more lingerie websites out there! Right?? [Heart]


10. Uwe Koetter Chastity Belt [$20,000]

Yes, I admit this is not one of the common women’s luxury lingerie. My first thought was that this unique piece of lingerie was ordered by a man. Isn’t it? Really now.. I don’t think that any woman out there will think about locking herself in such a metal lingerie. Jeweler Uwe Koetter is the one who created this amazingly expensive lingerie encrusted with pearls and diamonds. His client was a British person, from Cape Town, South Africa

I guess you already know that the Chastity Belt dates from the Renaissance era, when men used to lock their partner’s intimate area with such a piece of panties, under key, to make sure they will be faithful until the marriage.

9. Gold Lingerie, Shenyang City, China [$26,000]

950 grams of pure yellow gold, which was never sold!!!! It took more than four months to be made, but they were only displayed in a luxury shop. Why that? It can be bad marketing and unknown brand.. not a successful combination.

8. Anamika Khanna & ORRA Diamond Bustier [$1.3 million]

ORRA diamonds & Indian designer Anamika Khanna teamed up in 2010 for this awesome creation, a diamond-studded bustier. Imagine that this piece of art is all hand made and it too more than 6 months of hard work. This explains the stunning price it has. Anjali Lavania is the model who has the chance to wear this awesome bustier for a fashion show. Isn’t she amazingly beautiful?

7. Victoria’s Secret Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra Edition [$6.5 million]

And now the Fantasy Bra Edition starts! This is the cheapest one so hold on tight. It definitely had put all hearts on fire at 2006’s Victoria’s Secret Show, being embedded with more than 2,000 diamonds. We have here more than 20,000 hours of cutting and polishing every diamond, then 300 more to put all together and create this gorgeous bra.

6. The Royal Bra / Victoria’s Secret Millennium Bra / Star of Victoria Bra / Heavenly “70“ Fantasy Bra [$10 million each]







Victoria’s Secret Millennium Bra was created in 1999 to celebrate the turn of the new century. Platinum and more than 2,000 diamonds & sapphires.










Star of Victoria is a 320 carats gems lingerie, made in collaboration with famous jeweler Mouawad.










For Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra we have Tyra Banks teamed up with Mouawad who created a beautiful bra, decorated with a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond right in the middle of the piece.







The Royal Bra was revealed at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Show, worn by the gorgeous Candice Swanepoel. A stunning mixture of yellow sapphires,rubies and diamonds, all together counting more than 4,200 pieces.




5. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Fantasy Bra [$11 million]

Its value is increasing just because the supermodel Heidi Klum has worn it in 2003. It took 370 hours to be made, but this is not the reason for its huge price. This beautiful lingerie has a big 70 carat diamond in the center of the bra. It looks amazing!

4. Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Star, same Fantasy Bra Edition [$12.5 million]

HUH!!!! This piece of art has 1,200 Sri Lankan pink sapphires along with 90 carat emerald-cut diamond right in the middle of the bra. This was the first lingerie from Fantasy Bra to appear on the runway.

3. Victoria’s Secret Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra [$12.5 million]

This sexy lingerie features 2,900 pave-set diamonds and more than 20 rubies all of them embedded on 18 karat pure white gold. OFC the centered piece is a Mouawad Spelndor Diamond. The supermodel Gisele Bündchen, a gorgeous Brazilian woman, was chosen to wear this amazing Victoria’s Lingerie.

2. Victoria’s Secret Red Hot Fantasy Bra and Panties [$15 million]

Red satin and more than 1,300 gems bra and panties! This has been the most expensive Fantasy Lingerie ever made and was revealed at the 2000’s Victoria’s Secret Show. Today, this Red Hot Lingerie holds the Guinness World Record for the most extravagant and most expensive women’s underwear ever made.

1. Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini [$30 million] – most expensive lingerie

We’ve talked before in an article about expensive pieces of bikinis, and this was the most expensive one. Well, it seems like we find it again in out top. It was designed in 2012 by designed by Susan Rosen. It is all platinum and diamonds… and a lot of skin. Find all details about it here: TOP 7 Must Have Brands of Swimsuits This Year | You’ll Be Shocked To See The TOP 5 Most Expensive Bikinis Ever

The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be held in Shanghai, so pay attention. Don’t miss it!


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