TOP 17 High End Bathroom Faucets | Ultimate Guide For Your Own Oasis

TOP 17 High End Bathroom Faucets | Ultimate Guide For Your Own Oasis

Let’s assume you have a new house or you are thinking about making some changes to your actual bathroom. You must see these high end bathroom faucets around the world. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, there are tons of possibilities and you may feel a little bit lost. I bet you’ll be overwhelmed by all types of faucets out there on the market but anyway let’s begin with something…

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High End Bathroom Faucets Tips

Let me help you decide quicker. We’ll go through the most wanted and luxurious brands in the world, dealing with high quality materials and modern design. Before deciding which one is the best for your bathroom, take a look on how you can operate it. There are 3 main possibilities here, and people have different preferences. Decide which is your favorite and then go search for that design which better fits your bathroom.
–    Single Handle: It is the most popular type of faucet on the market nowadays. It can operate both the cold and the hot water by using a single handle.

–    Dual Handle: This is actually the very conservative one, classic but still interesting for many. They all have separate handles which separately control the hot and the cold water.

–    Hands-free: Well, we are now in the Tech Era so do not be surprised. We can innovate any type of product. This particular type of faucets doesn’t have any handle to control, but they do have a spot which you can control by simply touching. The water will start automatically and the water temperature will be adjusted as you touched the spot (hotter or colder)

We have below a top 17 high end bathroom faucet brands from all over the world. It is time for you to have the bathroom of your dreams and enjoy every minute there.

1.    TOTO

It is the world’s largest and most popular manufacturer of plumbing products. They provide all kinds of fixtures for any type of bathroom. From high end bathroom faucets to showers, toilets and any accessories you can imagine. The company has employed more than 1,500 engineers who are always innovating. 

2.    Kohler

Awesome luxury faucets and affordable price. That is what the name Kohler says for over 130 years, since they are constantly innovating and perfecting. They use very high quality materials, but they also kept the price law, as for anybody to afford and enjoy.

3.    Gessi

You can find them on May 21-24,2017 at the High End Luxury Furniture Fair, Javits Center, NYC, USA. They made some of the most wanted and famous high end bathroom sink faucets. Along with their high quality, you will always find innovation when discussing about this company, and also the desire of lowering the environmental impact of its products. Italy is the country of classic and elegant products, and Gessi keeps that as a powerful value.

4.    WetStyle

They are now up with 250 new showrooms across the NA, coming with an awesome line of bathtub, all carefully shaped, elegant and precious. All of their products are made exclusively of eco-friendly materials, such as natural stones.

5.    Aquabrass

After 25 years of decorating and innovating home design, they felt that they can offer more to us, they can help us live a much more luxurious life. You will not only by the gorgeous product, but also the comfort offered by it. This is The Place to search for bathroom faucets high end.

6.    AXOR

The cutting edge of design when it comes to high end faucets bathroom. Since 1901, they always brought a unique experience to their customers all over the world. They can make the bathroom to match your personality, to add a glimpse of royal touch to your home.

7.    Lefroy Brooks

One of the best in the luxury world, but with a different touch this time. Lefroy was often called the “Rolls Royce” of bathrooms, of plumbing fixtures. They focus on making classic products, but paying attention to any small detail. You’ll see that in the pictures, and, if you’re a classic and vintage lover, you’ll be impressed.