TOP 5 Luxury Hotels In Sydney And TOP 4 Crazy Experience You Must Try There

TOP 5 Luxury Hotels In Sydney And TOP 4 Crazy Experience You Must Try There

The most populous city in Australia, the state capital of New South Wales, home of lovely beautiful creatures – kangaroos! We’ll discover together the best luxury hotels in Sydney. Let’s see what luxury means in Sydney and what’s the impact of their culture in this crazy industry. Australia can be described in a few catchy words: Aboriginal Culture, Limitless Adventure, Beach Lifestyle( everywhere since it is an island continent), Nature & Parks and many more activities. Sydney is, by far, the most luxurious and fancy city of this country.

Escape in the most stylish way!

You can experience the city of Sydney in so many ways! From the genius architecture of Sydney Opera House to the gorgeous white sands of Bondi Beach full of hotels with harbor panoramas and Michelin awarded restaurants. However you decide to see the city, you will definitely love it either way. Go sailing, fly over or walk the awesome downtown.

We’ll see below 5 big Hotels in Sydney: some will show you a breathtaking view of the Harbour, while the others will give you the best view of the city.

The best accommodation in Sydney city is Intercontinental Hotel, which is featuring a rooftop bar with the most beautiful view of the whole city – a cocktail with a view!


Before sharing all the details about these hotels,

let’s take a quick tour of the city,

and see “top things to do” in Sydney:


small group touring sydney






1st of all – LUXURY – Wanna have a luxury experience? Then tailor your own tour with Just Sydney – they will definitely show you the best of this city. Or small group luxury touring with AEA Luxury and InArt.






flying over sydney tour




2nd – FLYING OVER – If you are more spontaneous and not afraid of heights, you can try the flies over the city, enjoying the Harbour and the whole coast from the plane and even landing on waterways next to the restaurant where you can have the fanciest dinner of your life. Sydney Seaplanes is the company where you should book this right now.




dining in sydney






3RD – DINNING – World Class dining destination as you might know already. The home of Seafood, freshly caught in their clean waters. We have two big recommendations for you: Quay and Sepia, among the OP 50 Best Restaurants in the Whole World.







4th – WINE LOVER? – The Hunter Valley is the oldest wine region in Australia, which produces some of the world’s best wines ever made. Check the availability at Chateau Elan and Crowne Plaza. Enjoy a glass of wine and the sunrise, all from a hot-air balloon which you a book with Baloon Aloft.


These are the best 4 attraction I would personally like trying. But you can find a way more if you click the photo below. It will redirect you to a page full of crazy ideas.


Now let’s go back to our

TOP 5 Luxury Hotels Sydney


#5 Four Seasons Hotel Sydney Accommodation – by far one of the best 4 and 5 star Hotels in Sydney CBD

Unforgettable luxurious experience, surrounded by business buildings and shopping centers. You can choose from their breathtaking rooms and suites with views of both Harbour or CBD (Central Business District). The hotel features an awesome restaurant where you can have a superb dining experience and drink extravagant & creative cocktails. It is called Pei Modern, by chef Mark Best.

Besides the stunning view, the hotel will drive you through the largest whiskey selection ever.

Since we talk about whiskey, you should definitely check our previous article: The Most Expensive Scotch | TOP5 The Finest And Extremely Rare Whiskey Bottles




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