TOP 7 Must Have Brands of Swimsuits This Year | You'll Be Shocked To See The TOP 5 Most Expensive Bikinis Ever

TOP 7 Must Have Brands of Swimsuits This Year | You'll Be Shocked To See The TOP 5 Most Expensive Bikinis Ever

Summer is here and so we are with the latest news about what you should wear. Fancy swimsuits and awesome moments spent on the beach! Imagine you are lying in the sun, on a warm sand, being… by the ocean breeze. Put on your fabulous bikini and let yourself be hugged by the sun. Yup. I’ll help you imagine that. Check the photo below.

Hit the beach with the perfect favorite bathing suits and also find out the most expensive bikini hd pics in today’s article !

While some of us are fans of two piece swimwear, showing as much skin as possible, getting a beautiful sexy tan, others are in love with one piece swimsuit, some of them even long-sleeved.

When is about bathing suits for women, we all know that it takes forever to find the best one that fits you and make you shine on the beach.

Sometimes the bottom is too large while the top fits, or the opposite.

I want to start this article with a GUIDE made just for you, to discover which type of swimwear is the best for your body shape. From a very skinny type of body to plus size swimwear or tankini, we will cover all types of bodies, making sure you’ll find yours.

Keep reading and LEARN!

Which swimsuits brands are popular this year and what we should wear to keep it fashion. If you want to buy a brand new swimwear these are the brand you should look for. Buy one and be gorgeous out there:

1. SHOWPO – too covered for my tastes (you cannot perfectly tan) but it can definitely be the star on a cloudy day at the ocean.

2. NA-KD -classic and elegant swimsuits, for a fancy trip to a gorgeous island.

3. PRINCESS POLLY – the bottoms of this brand are awesome! I love this kind of high waisted bikini which gives you the look of long and slim legs.

4. TOBI – this brand is so girly and fancy. Definitely love it!

5. MAKE ME CHIC – Love it! But personally I would wear it just for photos, because I might end with a bad looking tanning. It’s too covered.

6. MISSGUIDED – for awesome one piece swimsuits, colorful and comfortable.

7. FOR LOVE AND LEMONS – That’s a different style which I really like and think about buying some pieces from them. It’s really awesome for a pool party. Wearing such elegant and, at the same time, rock style swimsuit, will make you look sexy and stylish as hell.

Now let’s have a look at the most expensive bikini ever made in history! You’ll definitely be shocked. I never imagined there are designers who are that creative as to use diamonds instead of a bikini.

#1 First most expensive bikini has ever been Susan Rosen’s Diamond Bikini.

It actually covers nothing. Glitter and opulence are the TWO words to describe this bikini. Is made of extremely rare D-cut diamonds and natural pearls. Its cord is platinum made and it comes with a gorgeous necklace. Valued at $30 Million. Will you dip in the ocean with such a precious bikini on you? I wouldn’t!

#2 Ann Middleton’s White Swimsuit is the second most expensive bikini after the gemstone one above.

It is designed by famous Australian jeweler, Ann Middleton. Ofc it is not just a common white one piece swimsuit, a monokini, but a gorgeous one embedded with pearls and gems. It seems like some bikinies are even more expensive than buying a hotel on a beach. Its price was around $1,000.

#3 The 3th women’s swimwear is a very elegant one – La Perla’s Sequinned Design:

This is by far the most beautiful one from my point of view. I would buy it in seconds, without even thinking too much. The catchy design is focused on the halter-neck upper. It is valued at $886.

#4 Matthew Zink Bronze Crystal Deco Bikini

A transparent one among womens bathing suits, worn by Rihanna on her Caribbean holiday. The top is embedded with more than 2500 Swarovski Crystals, glittering at each move you make. There are only 10 pieces of such swimwear in the world, and they were sold for around $870 each.

#5 Agent Provocateur’s Soirée collection is part of a brilliant collection.

Its design is unique and elegant. Black color highlights your beautiful body shape. The chokers serve as accessories, completing your pool party outfit. All chokers can be removed if you want to keep it classic black and simple design. It is priced more than $750.

You can also check: Top 10 Weirdest Bikinis Ever Designed. From lettuce to meat and leds [laughs]. The human imagination can go very far!!!

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Which brand of swimsuits WOULD YOU like to TRY???



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