Passage Malibu | The Most Luxurious Rehab Center That Can Cure Everything !

Passage Malibu | The Most Luxurious Rehab Center That Can Cure Everything !

The Healthcare Global Magazine named this amazing place the #1 Rehab Center in the entire World. And this is not the only award for Passage Malibu. Forbes Magazine described it as one of the most luxurious places where you dry out. With all these reviews, we should definitely dig in for some more information.

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You may have these four questions: What is Passage Malibu? Where is Passages Malibu Located? Who Owns Passages Malibu? How Does Passages Malibu Work and which is the Passages Malibu Cost? So let’s answer each one of those, step by step:

What is Passage Malibu?

This is a well-known clinic, focused on innovative alcohol and drug treatments. Their non-12 step procedure is unique and we will talk a little bit more about it in the next paragraphs. Many people are struggling with this kind of addiction, and this seems to be the best place on earth to recover.

They are trying to teach people not to see their addiction as a disease, but overcome their underlying issues such as:

  • Huge chemical imbalance
  • Unsolved problems which have occurred throughout their lives
  • Some beliefs that they hold inside of them which are not actually the truth
  • Inability to realize their current conditions

Where is Passages Malibu Located?

There are two big rehab centers, both located in California: Passages Malibu and Passages Ventura. They are JCAHO Accredited, and they should be proud about that because only 6% of the rehab centers are accredited this way. Passages built two brand new centers in Venice and Beverlyhood.

Passages Malibu was the first one, founded in 2001. This amazing place is located in a huge, expensive mansion (almost $23 Million), built in a 10-acre area, facing the ocean on the beautiful coastline of Malibu. Isn’t that sound relaxing and more of a holiday than a treatment resort?  The second one, Passages Ventura, was founded in 2004. Not as big as the first one, but still luxurious and expensive.

Who Owns Passages Malibu?

Both Passages were founded by father and son Chris & Pax Prentiss. The main idea of this island of treatment came from Passage’s Malibu founder Chris, who tried hard to cure his son’s addiction. Pax Prentiss successfully overcomes his 10-year addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin, using the one-on-one program created by his father. After this event, they both decided to share the success story and the secrets of the therapy with people all over the world. Malibu Rehab Center had changed thousand of lives, helping people discover themselves, love and change into the best version they are.


How Does Passages Malibu Work?

The main idea of the process is the one-on-one therapy using only natural supplements. And by natural, we talk about plants. Everything is based on that.

The founders decided to reject the idea of a therapy based on 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. They focus on a one-to-one, offering up to 30 hours of interaction during the stay. Hours of talking, relaxing, discovering the inner problems of each patient, networking and sharing their feeling so that they can be cured.





The secret is that the patients learn how to deny their addictions, to heal their minds first, and then detox their bodies. As we all know, each cure comes from the inside. If you want to lose weight, you must follow a healthy diet so that the body can reflect it intro a beautiful body shape.





Well, it is the same when it is about a drug addiction and its way of curing. There are no two individuals who can follow the same path in treatment. Every action is customized and every patient has his own team of 10 experts: nurses, family therapists, acupuncturists, spiritual counsellors, hypnotherapists and many others. Passages Malibu Price includes every service below.



The Passage offers luxurious comfort and services for its clients. Besides the fact that patients will eat whatever they want as they have their own chef, there are plenty activities they can do: tennis, swimming, Jacuzzi, and the pure water of the Pacific Ocean.

This is the only Rehab Centre where you are allowed to use technology and keep in touch with social media, with family, friend and news. This is the main reason celebrities are choosing this place to have their treatment.




Check this slideshow:

Six Centers For Rehab And Detox

Imagine that there are six centers out there! Half of them are rehab ones and the other three are detox centers.

  • Alcohol Rehab Centre – Alcohol is on the top of commonly abused substances all over the world. During this rehab, you will be provided with a team of 10 experts and you will all work together to reach your goals.


  • Drug Rehab Centre – Drug addiction is even a more serious problem which actually can ruin lives. This drug dependency rehab can help patients overcome their addiction to cocaine, Heroine, opiates, MDMA, Marijuana and Methamphetamine.


  • Prescription Drug Rehab Centre – Anybody can receive a prescription based on potentially addictive drugs to cure insomnia, depression or anxiety. This is an increasing situation all over the world. You can grow a dependency on Ambien, Ativan, Valium, Ritalin, Xanax, Dexedrine and so on.


  • Alcohol Detox Centre – Before any rehab starts, there must be a detox period in which you can heal your mind and your body. They provide the most luxurious therapy ever, accordingly to your level of dependency and your individual preferences. This center will customize all the options for your body to get rid of toxins.


  • Drug Detox Centre – Drug detox can be hard sometimes, but they can provide a safe and complete process. It all starts with physical readjustment, cleaning of the mind and after that, getting rid of all toxins gathered in the body.


  • Prescription Drug Detox Centre – As for all the addictions above, the therapy starts with a body detox. Although it is easier to cure such addiction, it will also be a customized program for each member who enters the Centre.


Their innovative way of treatment includes:

–    Yoga
–    Tai Chi
–    Psychotherapy
–    Acupressure and Massage
–    Physical Fitness
–    Meditation Therapy
–    Marriage and Family Therapy
–    Art Therapy
–    Adventure Therapy
–    Life Purpose Counselling
–    Hypnotherapy
–    Continuing Care
–    Spiritual Counseling
–    Sound Therapy
–    Chemical Dependency Counseling
–    Blood Chemistry Analysis
–    Acupuncture


How About Passages Malibu Rates?

  • Passage Malibu Price per month – the base is $80,000 if you chose a shared room and it can go up to $111,000 for a private one.
  • Passage Ventura – services priced from $16,500 up to $50,000 per month.


Want to also know about passages malibu costs per day? Well, You should PM them, because the normal prices are calculated by month, so it’s good to keep that in mind first, but as a good rule of thumb it should be around 3.000$.


Final question: Does Passages Malibu Work?


Let’s check these reviews from some random clients and see their opinion:



You can see all the Passages Malibu reviews here, and also on trust autopilot here.



If you are curious about the careers,  there are plenty of passages malibu jobs you can choose from, right here, so feel free to contact them directly, especially if you have experience in hospitality industry.

After all this info, I invite you to see the Passages Malibu commercial, showing you the tour of the building and the process of the treatment, right here.

As the Passages Malibu Commercial shows, all you have to do is to ask for help and their experts will assist you through the entire process.




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