TOP 5 Luxury Mattress Brands | From Extremly Expensive to Budget Ones

TOP 5 Luxury Mattress Brands | From Extremly Expensive to Budget Ones

Curious about top luxury mattress brands? Which ones are on top now and which are not interesting anymore for people around the world?

If you are that kind of person who is always thinking about improving his/hers life’s quality, then you definitely have to think about buying the best mattress, and have this on the top of the list. You know that a good sleep is the key element for a happier life, for a healthier and a more positive one.

Are you willing to spend more than one hundred $ on the best luxury mattress? Or, should I reformulate?

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Would you invest more than $1,000 for a healthier life? It sounds better now, isn’t it? I am sure you will, because there is the place where you spend more than 6-8 hours a day. Is like the office chair. We talked before about some extremely expensive chairs, but also good for your health, your spine position and everything. Make sure the time you spend on PC or sleeping, is a quality time! So you have to pay attention and search for the best made mattress for your personal needs.

Through this article, you will find a top 5 of luxury mattresses and also some recommendations on page 2.


Thinking about how to buy the best mattress? Well, I advise you to search for best mattress reviews 2016,  or even 2017 (but I guess you will find more if going for the previous year)

As technology improves every day, so does the mattress’s industry. They release new designs and materials every year, and this can be a little bit overwhelming for a customer. If you go and search for the best mattress online,  you will see the explosion in the materials and all kinds of foams used in manufacturing these products. I bet you’ll think: Hell!!!! How am I supposed to choose from thousands of mattresses? These info will help you a lot.

Let’s start with a quick top luxury mattress brands. But, before that, we will define some types of materials used in 2017 for these products. As you will get familiar with them, you will better understand the top below.

The most common top luxury mattress brands on the market use as materials innersprings, latex foam and memory foam.

A:  Memory Foam Mattress

This material is well-knows for couple of years, but it constantly improves. It can be traditional, gel or plant-based. The traditional foam is actually the standard one, with nothing added to it. It’s temperature sensitive memory foam, made of synthetic materials and polyurethane. The gel foam is basically the traditional one, but with gel beads or sometimes gel liquid mixed in. It may cost more, but the reviews say that the odor is much lower and there are no heat complaints about it. Finally, the plant-based foam is replacing some synthetic materials with naturally-derived ingredients. There are some of the most expensive mattress brands who make this kind of plant-based foams, especially for kids, adding Aloe Vera.

B: Latex Foam Mattress

This is popular among those who are in search for a greener and healthier life. It is like the memory one, but made of latex and much more expensive because of its costly ingredients. When deciding to buy such a product, you have to make sure you know the kind of latex used there. Two options available:
–    All natural latex: which is derived from rubber trees, rates better for comfort, odor and durability. Customers prefer the natural latex not only because of its comfortability, but also because it is eco-friendly.
–    Synthetic latex: synthetic styrene butadiene rubber, made of chemical components. Reviews say that it has a lower durability and more odor.

C:  Innersprings Mattress

It was and it will be the most common and sold category. It is available at any showroom and mattress store anywhere in the world. Guarantee! Ranging from very cheap to high end mattress, Serta, Sealy and Simmons are still the ones who hold the monopoly, being the best mattress 2016 (Innersprings), and the most sold. Although innersprings have improved and changed every year, they kept the affordable prices. See a picture below showing the old Innerspings Mattresses vs the new ones.

I’m gonna help you make the best choice in terms of choosing the right mattress for your sleep. I did a deep research through all brands, analyzing the reviews made by happy or unhappy customers. Thus, here is a top 5 of the best high end mattress:

#1 Astrabeds

This well-known brand can provide any king brand luxury mattress you imagine. They hold a huge collection of latex mattresses, each of them different in density or type of material. Keyword for this brand: comfortable; eco-friendly; royalty for your back and your health; certified-organic latex; organic cover  made of cotton and wool.

#2 Tempurpedic

For decades, it is been considered the standard luxury memory foam mattress in the world, because of its ability to keep the spin in a healthy position, supporting your entire body. It’s great that the company provides 90-day trial period, but, on the other hand, they do not offer sales. NEVER.

#3 Duxiana

Reviewers have strong, strong opinions on this brand, encouraging its quality products and materials. Many people say that their longevity is higher, comparing to other luxury innerspring mattresses out there.

#4 Hästens

You will definitely find some world luxury mattress here. Prepare your cash and go shop some. Starting with $5,000, their prices can go up to $15,000. Environmental recognized, the company, based in Sweden, is very proud of their abilities, offering 25-year warranty for their handmade products.

#5 Royal-Pedic


The last brand mentioned in this top is Royal-Pedic. As the name says, it is one of the best luxury mattress known. They use to combine latex core with cotton and wool, as to make the product both warm and cool. Or… Not too warm, not too cool.




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