TOP 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

TOP 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

The Most Expensive Yachts nowadays are like 7 Star Hotels, but on Water, with the capacity of transporting hundreds of people on board !

Having your own Luxury yacht is not only a mater of status symbol, but also a way of showing off your class & style. Here we are talking about big boys, not the little to medium yachts that anyone can have, so here are the TOP 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World:

10) The Rising Sun – $200 Million

Owner: David Geffen


  • 82 rooms scattered across five floors
  • a movie theater
  • a wine cellar
  • basketball court on it which can also be used as a helicopter landing pad.


9) Seven Seas – $200 Million

  • Owner: Steven Spielberg
  • Accomodation Capacity: 12 guests across 7 suites (which act as double cabins)
  • Structure: Having a movie theater, helipad, gymnasium, and an infinity pool.


8) Lady Moura – $210 Million

  • Owner: Nassar Al-Rashid
  • Capacity of accommodating 30 guests and 60+ crew members.
  • Built by: Blohm & Voss shipyards in 1990


7) Al Mirqab – $250 Million

Owner: Jassim bin Jabar Al Thani (Prime Minister of Qatar)


  • 10 bedroom suites,
  • a helipad,
  • a swimming pool,
  • a movie theater,
  • a sun deck
  • a set of VIP suites for the owner.


6) Dilbar – $263 Million



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