20 Stylish Nail Trends To Try This Year!

20 Stylish Nail Trends To Try This Year!

Nail art is a fun and creative way to express yourself and add some personality to your look. Whether you prefer bold and colorful designs or subtle and understated styles, there are plenty of trendy options to choose from. Here are 20 stylish nail trends to try:

  1. Negative Space Nails: This trend involves painting around the edges of your nails to create a negative space design. It can be as simple or as intricate as you like and is a great way to show off your natural nail shape.
  2. Ombré Nails: These nails feature a gradient effect, where the color transitions from light to dark (or vice versa) across the nails. This trend is perfect for those who want a subtle pop of color without being too bold.
  3. Glitter Nails: Perfect for special occasions or adding some sparkle to your everyday look. You can choose from a range of glitter shades and finishes, from subtle to bold.
  4. Animal Print Nails: A fun and unique way to add some personality to your nails. From leopard print to snake skin, there are plenty of animal print patterns to choose from.
  5. Chrome Nails: A futuristic and eye-catching trend that give nails a metallic finish that looks almost mirror-like, with a wide variety of shades available.
  6. Neon Nails: Perfect for adding a pop of color to any look. They are bold and bright and perfect for those who want to make a statement with their nails.
  7. Pastel Nails: Perfect for spring and summer. They are soft, subtle and pretty and come in a range of shades including pink, blue, green and more.
  8. Marbled Nails: These nails are achieved by creating a swirling effect on your nails using different colors of nail polish. It is unique, chic and stylish.
  9. Almond Nails: A stylish and feminine nail shape similar to stiletto nails, but with a more rounded tip.
  10. French Tips: A classic nail style that is timeless and elegant featuring a white tip on the nails and are perfect for those who prefer a more subdued look.
  11. Geometric Nails: These nails feature bold shapes and patterns on the nails. They can be as simple or as complex as you like and are perfect for adding a modern edge to your nails.
  12. Moon Nails: These nails feature a crescent shape at the base of the nails. They are a great way to add a unique twist to your nails and can be done in a range of colors and designs.
  13. Coffin Nails: A long, tapered nail shape with a flat top. They are often adorned with nail art and are perfect for those who prefer a more dramatic look.
  14. Stiletto Nails: A sharp and pointed nail shape that is perfect for making a statement. They are often adorned with nail art and are a great way to add some edge to your nails.
  15. Floral Nails: A feminine & pretty trend that is perfect for spring and summer. They feature delicate floral designs on the nails and can be done in a range of colors.
  16. Polka Dot Nails: A fun and playful trend that is easy to achieve. They involve adding small dots of nail polish to the nails in a variety of colors.
  17. Watercolor Nails: These feature a subtle and delicate effect on the nails, as if they were painted with watercolors. This trend can be achieved by blending different colors of nail polish together to create a soft, gradient effect
  18. Nail Stamping: This is a technique where designs are transferred onto nails using a special stamping plate and a stamping tool. This allows you to create intricate and detailed designs on your nails
  19. 3D Nails: A bold & unique trend that involves adding three-dimensional designs to your nails, such as bows, flowers, or even small charms
  20. Textured Nails: These nails add a tactile dimension to your nails by using different materials such as glitter, sequins, or even beads to create a unique look.

These are just a few of the many stylish nail trends you can try. Whether you prefer something bold and attention-grabbing or something more subdued and understated, there’s a trend out there for everyone. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and designs to find the perfect look for you.

Remember, your nails are a canvas for you to play and express yourself, have fun and be creative with it. 😉

*I’ll upload some cool photos related to each one of those trends when I get back to my computer! 😉