High School 🏫 Survival Guide💡: Discover the 20 Surprising Types of Students 👦👧 You’ll Meet! 😂

High School 🏫 Survival Guide💡: Discover the 20 Surprising Types of Students 👦👧 You’ll Meet! 😂
High School 🏫 Survival Guide💡: Discover the 20 Surprising Types of Students 👦👧 You’ll Meet! 😂

Navigating the Quirky World of High School Stereotypes!

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Looking for a High School Survival Guide❓

Look no further! In this article, we explore 20 surprising types of students you’ll meet in high school. From jocks to geeks and everything in between, we’ll help you navigate the quirky world of high school stereotypes.

I’m sure a lot of you were waiting for this, so I just had to deliver. 👀

It’s safe to say that many of us have encountered these types of students in our schools, whether we were in middle school, high school, or elsewhere. Even if you were popular or not, I’m sure you noticed these stereotypes during your education cycles.

So, let’s start with the “where my hug at” guy. This dude thinks he has an immaculate Riz, and he goes the extra mile just to impress girls.

For instance, he’ll walk a girl to class and ask for a hug before they part ways. I remember seeing a kid like this at my school; he would walk a different girl to class every day.

I was like, ‘what is this dude doing?’ 👀

He would even ask multiple girls for a hug, saying ‘where my hug at?’ before class. Come on, bro, if she wants to give you a hug, she’ll do it.

Moving on, we have the nerd. 🤓

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This is that one student who always reminds the teacher that ‘there was homework assigned yesterday.’ Although my grades were pretty good, I didn’t care much about homework and other assignments.

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Unfortunately, this kid probably ended up getting picked on, maybe even shoved into a few lockers. 👀

Next up is the Vape Lord 😶‍🌫️ and I’m sure you all know this kid. This dude would go into the bathroom and vape all the time (There are multiple of them there, it’s like a fucking cult).

Photo by Anton Malanin on Unsplash

Goddamn, can y’all wait till you get home❓😐

I know y’all have a crippling addiction, but damn, trust me, your life will be so much better if you work towards stopping.

These people can’t even go the entire school day without it. They’ve got to suck on it like a fucking pacifier, dude. Come on.

Now, before you tell me that vaping wasn’t a thing and that they weren’t prevalent in the early 2000s, let me inform you that they were around even back then (in fact, they exist since 1930). However, they weren’t as popular as they are now (mainly after 2010), especially in high schools.

Photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

Some of the vape kids I went to school with were so rude and I don’t know why. I walked into the bathroom one day and saw some kids vaping. One of them asked me if I wanted to hit, and I’m basically, “Nah, I’m good,” and I just walk in and take a sh*t. Rookie mistake, bro!

As they walk out, they start laughing at me and they literally fucking shut the lights off. I’m basically, “God damn it. Now I’ve got to wipe my ass in the dark. Thanks, I appreciate that.“ I really had to use a goddamn flashlight 🔦 to help me wipe my ass 🙈. Thanks a lot! 🤬

Next up is the emo kid. 🖤

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Now, a lot of people love to dress emo, which is fine, right? Everybody’s got their aesthetic style that they rock with, but these kids were just terrible. 🫣

Source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/946291

I don’t know what was up with them as they would write fucking poems about how their lives are so hard and how life is meaningless and add some joker-ass quotes to their poems. But come on, we all know your mom just bought you a BMW.

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Yes, life is hard, and people go through hard times, but that doesn’t make you super special compared to everybody else. Somebody would kill to have rich parents buy them a BMW or some sh*t, but you’re over here like “I hate my parents, blah, blah, blah.”

Okay, next up is the hot Cheeto girl. 👀

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They have two other friends, and they just talk about drama or whatever. They have long-ass nails and munch on any spicy snack they can get their hands on in the back of the classroom.

Source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1096098

And for some reason, they always kind of have the same archetype. It’s crazy. They have the same haircut and the same body type. It’s ridiculous.



I mean, to be honest with you, there’s not much to be said about that one. You got the point!

Next up is the Jock. Now, the Jock, or the Brad, or Chad, whatever the hell you want to call him, most of the girls at the school really liked him. All right?

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He was that guy, but he was also kind of a dick, so he would constantly use people. It was like he would sometimes use his cool points to his advantage, getting people to do things for him.

For example, he would ask someone to do his homework or send him the answers, and he wouldn’t have to do anything. He’d have Stacy send him the math homework and John send him the science. You get the idea.

It was crazy as he didn’t have to do anything, but he still graduated, just because he was good at sports so everyone liked him.

I was about to let this one slide, but we can’t ignore it. Let’s talk about the band kids! 🤭

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Most of the kids in the band are pretty chill and love music. However, there’s always that one person in the band who tries to be funny but says the most unfunny things and references outdated memes. 😭

It’s crazy how much this person resembles a Reddit moderator. They make Among Us jokes even though that game died two years ago; come on, now. In short, it’s like having a Reddit mod in real life. 🤔

Next up, we have the gym sweat. This guy would sweat profusely if it meant winning at gym basketball. He would boast to his friends, ‘Yeah, man, I was dunking on kids like Shaquille O’Neal. You know how it is.’ Even if the other kid clearly wasn’t trying, he would still dunk on him.

Photo by Max Winkler on Unsplash

Sometimes, when we played sports like flag football in the gym, the sweats would be drenched in sweat. I would end up sweating on the sweats, man. When he played cornerback and I was a receiver, I would easily beat him. I made sure to get past him so I could sweat on the sweats. 😜

Now, you might be wondering what stereotype I fit into. Well, most of the time, I was an NPC (and I still am sometimes today, depending on the context :)), but of course, it depended a lot on the people I hung out with.

Photo by author

That’s right. I didn’t do anything. 🫠

Photo by author

I was just going through the motions of the day, kind of just living life, like having a script of responses ready. I was the biggest NPC on the Planet, I swear to God.

Image by author

I mean, I didn’t talk that much, to be honest, and I was just itching to get out of school so I could go home and play Xbox with my friends. I didn’t care about getting girls or anything; I just wanted the school day to be over. ✔️

Btw, can you spot me in the photo below? 👇 Let me know in the comments 😀

This photo was taken by my mom in the 1990s (I think it’s from ’96 or ‘97)

Next up is the teacher’s pet. Now, everybody knows this person, right? Everyone knows that there’s always that one kid who always tries to please the teacher as they’re always on their knees, kissing the teacher’s ass.

No matter what happens, they will snitch on you just for some extra brownie points with the teacher. I swear to God, that really annoys me.

Next up, we have the anime kid, the type of classmate that just runs through the halls Naruto running.



This isn’t just someone who watches anime, but instead, this is the kid that Naruto runs down the hallway, walks into school with anime cosplay or any sort of anime gear, and just won’t stop talking about anime (myself included, haha).

Photo by author

No matter what time of day it is, this person will always find a way to bring up anime.

Photo by author

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be only Naruto but anything anime/cartoon related.

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Next up is the stoner — this kid is always sent to Yodie land. Every day in class, he just goes through the school day stoned. He can’t make it through the school day without substances (If you know what I mean).👇



If he can’t go on an adventure to Yodie land with weed anymore, he’ll want to try other substances like magic mushrooms or tabs (you probably know those, especially if you are under 50). He’ll get his hands on anything and will not go through the school day sober. ✔️

One time, I sat next to this kid who was obviously stoned in class, and everybody knew it because at lunch, he took his sandwich and missed his mouth, and everybody was like, “Bro, you are gone.”

We were in chemistry with this guy one day and he was messing up the experiment we were doing for the project. Everyone at our table was like, “Okay, we got this. Don’t touch anything.” We didn’t want it to be because of us that the school burned down. 👀

Okay, next up, I don’t even know what to call this one, but I think you all know who I’m talking about. It’s that kid at lunch who mixes the weirdest concoctions of food and eats them.

You know, every day at lunch, you and the boys gather around, and this kid always tries to make the grossest food combinations and impress everybody by eating them. It’s gross, bro. It’s disgusting. I’m trying to eat here, not look at that.


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I’m not trying to watch some kid mix his milk, hot sauce, and ketchup, and then dip his fries in it while people around are like, “Damn, that looks like vomit. Why would you even want to eat that? How is that even edible? Your stomach is going to hate you later.” Let’s just leave it at that.

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Next up is the blue-haired girl. You know who I’m talking about, right? She gets offended by anything. They don’t necessarily have to have blue hair; it’s just a term that a lot of people use, so I’m going with it. 👀


This girl literally foams at the mouth whenever someone says something that offends her. Yeah, they also live on Twitter (and TikTok). I mean, how can you even live on such a toxic platform? OMG. 😒



The next one is the kid who thinks they’re an animal. Dude, I can’t believe I even have to say it. This is becoming a relatable thing like, ‘Oh yeah, I had that kid at my school.’

There’s literally a kid at my friend’s college who thinks he’s a fucking lizard 🦎 , and no, I’m not joking. I can’t believe that people are walking around genuinely believing they’re some sort of animal. 😂



Some schools are even implementing litter boxes for students who identify as cats. Like, God damn, you’re not a fucking animal just because you wear cat ears to school WTF.

We’re getting to the point where students are walking around on all fours. It’s just getting ridiculous.

Next up is the kid who’s always late, and this one’s me, bro. I’m not going to lie. I show up to my classes, like, ten minutes late all the time, and the teachers don’t even say anything, so I’m like, whatever, I’m just going to keep doing it. 👊



These kids who always show up late have a well-balanced breakfast and a good sleep, and yeah, that’s exactly what I’m going for. I’m not trying to walk around like a zombie all day. 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

That’s what I did in high school, and I’m not trying to do that again, (Screw being a goddamn zombie) I’m trying to take my sweet time in the morning.

Next up, we have the class clown which is either a hit or miss, bro. Sometimes he crack jokes like Adam Sandler-level jokes, and other times, he’s just missing. And nine times out of ten, I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of just a miss. ❌

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Next up, we have the pickup artist. All this kid cares about is having immaculate game and his skills with talking to girls. He doesn’t care about making money, working out, or anything else; his entire life is dedicated to just picking up girls. That’s literally all he does. 😁



When the boys ask him to hang out, he’s like, “Nah, man, I’m busy. I’ve got plans.” But in reality, he’s just sitting in his room Snapchatting a girl.



Like, come on bro, what are you doing? When you tell him that some girls are coming, he’s suddenly interested in hanging out with the boys. And when a kid like this gets a girlfriend, he ignores his friends, who are unfortunately just a pastime for him. 😕

Next up, we have the weirdo, which is just fucking odd, alright? He (or she in some cases) says and does the most out-of-pocket shit in class.





One time, there was this kid who was literally jerking off in the bathroom. Like, goddamn, bro, can’t you just wait till you get home? Like, Jesus Christ.



And let alone, they watch the weirdest shit in class. I don’t know what it is, but every time you look at some kid’s Chromebook, you just see the most odd stuff. 🤪

Source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/425028

You look at this kid’s computer, and he’s reading a Wattpad fanfiction or watching porn. 😛

Source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/940138

Usually, when kids are bored in class, they’ll just play games. But this dude, on the other hand, is up to the weirdest shit, and idk how but I always end up behind him, so I have no choice but to see his screen.

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Conclusion & final thoughts! 💭

As you probably already saw this article provides an entertaining look at some common High School stereotypes I encounter, but it’s important to remember that these labels can be limiting and hurtful in some cases.


Rather than falling into these categories, we should strive to embrace our individuality and respect others for who they are. We should also be aware that these stereotypes can lead to bullying and exclusion, which can have lasting effects on mental health and self-esteem. 🧐

So, let’s break down these labels and create a more inclusive and accepting high school culture. Let’s celebrate each other’s unique qualities and work towards building a community where everyone feels valued and supported. ✅

Image by author via Dalle 2

Do you have some funny stories from school to share? 🙂

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