What About This All White Apartment Therapy? Light, Peace and Bright Into Your Life!

What About This All White Apartment Therapy? Light, Peace and Bright Into Your Life!

White! White! White! And again…white!

Nope, that’s not the Heaven. It’s a new minimalistic concept of an all white apartment. An all white apartment design is all you need if you are a big lover of light & bright, of clean space and full of positivity places. Have your own piece of heaven by furnishing your apartment all white, enjoy every evening after you came back from work, tired as hell, but relaxed by the atmosphere of your own place. When I say white, I mean everything: all white bedroom, all white kitchen and so on.


White interior designs


White interior design for apartments is a popular trend that many people are following and there are many reasons why it matters. First, this design can make an apartment look more spacious and bright, because white is a light color and it reflects light well. Second, it can make an apartment look more clean and organized, because white is a clean color and it is easy to see dirt and stains on white surfaces. Third, white interior design can make an apartment look more modern and stylish. This is happening because white is a trendy color and it can give an apartment a more contemporary feel.


White bedrooms


There are some things to keep in mind when following this trend. First, it is important to use different shades of white to create interest and depth. Second, make sure to use texture and patterns to add visual interest. Third, accessorize with pops of color to add personality.

Overall, white interior design for new apartments is a popular trend that can make an apartment look more spacious, clean, and modern.


All white appartments


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Have you ever seen something like that? All white furnished apartments? If yes, let us know the feeling you had when entering such a place. Check the images below:


You can go both ways. Buy such a white oasis and go ahead for relaxing, or, why not, redesign your actual apartment and turn it all into white. It can actually be very easy to do so, just using some inexpensive materials as gypsum or laminated panels.


When you decide to use such a soft and hard to keep clean color, you must think about creating some dramatic shapes to the furniture, as to make a contrast in the white room. I would personally prefer to make a black and white apartment décor, using a deep dark wood color in contrast with the luxurious white.


Black and white interior design for appartments


Thinking about a white apartment kitchen, I imagine it would be really hard to keep it clean, but you can always add some dark gray or, as I said before, a deep wood color to make it much more “easy to use”.



Same when we talk about the bathroom. We must create it in the same harmony, so, a soft gray will be a good decision to make. Designing your home all white will definitely make it look bigger, being a great alternative for a small apartment interior design.



Loving Neutrals!

Once you decide for a white room décor, you better feel inspired or you better have the right people around you to help with advices. When it comes to details, it can be hard to design each corner of the home as to be appealing, interesting, our of common and still in harmony and..in this particular case..white!

Make sure you are using the same shade of white. Either it is ivory or cream colored, you must have the same all over the place. Don’t ruin your all white apartment by making such a huge mistake!

Besides the peaceful feeling it gives, the open and airy space you feel, the second great thing about the white apartments is that this neutral color allows you to pick whatever accent color you want when it’s about blankets, pillows or carpets. I’m picturing a white room décor with a turquoise/purple carpet. [LOVE] Imagine how will all your green plants look on that white background!! Lovely!


Let’s discuss a little about a white apartment kitchen, because I was wondering how on Earth I can make it all white. Here is a great example of such design which I definitely love love love! No words for that. But Victoria Yakusha, a Ukranian interior designer, did an awesome job! Massive gray dinning table and faux fur on metal chairs.

Actually the whole concept of the apartment is nature inspired. Check the other rooms below:



I’ve found some DOs and DON’Ts for you right here: The Commandments of Decorating an All-White Room


See these Stunning White Homes around the world:

#1 Red Dirt Road (I know! The name is so strange for an all white house), is a small beautiful house in East Hampton, New York. Its clean and elegant interior is designed by architect Amee Allsop.



#2 The Home of Elisabeth Heier, a Norwegian designer. To give some dimension and life to her huge living room, she used some black and white images. Check the photos:


#3 Tara Benet is another inspiring designer who created this stunningly spacious all white apartment in NYC. It can be found inside the Bloomsberg Towers.



#4 Find here a gorgeous work of interior stylist Lotta Agaton. This fully white kitchen is more than you ever imagined!

#5 The alien Axioma Apartment in Moscow! All designed by Geometrix Design, they got rid of the minimalist and classic style, hitting the floor with a brand new futuristic look. Only by scanning the photos a little bit you’ll get a deep feeling of high-technology and stuff. Isn’t it?


Now let me know which one is THE ONE IN WHICH YOU’D LIKE TO LIVE?