2023 Update: Is the Apple Magic Mouse 3 the Best Mouse for Your Mac? A Honest Review You Can’t Miss!

2023 Update: Is the Apple Magic Mouse 3 the Best Mouse for Your Mac? A Honest Review You Can’t Miss!

A Tech Lover’s Dream or Maybe Something Else? Unleashing the Secrets of Apple Magic Mouse 3 with a Comprehensive Review and Performance Analysis 👌

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Is the Apple Magic Mouse 3 Still Worth the Hype in 2023? Keep Reading till the end & Discover My Verdict! 😜


Let’s go ahead and take a look at a pretty big & widely selling Apple accessory, which is the Magic Mouse 3. 🙌

Personally, I’ve owned several different mouses from different brands and I definitely do like these mouses from Apple as well. The Magic Mouse 3, I think, still has a place in the Apple ecosystem and I’m so curious to see what they are eventually going to do with the Magic Mouse 4 and beyond (but we need to wait at least 5–10 years for that to happen, of course).

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In my opinion, the fact that they made a Magic mouse like this that still has the lightning port at the bottom and they haven’t even done anything to change it is actually pretty insane to me. 😯 There are so many other manufacturers (like Microsoft, Logitech, etc.) who’ve been able to make mouses even cheaper than this thing that has the charging port at the front.

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So it really doesn’t make too much sense and even if you found a way to go ahead and plug in this charging port at the bottom while still kind of use your mouse, it kind of just shuts down the light accessory at the bottom so you can’t even use it at all. This very strange, but totally understandable (the advantage it has here is that at least it charges quick, in 4 hours from 0 to 100% in my tests). I think they still want to keep a simple but at the same time elegant look, who knows.

The Magic Mouse 3 came out about 2 years ago, back in 2021 and this is one of those products that doesn’t really need to be refreshed every single year. I paid $99 for it and I think it’s worth the investment as I will keep it for the next 15–20 years for sure!

I think a Magic mouse is great because you can pick it up and it’ll pretty much last forever until it breaks, just like something like a Magic trackpad. Even the original one, if you don’t mind changing out the batteries that thing can theoretically last forever until it’s not supported by software anymore, and this Magic mouse, too. 😜

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Although the charging port is at the bottom, it’s still a really good mouse, and it’s going to last for a very long time. Now, up top, you have a glass feeling to it, so it’s completely glass, and it feels really good. ✅

You have the Apple logo at the center, and this is a multitouch surface, so what you can do here is do things like use different gestures and I think it’s a great design. Having a mouse like this with this type of feeling and this type of capability is actually really cool because you can customize a lot of those different things up top.

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I will tell you, it’s probably a better situation if you want to get a Magic Trackpad because it feels a lot better. But still, there are a lot of people who like mouses (myself included), and this is definitely one of those products that you can kind of customize a little bit here and there within Apple settings, and it has a nice touch.

Now, it does have a good heft to it, and it doesn’t feel cheap. I bought a lot of mouses that feel really cheap and this one does not give me that vibe, but I will say it does feel a little bit different when you go ahead and use it, especially for long periods of time. 👀

How can I put this…It doesn’t feel like the most comfortable mouse. For example, I’ve owned a few other mouses that feel much better in the hand and feel a little bit more ergonomic. Like this bad boy from Logitech that I got for only 10 bucks and it feels better. I know, crazy, right?

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Also, the Microsoft Arc mouse does a better job here in terms of ergonomics (I own one for several years now and I think it’s a really good deal, especially when using it on a Windows machine). Don’t get me wrong. This one from Apple still feels good, but the feeling may be a little bit different and in terms of ergonomics it could be better, for sure! 🤔

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We do have the Lightning port at the bottom, so there are no removable batteries, they’re all built into the mouse itself. And again, this is probably the biggest aspect of this device that a lot of people don’t like. But I will tell you, I don’t really charge my mouse that much.

I do use my Magic Mouse 3 quite a bit for my iPad and it typically last me over a month (usually even up to 3–6 months with a daily use of 5 hours+). So I’ve had a really good experience with the battery life on these things, and that’s pretty much the main thing you kind of look at when looking at a Magic mouse like this.

Personally, I think the Magic Mouse 3 is still a really good machine, mostly because it comes in the box of a lot of other products that you buy from Apple. So if you purchase an M1 iMac or any other iMac that they’re still selling, even in the refurbished market, you actually end up getting this Magic Mouse built straight into the box. And it’s still one of the few accessories that Apple sells for their Macs that are input devices. ☺️

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There are Magic keyboards, Magic trackpads, Apple pencils too for the iPads, and then we have Magic mouses. And because this is an Apple product, it works fluidly with all my products. One thing I always love ❤️ about these mouses is that I can literally just go from one device to the other and it just is so crazy that it just kind of knows and it simply connects so seamlessly. ✅

So if I’m on my iMac, for example, I can just plug it in via the Lightning port, plug it out, and it’s connected. If I want to go ahead and switch it over to my MacBook, I can just plug it in, unplug it, and it’s there. I don’t have to go ahead and reconnect it to the settings, hold on to buttons, and do all sorts of other stuff. It just connects (you get the point). 😌

And there are a lot of other mouses out there that do this kind of stuff too but I like it because with Apple products, they just work seamlessly with each other. You can always connect this to an iPad or even an iPhone, if you really want and need such thing, and you can always use it that way too, which is really cool. 😉

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Now, the only reason I probably would recommend avoiding something like this specific Magic mouse is because of the possibility of the next generation of Magic mouse coming out sooner rather than later. In fact, there was a little bit of a refresh in 2021 for this product, but it wasn’t that big of a refresh for Apple to go ahead and pretty much call it the Magic Mouse 3 (but I still call it this way since this is their newest Mouse version).

I believe that the next generation of Magic mouse will likely have a lighting port at the front. However, if the 2021 revision was the only change Apple was trying to make, it may be many years until we see the lighting port phased out. That said, I do think that there will eventually be a MagSafe accessory released for the Magic mouse. 😇

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Apple is going to do away with the Lightning port. They’re not probably going to bring USB-C into this thing, and it’s likely just going to be some sort of wireless charging pad you drop this Magic mouse on, and then that’s pretty much it. 🐁 So it’ll charge from the MagSafe charger that you have with your iPhone or some sort of wireless charging activity anyway. ✅

I will definitely tell you I’m excited about the next generation of Magic Mouses, but this Magic Mouse 3 from 2021, I think, is still completely worth it in 2023, and it’s a really good mouse to buy. 🙌

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Would it be the first mouse I would recommend buying?

I will tell you that it really depends on the product that you’re getting. If you own an iPad, a Magic keyboard or whatever other accessory, having something like a Magic mouse in your book bag and move in that direction isn’t a bad choice. I think it’s actually a really smart thing somebody can do. 🐱

But the only reason I would recommend not buying a Magic Mouse is if you are uncomfortable plugging something in at the bottom or if you plan on using your Magic Mouse a lot, where the battery is going to be dying all the time.

If you are completely dependent on something like a Magic Mouse, you could see yourself or find yourself having to either switch to a different Magic Mouse or temporarily switch to a different mouse or whatever the case is temporarily while your Magic mouse is charging (because you cannot use this thing while charging it). So that is a really big disadvantage for this type of mouse and I’m still surprised Apple hasn’t done anything to fix it in their latest revision of this thing back in 2021 so that the lightning port is at the front or something.

I still don’t understand why Apple has not gone in that direction but I will tell you, with the Magic mouse 3, there are a lot of pros and very few cons. If you are immersed in the Apple ecosystem, meaning you have an iMac, iPhone or an iPad, or you even have something like another device, a Magic mouse, in my opinion, is a really cool addition to your entire ecosystem (it doesn’t matter if you get it on white or black). ✅

I think it’s nice; it works very well and because Apple’s software is built around these types of accessories, it just kind of makes sense to own it if you have an Apple product.


Final Thoughts! 💭

To conclude, the Magic Mouse 3 may not be the most ergonomic or comfortable mouse on the market, but it still has a place in the Apple ecosystem. Its glass surface and multitouch capabilities make it customizable, and its seamless connection to Apple products is a plus. ➕

While the Lightning port at the bottom may be a downside for some, the battery life is impressive and the Magic Mouse 3 can last for a very long time. 🖱️🔋

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Overall, the Magic Mouse 3 is a good accessory that comes in the box with a lot of other Apple products and is worth considering for those who want a mouse that works seamlessly with their Apple devices. 👍

If you’re in the market for an input device for your Mac or iPad, the Magic Mouse 3 is definitely worth a look. ✅

Fellow tech enthusiast, I’m curious — what’s your go-to mouse❓ 👀

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