Bali Seminyak Villas | All You Need To Know About The Most Wanted Luxury Villas and Nightlife On this Planet

Bali Seminyak Villas | All You Need To Know About The Most Wanted Luxury Villas and Nightlife On this Planet

#3 Villa Anggrek 66 – I guarantee is the Bali dream villa Seminyak – from $313 per night

Luxurious and colorful, this villa is the best choice if you really like to live it royal. It’s a 2 bedroom villa, 3 bathrooms, available for not more than 4 people. It is the best place to relax and escape the crowded city. You’ll find here the most luxurious and creative architecture of all, combining modern art with nature.

#4 Minggu Villas 5 – 4 bedroom villa in Seminyak Bali  – from $271/night

You’ll fall in love with this Bali dream villa Seminyak if you are searching for something to fit 8 people. Bring your whole family to Bali, enjoy the sunset together, have fun and make it unforgettable. This villa has 5 bathrooms, enough for all of you, with rooms facing the garden. You should definitely try the sauna and those two big Jacuzzi (one indoor one outdoor). It is maybe the most beautiful luxury Villa Bali Seminyak.

#5 Pulau Tenang – the best among 5 bedroom villas Seminyak Bali- from $250/night

There may be bigger families or why not, a group of people who want to have fun in Bali, but to stay in the same place as accommodation. Here we are with an awesome villa with luxury facilities for a fun and unforgettable holiday. This place allow 12 people, offering 4 big bathrooms and spacious bedrooms. It is not one of the cheap villas bali seminyak because they are willing to offer you the best services. What I find awesome indeed is the fact that they provide you daily laundry, daily housekeeping, daily breakfast and FREE daytime babysitting! Isn’t that cool?


#6 Villa Poppy + Abimanyu Villa#1 + Abimanyu Villa#2 – 8 bedroom villa Bali Seminyak  – from $850/night

Many people are in search for something bigger in this area, but sometimes it is hard to find. This is a unique combination of 3 villas, next to each other, so you can all have fun together. How does it sound?
–    3 private pools
–    8 bedrooms
–    8 bathrooms
–    fully-equipped marble kitchen
–    huge dining areas


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