TOP 40 Luxurious Tile Design Ideas For Your Bathroom! ✨

TOP 40 Luxurious Tile Design Ideas For Your Bathroom! ✨

Craft Your Oasis with 40 Lavish Bathroom Tile Inspirations!  


Entering your favorite place to relax (not to sleep though!) should offer comfort, both mentally and emotionally. Transitioning from the rest of your bathroom to the shower can be done effectively in several ways. Today, we’ll show you some inspirational ideas that work perfectly. Feel free to choose your own bathroom style and start relaxing!


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Barrier Free shower (with no enclosure)


Transitional Shower…


Faux Tile Shower Style


Contemporary Tile Shower Style


Natural Stone Pompeii Scarpaletto Style – For a Stylish Design !


Shower With A View !



 Unique Style Shower !


Minimal Shower Style



Scandinavian Shower Style




Walk-in Shower Design Options !

– Partial Glass Enclosure, or without ?
– With Windows or without ?
– With skylight or without ?
– All-Glass Enclosure or without ?
– With Doors or without ?

It all depends of your bathroom style, and also of your personality of course, cuz some people want more privacy, while others want even this space to be more opened up and free.

If privacy is not that important for you, then a walk in shower is perfect for you.

What style you should go for it all depends on you and your preferences ! πŸ˜‰


Warm & Modern Shower Style


Gray Subway Bathroom Style


BLUE – GREEN Tile Bathroom Shower Style !

Small Stone tiles cozy shower


Consider The Shower Floor & Wall Designs !

In terms of floors, people often use ceramic, glass and stone tiles (cuz they are waterproof). You can use here either a basic minimalist design, or an exclusive one which is eye-catching and that matches the wall. Speaking of walls, you already saw some cool tiles you can try for your walls, but at the end of the day, you want to match it with the rest of your bathroom as well, so keep that in mind.

At the end, consider adding some accessories in your overall style. You want a more traditional or rather go for a modern style? Is all up to you ! We discussed about bathroom accessories as well in another post. Feel free to check that out to.

Moving on…we will cover also some more bathroom design ideas for you, let me know in the comments which one you like the most and why ! πŸ˜‰


Elegant Bathroom & Shower With Modern Style !


Gorgeous Bathroom Shower Style


Corrugated Metal Bathroom Shower


Turqoise Bathroom Style !


Luxury Bathroom Shower


Dreamy Bath Style


Brick Wall Style


Marble Shower


We will talk in a future material about those as well:

Taupe Tile Style

Shiplap Shower

Classy Shower Style

Mountain Style – More Rustic

Minimalitic & Contemporary Style

Blue & Gray Style

Sleek & slick Style

Serene Subway Style

Rustic Tub

Large Shower Style

Penny Tile Style

Featured Style

Open & Airy Style

Gray Tile Style

Rain Shower Style

Open Walk In