TOP 3 BEST Foam Mattress You Need To Try Out Today | All The Secrets Behind Having Sweet Dreams And A Good Health !

TOP 3 BEST Foam Mattress You Need To Try Out Today | All The Secrets Behind Having Sweet Dreams And A Good Health !

All the secrets behind the best foam mattress in the industry. They say a good day comes from a good night’s sleep. And that’s right. The key of a good sleep is to have the best foam mattress available on the market. If you haven’t used a foam mattress so far, this article will help you have a second thought.

First of all, let’s see the differences between a traditional mattress and a foam mattress.


What on Earth is a foam mattress?

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If you’re not familiar with all types of mattresses out there, maybe you wanna find out why the memory foam mattress is considered one of the best foam mattress.

Well, the answer is simple.

The best memory foam mattress is entirely manufactured from polyurethane foam or sometimes low resilience polyurethane foam. This means that the mattress you will use is created with higher density memory foam which allows your whole body to mold to it a couple of minutes after relaxing on it. This particular type of mattress has a much faster speed of recovery to its original shape immediately after your weight has been moved to the other side or entirely removed.

Maybe, or actually, I am sure you are wondering how much these beauties cost ☺. Well, the most luxurious best foam mattress on the market easily reaches over $5000, but in this particular article you will discover a type of cheaper foam mattresses which was rated as one of the best memory foam mattress under $1000 in 2016.

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Here are the TOP 3 best foam mattresses on the market.

Check out which one of all these models was the best rated foam mattress in 2016 and, on the other hand, which ones you should definitely avoid, no matter what:

• Well, the winner is… Amerisleep Revere Bed!!!

More than 500 reviews from verified customers. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the brand’s website ranking. Wanna know the reasons why Amerisleep stands above the rest?

Not only the best memory foam mattress in 2016, but also an environmentally-friendly one, Amerisleep uses a special, plant-based memory foam which is said to be derived from soybean oils. This means that this product has no pollutants and the majority of the customers have fewer issues with heat and bad sleep during the nights.

Amerisleep brand has, of course, one of the best memory foam mattress topper for side sleepers because of its well-known Celliant-infused covers. The Celliant is a thermoreactive material used to make these toppers, that increases blood flow in the body, by converting body heat into infrared light. Imagine! This is a good news for all those who suffers from any health issues because this foam mattress has a high efficiency in reducing stress, all those uncomfortable lower back pains and circulatory problems.

• A luxurious price for the 2nd place in our TOP: Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze!

Even if it’s one of the best rated memory foam mattress in 2016, I don’t know why a lot of customers are afraid of its luxurious price of almost $3500.

Its high quality explains all the money. Wanna know if it’s worth it?

Ok, let’s see:

• It includes many cooler materials than any other foam mattresses on the market– checked;

• It rates pretty well when we talk about its durability, even for heavier people – checked;

Then what’s the problem?

As I said before, it is one of the most expensive on the foam mattress market. But Tempurpedic does not release any sensitive details about its layers or details about its quality. This really makes me wonder…

• Last, but not least: Comfort Dreams

This is one of my favorite brands out there and I won’t let you wait more to find out the reasons why.

Comfort Dreams’s mattress was rated as one of the best foam mattresses in 2016 and not only. This particular brand has the best memory foam mattress which allows you to select your fav firmness level of soft, either medium or firm, which I think is pretty cool.

This style of mattress has one of the best relaxing sleep memory foam which is made using a moderately heavier foam material than other brand use for manufacturing. Also, a cool little fact, is that this mattress is mostly used in the fitness industry. That’s because of its high orthopedic and even injury prevention particularities.


Which foam mattresses you better avoid?



• “Good things always come to those who wait”…or not: Promotional Mattresses

Even if you think that you can find the best foam mattress on sale, I think you should reconsider and think more than twice.

Promotional mattresses are usually those sold for a limited time only, often as well-known deals during major holiday sales. And there is only a hidden reason for this: to catch your eyes and your attention during sales. They typically have lower quality, but you will discover this only after you got home and tried it. And because is on sale, you will receive no warranty for it.

• The strong connection between Back pains and very cheap Beds

Very cheap mattresses (under $500 or so for a queen size) mostly tend to have the worst ratings. It is important to carefully and seriously weigh its quality, its reviews, and even expected lifespan against the price.

Cheaper mattresses may provide a great comfort initially, but, afterwards, as the poor-quality materials which are used for manufacturing tend to break, you will lose all the comfort. And I bet you will have no warranty and you cannot replace it.

• “Honey, I can’t sleep!”: Talking about Innerspring Beds with Poor Motion Isolation. You better avoid them.

When it is about couples and a good sleep, well, you should definitely think about motion isolation. I know me, and I know I can go crazy if I am very tired, trying to sleep, and the other person is constantly moving. HUH!!! That’s the moment when you’ll see the other side of me! HULK )))))).


BONUS: 3 tips for a better sleep

You may buy or you can already have the best foam mattress ever made on earth, with the best memory foam mattress topper from 2016, but even the best brand can’t guarantee a good night’s sleep if you don’t follow these tips:

• Turn off the TV and the computer. Actually, any other light-sources, at least an hour before you go to bed.
• You can gentle exercise, smth like yoga postures or Pilates; both are great for a restful sleep.
• Must Finish eating at least an hour before going to bed. Your stomach should also sleep with you, so don’t make it work through the night. It needs some rest too.

Enjoy your sleep ☺