Ice Cream Can Cure Everything For Us | Check These Magic Home Recipes For A Cool Summer

Ice Cream Can Cure Everything For Us | Check These Magic Home Recipes For A Cool Summer

It’s summer and it’s all about ice cream. It can cure everything from sadness, broken hearts, bad days, lower self esteem and many more. Fresh and tasty, ice cream is ready to cool you down when there are so many degrees outside. Imagine yourself on a beach, with an iced coffee or a cocktail in a hand, and a big flavored ice cream in the other one. How is that?

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You have a wide range of ice cream flavors to choose. When is summer, no matter if I’m in my home city or traveling, the main activity is to search ice cream nearby. That’s a good start for an extremely hot summer.

I am sure you already know your favorite, and I am curious. If you want to share… please leave us a comment below. It can be any flavor and any ice cream brand: vanilla ice cream, halo top ice cream, chocolate ice cream, melon one, pistachio, napolitan ice cream (gelato) or, why not, frozen yogurt with some caramel or brownies. Yummy.

Who made ice cream first? That’s a good question and I’ve always wondered.

Ice cream desserts is not something new, it comes from locations as Ancient Greece, India, China, Persia and Rome, where people used to mix snow with fruits and honey, making an iced fancy dessert. In China in particular, they used a mixture of milk and rice, syrup and snow.

Ben&Jerry’s has a particular tab on their website, to check the ice cream nearby, the nearest location for ice cream. You can chose from grocery stores, scoop shops, delivery or catering. All you have to do to get your ice cream dessert is to enter your zip code and they will provide you the best solution. Their website here.

OMG!!!!! You really have to see this!

I’ve found the best website ever to search for “ice cream near me”, for the best location. This time is not about zip code, but about selecting the country and the city. Then you’ll be redirected to a page full of results, ice cream nearby you. MUST see this website.

Home made Ice cream

Now! If you are a healthy person, you would like to make your own ice cream at home, to make sure all the ingredients are healthy and natural, with no potentially harmful substances. Home made ice cream can be the best idea or your kids, as we use to pay more attention to their eating habits than ours.

So… how to make ice cream at home?

You only need some common ingredients you maybe already have at home. This is a super quick DIY ice cream recipe. It will take you only 5-10 minutes. There is no need for an ice cream maker. Just bring your energy and your bowl.

Here is a second video. 3 easy methods on How to make ice cream at home:

If you are thinking to celebrate a birthday on summer, he best idea is to make an ice cream cake. You’ll make everybody happy.

Ice Cream Cake

If this is not the best flavor or texture for you, I can redirect you to a website page which provides more than 40 ice cream recipes, and you’ll definitely find your favorite. Here is the page I am talking about.

Which is your favorite flavor?