The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Mattresses in 2024 🛏️

The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Mattresses in 2024 🛏️

TOP 18 BEST High-End Luxury Mattress Brands of the Year | From Extremely Expensive (and Highly-Rated) To Budget Ones


Are you curious about finding out which are top luxury mattress brands 🛏️ ? Which ones are on top now and which are not interesting anymore for people around the world? Don’t worry, we got you covered, or we can say….We Got Your Back ! 🙂


After we move forward with the material…Be Honest!

Are u waking up with back pain? 😩

– Rarely (less than twice a month)
– Sometimes (a couple of times a week)
– Often? (almost every day).


If u said sometimes or even often, then you 100% need to upgrade for a new mattress! 🛏️

Often times what we want to accomplish here with a new & amazing quality mattress is to make five hours of sleep feel like seven! – And that’s really easy to do, cuz we can “test drive” a few mattress brands since most of them offer a trial period, which is great.

By the time you tested a few of them, you should already be feeling & noticed decreased neck, shoulder, and back pain; and also increase your comfort & get a more restful Sleep.  It really doesn’t matter your sleep style (back, side, Stomach), your body type, height & weight, your age, gender, or if you are solo or couple sleeping, cuz at the end of the material you will already know which mattress is right for ya!


In fact, people often ask us:
– What is the best luxury mattress?
– What is the best luxury plush mattress?
– What is the best luxury firm mattress?

– What is the top-rated mattress for 2020?
– What is the most luxurious bed?

– What is the best luxury mattress brand?
– What is the best hotel luxury mattress?

– What is the best-rated spring luxury firm mattress?
– Which mattress pad cools best – serta glacier knit, or serata luxury knit?


Even people from Hotels Industry ask us:

– What is the best-rated luxury firm mattress?

– What is the best luxury mattress for hotels?

– What mattress do most luxury hotels use?


We will ask those questions in today’s material & many more!


The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Mattresses in 2024 🛏️

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We find out an ascending trend in terms of people interested in “best luxury mattress” from 2014 to 2021 especially.


In terms of interest of people in this kind of products, we speak of course of people from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Those people are not interested only in which are the best mattresses out there, but also which are the best mattress toppers, which are the best beds, and luxury goods in general

2 Specific companies that catch our attention are Saatva mattress company (US Company with HQ in New York, founded on May 11, 2011, with revenues of 375 million USD; even $28.6M revenues in 2014) and Simmons bedding company (founded in 1870).



If you are that kind of person who is always thinking about improving his / hers life quality, then you definitely have to think about buying the best mattress possible 🛏️, cuz we are spending more than 33% of our life in bed (apart from the 6 – 8 hours of sleep we need to get, for a healthy life)


One thing is here for sure and is gonna stay:

We definitely need to take this aspect of our lives more seriously and have this type of product at the top of the list as a priority. You know that a good night sleep is a key element for a happier & healthier life and a more positive one.

Spending money on a luxury mattress is a great idea, is one of the few best investments you can do. You, yes you, the one reading this article, you deserve a better night sleep, and we really want you to sleep better.

We are 100% sure that you will find an excellent fit for your specific preferences.


Top 18 Best Luxury Mattress Brands & Models in 2024 - What's Hot & What's Not!

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– Article covers top 18 luxury mattress brands, from extremely expensive to more budget options
– Key factors when choosing a mattress: comfort, high-quality eco-friendly materials, pressure relief, airflow, 6+ layers, 10+ year durability
– Popular materials: memory foam, latex foam, innerspring coils, hybrid combinations
– Leading brands: Purple Innovation, Casper, Nectar Sleep, Tempur-Pedic, Hästens
– Prices range widely from $500 to over $15,000 for most luxurious brands
– Consider sleep style, body type, weight, age when selecting best mattress
– Apart from mattress itself, also upgrade pillows, sheets, foundations for better sleep
– Getting high-quality mattress is excellent long term investment for health and comfort
– Most brands offer perks like risk-free trials, free shipping, financing, long warranties
– Improving sleep quality also requires left side sleeping, stretches, supportive pillows


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Are you willing to spend more than 100 $ on the best luxury mattress? 🛏️ Or, should I reformulate… Would you invest more than $1,000 for a healthier life? It sounds better now, isn’t it?

If you are a long reader of our Royal Elite Luxury Magazine (or shorter > Elite Lux Club), you will invest whatever it takes in getting the best out of the best in each aspect of your life!

I am sure you will make the right choice here as well because a good mattress 🛏️ is the place where you spend more than 6 – 8 hours a day. Is like the office chair. We talked before about some extremely expensive chairs, but also good for your health, your spine position, and everything.


Make sure the time you spend on PC or sleeping is one of quality!

Okay so first thing first, you want to search for the best-made mattress for your personal needs, or for your entire family, good. 

Through this article, you will find a TOP 18 luxury mattress and also some cool recommendations on page 2 so check that out as well.



Thinking also about how to buy the best mattress? 🛏️ Well, I advise you to search for the best mattress reviews of 2020 – 2021 which are already out there, but we will take another approach here and say to you only the most important factors, so you don’t waste any time.


The 4 Most Important Factors we should pay attention to when getting a new mattress are:

  •  To be comfortable & soft
  •  Made out of high-quality materials (preferably eco-friendly materials) 
    Keep in mind that you will get a much healthier sleep when your mattress has organic materials. Having this can get some positive effects on allergies. Most high-end mattresses are doing a lot in order to eliminate toxic substances, at all costs.


  •  To be tripled layer (to even 6 layers) and Designed For Pressure Relief ( so it does not retain heat around your body, cuz Airflow and Breathability are crucial here).
  •  To Pass The Test Of Time (at least 10 years of use)


Other factors to take into consideration:

  • Size

Bed manufacturers use standard bed sizes. This enables you to match a new mattress to a previous foundation or to fit it into your current bedroom furniture set.

In most cases, you have to pick your perfect size from this list (width x length):

  • Single bed: 38”x 74”

  • ¾ bed: 48”x 74”

  • Double: 54”x 74”

  • Queen: 60”x 80”
  • King: 76”x 80”

Before choosing your bed size, make sure there is enough space available in your room. If you are a tall guy, just get a bigger bed & mattress as well, you don’t want your body parts to hang over the edges 🙂


  • Style & Material Type

Different bodies require different support features so that’s why many companies decide to have more types of mattresses (we already talked about the innerspring type, also memory foam, latex, hybrid, gel, waterbeds, pillowtop, polyfoam, adjustable beds, airbeds, all organic, etc.)


  • Durability

The higher the density, the better, cuz is going to last longer.
You can ask the sales person how was the bed designed and if it combats sag?

If you look at the overall workmanship, you can come to your own conclusions as well, but is better to ask first a few questions too; a better informed purchase is going to matter a lot, especially if we are talking about a 10k usd bed / mattress purchase, isn’t it ? – like the expensive ones we have from Tempur Pedic.


Usually, if the owners are maintaining it properly, the mattress can last beyond 10 years of usage.

The ones with the shortest lifespan are innerspring & air mattress types. Memory Foam & pillow tops have a middle life, but latex bed has the longest lifespan. So, if the durability of the mattress is an important factor for you, how about considering a latex mattress?

We recommend weekly checking & cleaning, and changing your sheets regularly, at least 2 times a month, doesn’t matter what type of mattress u got.

How long your bed / mattress is going to last depends not only from the perspective of the used materials, but also from the perspective of how you are using & taking care of it.

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep & be healthier, check out the tips we got in this article.


Important !

If you have back pain with your already purchased mattress from 5 – 10 years ago, please change it immediately, don’t just wait around for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to come. Saving your back & chest is far more important than saving let’s say 50 – 200 bucks here and there.


  • Good Comfort

What we mean here by comfort is that you have your muscles relaxed, the spine aligned & body temperature okay.

By choosing the right mattress type & adjusting the firmness by your needs, you can see the results in area of comfort of course.

Your body really needs the best support today, so you can live pain-free in future. If you want to have your health in check and a good comfort, with your nights to become more relaxed as well, then you have to consider getting one of the mattresses we are going to present you. By doing so, sleeping will maybe become the most interesting part of the day when power napping 🙂


  • Good Cooling – Which can be done via gel infusions, or temperature neutral materials, cuz you rather have a cool night sleep, instead of hot and uncomfortable nights. Right?
  • Zoned Support Available? – with this feature, you have a more firm middle, and a softer side for head, shoulders & foot area.
  • Color 
  • Coil system
  • Firmness level 


Soft, Medium or Firm. Personally, I’m more like a 8 out of 10, for a firm bed, at my 95 kilos.

Firmer isn’t the answer for everybody of course, since we are all different, and each body is unique, there is simply no one size fits all. Not to mention, that different positions of sleep require a different firmness, which can be ideal for you, or not.

Usually, we found out that side sleepers, which are light & average weight want a more softer mattress, but stomach & back sleepers, which are also a bit heavier, rather use a more firm support.


Of course now, if you use all sleeping positions (side, stomach, back), and on that mattress are sleeping all kinds of people from light, to average and heavy, we suggest you to go for a medium firm mattress.

The Best firmness for you is the one which helps align your spine properly.

Our go to advice is that if you are lighter, go for a more comfortable bed, which has a softer material; if you are a heavier one, go for a firm bed.

You simply don’t want to sink into the mattress, but at the same don’t to want to be on rocks type feeling.


  • Is Reversible?



Good to have:

  • GOTS – certified organic cotton outer cover that’s protected with Guardin®, a botanical antimicrobial treatment.
  • To have certified foams which can meet the standards for health & environmental safety
  • Pure, 100% natural latex
  • To Have Flame retardant barrier made from natural thistle pulp (rather than chemical sprays).
  • No plastic smell or any other chemical smells at all.
  • They offer Under-bed illumination? If yes, is a cool Plus 🙂


We find out that most of the mattress companies are offering the following benefits:

  • 180 to 540 night home trial – so you can take the time to test the products, without any pressure (Like IdleSleep Offers)
  • Free Delivery & Returns (in certain area – depends where u are and from which distributor you purchase)
  • 25 years to even a lifetime of warranty – which is good to have that kind of benefit in the first place.
  • Financing Available


Most of the mattresses we review are compatible with every bed frame such as:
– traditional frame
– slatted frame
– adjustable frame.


Quick Facts !

In terms of Mattress Feel, most people choose the medium feel, since they don’t want the most soft feel possible, but also don’t want the most firm feel.

Apart from the mattress, most people decide to upgrade also their pillows & sheets, even the foundations, for a superior support.

Dimensions are usually from 38″ x 75″ (Twin) to even 72″ x 84″ (King Beds) and the mattress can weight from 30 kilos to even 80 kg.

Most of the mattresses we review can support up to 500 kilos of weight on them.

The delivery of the mattress can take in general from 2 days up to 2 weeks (depending if you are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc.)

Prices are ranging from 1k to even 5k usd.  (For Purple Hybrid Premier For Example)


As technology improves every day, so does the mattress’s 🛏️ industry. They release new designs and materials every year, and this can be a little bit overwhelming for a customer.

If you go and search for the best mattress online,  you will see the explosion in the materials and all kinds of foams used in manufacturing these products. I bet you’ll think: Hell !! How am I supposed to choose from thousands of mattresses? The info we are going to share here will help you a lot.

Let’s start with a quick top luxury mattress brands, but before that, we will define some types of materials used in 2020 for these products. As you will get familiar with them, you will better understand the top below.


The most common top luxury mattress brands on the market use as materials innersprings, latex foam and memory foam.


A:  Memory Foam Mattress


This material is well-knows for couple of years and it constantly improves. It can be traditional, gel or plant-based. The traditional foam is actually the standard one, with nothing added to it. It’s temperature sensitive memory foam, made out of synthetic materials and polyurethane.

The gel foam is basically the traditional one, but with gel beads or sometimes gel liquid mixed in. It may cost more, but the odor is much lower and there are no heat complaints about it.

Finally, the plant-based foam is replacing some synthetic materials with naturally-derived ingredients. There are some of the most expensive mattress 🛏️ brands who make this kind of plant-based foams, especially for kids, adding Aloe Vera.


B: Latex Foam Mattress


This is popular among those who are in search for a greener and healthier life. It is like the memory one, but made out of latex and much more expensive, because of its costly ingredients.

When deciding to buy such a product, you have to make sure you know the kind of latex was used there.

Two options available:
–    All natural latex: which is derived from rubber trees, rates better for comfort, odor and durability. Customers prefer the natural latex not only because of its comfortability, but also because it is eco-friendly.

–    Synthetic latex: synthetic styrene butadiene rubber, made of chemical components. The down side is that this one has a lower durability and more odor.


C:  Innerspring Mattress

It was, it is and it will be the most common and sold mattress category. This type of mattress is available at any showroom and mattress 🛏️ store anywhere in the world. Guaranteed !

Ranging from very cheap to high end mattress, Serta, Sealy and Simmons are still the ones who hold the monopoly, being the best mattress in 2016 – 2017 (Innersprings), and the most sold.

Although innersprings have improved and changed over years, they kept the affordable prices.

You can see the pictures below showing the old Innerspring Mattresses vs the new ones.



D. Hybrid Mattress

This one combines all of the features we discussed till now. Combining the best characteristics from each one, to one mattress !


We are gonna help you make the best choice in terms of choosing the right mattress for your sleep. I did a deep research through all brands, analyzing the reviews made by happy or unhappy customers. Thus, here is the TOP 18 of the Best High End Mattress:


#1 Purple Innovation 


This one is by far the best firm mattress, featuring 3 main products:
– The purple mattress
– Purple Hybrid
Purple Hybrid Premier – Their Best Line Of Mattress Products


You got a pet to? no problem, why not getting a purple for him to? He is a family member to and deserves the best of course !

Click Here To Find Out More !



The uniqueness of this brand came from the perspective of having a very comfortable hyper-elastic gel polymer in its comfort layers which are also supportive. The feeling of the product is both firm & pressure-relieving.

Purple products are the best of its kind, with one of the best sensations of pressure relief; You really need to check out this mattress, is one of the best. Because of the special gel we spoke earlier, the pressure really melts away. Their mattress is very good also for heavier people and it can handle up to 500 kilos, no problem.


The product is 100% temperature neutral, so no worries with it in summer or winter time. Purple Innovation products are very breathable and are the perfect choice for you, especially if u are a side sleeper.

The Gel Gril will last years and years of normal use. Is made out of durable materials and will not sag like some foams. A lot of people consider purple products one of the best long-term investments, with everything being made out of quality materials which reflects also to the price tag, which can reach up to 5.000 usd. For this amount of money you will get in the package also free sheets and some comfort pillows.

This company is for 80 years around, they offer free delivery & returns in USA & CANADA, with 100 night trial as well. Website has an average of 4 Million people in traffic, visiting the website / month, which is impressive, for a company in this field.
– Average Visit Duration on the site of 2 minutes
– Average Pages / Visit : 2 pages
– Bounce Rate: 65%


They focus their marketing efforts on:

Direct Traffic – 33% (1,2 Million visits / month)
SEO – 31% of total traffic (1,1 Million visitors / month from search engines)
Paid Search – 14% (around 500k / month)

Then it comes:

Display ads with 11% (378k / month)
Social Media – 6%
Referals from news & media sites and business services platforms – 3%

Around 200 referals in numbers, but who sends low traffic (less than 11k visitors / month, per referal)

E-mail Marketing with 2%


Their social media is mainly focusing on:
– Youtube ▶️ – 45% of the social traffic

– Facebook 👍 – 43%

And they do also a bit of Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, DailyMotion, Douban, Linux questions , Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Photobucket – around 10% all combined.


In terms of display network advertising platforms they use 19 platforms, but the most important ones in their case are:
Google Adwords, which they use the most – 26%
– Yahoo Advertising – 13%
– Ad Media – 13%
– Taboola – 11%
– Skimlinks – 9%
& other platforms…

At the end of the day, most of their ads appear on publishers like:
Youtube, Yahoo, Reddit, Ebay etc.


One of their top competitors is


Their main market is in US, with 91% of people coming on their website from this country, then Canada with 3%.

People from these countries stay on average 2 – 3 minutes on the website, and they visit on average 3 pages on, with a bounce rate of 41% to 50%.

Is interesting that 69% of people are coming from branded traffic. That means that those are actively searching products online, associated with purple brand, and not just random products search in this niche market.

Purple Innovation has also some UK & Germany traffic, but at the moment we spoke with them (in Ianuary 2021), they don’t deliver in Europe yet. Also, people from other countries aside US & CANADA, leave the website in less than 2 minutes, with a higher bounce rate as well.



Their demographics shows us that their visitors & clients are mostly:
– male – 51%,
– 25 to 34 years old – 27% of the traffic (this is their best age group segment, then 35 – 44 years old segment – 22%)


When it comes to the purchase itself, they offer 56 of payments methods, but most people are using:
– Paypal

They got a conversion rate of 3 to 7% – in their best season.


The interest of people who are visiting are most likely to sites covering: news & media, home & garden – furniture , video games, lifestyle & fashion.

Those people search often as well things like:
– furniture
– health food
– computer hardware
– news blogs
– business news
– cooking
– music
– shoes
– furniture
– software design
– tools accessories

Around 3,300 websites are in the area of interest of people visiting

People know Purple Brand the best for keywords like:
– purple mattress
– purple pillow
– purple seat cushion
– mattress toppers
– sheets
– weighted blankets
– bed frames
– chairs
– blankets.


There are 8.642 keywords searched for by users in search engines, in this industry, for which they can rank.

In Terms of SEO they are actually ranking for ~ 6,3k keywords in Google, and Purple Innovation brand is active on paying for about 3k keywords to appear at the top of search results. They are willing to pay anything from 1 dollar, to even 44 dollars for a single targeted visitor, which is most likely to buy.

In this industry there are more than 1000 questions in people’s minds and I like the fact that even at their level, Purple Innovation are still doing some blogging and covering important aspects for their clients such as:
Quick and Proven Stiff Neck Remedies

How to Clean a Seat Cushion

Is A Bunkie Board The Same As A Box Spring?

How to Get Blood Out of Sheets

How to Sleep on Your Side the Right Way

& others….



They are having 1.611 active ads for now (January 2021), from which 1.236 are Product Ads, most of them focusing on keywords such as:
– casper beds
– casper mattress review
– casper original hybrid review
– buy mattress
– purple seat cushion

– desk chair cushion
– purple lumbar cushion
– layla mattress
– american made bed in a box
– casper nova hybrid review

– casper original review
– casper mattresses
– king matress
– king size softside pillow waterbed mattress
– mattress financing
– mattress credit


Is interesting to me that they want to appear with ads on terms on which people are searching for another brand, Casper for example, which is one of their competitors.



Their normal ads (text ads) are doing somehow okay, but their display ads, not that great, cuz of the high bounce rate of 75%, and people coming from their display ads are staying on average less than a minute on the site, which is very little, especially to make a purchase.

They have more than 30 active campaigns in terms of Ads, and they got at the moment 4.572 creative ads.


Is really interesting that people coming from paid search, stay the most on their website, on average: 3 minutes and 14 seconds

Second place took by people coming from SEO, with 3 minutes and 8 seconds.


They have more than 1.000 direct competitors in both organic & paid search, but they are doing good in those aspects, compared to other brands. xD


Bellow you can find their channel traffic & engagement metrics per channel.



If you are interested in some more Business & Advertising Intelligence, and in your specific industry to, then we can help find out what matters, to grow your sales. We can help you :

– Discover and track competitors marketing strategy
– Research your competitors advertising strategy and ad mix
– Track the results of campaigns, benchmark to the market and optimize
– Grow your share of voice by finding the best performing partners & more.



#2 Casper


Well well well, what do we have here? Another amazing brand of mattress, Casper…and No, this is not that Casper Ghost we all know from our childhoods 🙂

This company is known in the field for making their mattresses really comfortable. They got a lot of models & styles you can choose from, but their main lines of products are 3, similar to purple innovation products.

In the case of Casper mattresses, there are :
– Original – which is the most popular one
– Nova Hybrid
– Wave Hybrid.


Each one of them is available in 6 sizes, and have similar features. All of those are good for support, cooling, removing your back pains & aches with exceptional pressure relief.

Whatever mattress you are gonna take, just make sure you get it protected >


Pricing starts from 500 bucks (for a Twin size mattress), to as much as 3k usd (for a King / California King size), depending on the configuration.

Casper offers:
– free delivery & returns
– 100 night risk free trial
– 10 year warranty.

I like the fact that they recognize purple mattress as the main competition, and they tried to show to their visitors / customers, how Casper products are better than purple, so check out this link if you are curious and want to find out more:


At the end of the day, with Casper, it really doesn’t matter your sleeping position, cuz their models are always gonna be a great fit for you, adapting to your weight & style of sleep. Their products are not your average foam mattress, in fact, they got a unique design out there, with a firmer layer of memory foam in the center, and a softer side at the head & foot area.

Its construction is designed to fit multiple sleeping positions, which is awesome and the total height of the mattress is 11 inches tall.

The first layer is called Air Scape Foam, a proprietary foam, which is soft & responsive, and it has holes in it, which helps with ventilation & airflow, preventing to trap too much heat.

Below that, is zoned support memory foam, which is a bit more firm toward the center of the product & softer at the head & foot area. Finally, the 3rd layer it has the best durability, with thick layer of base polyfoam.


This is a 7 out of 10 mattress in terms of firmness, and is supportive. The cover of the Casper is soft & thin. The edge support is good, without the feeling of collapsing out of it, basically you won’t lean over or roll off; is a good fit for couples to.

All of their products offers a good amount of bounce, without any trouble moving around; so you won’t get stuck or something.

In terms of cooling, the most breathable one is made out of latex, hybrid or innerspring. If you want the one with the best cooling, choose the hybrid one they got.

The material from which this mattress is built helps out with isolating motion. Any motion transfer at all if your wife is moving around on the other side? Very little to none.


The company says that this mattress should last for more than 7 years of constant normal use.

Since this is considered a bed in a box type of mattress, you should be aware of the fact that in the first 48 hours, there will be a slight chemical smell, don’t worry, it will go away.

The Casper Mattress main product is made out of all-foam, which is silent, compared to the hybrid, or innerspring type mattress.


People which are comparing the Casper and purple mattress will soon find out that one of the main difference those have is that the Casper has a zoned construction, while the Purple has the unicity from the perspective of that proprietary gel grid we talked about.

Purple mattress should feel also a bit more firm, than the Casper, but this also depends on the weight of people using it.

We recommend Casper mattress, especially for light & medium weight sleepers, who like a balanced foam feeling.



At the moment of the benchmarking, has 2.6 Million visits / month
Average visit duration of 1 min. and 37 seconds
Average number of pages / visit : 2 pages
Bounce rate of 60%

Their Top Marketing Channels are:
SEO – 38% – 1 Million visits / month (attracting traffic from 15 different search engines such as Google, Duckduckgo, Bing, Yahoo, Syndicated, Qwant, Lo, Baidu, Yandex, Aol, Ask etc.) – with 72% branded traffic type.
Direct Traffic – 26% – 674k visits / month
Display Ads – 16% – 413k visits / month > Their display ads appear on about 576 websites
Paid Search – 12% – 321k visits / month


Referrals, Social & E-mail Marketing – Les than 8% of total traffic (less than 200k visits/ month) – They got 205 referral websites



From all of the marketing channels we mentioned, we found out that Paid Search traffic gives them the best engagement in terms of average visit duration. People coming from this traffic channel stay on average 3 and a half minutes on the site, compared to other channels where they stay at max 3 minutes.

People coming from SEO visit the most pages / visit, on average 4 pages.

Their best bounce rate is from people coming from Paid Search – with 38% bounce rate.

Their display ads bounce isn’t that great : 70%. The lower, the better*.


Their Market !

– USA – 78%
– Canada – 12%
– UK – 2%
– Germany – 1%
– France – Less than 1%


If I was them, I will focus more on Canada Market, since Canada traffic has better engagement, and better bounce rate.
Canada traffic: 3 minutes & 48 seconds, 5 pages visited, 40% bounce rate
USA traffic: 2 minutes and 54 seconds, 4 pages visited, 47% bounce.

Uk, Germany and France have lower traffic & engagement metrics, I think they don’t ship to those countries at all, or they don’t want to market in those regions that much.


Gender distribution shows us a more female oriented market, with 54% of their visitors from feminine sector.

Best Age Group for them is : 25-34 years old – 29%, then 35-44 years old – 22%


Their audience is interested in 2.200 other websites, most of them from home & garden – furniture area, but also news / media sites.


People know this brand the most for:
– casper mattress
– casper pillow
– casper bed
– glow light
– dog beds

– sheets
= blankets
– mattress topers
– bed frame
– mattress protector

Main Search Type done by their visitors is regular search – 98%, followed by image, video & shopping search with less than 2%.


Casper ranks for 6k keywords in search engines, and they are paying for 1.300 keywords in PPC. They pay from 0.20 usd to even 35$ for a single targeted visitor.


Their blog is focusing on topics like:
How To Clean A Mattress
How To Dispose of a mattress
How To Get Pee out of a mattress
How to get blood out of sheets
Fixing sleeping schedule

Food that can cause nightmares
Sleeping with your dog
Plants in the bedroom
How to sleep on your back
How to increase deep sleep

Bed time routine for adults
Types Of Mattresses

What is a weighted blanket
Mattress size comparison guide


Their best trending terms are in terms of:
weighted blanket
what is a hybrid mattress
mattress size comparison guide

benefits of sleeping naked
dog sleeping positions
how heavy should a weighted blanket be
foam pillow


Personally, I’ve liked the material they done on What do dreams mean? 

and also the one with Foods that may cause nightmares 


At the moment, we found 525 Search Ads (from which 279 are products ads), and they are paying on keywords like:
Casper beds Canada
Casper Canada
casper beds / casper bed
casper mattress / casper mattresses
casper mattress canada

casper hybrid
mattress in a box
best foam mattress canada
mattress store
best memory foam mattresses
bed sheets.


They got multiple Display Ads Campaigns as well, with 481 creatives we found. A mistake found here is that they don’t target the right markets with the display so well, and also the text used in their display ads is really small and hard 2 read.


Similar to Purple, Casper got referring websites (205) from categories like:
– News & Media
– Furniture websites
– Computer Websites
– Banking Sites
– Beauty & Cosmetics


A curious thing is that they got a good engagement score from using Convey tracking services, an interesting e-commerce solution used by a lot of big brands; in fact, Convey became really popular lately, from 2-3 million visits / month back in 2020, to 23 million visits / month now in January 2021.

Their main social media traffic is coming from 10 sources:
– Facebook – 40% of all social media traffic
– Pinterest – 28%
– Youtube – 18%
– Linkedin – 5%
– Reddit – 4%

– Instagram
– SoundCloud
– Twitter
– Telegram
& others…


The display networks used by them are:
– Google Adwords
– Impact
– Skimlinks
– Yahoo Advertising
– Atlas

– SpotX
– DataXu
– Ziff Davis


Most of their ads are displayed on publishers like:
– Youtube
– Yahoo
– Google
– Facebook


Bellow you can find their traffic & engagement per channel !


If you want to find more relevant info like this, feel free to contact us and we will be delight to help ya 😉



#3 Nectar Sleep

Nectar Sleep Offers you premium memory foam mattress, with some cool accessories included such as:
– 2 cooling pillow
– Sheet set
– Mattress protector


They got one of the best warranties out there which is LIFETIME, also they offer a 1 year home trial which is cool + Free shipping & Returns in max 7 days.

In terms of costs, they tend to be a bit more cost efficient brand, compared to Casper or Purple, with a starting price of 1k usd, to 1,5k usd.

Nectar have also some cool promotions throughout the year, more than Casper or Purple.


Nectar sleep got a few awards as well, such as:
– Best Memory Foam Mattress for 2020
– Best Overall Mattress 2020
– Best Value Memory Foam Mattress 2019
– Best Value Mattress 2019
– Best Mattress of the year 2019


Their advertising is very heavy on the comfort part, with 5 layers of premium materials. The height of the mattress is 11 inch tall.


Nectar provides indeed great amount of comfort, at an affordable price. This is considered a medium-firm mattress, which is very good for you, especially if you value the pressure relief of shoulders & hips, and an insane amount of comfort, which makes you have a quick-sand experience feeling.



Nectar Sleep mattress works on each type of bed frame, such as:
– Box spring
– divan bases
– traditional frames
– adjustable bases
– platform.

Being an all foam mattress, keep in mind that this product might trap some heat. If you value cooling, more than anything, you might want to look for something hybrid, made out of latex, or with coils.

The edge support of the mattress is good, and the motion transfer is good, you can use it as a couple, without feeling what he / she is doing on the other side of the mattress. As a bed in a box mattress, you will experience a slight chemical off gassing when you open up the product, but it will go away in about 2-3 days. This mattress is very silent, so you can change positions, roll over or whatever, cuz it will absorb the sounds, without any squeaks.

If you are a bit heavier (let’s say more than 100 kilos), then we recommend another mattress for you, for best comfort possible. Nectar Sleep offers the best warranty out there in the market, Cool accessories included in the price, the best home trial period, and great motion transfer with the product.



Its price is again very good for the quality it provides. Durability & edge support is good, but again, if u are a heavier person, or someone who wants more cooling, we do recommend other types of mattress, cuz this one we reviewed here is more for lightweight to medium weight sleepers.

At the end of the day, different mattresses are made for different people, so keep that in mind.

If you don’t know which size is right for you, then check the image below:



Nectar Sleep has a traffic on their website of 2.4 Million visits / month
Average Visit Duration of 1 minute and 47 seconds
Average pages visited: 2 pages
Bounce rate of 72% – which is a bit high.


Their Top Marketing Channels are:
SEO – 28% > 530k visits/ month – with just 30% of branded traffic.
Paid Search – 26% > 502k visits/ month
Direct Traffic – 18% > 343k visits/ month
Display Ads – 16% > 309k visits/ month

Referrals, Social & E-mail Marketing – Less than 10% Combined.

Most of their traffic is coming from mobile devices 74%

The best channel they have in terms of engagement (minutes visited) is Direct Traffic, with 3 minutes and 32 seconds. Also, people coming from direct traffic visit the most pages, 3 on average, compared to just 1 or 2, coming from other channels.


Nectar Market !
US – 94% of the traffic
Canada 1%

UK, Australia – Less than 1%


Their demographics are mostly:
Female – 53% of the traffic

Their best age-group of customers is in 25-34 years old category – 25%, then 35-44 years old – 21%


The interest of their audience is in other 1535 websites, most of them furniture websites, news & media sites, and also credit websites.

Nectar Sleep ranks on 4k keywords, and pays for 3k keywords to appear in top search results, with ads. They are willing to spend anything from 0.20 usd to 47 usd to get a single targeted visitor.

Apart from the homepage, some of their best pages of the website includes:
Sleeping Calculator  
The Mattress Page  
Mattress Size Dimension Guide  
& others


Social Media Traffic Focus (21 social media channels):
– Facebook – 53%
– Youtube – 26%
– Pinterest – 14%
– Reddit – 3%
– Twitter 1%

– Instagram
– Linkedin
– Quora
– Stack OverFlow
– Vimeo
– Whatsapp
& others.



They Use as advertising networks:
– Impact
– Google Adwords
– ShareASale
– Skimlinks
– TripleLift

Most of their ads appear on:
– Sleep foundation dot org
– Youtube
– Google



At the moment of the analysis (january 2021), they have 2.220 active ads on the web (from which 70 are active ads), and are paying for keywords such as:
best mattress uk
best mattress for the price
online mattress
best medium firm mattress
best time to buy a mattress
when is the best time to buy mattresses
best time of the year to buy a mattress

purple mattresses
mattress insider
180cm by 200cm mattress
2020 best mattress
best mattress for the price 2020
bed financing
finance mattress no credit check

adjustable beds
epic chill mattress
bed lease
lease to own bed
sunday mattress
top mattress of 2020
best mattress 2020
best cheap memory foam mattress
best mattress for plus size stomach sleepers

best budget mattress
best mattress shipped in a box

They got multiple display campaigns, with 4220 creative ads.

Their audience interest is in about 100 other websites, from categories like furniture, health, lifestyle etc.


For more relevant industry info, feel free to contact us; or if you want for your own industry a benchmarking like this.

Using Market Intelligence & BI helps you drive better decisions by:
– Creating the right content
– Optimizing Your Marketing Efforts & Bugets
– Discovering more keywords to go after
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– Understand a prospect’s business to Build the perfect pitch
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– Understand on sites search conversions & ecommerce behavior
– Perfect your acquisition channel strategy
– Identify Risks

-Optimize your site 
– Analyze your competitors
– Study what your customers are searching for
– Learn from your industry’s Top performing content
– Track your ranking progress

Basically Endless of use cases.


#4 Tempurpedic


For decades, it is been considered the standard luxury memory foam mattress in the world, because of its ability to keep the spine in a healthy position, supporting your entire body. It’s great that the company provides 90-day trial period for all 5 products they have:

1. Tempur Cloud – with medium feel
2. Tempur Adapt – medium & medium hybrid
3. Tempur PRO Adapt – available in soft, medium, medium-hybrid & firm
4. Luxe Adapt – available in soft & firm feels
5. Tempur Breeze – Their best rated mattress collection, which also feels up to 8 degree cooler than normal ones.

Tempur Breeze is available in soft, medium, medium hybrid & firm in terms of firmness.The mattresses from Tempur has 2 versions: 12 and 13 inch tall.

They got a Best Mattress award in 2020, for the LuxeBreeze product.

 Apart from the 90 night trial, Tempur Pedic offers free delivery and a 10 year warranty. They got a Best Mattress award in 2020, for the LuxeBreeze product.

The mattresses from Tempur has 2 versions: 12 and 13 inch tall.

What we liked about them are the 4 layers of cooling comfort, which are very well made in their European & US manufacturing facilities.

Apart from mattresses, Tempur Pedic offers also:
– bed bases
– pillows
– bedding
– mattress toppers
– travel items
– tempur plush
– cushions.

The motion transfer has one of the best transfer cancelation available so their mattress fits the best for partners, kids & someone with pets.

We all know that snoring often times happens cuz of your body positioning and here, the uniqueness of this brand comes from the fact that it responds to your snoring automatically.

Basically, the bed raises approx 12 degrees, in response to your snoring when is sensing it. When the bed is adjusting, it raises your head position, which reduces the snoring. How cool is that?

More than that, it offers you sleep coaching tips to sleep better, when connecting with the app. You will get daily sleep reports & advice for a more healthier sleep. You will love also the vibration mode on the bed.

It has smart home connectivity so it works with Google & Alexa. Just use some simple voice commands, and the bed will adjust the position for your needs.

It is to be appreciated that Tempur Pedic is committed to protect the planet and they also donated 100 million $ in mattresses to military & people in need (from natural disasters).


Those mattresses are very comfortable, firm, cool & supportive at the same time, with great edge support. No matter which version of the product you are going to take from them, all are easy to maneuver and will help you get cooler in the night, and you will be waking up well rested, saying bye bye to night sweats.

This is nothing compared to other mattresses, cuz it will help you relax, without the pushing back like latex foam does. Basically, it offers you the perfect amount of support & softness.

If you want to sleep well again & wake up every morning feeling refreshed, and without any back / knee / shoulder pain, then you need to get one.

From what we saw, the mattress starts to contour to your body after 2-3 weeks to get used to it.

Even tho the price can get to as much as 10k usd per mattress, is worth the money.


Even tho is really comfortable and awesome, we don’t recommend the mattress for people which are too light – weight (less than 50 kilos), cuz you will experience it as too hard, too firm maybe.


# Hästens

You will definitely find some world luxury mattress here. Prepare your cash and go shop some. Starting with $5,000, their prices can go up to $15,000. Environmental recognized, the company, based in Sweden, is very proud of their abilities, offering 25-year warranty for their handmade products.



# Astrabeds

They provide any king brand luxury mattress you can imagine. AstraBeds hold a huge collection of latex mattresses, each of them being different in density, or type of material.

AstraBeds in a few simple words? How about…. comfortable; eco-friendly; royalty for your back and your health; certified-organic latex; organic cover made of cotton and wool.



# Duxiana

Reviewers have strong, strong opinions on this brand, encouraging its quality products and materials. Many people say that their longevity is higher, comparing to other luxury innerspring mattresses out there.


# Royal-Pedic


The last brand mentioned in this top is Royal-Pedic. As the name says, it is one of the best luxury mattress known. They use to combine latex core with cotton and wool, as to make the product both warm and cool. Or… Not too warm, not too cool.


Feel free to check the following brands as well: