Chainsaw Man Anime Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype? 🪚😈

Chainsaw Man Anime Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype? 🪚😈

Chainsaw Man anime review discussing the hype, story, characters, community reaction, and stellar animation quality. 

Does it live up to expectations? Find out now.


Intro – Chainsaw Man

– Reviewing the highly anticipated Chainsaw Man anime

– Lived up to the massive hype and expectations

Story and Characters

– Simple but entertaining storyline

– Goofy, horny, and self-aware characters

– Spawned a very thirsty fan community

Insane Action

– Jaw-dropping animation, action scenes and cool looking fights by Studio MAPPA

– Unique powers and abilities through devil contracts

Mappa Studio, Devil Hunters & Minor Nitpicks

– Sometimes too horny

– Humor doesn’t always land

Episode Count & Short season

– Only 12 episodes is a bit disappointing

Final Review & Recommendation

– Recommended for fans of Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen


Estimated reading time: 16 minutes, 58 seconds. Contains 3395 words



  1. Chainsaw Man anime lives up to the massive hype and expectations
  2. Simple but entertaining storyline with goofy, horny, and self-aware characters
  3. Spawned a very thirsty fan community
  4. Jaw-dropping animation and fights by Studio MAPPA
  5. Unique powers and abilities through devil contracts
  6. Sometimes it’s too horny, and humour doesn’t always land
  7. Only 12 episodes, which is a bit disappointing
  8. Recommended for fans of Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen
  9. Final rating: 9/10
  10. Chainsaw Man’s future success depends on the fandom and MAPPA’s continued quality


Chainsaw Man anime hits a 9/10 for its stellar animation, hype level, entertaining characters and bloody action. Does it meet expectations?


Chainsaw man - anime review


There’s a crescendo of excitement that’s been reverberating through the anime community—a pitch that reached near-deafening levels with the arrival of one particularly edgy show. Chainsaw Man, animated by the esteemed MAPPA studio, promised a wild ride through a world where devils are as real as the hunters who stalk them. With everyone and their cat raving about it, how could I resist? I strapped in with expectations as high as the skyscrapers our titular hero can slice to ribbons. And, spoilers, I was not let down.

We’re diving chainsaw-first into this whirlwind of a show. Buckle up.


The Plot and the Protagonist

Chainsaw man - protagonist - art


Let’s chop into the meat of it: Chainsaw Man does not boast a storyline to shatter the mold. It’s as direct as the bladed appendages protruding from our protagonist’s body—we track the lives of devil hunters. Among them is a young lad fused with the very essence of chainsaw mayhem. With a rip cord dangling from his chest like a tempting red button you shouldn’t press, he revs up to turn devils into devil puree.

chainsaw man mayhem

This anime isn’t out to win awards for mind-bending complexity—it’s here to have fun. And fun, it does exceedingly well. The characters are a mish-mash of outlandish and lovable.

Take Denji, for example, the show’s main character—an earnestly lascivious teen driven largely by the pursuit of carnal pleasures. This heady mix of blunt humour and unashamed goofiness is the caffeinated heartbeat of Chainsaw Man. I also like a lot the character of Powy (Power), maybe cuz she’s a crazy ass pussy and very unpredictable in this anime.

Power devil - Chainsaw man anime review


MAPPA’s Art of War

Denji Kun - Chainsaw man

Amidst all the fervor about the show’s character antics, the cornerstone of Chainsaw Man‘s cult following has been, incontrovertibly, its action sequences. And there’s a name that’s become synonymous with exceptional anime craftsmanship in recent years: MAPPA. This animation juggernaut, having tackled a Herculean roster of projects, approaches every venture like they’re crafting a magnum opus for the gods.

Chainsaw man Denji transformed

The combat in Chainsaw Man isn’t just animated; it’s masterfully painted with a palette of violence and velocity. No corner-cut corners, no shortcuts through the valley of low-effort—we witness the full might of artistic dedication in every blood-spattered scene.


Devil Deals and Diverse Duels

Chainsaw man battles

The ingenuity of Chainsaw Man lies in its inventive approach to battle. Forget about rote martial arts or typical power-escalation tropes; the currency of combat here is dealing with devils. These mercenaries of the macabre brandish borrowed powers, and it’s enthralling. A ghostly arm here for a chokehold, a curse there for a bit of extra oomph—each character sports a personal flair in their demon-assisted dance of destruction.


A Few Splintered Edges

Chainsaw man - concept art

It’s not all a shonen paradise, though. Moments of excess where fervent fan service and character desires cast a cringe-worthy sheen over the story—become like a little pebble in a well-oiled chainsaw: a slight annoyance, but nothing to halt the carnage. It’s also worth chuckling at the anime’s self-awareness, especially as it garners a Twitter following as thirsty as a desert cactus.


A Thirst for More

Denji and Power - Chainsaw man


This chaotic concoction is served in a relatively small glass— twelve episodes, to be exact. In comparison to its more voluminous peers like Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer, the brevity of Chainsaw Man’s first season leaves us salivating for more. The anime world well knows the heartbreak of quality decline in subsequent seasons; we pray to the devil, and perhaps to MAPPA, that this fate does not befall our chainsaw-wielding antihero.


The Verdict: Chainsaw Man Slices Up a 9/10

In offering my sacrament to the anime gods, I settle upon a noble 9/10 from me for Chainsaw Man. It’s a recommendation that comes as readily as an episode binge for those enamored with the likes of Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer. Hype fulfilled & expectations met, what can I say here. 🙂

Until our paths cross in the next downpour of draconian critiques, keep that anime enthusiasm there. See ya!

Chainsaw man anime review gif

The relentless roar of a chainsaw can silence even the loudest critics, but will it stand the test of time? Only the fervent fandom and MAPPA’s unwavering blade can carve that future.


“Chainsaw Man” had more hype around it than if they announced a sequel to the Bible. – Anonymous Internet Denizen


Chainsaw man - Power hitting Denji


Here’s the anime intro in 4k resolution. Enjoy!





🔥 Chainsaw Man FAQ: The Ultimate Guide (With a Side of Sass) 🔥

Chainsaw Man Anime review


“Finding all the hidden themes in Chainsaw Man is like trying to untangle Denji’s messed-up dreams – confusing, but totally worth it.”


Chainsaw Mania! Your Burning Questions, Answered with Gusto


General Inquiries about the Series

1. Why is Chainsaw Man suddenly popular and so highly rated?

Okay, let’s get real. Chainsaw Man is like a wild rollercoaster that throws you headfirst into a world of blood, guts, and pure freakin’ insanity. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Unhinged Storyline: This ain’t no cookie-cutter anime. Chainsaw Man is unpredictable and breaks every rule in the book. The plot twists? They’ll gut-punch you harder than Denji taking on a Devil.
  • Lovable Underdogs: Sure, Denji’s a bit of a goofball obsessed with boobs, but his dreams are simple and relatable. We root for this chaotic crew, even if they’re a bit… messed up.
  • Art That Slaps: MAPPA Studios went all out; the animation is raw and visceral. Think of it as a beautiful nightmare.


2. Is Chainsaw Man finished?

Nope! The manga is still cooking up chaos. It’s split into two parts:

  • Part 1: Public Safety Arc: You know this one, it’s what the anime covered.
  • Part 2: School Arc: This is where things get really wild. Denji goes back to school?!? Buckle up, ’cause there’s a whole new cast of craziness waiting.


3. When will Chainsaw Man Part 2 start and in what year is it set?

Good news, Part 2 of the manga is going strong! No confirmed anime date yet, but the rumors point towards 2024. As for the year it’s set in… that’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bat wings. You know how this series rolls!


4. Is Chainsaw Man season 2 confirmed and how many episodes will it have?

Heck yeah, a second season is officially on the way! We’re praying for another 12-episode banger, but official details are still under wraps.


5. Where can I watch all episodes of Chainsaw Man and where will season 2 appear?

Your best bets for chainsaw carnage are:

  • Crunchyroll: This is the anime streaming spot.
  • Hulu: Another solid option for your anime fix.

Season 2 will likely drop on the same platforms. Keep your eyes peeled, it’ll be here before you know it!


Anime Adaptation Specifics

6. Why some people didn’t like the Chainsaw Man anime?

Whoa, buckle up! This is a hot potato. 🔥 The “Chainsaw Man” anime was like Marmite – people either loved it to bits or absolutely hated it. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Animation Style: For some, MAPPA’s more realistic approach didn’t capture the raw, chaotic energy of the manga. It kinda felt too polished at times.
  • The Big Baddy: Makima was a real piece of work, lemme tell ya. She was a complex villain, but some felt she wasn’t as scary or manipulative in the anime.
  • It’s a Slow Burn: The anime’s pacing felt uneven for some viewers. They wanted more action, more gore, faster! It took its time setting up the world.


7. Is the Chainsaw Man anime failed?

Heck no! Sure, it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was a massive success. Think of it like that super intense IPA – an acquired taste, but those who love it, REALLY love it. Here’s why:

  • Social Media Explosion: Memes, fan art… Chainsaw Man went viral. You couldn’t escape Denji’s goofy grin for weeks!
  • Manga Love: The anime boosted manga sales like crazy, driving new fans back to the source material.
  • Critical Acclaim: Even with some divisive opinions, many critics praised the bold animation and intense storytelling.


8. What is the censored scene in Chainsaw Man? 😈

Power Devil from Chainsaw Man

Ooh, spicy! There were a few scenes that got the ol’ censor treatment, the most infamous being the barf-tastic fight between Power and the Sea Cucumber Devil. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much plot-wise. It was mostly for the sake of good taste (and probably someone’s lunch). 🍜


9. Why is Chainsaw Man censored on Crunchyroll?

Chainsaw man anime on Crunchyroll

Rules, man, rules. Different countries, different broadcasting standards. Some scenes that were a little too wild for certain regions got toned down. Think of it like watching a PG-13 movie vs. the director’s cut DVD – you get the main story, but miss out on some extra blood and guts. Btw, I’m seeing this anime on my CrunchyRoll account (finished it this winter) and it’s the best experience you can have for watching anime content.


10. How many episodes of Chainsaw Man are out?

We got a full cour! That’s anime talk for 12 action-packed episodes.


11. Does Chainsaw Man release weekly?

Sadly, no more weekly Denji fixes for now. Season one wrapped up, but who knows? Fingers crossed for season two and more chainsaw craziness! 🤞


12. Where does the Chainsaw Man anime leave off?

Katana Man arc chainsaw man

The anime covered the ‘Katana Man’ arc of the manga, which is roughly up to chapter 39. There is SO much more story left– we’re talking devils, betrayals, and one seriously twisted chick named Reze. 😈

Reze from Chainsaw man


13. How do I watch Chainsaw Man in chronological order?

Super easy! Just start with Episode 1 and go all the way to 12. The anime follows the manga’s storyline pretty closely.


Character-Specific Questions

14. How old is Denji Chainsaw Man?

Denji in Chainsaw Man

Denji’s a teenage dirtbag – like 16 at the start of the series. Tough to say exactly since he’s had a rough life. Dude doesn’t even celebrate his own birthday, too focused on basic survival. Makes you wonder how old he really feels, huh?


15. Is Makima evil in Chainsaw Man? Some people say that she may be the gun devil.

Makima Chainsaw man - concept art


Hoo boy, Makima. Let’s just say she’s about as cuddly as a chainsaw to the face. Evil? That’s putting it lightly. Makima is the Control Devil. She’s manipulative, power-hungry, and scarily good at using people. Is she the Gun Devil too? Well, that would be a major twist.


16. Does Makima love Denji?

Does a spider love the fly it traps? Makima is obsessed with the Chainsaw Devil, and Denji just happens to have it inside him. She’s playing a long, creepy game with a whole lot of strings attached. Love? I wouldn’t bet my lunch money on it.


17. Why is the Chainsaw Devil so strong?

Chainsaw man is powerful

The Chainsaw Devil, AKA Pochita, is the devil of…well…chainsaws. Sounds goofy, almost like a bad horror movie, right? But this devil embodies a primal fear – the fear of being erased. Pochita can devour other devils, wiping them from existence. That’s about as OP as it gets.


18. Is Pochita a guy?

Pochita from Chainsaw man

Pochita’s kinda genderless as far as devils go. Sounds like a doggo, looks like one too, but in the world of Chainsaw Man, concepts like gender get real blurry with devils.


19. Is Pochita only in the first episode?

Nope! Pochita’s the heart of Chainsaw Man (literally and figuratively). That first episode bond between Denji and Pochita is the spark that sets the whole wild story ablaze. Pochita might not be on screen the whole time, but that little devil doggo is pulling strings behind the scenes.


Content Suitability and Availability  🌶️

20. What is the age rating of Chainsaw Man? I wonder if my 13-year-old can watch it

Chainsaw Man is like a fireworks display… if the fireworks were made of blood and demons with a splash of inappropriate humor. 😬 Officially, it’s got that TV-MA (Mature Audiences) rating, kinda like those hard-R movies that give you nightmares. Might be a bit too spicy for a 13-year-old – let’s save it for when they’re a few years older and can handle the wild ride.


21. Should kids watch Chainsaw Man?

Depends on what you mean by “kids”! If they’re easily scared or sensitive to violence, Chainsaw Man might leave some lasting impressions…and not the good kind. But hey, if they love a good monster fight, a healthy dose of gore, and some seriously wacky characters, they might weirdly be into it! Just be warned, there’s a lot of dark humor and some, uh, let’s just say “mature” scenes sprinkled throughout. Maybe watch a couple of episodes yourself first to get a feel for it, or even whip up a wild trailer reaction video with them!


22. Can a 10-year-old watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is nightmare fuel meant to make grown adults squirm

No way, José! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is nightmare fuel meant to make grown adults squirm. Chainsaws. Cannibals. Pure terror. Let’s stick to cartoons and leave this one for when they’re old and grey. 😅


23. What age rating is Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer gets a TV-14 rating


Demon Slayer gets a TV-14 rating. It’s got those intense anime battles and some spooky moments, but it’s not as hardcore as something like Chainsaw Man. Think of it like a PG-13 movie with swords and demons instead of superheroes.


24. Why is My Hero Academia rated TV-14?

My Hero Academia - banner

MHA earns its TV-14 stripes because of all those superhero brawls and some heavier themes that start to pop up as the series goes on. Still, it’s more ‘exciting adventure’ than ‘psychological thriller’. Young kids might not get all the nuances, but teens will most likely be hooked!


25. Can kids watch Death Note?

Death Note is NOT for kids


Ah, Death Note. This one’s all about brains, not blood. Less gore, more mind games and questions about right and wrong.

  • Could a mature kid handle it? Maybe.
  • Would it be the most exciting thing for them to watch? Maybe not. 🤷‍♀️

I’d suggest giving it a quick skim yourself – if you think they’re ready for some moral dilemmas, it might be a unique watch.

Death Note anime


Age ratings are starting points, not hard rules. You know your kiddo better than anyone! Trust your gut, and maybe do a little investigative binge-watching of your own. 👍


26. What age rating is One Piece anime?

One Piece is the classic pirate adventure

One Piece is the classic pirate adventure! It’s more PG-13 territory – lots of swashbuckling action and some over-the-top cartoon violence, but nothing too twisted. Younger kids will eat this one up.


27. Is Chainsaw Man on Disney Plus or only on Crunchyroll?

Sadly, you won’t find Denji and his chainsaw powers on the kid-friendly shores of Disney Plus. It seems Chainsaw Man’s wild antics are exclusively happening over on Crunchyroll for the time being. Might be a good reason to finally check those anime streaming waters! 😉


28. Why was Chainsaw Man banned?

Okay, let’s clear some things up. Chainsaw Man getting banned is a bit of an exaggeration. Here’s the deal:

  • Graphic Content: No surprise, the chainsaw-wielding demon hunter manga ain’t exactly for the kiddos. Blood, gore, suggestive stuff…you know the drill. That makes it restricted in some countries.
  • Temporary Hiatus: Some platforms took breaks publishing chapters while they figured out how to balance the ahem artistic nudity with their content guidelines. Let’s just say Denji isn’t afraid to let it all hang out.
  • False Alarms: Lots of misinformation and clickbait headlines floating around. Don’t get taken for a ride.


29. Did America cancel Chainsaw Man?

Nope! ‘Cancel culture’ is a whole different beast, and luckily it hasn’t sunk its teeth into Chainsaw Man. People are obsessed with it. Heck, I’m still trying to understand why everyone loves Pochita so much (he’s a walking chainsaw doggo, enough said). Rest assured, the anime and manga are both going strong in the US. 😉


30. Why does Japan hate Chainsaw Man?

Whoa there! Big assumption, friend. Japan doesn’t hate Chainsaw Man. In fact, it’s insanely popular there! Sure, the super gritty style might not be for everyone, but those who like it, really like it. Think of it like eating super spicy food – some people love the burn, others steer clear.


31. Why is Chainsaw Man in 1997?

Chainsaw Man setup in 1997

This one is an interesting mix of creator choice and historical flavour:

  • 90s Nostalgia: Series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has a soft spot for the wild and wacky vibes of the 90s. We’re talking baggy jeans, dial-up internet, and a simpler era before smartphones took over.
  • No Tech Advantage: Setting the story before the tech boom means the characters have to be more resourceful. No calling in the cavalry or Googling “how to defeat a giant Bat Devil.” That makes Denji’s struggles even more intense.


32. Is Dress Up Darling season 2 out? 💥

Dress Up Darling season 2 when?

Sadly, not yet! But the good news is, it’s officially confirmed 🥳! The passionate cosplay duo is coming back for more adventures. While we wait, here’s something to chew on – ¿Sabes qué?, I’m digging into the manga myself while we wait!


Dress-Up Darling is the perfect anime to watch if you ever wished Lizzie McGuire had a passion for cosplay.


33. Is Chainsaw Man better than Demon Slayer? (Ooh, sparking debate!)

Whoa-ho! Let’s not start a riot here, folks. Both shows are freakin’ awesome, just with different flavors. Demon Slayer nails that classic good vs. evil storyline with gorgeous animation. But Chainsaw Man? That one’s like a wild fever dream turned anime – raw, chaotic, and a dash of straight-up crazy you won’t find anywhere else. It ain’t about who’s better just which one tickles your blood-pumpin’ fancy.


34. Will there be a Chainsaw Man movie? (Let’s fuel the hype train)

You bet your devils there will be! MAPPA, the studio behind the anime, isn’t about to leave money on the table. Chainsaw Man is a certified hit. We’re talkin’ a movie, probably a whole dang franchise. Brace yourselves, the hype train’s just gettin’ started! Until then, arm yourself with some Chainsaw Man figurines from Aliexpress :p (just bought some myself too recently)


35. Who is the strongest devil in Chainsaw Man? (Time for some power ranking)

Chainsaw man: Darkness Devil

This one’s a thinker. You’ve got the OG fear-based biggies – Darkness Devil, Gun Devil… those guys are pure nightmare fuel. But let’s not forget the weirdos like the Control Devil; that chick’s power is straight-up mind control! For my money, it’s gotta be Pochita. That unassuming doggo form? It’s hidin’ the true Chainsaw Devil, powerful enough to erase whole devils from existence. Talk about a sleeper hit!

Chainsaw man: Darkness Devil Fighting

The Control Devil From Chainsaw Man


Gun Devil From Chainsaw Man


36. Hidden meanings in Dress-Up Darling (Unleash the symbolism analysis)

Okay, put down the sewing machines for a sec. Dress-Up Darling ain’t just about cute outfits and cosplay. It dives deep into passion, self-acceptance, and the magic of finding your people. Let’s talk about dolls: In Japanese culture, they hold tons of symbolism, kinda like vessels of spirit. See the connection? Marin pours her love for cosplay into these dolls, just like Gojo finds purpose in creating them. It’s about bringing dreams to life, both the ones you wear and the ones you carry inside. Whoa, I sound like a poet today…


Extra Crunchy Tidbits!

Makima from Chainsaw man - mysterious female character

  • Who’s hotter: Makima or Power? Makima’s got that mysterious femme fatale thing down, but Power? She’s pure chaotic energy. It’s your call – brains or bloodlust? 😎
  • Anime that feels like Chainsaw Man: Dorohedoro’s got the gritty visuals and bizarre humor, and Jujutsu Kaisen‘s monster-slaying is just as intense.
  • Underrated dress-up anime like Dress-Up Darling: Check out “Paradise Kiss“… it’s a more mature take on fashion and finding your path.


Alright, folks, that’s your basic rundown. Wanna keep diving into Chainsaw Man madness? Hit me up and I’ll make a part. II for this post! At the moment, I want you to leave this FAQ feelin’ like you just had a mind-blowing chat with your coolest anime-lovin’ buddy. Now go forth, and spread the good word of Chainsaw Man and Dress-Up Darling! 🤘


Chainsaw Man fans are already buzzing about season 2 theories – it’s about to be wild, y’all.


Power from Chainsaw Man - gif