Discover the Allure of Cognac Diamond Engagement Rings 💍✨

Discover the Allure of Cognac Diamond Engagement Rings 💍✨

Cognac Diamond Engagement Ring And Many More You Need To Try, Like Jennifer Lopez & Mariah Carey Already Tried | Discover The Most Expensive Diamond Ever Sold – discover-the-allure-of-cognac-diamond-engagement-rings


I know you all girls are crazy about having lots and different pieces of jewellery, and that you all get excited when hearing about a diamond. There are so many shapes and colors, that I absolutely have to understand you. Nowadays, besides the colourless diamonds which are the most expensive ones, there are some brown or yellow ones.

I bet you’ve heard about Cognac Diamond engagement ring and its popularity this year. Find below the GIA (GIA: Gemological Institute Of America) Color Scale for these stones.


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  1. Cognac diamonds are a unique and affordable alternative to traditional white diamonds.
  2. The name “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamas,” meaning “unconquerable.”
  3. Diamonds were first discovered in India around the 4th century BC.
  4. The Romans were the first to use diamond rings as a sign of commitment.
  5. Cognac diamonds range in color from deep brown to light champagne, with hints of orange.
  6. The deep chocolate color of cognac diamonds is found only in Western Australian mines.
  7. Cognac diamonds can be set in white, yellow, or pink gold, with white gold being a popular choice.
  8. The most expensive diamond ever sold was a 59.60-carat fancy pink diamond for $71.2 million.
  9. Cognac diamond engagement rings offer a unique, baroque-style design at a more affordable price.
  10. The Jewellery Editor is a recommended resource for staying up-to-date on precious stones and rings.


Diamond’s History

Let’s check the history first. Then we will discover what is the difference between all of them.

Diamond is the well-known symbol of romance, of love and commitment. Its name comes from the Greek word “adamas” which actually means “unconquerable”. That is why it is considered to underline the fact that the love should be eternal.

Well, through history, people used diamonds for many different activities. They were first discovered around the GIA: Gemological Institute Of America BC, in India. In the first place, they were only traded to China through some routes known as the Silk Road. These precious stones were appreciated for their ability to grave metal, or their brilliance and strength. Some people valued them because of their power to protect humans of evil things around them.


De Clercq Roman Diamond Ring.Roman Empire 3rd-4th century

After that period of time, people started to use them as adornments or for creating cutting tools. 18th century came with the idea that diamonds can only be found in India and maybe Brazil. In early 1900s South Africa was the giant of providing such beautiful stones. I am sure you’ve heard about the De Beers Company, which had the worldwide monopoly of this niche. They ran maybe the best and most successful marketing campaign all over the world. Its name was “A Diamond Is Forever” and gained the whole earth’s attention.


The precious stone gained much more interest and became the most used stone for engagement rings. If we look back in history, we will find that the Romans were the first people who used this as a sign of commitment. The placement of the engagement ring was very important so they chose the ring finger, the fourth finger of the left hand. They thought that the main vein in that finger (vena amorous) goes straight to the heart.


Cognac Diamond Engagement Ring   

We’ve started to talk about engagements. Here we are with some beautiful examples of diamond rings. I did a quick cognac diamonds Wikipedia search to find more about. It seems like these kind of diamonds are actually the brown ones, but a lighter alternative. There are diamond rings from deep brown to very light champagne diamond on a ring rose gold, but Cognac is somewhere between these two.
If we analyze a champagne diamond VS. white diamond, or brown one, we’ll see that the champagne one is light and has a touch of yellow in them, while the cognac is deeper and has a touch of orange.

Find below some GIA certified diamonds. Most of them brown, champagne and cognac cause we are talking about them today.


#1 Fancy Dark Brown Diamond 0.52 carat [$1,352]

#2 Fancy Deep Orange Brown Diamond 2.04 carat [$6,120]


#3 Fancy Dark Orangy Brown Diamond 3.10 carat [$12,400]


#4 Fancy Yellow Brown Diamond 1.55 carat [$3,875]


As I see, brown diamond price per carat can be pretty high if you take into consideration that a small 3 carat one can go up to $12,000.

The deep chocolate color found in the cognac diamonds, can only be found in the Western Australian mines. It is real that their prices are lower than the white diamonds, but think twice. You can buy even a larger diamond with the same amount of money spent for a small white one.

All these unique stones comes embedded on different metal rings. They can be white gold, yellow or pink one. I definitely prefer a white gold for such a brown diamond. In my opinion, it looks better. Here are some photos to see the difference.

What do you think?











Most expensive diamond in the world – $71.2 million

If I am curious about this topic, I bet you feel me and have the same thoughts.

At the beginning of April there was an auction, which took place at Sotheby’s Asia. Well, a huge sale happened there. Chow Tai Fook Jewellery was the buyer of a 59.60-carat fancy pink diamond, estimated at $60 Million. It seems like the buyer was willing to pay even more: $71.2 million.  This is by far the largest polish diamond among its class and it’s a legend indeed.


It definitely breaks any record before, even the Oppenheimer Blue diamond which was sold in Geneva last year on May, for a price of $57.5 million.

Check this Video: 


OMG!! What I’ve just found!!! Look at this ring!

Maybe it is just a personal opinion, but I am so in love with this ring! I’v found the photo by mistake and now I’ve found the website which can sell it. For me, this is the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen. And I saw a lot [laughs].

Yes! It is not as expensive as you thought, but its design is stunning. Usually brown diamond price is a little bit lower than white. It has that Baroque Style which I really like. Find it here.
Clik here if you want to see most precious stones and rings, and maybe buy some. You can also find some brown diamonds for sale. I just saw some beautiful champagne diamond rings for sale. You can go to the left side of the page and filter the search by type. Just chose Champagne and you will see them all in a light beautiful brown.

If you love precious stones and you want to be up to date with everything, I recommend you to visit this website weekly: The Jewellery Editor












a cinematic close-up image of a cognac diamond engagement ring. The ring is made of white gold with an intricate, baroque-style design