USB Chic: Explore the World of Stylish Custom Drives

USB Chic: Explore the World of Stylish Custom Drives

Cool Custom Printed USB Drives You May Want To See | Funny, Classy, Luxurious, Fancy Or Kinky? Discover Today! /custom-usb-drives-unique-gifts



Custom printed USB drives – that’s the fancy thing nowadays that are extremely useful when you want to promote your company.


There are two situations:

1. You want to buy custom printed USB drives as gifts for your friends. This is when you can go wild and even be funny. From Fruits, animals, to names and phrases, you can engrave everything you want on these custom printed USB flash drives. It can be the best gift for a friend which is a tech guy or girls, so they can use it daily remembering the day when you had the party and he or she received the gift from you.

Or, if you don’t have time for customising a USB, you can go for custom USB flash drive packaging, and only personalise the box (with a photo, a funny quote or a personal wish)

2. You are thinking about promoting your company and you want to use the customer printed USB as a marketing tool. For example, if you are a photographer and just did some photos for an event, you can upload them all on a custom brand engraved USB, so the customers will remember your name.

Find below some fun examples/ideas of such USB flash drive custom printing. If you click on the photo, you will be redirected to the website where you can buy the product. You will find among them some custom printed USB drives cheap. It doesn’t have to be $1k to be special. :p


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Unique Custom USB Drives: Perfect Gifts for Tech Lovers



  1. Custom USB drives are trendy and functional gifts for tech enthusiasts.
  2. They can be engraved with names, phrases, or even funny designs.
  3. Custom packaging adds a personal touch to USB flash drive gifts.
  4. Business USB drives can be branded for corporate promotions.
  5. Fancy USB drives come in shapes like nail polish and lipsticks.
  6. Unique USBs feature designs like pianos and Star Wars characters.
  7. Luxurious USBs are crafted with precious gems and metal.
  8. Gourmet-themed USBs resemble sushi and watermelons.
  9. Custom USB drives can range from affordable to premium pricing.
  10. They are perfect for storing memories, work files, or as novelty gifts.



Business USB Drives


Business Custom Printed USB Engraved With Your Brand Name


Business Satin Bottle Opener, Custom Company Name Printed – perfect for photos after a party

Wooden Walnut Stick Custom Brand Name Engraved

Wooden Box Custom USB – very elegant and classy

Business Leather USB Custom Drives


Fancy Funny USB Drives


Nail Polish USB Custom Drives


Lipstick USB custom drives


Key Custom Printed USB Drives


Glass Jar Custom Printed USB Flash Drives

Camera DSLR Design – custom USB drives photographers


Custom Condom Shape Cool Design USB Custom Drives



Music Lover Piano USB Custom Made


Special Piano Shape USB


Star Wars USB Custom Made


Moto Car USB


Metal Gun Shape Custom printed usb drives


Let’s see now some unique & classy USB’s that are perfectly shaped and made with precious gems lightening in the dark…


Luxurious and Unique


BLUE Quartz Crystal USB – Handwork Handcraft Exclusive Gemstone


Industrial Style Metal Handwork Handcraft Exclusive Unique USB


WHITE Amethyst Stone USB Handmade


PURPLE Pentode Radio Tube USB


Metal Twisted Arc Unique & Vintage USB


Brass Butterfly Custom USB Drives


Pentode Radio Tube Custom Printed USB Flash Drives


For “Les Gourmands” we have some awesome ideas

Sushi Custom Made USB


Yummy – Watermelon Shape Custom USB


Banana Shape USB


Ice Cream Model USB

Which one would you like to give as a gift to your best friend?


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