Damier Ebene Wallet | Discover The Most Wanted LV Wallets Today | Extremely Fashionable & Cool. Click Here !

Damier Ebene Wallet | Discover The Most Wanted LV Wallets Today | Extremely Fashionable & Cool. Click Here !

Louis Vuitton – You all know the LV logo, its bags, purses and the famous Damier Ebene Wallet. This iconic name in the fashion world is actually the name of a French entrepreneur and designer, born on August 4, 1821.

Before becoming famous, he was hired by Napoleon’s wife as her own, personal box-maker and also packer. This was a huge opportunity for Vuitton to be in touch with elite clientele, which will, later, be his customers.

For Louis, 1854 was The Year! Full of changes and opportunities. He married and opened his own box-making and packing workshop in the same area, in Paris. Later, in 1870 his business was interrupted by the Franco-Prussian War, and the French Empire was destroyed. He was so stubborn that he reopened the store in a few months after, but this time, giving a whole new feel.

This time it was focused on luxury, deciding that it should be more aristocratic than before. In 1872, Vuitton introduced a new trunk in a soft beige and beautiful red striped canvas. He worked hard until his death on February 27, 1892, when he left the control of the business to his smart son, Georges Vuitton.

He was able to make the business even more successful, being named as the largest travel-goods store in the world, around 1914. All the bag shapes that are popular today, were actually designed in the 1900s.

The Steamer bag – introduced in 1901

The Keepall bag – designed in 1930

Noé bag – 1932 – originally designed just to carry Champagne

Pappillon bag – 1966

Thanks to technology innovation, monogram canvas and mens wallet monogram also, were easier to create and design after 1959. This allowed them to use it not only for bags but also for wallet monogram and small purses. They worked a lot and collaborated with many designers and models along. Thus, in 2012 it was named, again, the world’s most valuable luxury brand, after 7 years in a row. Imagine that!

The article’s focus is on their irreplaceable wallets, along with their beautiful and user-friendly design. We’ll see below the LV wallet range: Sarah wallet Damier Ebene, Emilie wallet Damier Ebene, Vernis zippy wallet and much more.

****** Our favorite: Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet Damier Ebene [$700.00 on their official website]

And it is not only our fav. It is actually the most wanted Louis Vuitton Wallet on the market right now. Its style is the envelope one, very easy to use and handy.

If you wanna buy an authentic wallet as this one, click on the first photo and check the offer for Sarah Damier Ebene Wallet. 

Check This Video Review below:

***** Second fav is Louis Vuitton Emilie wallet Damier Ebene, which is more girly I’ll say. [$480.00 on their website]

This one is pretty simple as design, and it cannot be confused.

But the Emilie Monogram one seems much interesting for me. What I find cool is that this particular wallet comes in a variety of colors. From Sunrise, Fuchsia, Rose Ballerine and Hot Pink, to Yellow.  This Emilie wallet Damier Ebene is maybe the most wanted for women around 25-30 years old, because it brings a touch of color to your outfit, no matter what. It is fashionable and chic, easy to match with your clothes. For women ranging 40-60 years old there are other types of LV wallets which are preferred, and we’ll talk about them below. Click the first photo to buy.


**** Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Wallet [$490.00 on official LV website]

As I told you, women and men in their 50s, prefer to be a little bit conservative, so they usually go for the simple design. Here is a beautiful design for men out there, both on DE and Monogram. Click the first photo for buying the gorgeous LV.

*** Damier Ebene zippy wallet [$805.00 Official Wbsite]

Yup, people are crazy about Louis Vuitton wallet Damier Ebene, but let’s forget about the classic envelope designed one, and focus a little bit on something much handier. Here I go with the zippy one. For your future experience with this perfect wallet, click on the first photo and buy.

**  Louis Vuitton Vernis zippy wallet [$970.00 on LV website]

Let’s keep the same path and take a look to this beautiful zipper wallet. This is not a usual one, and not matching any personality. As you can imagine, it will perfectly fit an eccentric person, full of energy and nonconformity. Not a Damier Ebene Wallet anymore, but this time, the Vernis might be a little bit more elegant and hard to match with the outfit. Thinking about a zippy wallet price, it can be pretty expensive, but it completes your personality, so it’s worth all the money.

If curious, check this

Entire Louis Vuitton Collection Video!


Let us know which is your fav.