TOP 10 Most Expensive Pens Ever Created By Humans | Unique & Insanely Designed Tributes You Need To See

TOP 10 Most Expensive Pens Ever Created By Humans | Unique & Insanely Designed Tributes You Need To See

Experience the enchantment of sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and captivating collaborations that transform these pens into extraordinary works of art. Prepare to be mesmerized as precious gems and intricate craftsmanship converge, creating timeless treasures that redefine luxury writing instruments. Discover the epitome of elegance and refinement in every stroke.

Maybe you are wondering…Why will somebody spend millions on expensive pens? I have the same question. Well, I know that many people are spending a lot on cars, watches, jewelry for women and so on. But why pens??? Isn’t it strange?

But then i thought that there are people who are actually paying a lot of attention to their documents and how they are written or signed. So, why using a commonplace writing tool when you can have something luxurious? That’s why we did this TOP 10 Most Expensive Pens Brands Ever for you, to discover the most wanted and uniquely designed expensive pens out there.

Hope it helps and you’ll find the perfect one to fit your needs.

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People find them elegant, looking good both in hand and in a shirt pocket. Actually, is more about the brand value, the worldwide recognition of the brand as being an expensive one. You have to be also a pen enthusiast, from my perspective, to make such an acquisition.

When you buy one of the most expensive pens on the market, you admire yourself using it or just wearing it as an accessory in the shirt pocket.

Maybe it is a matter of self-fulfillment…who knows!? The fact is that wealthy elite are willing to spend even 8 million dollars on a pen, as you’ll see in a bit…

By using those kind of pens, you’ll find out that the calligraphic handwriting gets better and better, and it will motivate you to write even more ! That what people who love them say about the experience of using such item.

Choosing expensive pen brands isn’t for everyone, but we don’t care about the price here! We are interested about the brand and the style of the pen.

We all heard about Mont Blanc Pens, Waterman Pens and why not Parker Pens. Let’s talk about them all here.

1. Fulgor Nocturnus by Tibaldi [$8 Mill] [one of the most expensive pens ever in history]

Not! I refuse to say this is a high-priced item. People!! This is exorbitant! Definitely eye-popping price!

Nocturnus is the most expensive pen ever on earth. The pen-maker is called Tibaldi, located in Italy, Florence. As far as I know, there was an auction in Shanghai, China, the place where this extravagant pen was sold.

What is so special about this instrument? Is everything about details here. It was made based on the Phi Divine Proportions. This means that the ratio between the part of the barrel that stays visible when you close it and the cap of the pen is 1.618 (Phi Ratio).


On the top of this small but interesting detail, this pen has a great shape, being decorated with 123 rubies and almost 1000 black diamonds. OMG !!!

Only one Nocturnus was ever made, so you will never find it on the market.


2. Montblanc Boehme Royal Pen [$1,5 Mill]

All right folks, not $8 Million, but still expensive!

Montblanc is the well-known expensive brand which has launched their line “Boehme”. As you can see below, it looks precious. This so loved pen has an18 karats gold and platinum plated nib. Want more? Its nib is retractable. Not enough for you? The barrel is made of 18 karats white gold, embedded with more than 1400 diamonds!!!


It also has the Montblanc logo, but not a usual one. For this special instrument, they decided to make the logo by 18 karats white gold rings and 18 small diamonds encrusted. The clip couldn’t be a classic one. That is why is highlighted by a diamond.


3. Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen [$1,47 Mill]

Many of the well-known elite pen makers are located in Italy, and…. Aurora is, as you guess, a company which makes luxury writing instruments, located in …. beautiful Italy of course ^.^

This pen is synonymous with Full Body 2000 Embedded Diamonds. And that is how I said everything about it.

Ah.. And another small detail. Its nib is all gold.

But this in nothing compared with the value of the body.


I have a feeling that this is not a pen anymore. It is actually a jewelry, a piece of art for the ones who have it. The manufacturer makes only one pen like this a year, and I bet it is booked well in advance by an eager. Being one of the smoothest writing instruments available on the market, it will make your pen-to-paper experience more interesting.



4. Caran D’Ache 1010 Diamonds Fountain Pen [$1 Mill]

Guess from where does the name comes!?!?

Answer: 10 minutes after 10 o’clock

This time is not about Italy. We go a little bit up on the map, and we find Switzerland. This is a precious pen by its interesting design. That is why the company made only 10 pieces.

As you see, The full body of the pen is made of pure white gold, rhodium plated. Its beautiful shape is embedded with 850 diamonds and there are even some transparent spots on it. You will not be surprised to find that those are sapphire crystals.

This exemplary was created to honor the Swiss industry of making expensive but high-quality watches. There is simply nothing better than a fountain pen !!!


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5. Heaven Gold Pen [$1 Mill]

Guys, don’t dare to touch this pen. It is a girly stuff here! This one is made of pure 24k pink gold.

Anita Tan is the designer of it, who decided to use 1888 diamonds to make it precious & unique. All these diamond weights about 8 karats, with some of them having brilliant colors.

Two beautiful big diamonds adorn the body of the pen. One is heart shaped, while the other one is a flower.

Designed by a woman for women, Anita created this treasure in 2012, being inspired by the alignment of the planets. How cool is that ? xD


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