TOP 10 Most Expensive Pens Ever Created By Humans | Unique & Insanely Designed Tributes You Need To See

TOP 10 Most Expensive Pens Ever Created By Humans | Unique & Insanely Designed Tributes You Need To See

6. Montblanc Mystery Masterpiece  [$730,000] – UNIQUE among any expensive pens out there

Yup! Masterpiece! Check the photo, please!

This amazingly designed pen is a collaboration between two big brands in the industry: Mont Blanc and Van Cleef & Arpels.

When the best manufacturer of luxury watches and writing instruments decides to collaborate with the best luxury jewelry makers, then the magic happens (and a new Masterpiece is created for humanity.

It is embedded with 840 diamonds, and, if you are the customer, you can choose from emeralds, rubies or even sapphires to be added as to look colorful.

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7. Caran D’Ache Gothica Pen [$406,450] – the most gothic one among expensive pens

Here is Caran D’Ache again with another excentric pen. This was made to pay tribute to the gothic art, using the characteristic windows full of flowers to design it. There are two main flower elements: rosettes and fleurs-de-lis, both of them made of 72 rubies and 72 emeralds.

The top of this Gothic Pen is encrusted with 892 diamonds [pretty huge number], but small, weighing 7,1 karats in total.


8. Caran D’Ache La Modernista Diamond Pen [$275,000] – not the most expensive fountain pen, but a tribute from Robert Perron to honor the modern architect, Antonio Gaudi.

I guess you are used to the fact that we are not talking about common things here. Here is another interesting pen made by Caran. This time, we discover a hand-made precious writing instrument.

The whole process took almost 6 months, encrusting 5072 diamonds, weighing 30 karats in total, along with 96 beautiful rubies for a bit of contrast.


9. Montblanc Prince Rainier III 81 Pen [$260,200]

Designers create such expensive pens not only for selling, but most of them to honor an event or a personality. The name makes you think about Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and you are right. He passed away at the age of 81, year 2005.

Guess how many pieces were made? 81 of course.



Made of 18k pure white old, the body of the pen in adorned with 996 diamonds and 92 rubies. Its nib is also made of gold, and it is embedded with two small beautiful rubies. It really looks royal. Simply put… Is elegant, classic and exceedingly expensive.

10. Boehme Papillion Pen by Montblanc [$230,410] – last one on our Expensive Pen Brands List

We already know that Boehme is a new luxury line of the Montblanc pens brand. They hit the market again with this sophisticated pen. There are three colors for this beauty: white, yellow and rose gold.

There is an internal mechanism which is visible and sexy. Its body is embedded with 1400 diamonds and sapphires. At the top of it, you will find the Montblanc diamonds shaped as their logo.


As we are talking about expensive pen brands, let’s see what kind of pens Donald Trump prefers. Well, we found that A.T. Cross Co. is the company which provides gold-plated pens to the White House. Recently, a manager of the brand explained that the House may face a pen deficit. [Laughs]

Why that? It seems like Trump gives the utensils away after using them to sign papers. He better didn’t be so generous!! One piece of a custom-made pen is priced at $115. Read more here.


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With all that being said, we will be curious to find out which is your preferred writing instrument and why? There are tons of style options available (especially on those price range), so feel free to pick up the one that fits you the most !


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