TOP 10 Most Expensive Shampoos EVER | Exotic & Precious Ingredients to Grow Your Hair Like Crazzy ! (Recommended By Naomi Cambell)

TOP 10 Most Expensive Shampoos EVER | Exotic & Precious Ingredients to Grow Your Hair Like Crazzy ! (Recommended By Naomi Cambell)

How would it be to treat yourself with the most expensive shampoo (most popular cosmetic product out there in the industry – which, by the way, is a multi-Billion dollar industry)? Would your hair be more healthy, shiny and nourished? Yes, I think so 😉

Let’s discover what kind of ingredients are mixed in these 10 most expensive shampoos we are going to cover today.


Hair care products are everywhere, but you should really pay attention to what you are going to buy for your precious hair. Shampoo brands usually use different catchy marketing strategies, colorful packaging that attract more customers, but that doesn’t mean the product is good indeed for your hair’s health.


We are spending so easily huge amounts of money on clothes, shoes, and purses, but quite rarely thinking about spending the same on cosmetics! Am I right? After reading this article you will think twice before deciding whether to buy or not a cheap shampoo.

You will see the difference in these rare and precious ingredients. I know there are tons of different shampoos on the market, but you will definitely find the best that fits your hair needs, and it doesn’t have to be the most expensive shampoo in the world.


Keep your hair healthy, choose the best hair care products on the market and shine!


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#10 Acqua Di Parma – $30

Are you a lover of citrus, oriental wood, rosemary, Sicilian, and jasmine? Why not mixture them all in a nutritive hair shampoo? This combination of ingredients can also be found in their hair oils or conditioners. Just imagine the smell of Jasmine which is Divine!

Acqua Di Parma is the Italian company that makes this possible, producing its famous shampoo, which is priced at around $30 (with shipping). The coconut oil it has will be amazing for you and is ideal for leaving your hair shiny & soft. Is time to say bye bye to the trapped dirt in your hair and bad smell.

This Italian company is well-known for its fragrances, bathrobes, candles and even leather accessories. Over the years they expanded, distributing now in more than 40 countries.

Click on the image below in order to get it from Amazon !

Find it on their official online shop and also on Harrods, Amazon and Neiman Marcus.



#9 Kerastase Oleo – [$40]

Oh, Beautiful Paris ! 

I am sure when you saw the name you thought about the famous world brand Kerastase, yes, you’re right, this company is a French luxury haircare one, so be sure that they use the best ingredients ever.

The Parisian company produces this great shampoo which is nourishing your hair as no other does. This shampoo emits a very exotic fragrance. Isn’t that sexy?

Do you want to buy it? If so, here is their online-shop and also if you click on the button below, you can get it from Amazon.



#8 Unite U Luxury Shampoo – [$45]

Well, here we are, discussing a shampoo which is so loved by celebrities. This product is made of only pure and natural ingredients like crushed pearls, argan oil, and honey, basically no chemicals used at all as you can see. More than that, this shampoo is hydrating your hair, because of its Nano formula. That is how you will get a natural shine and a smooth hair. To keep your hair in the best condition, they advise to use both shampoo and Unite U conditioner.

In short: Nanoformulation for hydration and free of chemicals!


You can check the official site for shopping the shampoo, or you can get it from UrbanRetreat, and Alibaba.





#7 Alterna Ten – [$60]

Let’s be organized here cause we are dealing with many exotic ingredients. We have:
♥ African cacao extract
♥ caviar age-control complex
♥ white truffle oil
♥ champagne
♥ grape seed oil
♥ Bulgarian evening primrose oil
♥ Arabian Frankincense

What a list! As we see there are only exotic and hard to find ingredients, which explains its high price. On the top of all, it is sulfate-free which will rebalance your damaged hair. Its users claimed that this shampoo rejuvenates your hair faster than you expect.

Check the image below in order to get it from Amazon !


For buying the shampoo, check LookFantastic.Com.





#6 Bvlgari Shampoo – $60

What defines it? NONSTICKY and COLORLESS.

Bvlgari is a famous Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand. They are known for their expensive watches, jewelry, fragrances and even hotels. For the watch production, there is a separate Swiss subsidiary named Bulgari Haute Horlogerie SA.

Because of its transparency, many will misinterpret and say it is actually a hair gel but Nope, It’s actually shampoo guys! Its main ingredient is the white tea, along with many other herbal extracts, which are not giving any color to the lotion. It provides a silky and shiny look, but it will not add so much fragrance to your hair.

Would you buy such an expensive hair shampoo and conditioner just because is Bvlgari? The decision is all yours.

Click on the image & Get it now !

Find it on Amazon 


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