The Must Have Fancy Pens | Techy, Innovative, Amazingly Designed To Make Your Life Much Easier Today

The Must Have Fancy Pens | Techy, Innovative, Amazingly Designed To Make Your Life Much Easier Today

Fancy pens? The first question you may ask yourself is: Why do we need fancy pens when we are so technologically addicted, sending e-mails or text messages? Well, there are still people who find the handwriting much more personal, and why not, sexy. If we talk from a professional point of view, handwritten letters can be used as a tool for engaging the customer. You will invest 5 minutes to write that letter with a fancy pen, especially for your client.


I had an experience like that with an online shop. It happened last year when I’ve ordered some clothes, of course. I was very surprised and actually felt emotions when I’ve opened the package and found a black envelope with a “thank you” message. I am sure they used some kind of fancy writing pens because the text was gold on black paper. They invested their time, even if it was 2-3 minutes, to manually write that piece of message to thanks for shopping with them. Ofc I kept ordering for them cause they made me feel close to the brand now.

Even if handwriting is still in trend, you will not use those old pens as you used to. Let’s change something. I did a quick research to find the most fancy business pens for you, those worth using which are offering an interesting touch to your writing. Fancy doesn’t mean complicated or decorative anymore. The new meaning is innovative, creative and efficient.


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Cramp Free Fancy Pen

It looks a little bit strange but it is the most ergonomic pen, making your writing much easier. It is all made of aluminium. What I find strange about it is the fact that there is only one size for it, and it looks a little bit bigger for a child or a women. The person in the photo is a guy and it perfectly fits. but I am curious if it’s the same for kids. Let me know if you tried it by leaving a comment with your review on it.

For only 10 bucks, I thin is a good deal. This product is Retractable and refillable, Works for “Righties” and “Lefties” and it has a Ergo-Soft rubber coating feels like soft silk.



Helix Pen

Never thought about a bracelet / watch and a pen together. This is the new trend basically, is both useful and fashionable from my point of view. I’ll definitely wear if my outfit is sporty, as those fitness bracelets. It looks almost alien, but I bet is very comfortable. More, you can have it with you wherever you go, ready to take a note.

It is both pen and watch. Its designer is Raka Gemma.



FJader Ballpoint

Are you bored with the classic feather pens? Thinking about buying some fancy ballpoint pens? Here is an innovative solution for you. Imagine how awesome will this one look on your desk. It is elegant and minimalist. You gotta love it!



Feather Pen

A Fountain Pen for the Modern Side of You. This amazingly designed pen is an idea of famous designer Vivien Muller. It looks so smooth and elegant I can’t stop admiring it. It may not be that ergonomic, but it definitely looks sexy on every desk. Vivien is a master of designing such a modern and unique piece of art.



Color Picker Pen

You can scan any color from your surroundings and use it for your drawing, basically is like that color picker tool you had in a browser, but this one is for real world, how cool is that? Imagine how many unique colors you will create! Scan your food, your skin, sofa, soap or whatever you want to. That’s an amazing tool for artists so don’t wait anymore, just go find one and start doing your magic! This item is so cool to have in your home, especially if you have a small kiddo, he will love it.

For only 40 bucks, this is an amazing deal 😉

  • The ColorPen recognizes up to 65,000 colors with the embedded sensor.
  • Is going to work 300 times / day for half a year, with just one AAA battery (I think it might be a Duracell one)
  • This pen is compatible with IOS & Android and is such a cool innovation to have around in order to expand your creativity & imagination.

More than that, the ColorPen Sketch app has the feature of converting your photos into line drawing and let you color it how you want, how cool is that? You don’t have photoshop / Lightroom skills? Don’t worry, with the ColorPen Sketch app you can adjust a lot of parameters like hue, saturation, transparency to your desire.