The Must Have Fancy Pens | Techy, Innovative, Amazingly Designed To Make Your Life Much Easier Today

The Must Have Fancy Pens | Techy, Innovative, Amazingly Designed To Make Your Life Much Easier Today

Uzi Tactical Pen

uzi tactical pen

In the past few years, tactical pens have become popular. This one came available for the first time in April 6, 2010 and is made in Hong Kong,

It is very important to have the right tools with you anytime, being prepared for any situation. This pen is made out of aircraft grade aluminium, so just imagine its durability cuz It will not bend or break if you are defending yourself, is also a good glass breaker (thanks to the carbide tip at the bottom).


More about the Uzi Tactical Pen:

  • provides a smooth writing experience
  • comes in a gun metal finish and comes with a pocket clip
  • can be used as a self defense weapon, or in a case of an emergency when you need to smash a car window 
  • is an ideal survival tool needed in outdoor trips or camping.
  • is refillable

The price of this item is 17 $

This pen is considered an ideal gift for your dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, son, husband etc.





3Doodler 2.0 3D Printing Pen


Why not trying to make art from your creative ideas?

3Doodler is the first and the best tool in this industry, developed by Maxwell Bogue, Peter Dilworth and Daniel Cowen of WobbleWorks LLC. This pen is capable of drawing both in air and on any surfaces, allowing you to create a wide variety of shapes. The pen contains an electric heater inside which is melting the plastic sticks and it will quickly cool and build a strong structure. This item is very easy to use: turn on, insert plastic, start doodling and that’s it, so Is time to make a strong and stable structure out of plastic 🙂

The Doodler doesn’t need any computer or software in order to function, is a plug & play solution sort of speak. This pen comes with 2 plastic packs (2 packs of 25 sticks – total of 50. They are multi – colored packs so you’ll have a lot of plastic to work with) and a US plug (It should work as well in 220 voltage system found in Europe, but you’ll need an adaptor on the US plug you get with it) and while it needs a few hours of learning and practice, you’ll soon get a better understanding of it and be able to create some awesome creations. You can even create the Eiffel Tower with it,  the creative opportunities you have are endless with this pen 😉

The price for this 3d pen is around 50 bucks.



Get it now on Amazon while it’s hot ;), so click on the image below !


I’ve tried it myself and here is my piece of art [laughing]:


Find a video review about this pen below:




Montegrappa Black Resin Fine Point Fountain Pen

When we talk about Montegrappa Italian brand there are no words to describe it. If you are searching for fancy expensive pens this is the company where you should stop at and have a look. Montegrappa is well-known not only for its writing instruments, but also for its cufflinks, fragrances, leather goods and watches.

More than 100 years of Italian craftsmanship and style with the first company in Italy that produce writing instruments. Is time to discover the wonderful luxury pens they got, check out their website > 

I am sure that you’ll find a cool business or casual pen for you, or a co-worker as a gift 😉

Find below some fancy models of Montegrappa pens.





Even though Montegrappa had the most search intent back in June of 2004 and since then is slightly decreasing, they still managed to stay in business and be constant, especially from 2009 till now. has 47,5k monthly visits with 20.4k unique visitors / month, an average of 6 minutes time spent on the site, 8 pages visited and a bounce rate of 45%.


  • Most of their traffic is organic 85%, with only 15% paid traffic
  • The branded traffic has a percentage of 74% which is a lot, only 26% searches are from non-branded terms.
  • Is interesting that even though the organic traffic is higher and visit duration is higher from organic traffic, compared to paid traffic, the pages per visit are 7 from paid traffic compared to 6 from organic traffic
  • The bounce rate is better from paid traffic 27%, compared to 32% from organic traffic.
  • Most of the searches are regular 94%, 4% are image searches and less than 2% are shopping searches.


The site is especially visited by people from:

  • Italy – 28%
  • Spain – 27%
  • US – 10%
  • Brazil – 4%
  • France – 4%
  • UAE
  • Qatar


Most visitors are male – 54%, from age group 25-34 years old – 28%, with second age group of 35-44 years old – 22%

In this field of Jewelry and Luxury Products, Montegrappa has something to say and it got a very strong brand awareness, with 40% of the traffic being direct, well that says something 😉

  • Organic search makes up 39.43% of website traffic
  • Social makes up 11.08% of website traffic
  • Paid search makes up 6.75% of website traffic
  • Referrals makes up 2.31% of website traffic
  • Display ads makes up <1% of website traffic


One of the best search ads they have for promoting the homepage is this one:
Official site – Montegrappa Official Site
Visit the Montegrappa website and discover the wonderful luxury pens. A century of craftsmanship and original Italian style. Consegna espresso. Pagamenti sicuri.


Also this one in Italian language:

Montegrappa Official Site – Pezzi unici

Con il configuratore Montegrappa crei una penna unica. La tua penna. Regalare una penna Montegrappa. Consegna espresso. Pagamenti sicuri. Assistenza prodotti.


The leading social networks that drove most of the traffic to are:

  • Facebook – 43%
  • Linkedin – 23%
  • Instagram – 20%
  • Youtube – 14%


Their top traffic sources are:

  • Direct Traffic
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Image Search
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Duckduckgo
  • Youtube
  • Shopping search


  • Email
  • Yandex search
  • Bing



Their top organic keywords apart from montegrappa are:

  • montegrappa pen
  • monte grappa pen
  • montegrappa nero uno
  • penna stilografica non scrive


Their top paid keywords are:

  • montegrapa
  • montegrappa stilografica
  • harry potter slytherin fountain pen
  • business pens
  • pineider acquistare online



Montegrappa ranks for 473 organic keywords and are paying for 78 keywords.

Apart from the homepage, their top organic pages are the following:–1252.html



Their top paid competitors are mostly businesses from their area like:


In the last 3 months of August, September and October 2021 they paid 1,300$ for paid search traffic which gave them less than 5k extra visits.

At the moment of our analysis (October 2021), they got 18 search ads, all of them directing into the main homepage, which isn’t a smart move, they should of marketed also some specific links with their products.


Below are some of their top paid competitors:


At the moment of our analysis they don’t have any video ads.





Did you know that there is a heaven for pens? Actually is an online-shop, and they call it heaven. Check their fancy pens for sale here. If you want, we can analyze their website as well > 


Another good one to check it out is The Pen Shop > The Pen Shop is the place where the customer satisfaction is 99,9%. You should definitely have a look and check if your favourite pen is there. I’m sure that you saw at least once one of those pen shop ads over the Internet ! 😉 and, what wonderful names for such websites, right? We highly advise you checking at least, one of the most known shops in UK and US for fancy pens. invest at least 4k $ a month to market their business online, with more than 80 search ads and 25 product ads at the moment of our analysis. Most of the products are varying from 22 to 700 euros and I’m sure you’ll find one according to your budget 😉


Quote of the day:

Have your own font!

Be unique!

Trust yourself!

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