Floating Plants And Their Impact On Your Daily Life | TOP 2 Best Retailers And Which Type Of Plant To Use - 2018

Floating Plants And Their Impact On Your Daily Life | TOP 2 Best Retailers And Which Type Of Plant To Use - 2018

Have you ever thought about decorating your own home with such a piece of floating plant (which definitely looks like is coming from the future)? Imagine your living room, that warm and relaxing place, your favorite smell, that unique silence and peace, and suddenly add a decorative vase with a bonsai tree, which is floating and energizing the room. Does it sound great? Floating plants can successfully bring a glimpse of energy, movement and make the atmosphere of each room a little more dynamic.

Reasons to think about buying a floating plant

I do love techy things and innovations, and I am sure you do the same. I bet all your friends think the same and this will be a great gift for them. Why have a common plant as decoration, when you can go a little bit further and buy such a piece of innovation which will cheer up every morning? When you have a spacious living room, or why not, the bedroom or the kitchen, you have to think about finding perfect matching decoration for each corner. Every time you want to buy something for your home, you tend to go for the newest unique home décor on the market, which is why are you are reading this article! You know that wide-eyed emoji? That’s the face of your guests when they’ll see such a floating plant in your home.

This techy plant will boost your mood each time you pass by it, will bring you energy, reduce your stress level and why not, enhance your creativity and productivity.

To Use or Not to use plants for your home decoration

A vase décor must be chosen carefully, paying attention to its color, its design and even the type of plant you decide to use. Did You know that there are some toxic ones which are not recommended to be kept in the bedroom? As we will talk about Air Bonsai and the Asian culture about the bonsai tree, it looks like there is a real struggle in finding out if plants can have a bad feng shui influence or not. Let’s make a short list below.


Snake Plant:

I am not an expert, but I did research a lot this topic and I just found that this small beautiful plant is one of the top 10 air-purifying plants, says NASA. If you don’ trust me, maybe NASA will make you think twice. This special plant is one of those which convert CO2 into 02 at night, not at the day as many others do.


A common one among our houses. Its heart shaped leaves are effective at absorbing formaldehyde.

English Ivy:

It also comes from the NASA’s list, so buy it when you see a piece of. As the one above, it is an “expert” in absorbing formaldehyde.

Rubber Plant:

Natural air purifier and powerful toxin eliminator. Love this plant and its big forest green leaves.





If you have children, there will be a huge problem if they, by mistake, eat its bulbs or leaves.

Dumb Cane:

It can be even fatal if eaten, causing the tongue to burn and swell.

Easter Lily:

Not poisonous to children, but it is for cats. If you love your cat, you better go for another type of pant.


There are many other plants which are better to be avoided in order to keep you and your family healthy and safe.

It looks like there are many other types of plants out there, some of them helping you sleep better. Or some which attract love and energy. Anyway, chose the one that you feel matches your personality.


The magic behind the magnetic floating plants

There is a cultural thing around the bonsai plant in Asia, but first, let’s discuss about the techy secrets behind any levitating plant vase.

The main secret is a strong magnet at the very bottom of the vase, which pushes against an electromagnetic base (which is power plugged). Therefore, it is causing the plant to spin, having a 360-degree rotation.

There are many deep symbolic words for bonsai. Starting with balance & simplicity, going up to harmony and age. There are different meanings of each type of bonsai, which means you should study them before buying one.


Two big brands of magnetic floating plants

that I strongly recommend


Created and designed by Expert Hikaru Hoshi, these amazing Air Bonsai vases can transform your home into a relaxing oasis. They are carefully custom designed, so don’t be surprised if it will take 2 to 3 months to be ready for you.



My favs from this particular brand are the folowing:

1. Air Bonsai “ARITA Series” on White – imagine it on a black or turquoise table.

2. Air Bonsai “ARITA Series” on Red – maybe because I am a big fan of this color, but still. It can be the perfect touch of color in an all white/gray room.

3. Air Bonsai “ARITA Series” Cognac – Black table, a glass of fine Iced Cognac and such a techy piece of bonsai will be the perfect fit.

2. LYFE is the second choice if you ask me – Designed in Sweden

It is actually a new start-up, being an alternative to the original Air Bonsai which was first created. This brand comes with a wide range of plants to be used instead of the bonsai, offering cheaper price tags for them.

Comparing to the previous brand, this one looks much more as an office design plant for me.

So if you think about bringing some fresh energy to your desk, here we go with this amazing idea. Or you can go ahead and give it as a gift for your best friend, to make his/hers day a bit brighter.


Now that we’ve highlighted the best two brand in this brand new industry, let’s discover some more alternatives. Check the photos below:

Japanese style Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

Magnetic Levitation Suspension flower

Magnetic Levitation Suspension flower (White)

LYFE – Original, Authentic Floating Levitating Plant Pot for Air Plants

Magnetic Levitation Suspension flower (Gray)


High-tech Magnetic Levitating Air bonsai – Ceramic Pot