Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Premium Luxury Faucets ✨

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Premium Luxury Faucets ✨

TOP 17 High End Bathroom Faucets You Want To Experience Today | The Ultimate Guide For Your Own Oasis – Updated For Modern People in 2021 !

Let’s assume you have a new house , or you are thinking about making some changes to your actual bathroom . If so, You must see these high end bathroom faucets around the world we prepared for you in today’s article.


Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxe Sanctuary with World-Class Faucets ✨

Image concept developed by the author


Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxe Sanctuary with World-Class Faucets ✨


– Explore high-end bathroom faucets from around the world.

– Singular “faucet” searches are increasing, plural “faucets” decreasing.

– Top interest from the US, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, UAE for this kind of products

– Information on faucet parts and DIY replacement is sought after.

– Design your bathroom as a personal oasis with favorite colors and fixtures.

– Wide variety of premium faucet styles: modern, vintage, traditional.

– Free shipping often offered on orders over $50.

– Brands offer 90-day returns and have extensive selections.

– Learn about different faucet types: single handle, dual handle, hands-free.

– Discover top faucet brands like TOTO, Kohler, Gessi, and more.


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TOP 17 High End Bathroom Faucets You Want To Experience Today


Transmute Your Bathing Realm into a Pinnacle of Opulence with Exquisite Faucetry

One interesting thing in this high end faucet market, is that people tend to search more and more for the term itself ” faucet ” at singular, than faucets at plural, which has a decrease in searches over time, and especially in the last 5 – 10 years, as the graphs are showing below:

Clients lookin’ for those type of products are coming from US, Canada, Philippines, Singapore and United Arab Emirates. Most of those people are lookin’ to find out more info related to what is a faucet, kitchen faucet parts and single handle kitchen faucet. Of course, there are also people interested in how to replace a faucet, cuz we don’t need to be dependent by someone in replacing our faucet for example, and is a nice skill to have, especially as a grown man.

First of all, when it comes to bathroom fixtures, there are ton of possibilities and you may feel a little bit lost . Your own house should be designed exactly as you feel, to help you relax and enjoy every evening at home. Maybe you will not spend full days staying in the home, but when you arrive, after a hard day at work , you will enjoy it the most.

top luxury bathroom faucet brands include TOTO, Kohler, Gessi, Dornbracht, and THG Paris.

Just start using your favorite colours & high end bathroom faucets in order to make the bathroom your own oasis for relaxing your body.

It’s time to turn your magical place of relaxing into an awesome oasis, your own heaven sort of speak.  ☁☁ ! ☜(*^-^*)☞ Maybe you are also asking yourself right now: “What is considered high end bathroom faucets?”, or you are curious “where to buy high end bathroom faucets online?” No worries, we got you covered.

We will show you all the models available, from modern, to vintage and traditional bathroom faucets. At the end of the day, you are the one which will select from a wide variety of premium bathroom faucets.

TOP 17 High End Bathroom Faucets

Is nice to hear out also that we find out most of the shops are offering free shipping for orders over 50 bucks, and 50%+ of faucet models are shipped from stock (Except the exclusive styles & custom models). Most of today’s evaluated brands have more than 4.000 Premium Faucet Styles, which are all expertly crafted. Brands offers most of the time a 90 day Returns policy, so you can exchange it with another model if you like.

Having the luxury of choosing from thousands of products is really important, and we are more than 100% sure, that you will find something which will fits your home & style.

bathroom faucets made from natural materials - concept design

bathroom faucets made from natural materials - concept design by the author

bathroom faucets made from natural materials - concept design by the author - elitelux.club

Concept designs developed by the author


In today’s article you will not find only the high end bathroom faucets you are looking for, but also some of the best faucets designs, top luxury bathroom faucets, best faucet brands and many more…

Are we on the same vibe? Good….now let’s continue….But before we even get starting, I bet you’ll be overwhelmed by all types of ultimate faucets out there on the market, but anyway, let’s begin with something, right? 


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Ultimate High End Bathroom Faucets Tips!

making some changes to your actual bathroom .


Are you still here?

Good. Now Let me help you decide quicker, cuz we’ll go through the most wanted and luxurious brands in the world, dealing with high quality materials and modern design only ! – Adapted for modern people.


Ultimate High End Bathroom Faucets - concept

Ultimate High End Bathroom Faucets - concept Design

Ultimate High End Bathroom Faucets - concept Design Developed by the author

Concept designs by the author


Most of the times, you will find out that the size of your room dictates the size of your bathroom sink & faucets. If you are going to use your bathroom a lot, think about going for a nicer one. If you got kids around, you might want to consider a sink & faucet with shorter heights (wall mounted ones will suit the best for kids under 12 years old).

As for where you will fix your new sink & faucet? You got 3 options here:
– Powder Room Vanities
– Guest Bathroom Vanities
– Master Bathroom Vanities

All of those ranging from 24 to even 72 inches.


There are a lot of styles of faucets & sinks as well to, but the most dominant ones are:
transitional – basic in design, with clean lines – works with a lot of bathroom styles
modern – clean styling with some sharp angles & bold shapes.
traditional / vintage – classic looking design, with detailed features & unique hardware.
luxury – standing out from the crowd especially from the perspective of the materials used (such as gold, often handmade & exclusive designs).


How many sinks & faucets you want or need?

Having just one will allow ya for a personalized experience (better for smaller bathrooms to)
Two sinks are a great choice if you want a bit more usability (better for a large household to).


Before choosing your faucet, make sure you have the right type of sink !

There are 3 types:
– Undermount

– Integrated

– Vessel



Apart from changing your faucets, you want a new countertop to, in order to match better?

There are 4 main types of countertops you can go for here:
Granite (for those who want a more luxurious appearance – this type is very durable in time and will give you a beautiful elegance feeling)

Marble (offering a rich look at a good price, but the main disadvantage is that they stain easily, compared to granite)

Quartz – Engineered Stone  (man-made, out of natural stone powders; they are germ-resistant)

Polymarble (it’s main advantage his resistance to scratches and dents)


Before deciding which one is the best for your bathroom, take a look on how you can operate it.

There are 3 main possibilities here, and people have different preferences. Decide which is your favorite one and then go search for the  design which better fits your bathroom.

–    Single Handle high end bathroom faucets: It is the most popular type of faucet on the market nowadays. It can operate both the cold and the hot water by using a single handle.

–    Dual Handle: This is actually the very conservative one, classic but still interesting for many. They all have separate handles which separately control the hot and the cold water. We all had one of these in our childhood, and if not us, our parents or grandparents for sure.

–    Hands-free: Well, we are now in the Tech Era so do not be surprised.

We can innovate any type of product. This particular faucet doesn’t have any handle to control, but they do have a spot which you can control by simply touching. The water will start automatically and the water temperature will be adjusted as you touched the spot (hotter or colder).

You probably already seen those faucets when walking into McDonalds 〽️bathroom, at least….there’s where I saw those for the first time when I was six.


And of course, apart from those 3 main types we just described, there are also other secondary faucet types such as:

  • Pull Down Faucets
  • Pull Out Faucets
  • Commercial Style Faucets
  • Bar Faucets
  • Faucet Sets
  • Filter Faucets
  • Bridge Faucet
  • Sensor Faucet

Installation of faucets differs as well and there are 3 different types:
– Deck-mounted faucets
– Deck-mounted faucets for vessel sinks
– Wall-mounted faucets.

We will cover up also the finishes, and which one is the best for you; yep, cuz that’s important to ! 😉

As you can probably already see, there are a ton of options to choose from but don’t worry, we will help you to make the best decision possible ! 😉

Most of the retailers will have a variety of height-optimized faucets designed to fit in any cabinet, so take that into consideration and let any worries fade away.

*For an easy installation, please find some local help in your area, or ask for advice from the company from which you decide to buy one.

Before we are going forward, please download and follow this bathroom design checklist from Moen to make things easier for ya. CLICK HERE !


We have below a TOP 17 High End Bathroom faucet brands from all over the world

It is time for you to have the bathroom of your dreams and enjoy every minute there.

1.    TOTO – Ultimate Faucets Design Of This Century

It is the world’s largest and most popular manufacturer of plumbing products. Elegant and catchy for the eyes at the same time. They provide all kinds of fixtures for any type of bathroom, from high end bathroom faucets to showers, toilets and any accessories you can ever imagine.

The Last Award of Product Design Toto Got is from 2018 and they indeed made a great impression around the world, not only in North America & Europe, but also in Australia and Asia to.

Most of the time, certain designs appeal only in some regions & countries, but in Toto’s case, their product designs became extremely popular and demanded all over the world.

The development time of their products it can be even 2 years for a single product, so the attention to detail is really there.

Most of their designs are really sharp and attractive to the eye. All of their product lines are polished to perfection, with Japanese precision manufacturing.

In the journey of making the perfect product, they use some long-refined stainless-steel machining techniques, strategies known only by the company.

Their faucets come in different height variations, so each customer is delighted. The Toto Manufacturer, as well as the design is made in Fukuoka – Japan.

What’s really impressive in their case is that they put to their clients ton of customer service supports via:

  • facebook
  • instagram
  • linkedin
  • twitter
  • pinterest
  • youtube
  • wechat
  • naver
  • kakao

This company has employed more than 1,500 engineers who are always innovating and coming up with new awesome ideas, based on people’s reviews and feedback.

If you are looking for some of the best luxury bathroom faucets, give Toto a go to, is a great place to start with.

Feel free to explore our gallery right here, or discover even more ideas with Toto Bathroom design ideas on Pinterest. 

TOTO_luxury bathroom faucets


Toto Luxury Bathroom Faucet Ideas AWard Winning Product

high end gold luxury bathroom faucet

2.    Kohler

Kohler Co. is an American manufacturing Company, which was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler (with today’s CEO’s Herbert Kohler, Jr. (executive​ chairman) David Kohler (president and​ CEO), which is based in Kohler, Wisconsin, US., with more than 40.000 employees at today’s time of writing this article (2020)

Yeah, over 140 years of KOHLER craftsmanship needs to scream some quality, especially cuz of their experience in time with all kinds of people from different eras & generations, gathering feedback and then making better and premium products.

This company is best known for its plumbing products, and for the fact that their annual production exceeds 1 million products. Yep, that’s a lot !

We saw that most of the time, Kohler products are compared to Moen, but let us say to ya that no matter which brand of those are you going to go for, it will be a good decision since both are amazing companies, offering high-quality faucets with ton of features, and that are going to last you a long-long time.

So, at the end of the day, no matter if you have a Moen or A Kohler faucet around, you will love to continue cooking & doing dishes 😉

I am sure this high end bathroom faucet brand name sounds familiar to you, because they are pretty well-known around the world, especially cuz of their Designer Brand.

If you heard of this brand from other circumstances, that’s because this company isn’t making only high end bathroom faucets, but also Engines & other products. That’s how Herb Kohler got his net worth up to 8,3 Billion USD (2020), offering a range of quality products for more than one niche market.

Simply put, when you say Kohler, u say Premium, and that’s going to matter a lot !

This is also the Highest Rated Overall Brand, along with Delta Faucets. and Kraus. They Are Known as the Best For Commercial Style Faucets.

Kohler did a great job all these years and they improved their materials every year, basically Awesome luxury faucets at an affordable price, that is what the name Kohler says for over 130 years, since they are constantly innovating and perfecting.

They use very high quality materials, but they also kept the price law, as for anybody to afford and enjoy.

high end bathroom faucets - Kohler Arise Pull-Down Faucet

Kohler-Konnect-Sensate-Smart-Kitchen-Sink-Faucet Kohler high end kitchen faucets for you Kohler Ideas for Bahtroom Kohler Smart Home faucets kohler high end kitchen faucet elitelux.club Kohler-Konnect-Sensate-Smart-Kitchen-High-End-Kitchen-Faucet kohler pull-down kitchen sink faucet kohler kitchen faucet - compossed Kohler Alma Pull-Down Kitchen faucet - High End kohler high end semi-professional kitchen faucet kohler single control high end bathroom faucet kohler modern high end faucet kohler kitchen faucets for you kohler high end kitchen faucets Kohler high end faucets KOHLER Kitchen high end faucets Kohler Pull-Down high end luxury bathroom faucet   kohler new high end kitchen faucet kohler bahtroom and kitchen design high end faucets


3.    Gessi

Gessi has a beautiful design and luxury tapware. They got a good range of products to choose from, and as a top design manufacturer of luxury kitchen & bath faucets, made in Italy, with 20+ years of experience, they offer you now the chance to get into their Gessy Academy, and by doing this, you will get a 5% discount for their products. It may not seem like a lot for smaller purchases, but for the big ones, it matters. 😉

Their main website is > https://www.gessi.com, and it has around 60k visits a month on average.

Their top clients are coming from Italy, France, UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Singapore. This brand is well known in terms of kitchen products, but also bath ones such as showers for example.

Their most searched term is gessi rubinetti as an organic term from which people find their website.

As we discovered, they don’t focus to much on paid advertising, but rather on SEO and Direct Traffic; and as secondary channels: E-mail Marketing, Getting Referrals, and doing very well Social Media via Pinterest (very much used), Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Whatsapp Markerting.

In terms of the product style, they tend to compete with other Italian brands, and also from Russia as well.

Their top demographics are male (56%), 25 – 34 years old (29%).

You can find them on May 2017 at the High End Luxury Furniture Fair, Javits Center, NYC, USA. They made some of the most wanted and famous high end bathroom sink faucets.

Along with their high quality, you will always find innovation when discussing about this company, and also the desire of lowering the environmental impact of its products. Italy is the country of classic and elegant products, and Gessi keeps that as a powerful value.

Gessi has a main collection of over 20 products to choose from, and their prices depends on the finishing used such as: Copper, chrome, Finox, Aged Bronze, Mirror Steel, Steel brushed, Gold PVD,Black Metal Brushed, Copper Brushed PVD, Antique Brass, Warm Bronze Brushed etc.

You will always find them at the most luxurious events in this industry. More details about their parts, prices, reviews you can find on their website.

See bellow some of their coolest product line.

gessi goccia line products faucet gessi bath faucet gessi kitchen tap dual gessi kitchen faucet gessi bath therapy faucet Gessi faucet collection Gessi Awesome Bathroom Faucet Design Gessi Goccia Line Gessi Luxury bath faucet Gessi Studio Faucet Gessi Incline Kitchen Tap Gessi High End Bathroom Faucet Enduring Design Gessi High End Bathroom Faucet Design Gessi High End Bathroom Faucets Gessi High End Bathroom Faucet

4.    WetStyle

They are now up with 250 new showrooms across the NA, coming with an awesome line of bathtub, all carefully shaped, elegant and precious.

This brand, compared to the previous ones we just discussed, is somehow new in the market, and it doesn’t have to much traffic to their website either (both the dot com, and Canada version); they don’t have a big collection of products, but those that they have, are extremely good quality.

All of their products are made exclusively of eco-friendly materials, such as natural stones. No matter if you want to have a minimalist bathroom,  or a very fancy complicated one, they will always find a way for you.

wetstyle high end bath faucets wetstyle high end bathroom faucet wetstyle high end bathroom faucets wetstyle high end faucet design ideas wetstyle high end faucet wetstyle high end luxury bath faucet


5. AquaBrass

Awesome brand when it comes to techy high end bathroom faucets !

Yup. The name of this brand makes you think about both water and elastic materials, and that’s right. They come up with this amazing idea to design a very useful kitchen faucet, easy to use (see the first photo).

After 35 years of decorating and innovating home design, they felt that they can offer more to us, and to help us live a much more luxurious life. You will not only buy the gorgeous product, but also the comfort offered by it. This is The Place to search for the ultimate high end bathroom faucets.

For making the products, there are 3 key people components to make those masterpieces and there are: designers, engineers and manufactures. They will know, by combining their skills and experience, which are the best fixtures, accessories and parts to make.

Mainly known in Canada and US for their faucets and showers, nowadays unfortunately they are decreasing in popularity each year, losing market share to their competitors from Kohler, Grohe, Riobel, Toto, American Standard, Delta Faucets and others…

aqua brass faucet scheme aquabrass etna high end faucet aquabrass high end faucet design ideas aquabrass high end faucet finishes aquabrass high end faucet kitchen inspiration aquabrass high end faucet kitchen aquabrass high end faucet single aquabrass high end faucet textures aquabrass high end faucet aquabrass high end faucets style aquabrass high end faucets two handle aquabrass high end faucets aquabrass high end luxury faucet aquabrass polished high end faucet aquabrass products high end faucets Canada

6.    AXOR

I really like their new e-shop, full of luxury bathroom furnishing and not only the faucet category.

Their website has around 20k visits a month, with their top clients coming from Germany, UK (especially), US, France, Russia, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria.

They stand really well in terms of SEO traffic, and also the brand is well established in people’s minds.

Axor brand is best known for the axor monstreux, citterio, hansgrohe and axor uno as top traffic terms. Their showers, kitchen products, bath tubs and also thermostats are most demanded.

The top reffering websites which are sending traffic to their brand are coming from construction and maintenance, but also from arhitecture & home and garden industry.

In terms of social traffic, they tend to do well on facebook, and also do a bit of youtube & instagram marketing.

They are not as powerful as they were back in 2007, but in recent years they are pretty constant and still in business. You can verify their Business trend in Google Trends if you are curious 😉

Axor is striving for perfection, and their collection of faucets are ranging from classic to modern ones.

Personally, I really think they are doing their best in terms of setting the highest standards of design, tech & manufacture.

Their products are ergonomic, really easy to use, and astonishing beauty, made in collaboration with leading designers around the world.

This luxury brand, is making most of his products in Germany, but also some of their components are supplied from China, by a Hansgrohe subsidiary in Shanghai. Most of their competitors are coming from US, Russia and Ukraine.

It really looks good and fancy, ready to fit any type of bathroom. The cutting edge of design when it comes to high end bathroom faucets. Since 1901, they always brought a unique experience to their customers all over the world.

They can make the bathroom to match your personality, to add a glimpse of royal touch to your home.


axor high end faucet bath collection axor high end faucet elitelux.club axor high end faucet elitelux axor high end faucet for bath axor high end faucet for kitchen axor high end faucet kitchen design ideas axor high end faucet axor high end faucets for your bathroom axor high end faucets ideas axor high end faucets axor high end luxury faucet


7.    Lefroy Brooks

One of the best in the luxury world, but with a different touch this time, a much more classical one. Lefroy was often called the “Rolls Royce” of bathrooms, of plumbing fixtures. They focus on making classic products, but paying attention to any small detail. You’ll see that in the pictures, and, if you’re a classic and vintage lover, you’ll be really impressed by their products.

They have 2 divisions, one for UK (which is very popular), and another one for US. If you like the 1900 classics, then you will love this brand.

Lefroy Brooks high end bathroom faucets elitelux.club Lefroy Brooks high end bathroom faucets elitelux Lefroy Brooks high end bathroom faucets elittlux Lefroy Brooks high end bathroom faucets