Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxe Sanctuary with World-Class Faucets 🌐✨

Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxe Sanctuary with World-Class Faucets 🌐✨

13.    Samuel Heath

This Brand Was founded back in 1820, by a British manufacturer. Samuel Heath is currently a business which is UK Based, selling most of his units in the country, through dealers (distributors), and having also a secondary division in US, where they do a good job.

tHEY produce highly desirable bathroom accessories, and their collections use some of the best British design talents. All of their products got a sense of elegance and uniqueness, as you may see in a few moments.

Offering a luxury range of bath products, they attract internationally the attention of the press, and today are known in innovation & quality departments really well.

They got a proven experience in the field, with a lot of attention to detail in the process of making the best products. Each item is assembled, checked and packed only by skilled individuals.

Their main factory is in Birmingham, where they got all of the manufacturing quality check, with at least 28 stages of operation.

Samuel website got approx. 10k visitors a month, most of them coming from SEO, Direct Traffic and Social Media Instagram.

We found out that all of their technicians that designs the products gotta have at least 10 – 15 years of experience, before getting hired. All of their departments are striving for the best, and looking up to expand in more countries as well, since only in UK they got 40%+ of the sales.

In my opinion, I think they should focus a bit more on Qatar market, since they are really interested in Samuel products; Qatar audiences stays a lot on their website (half an hour on average), and are visiting a lot of pages (30 pages on average), compared to people from other countries (visiting 7-10 pages and staying about 5 minutes on average).

Their market demographics are inclined more towards men (54%), than woman, from 25 – 34 years old age category, most of the time.

We have again some pieces of art all made in the UK, designed with much attention to details as we said, so give them a try, especially if you are an UK citizen who wants to support local businesses πŸ˜‰ .

What makes the products so wanted in UK and US, and environment friendly is the fact that the company uses 80% recycled matter as raw materials. This makes the Samuel Brand one of the best in the industry around the world since ETHIC’S are so important in a Business.


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14.    GRAFF

Graff is a British Jewellery company, based in London. Founded back in 1960, they started with the manufacture & retail of jewellery & watches, and nowadays, thanks to today’s CEO Francois Graff, the company sells more than “just diamonds”.

Having more than 500 employees, they got the responsability to create the best pieces of art.

You thought is about, right? I was to, when searching online and researching this topic :)) but no, we are talking about now xD

Okey good, you saw something you like in their bathroom collection?

Good, now why don’t you make a purchase?

Their website got approx. 22k visitors a month, and the vast majority of the clients are coming from France, US, Spain, Canada and Italy.

Most of their clients found the website by searching online for “graff robinetterie”, “graff faucets” or graff mods.

Their social media activity focus towards pinterest, and whatsapp heavily, but at the end of the day only, people which are coming from search engines are most likely to convert into customers.

Markets from Italy, Spain and Canada are more likely to buy from them nowadays and the audience demographics of Graff design shows us somehow like a 50-50% male / female ratio of customers, people ranging from 25 to 44 years old in most cases, then seniors of 45 – 54 yrs.

I can assure you there is no other brand as innovative and unique as Graff is. They promote the idea of transforming the boring shower time in a gorgeous moment of relaxing and why not, energizing for the whole day.

They are very dedicated to the highest quality designs and materials, so they are at the top of the list among the worldwide brands.  

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15.    Moen

They are well-known for the long time usability of the products. In fact, this brand is well recognised as one of the top leaders in kitchen & bathroom faucets in the US..

Their quality is guaranteed by all the reviews you can find online, and I tend to trust people and their stories. Moen is also known for operating very smoothly and easily, and for the fact that addresses To High End Consumers. Their products have been manufactured under the highest standards of quality & workmanship, so…you are in good hands here.

We liked a lot the brilliant finishes of Moen Products, and in our research we find out that this brand is one of the most trusted faucet brands out there. Their products are really easy to install to, and with a low maintenance needed. Their unique finishes & variety of styles will convince you immediatily.

We digged up a few rating websites & forums, and we find out that Moen products are really highly-rated by customers.


Having a wide range of products, as to be able to satisfy any needs and preferences you might have, Moen conquers the entire planet really fast and today, their website got even 1,1 Million visitors a month.

What we liked the most about this brand, is the fact that they started to find a way to get into smart homes to.

How? you might ask.
Simple. With their new Moen’s New Voice-Controlled Faucet !

THE U – By Moen Smart Faucet – can integrate with your Alexa & Google Assistant. Controlling your faucet either by motion, voice, app or handle is so easy now. (but we will talk more about this specific product in a later material)

The faucet products made by Moen are increasing in interest, as we see bellow:

Even after just 2 seconds of clicking their website, we found this amazing quote:
Water designs our life. Who designs for Water?

Isn’t it interesting? If we think about it, we are more than 60% made out of water, and indeed, through history, water really shaped lives, not only for us humans, but also for animals and plants.

In a modern era where water was, is and will be very important, someone found out who can designs for water? Moen of course. πŸ™‚  In my opinion, that is some smart marketing by integrating this info ! πŸ˜‰

But apart from that, let’s find out some of their metrics behind all this success they got ! πŸ˜‰

Okey, so, we have a few conclusions and pin points to add & review here, then u can elaborate on that and check the graphs bellow if you are interested to find out more ! πŸ˜‰

First thing first, I gotta say that Moen, as a brand overall has a really good track record over time and continues to increase in popularity all over the world, thanks to their awesome and reliable products.

They got 4 mobile apps, both for Android and IOS

A device distribution of 6 / 10 Desktop (from where people access their site)
– Monthly visits of: 1.1 Million
– Average visit duration: 5 minutes
– Average pages / visit of: 5 pages
– Average Bounce Rate: 45%

As a channel overview:
– 5 / 10 SEO (5 out of 10 people are coming from search engines)
– 4 / 10 Direct Traffic
– 1 / 10 – Either Paid or Display Ads, Referrals, Social Media or E-mail Marketing.

TOP Countries / Markets of Moen:
– US – more than 90%
– Canada
– UK
– China
– Taiwan
– Mexico
– Vietnam
– India


In terms of search traffic:
– 9 / 10 Organic
– 1 / 10 Paid Traffic

Their top most searched terms are related to:
Faucets in general, kitchen faucets, and bathroom faucets.

They invest money in those keywords to, in order to appear higher in search engines with some beautiful made ads xD

Some of their top referring categories are from websites in:

– Home & Garden niche (around 50%)
– Home Improvement
– Construction & Maintenance
– Arts
– Banking Credit & Lending.

Regarding Social Media:
– 4 / 10 Pinterest (in terms of social media, 4 out of 10 people are coming from Pinterest)
– 3 / 10 Facebook
– 2 / 10 Youtube
– 2 / 10 Either Linkedin, or Reddit


They use Google Adwords in more than 90% of the cases as an advertising network, and a bit of skimlinks.

Some of their top competitors includes:

Their target market is a bit senior, compared to the other brands we analyzed today, as Moen is more oriented to seniors from the age group of 35 – 54 years old, even to 64. Most people accessing their site are male (60%)

83% of their traffic is branded traffic, which is huge, and that means 8 out of 10 people are searching their name in Google, associated with the products they want, not only the products they are looking for and that’s it.

They rank on 6k keywords right now, and are paying Google for 465 keywords. The CPC is ranging from 1$ to as much as 41$

People tend to value not only their products, but also the instruction sheets that come with the product, which are well made.

Moen developed also a cool asset you can download on their website, which covers a design planning checklist for the bathroom; you can download it HERE 

In terms of product ads, it seems that Moen bids more and more for the following type of products:

– handheld shower head – made in USA
– outdoor solar shower
– shower faucet
– shower head and faucet kit
– dual shower heads
– magnetic shower head.

Below you can see some of their best performing text ads:

Most of their Ads appears online on news & media websites, or sport websites, you can find below a few examples:


As a quick ending conclusion !

Moen is indeed one of the trusted faucet brands you can ever find, covering up both residential & commercial needs of products & accessories, which are Eco-Friendly to !

Moen’s products have a variety of finishes with powerful innovations, which are Highly-Rated By Customers, and the efficiency & performance of their faucets passed the test of time. The maintenance of those is really low for all of styles u might choose.

If you are wondering about their support, don’t worry, is really there 24 / 7 for ya to help, so in the end, wrapping up all the facts and combining them together we can say for sure a thing. Yes, EliteLux Recommends This Brand, Moen being one of a kind in today’s market of faucets !

Feel free to check out their bathroom faucets category right on the link below:

Bathroom Faucets | Moen



Here you can see some of their top most used phrases & keywords which attracts most of the users:

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16.    Pfister

Founded in 1910 in LA, by Emil Price and William Pfister. This Brand Is known for Having the Widest Selections of faucets.

This Brand, Along As American Standard, Are Known As The Best Brand For General Homeowner Use.

Their product sales have never stopped or went back. Never. Thinking why? Well, they have always kept the high quality and the affordable prices, as for anybody to be able to buy and transform their bathroom in the dream one.

Most of their products are made in Korea, by contract factories.
Their goods are good quality, stylish, very reliable, as well as protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

Today, Pfister is owned by Spectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated Hardware and Home Improvement Group. Price Pfister has good quality products, and their design edges more on the classical side.

People keep saying that their products are a bit better than Moen, even plumbers. So, if you are looking for a beautiful design, at an affordable price, covering as well good quality & lifetime warranty, then Pfister is for you.


17.    Danze

They are known out there as the most creative brand, ready to adapt to any change in the market and in the customer’s preferences. Danze are one of the largest faucet manufacturers in the world today.

Globe Union Industrial Corporation owns Danze and their quality is very good for the price.

They have 10.000+ associates, working hard to make the best products possible. Is good to know also that their warranty covers a period of 5 years.

They incorporate European and American designs most of the time, but also began to develop their own sense of style, the new ones are even excellent, 10 out of 10 !

If you want your kitchen and your bathroom to speak, to stand out and be out of the ordinary, you have to take a look at their website and check. They also designed a very luxury line for those who want a little bit more.



As you may already notice, there are quite a few things that you need to take into consideration such as:

  • Construction & Valve Type
  • Compression
  • Cartridge
  • Ceramic Disc
  • Design & Style
  • Faucet finish choices (like chrome, nickel, stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, brass, matte black, copper, white etc.)
  • Maintenance
  • Spout Hight
  • Sink Choice
  • Space & Thickness
  • Water Pressure
  • Price
  • Lead Time


high end bathroom faucets around the world


For more details, feel free to read this amazing guide as well >

There are more than 200 Brands We Could Cover Here, but we focused only on the most important ones.

Hope you enjoyed it and now you are better prepared to make the best decision in your specific case ! πŸ˜‰




TOTO Japanese manufacturer of plumbing products, known for elegant and catchy designs
Kohler American manufacturer of plumbing products, offers a wide range of high-quality faucets
Gessi Italian manufacturer of luxury kitchen and bath faucets, known for innovative designs and eco-friendly materials
WetStyle Canadian manufacturer of high-quality bathtubs and bathroom fixtures
AquaBrass Canadian company offering luxury bathroom faucets with innovative designs
AXOR German manufacturer of luxury faucets, known for collaborating with leading designers to create unique and innovative products
Lefroy Brooks British brand specializing in classic and vintage bathroom fixtures, known for attention to detail and unique hardware
Stone Forest American company offering hand-carved granite bathroom fixtures with a focus on natural materials
THG Paris French manufacturer of high-end bathroom faucets, known for elegant and luxurious designs
Dornbracht German manufacturer of premium bathroom faucets with a focus on innovation and precision manufacturing
Perrin & Rowe British brand offering custom-made luxury bathroom faucets, known for attention to detail and classic designs
GRAFF British brand offering high-quality bathroom faucets with innovative designs
Moen American brand known for high-quality and reliable faucets, offers a wide range of styles and finishes
Pfister American brand offering a wide selection of faucets with good quality and affordable prices
Danze American brand known for creative designs and adaptability to market trends

Please note that this is a summary of the article and does not reflect personal opinions or endorsements.



Discover top faucet brands like TOTO, Kohler, Gessi, and more.

  1. What are the top luxury bathroom faucet brands?

    Some of the top luxury bathroom faucet brands include TOTO, Kohler, Gessi, Dornbracht, and THG Paris.

  2. Which brand offers eco-friendly bathroom faucets?

    Gessi is known for offering eco-friendly bathroom faucets made from natural materials.

  3. Are there any British brands that specialize in classic bathroom fixtures?

    Lefroy Brooks and Perrin & Rowe are British brands that specialize in classic and vintage bathroom fixtures.

  4. Which brand offers innovative and customizable bathroom faucets?

    Dornbracht offers innovative and customizable bathroom faucets with a focus on precision manufacturing.

  5. What are some reliable and affordable bathroom faucet brands?

    Pfister and Moen are known for offering reliable and affordable bathroom faucets.

high end bathroom faucets - concept design

high end bathroom faucets - concept design by author

high end bathroom faucets - concept design by author -

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