The World's Most Expensive Yacht: History Supreme

The World's Most Expensive Yacht: History Supreme



Have you ever wondered what the world’s most expensive yacht looks like? Ok, but have you heard of the world’s most expensive yacht, the History Supreme? It is a $4.84 billion luxury masterpiece toy that we are going to talk about today 🙂 Want to know from what materials he was made? In my article, you’ll find the answers to questions like these.


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Discover the World’s Most Expensive Yacht: History Supreme’s $4.84B Luxury ✨


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  1. Title: Discover the World’s Most Expensive Yacht: History Supreme’s $4.84B Luxury ✨
  2. Focus: History Supreme, the world’s most expensive yacht.
  3. Designer: Stuart Hughes.
  4. Owner: Anonymous Malaysian businessman (Robert Kuok).
  5. Materials: Gold, platinum, and meteorite rock.
  6. Features: Master bedroom with gold walls, T-Rex bone statues, meteorite rock decor.
  7. Dimensions: 100 feet long, three decks, 82 tons displacement.
  8. Luxury: Movie theater, hot tubs, office space, submarine garage.
  9. Purpose: Status symbol and private enjoyment.
  10. Value: Artistic and unique design, but limited social value.


When people talk about billionaires, the first things that come to mind are luxury cars, mansions, private jets, and superyachts. Only billionaires can afford these luxury toys, but they can also enjoy them. But let’s dig deeper into what makes a superyacht so expensive. We will look at History Supreme today and see why it has that price tag, but let’s explore this a bit now.

An interesting feature is its jewels encrusted on the exterior and interior. A very expensive material that adorns the boat is known as “black Corian.” This material is used to make the floors and other structural parts of boats. It is also used in several luxury cars and airports. Although this material has taken over the yachting industry, it can still be found in restaurants, casinos, and some high-end homes because of its unique design and beauty.

The central deck of the Supreme consists of a large area for dining, seating, and sunbathing. The master cabin has a king-size bed and can be separated from the rest of the decks by its sliding doors. Other features are a movie theater, hot tubs, office space, and an elevator that takes you to the submarine garage.

Have you ever thought about what kind of person would spend that much money on a yacht? Now, I’m not going to spend this whole blog post talking about how rich people spend money frivolously. There’s nothing new under the sun there — it’s the same old story of materialism we’ve heard before and will hear again. Instead, let’s get down to brass tacks: if you had 4.84 billion dollars, which yacht would you buy? That’s a better question you can ask yourself! 😉

It has been almost a year since the yacht known as History Supreme was put up for sale. The enormous 488-foot long ship is an awesome jewel-encrusted toy, which makes you feel like a king on board.

So you might have heard that a Malaysian businessman took ownership of the world’s most expensive yacht. It is a cool $4.84 billion plaything in his mind to feel like a superhero. When you look at this yacht closely, you will see why it is pricey. The yacht can be yours for just $5 billion. We heard he’s going to sell it soon.

The Malaysian billionaire who owns this yacht can be described as a toy collector because his treasure trove of toys includes History Supreme and other ships like P-51 Mustangs, jet fighters, and classic guitars. Every day after working, he spends his time with his fleet of toys.

An ostentatious toy with a very rich owner is not always a good thing. Since not many people can afford to buy it, that means that the yacht will be used for mostly personal purposes. It doesn’t offer any social value since it was made for personal reasons. At least the yacht had an iconic design, so at least there was some artistic value to it.


History Supreme is a luxury yacht built by world-renowned UK luxury designer Stuart Hughes for an anonymous Malaysian businessperson

There’s nothing quite like renting a big ol’ boat to get the blood pumping. The wind, the waves, that feeling of freedom as you sail from place to place and dive into the aquamarine waters. But when it comes to luxury yachting, one barge stands above all others.

This floating palace belongs to an anonymous Malaysian businessman and was designed by Stuart Hughes—a man who knows luxury. He’s also the designer behind some of the world’s most expensive cars, speakers, and iPads. (Seriously.) He also has a penchant for gold—the walls in his master bedroom are made out of gold with an embedded meteorite rock bed frame—so it should come as no surprise that his yacht is just as luxurious, incredibly ostentatious, and expensive.

The Malaysia-based businessman, who owns a hotel and resort business, is History Supreme’s proud new owner. He paid $4.84 billion for it in New York back in August 2017.

The History Supreme is over 100 feet long, has three decks, and weighs one thousand tonnes (that’s 2.2 million pounds). The yacht is decorated with 100 000 kilos (220 460 pounds) of gold and platinum throughout its structure including its railings, anchor, and dining ware. It even has a statue made out of solid titanium that took six months to finish…


If you had the money and taste to commission a yacht, would you choose to have one made of solid gold? Or perhaps studded with precious gems? Well, this is exactly what an unnamed Malaysian businessman did. At over 100 feet long, the mega-yacht has everything that you’d expect from a boat: a master bedroom (with walls of gold and meteorite rock), bars, lounging areas, and even shark-viewing pods—but it’s also made almost entirely from precious metals and rare stones.


A Malaysia-based businessman bought the yacht for $4.84 billion

The owner of this yacht is a little-known Malaysian businessman named Robert Kuok. He has a net worth of $24.9 billion, making him Malaysia’s richest person and the 17th richest person in the world. Kuok made his fortune largely through palm oil, real estate, and mining. How much money does he have? Imagine that you spent $1 every second on something that cost $1 (a penny, a can of Coke, a banana) and didn’t stop until you run out of money—it would take three days for you to finish spending Kuok’s fortune. That’s how much money we’re talking about here!


An awesome wall of pure gold and meteorite rock

The master bedroom is decorated with a wall of pure gold and meteorite rock. The other walls have been covered in 24-carat gold leaf. The bathroom is made from solid gold, which includes the sink and taps. A statue of a T-Rex skeleton has also been incorporated into the design. The decking has been made from teak wood, and a special anchor has been fashioned out of 100 kg of gold and platinum, with precious stones encrusted inside it, which serves as the anchor’s weight.


History Supreme is an awesome, jewel-encrusted toy

So what’s the story behind this insane vessel? Well, according to the yacht’s owner, it was commissioned by Malaysian businessman Robert Knok. The crafty designer was Stuart Hughes, from Liverpool, England, who has designed a bunch of outrageously expensive products over the years. The boat itself is made from gold and platinum, with a total weight of around 100 kg (220 lb). It also has solid gold statues and pure platinum deck fittings, all of which make History Supreme worth $4.8 billion!

But what’s even more impressive is that you can actually buy this boat. Yes, if you have enough money laying around, you can get your hands on one of the most expensive yachts in history and live out your wildest dreams. And if you happen to be concerned about scuffing it up while docking and undocking, just think about how good the ship could look after having a good restoration job done on it.

Just kidding! If we had that kind of money, we’d probably do other things with it, like invest in some stocks or throw them all away so somebody else could find them — but that’s just us!


History Supreme is an amazing luxury superyacht

The History Supreme is a 100-foot superyacht crafted from gold and platinum, and it’s currently the most expensive yacht in the world. The History Supreme is made entirely of gold and platinum, including the 10-foot tall anchor, which weighs 2.2 pounds, the dining area with chairs made of meteorite rock, and a master suite that features an aquarium filled with genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bones encrusted with precious stones—reportedly worth $54 million all on their own.


Yacht Dimensions!

Owning a superyacht is a status symbol that brings bragging rights that no other asset can provide, you can ask even Jeff Bezos 😉 The History Supreme measures 100 feet in length and has a beam length of 20 feet. The keel is an astounding 10 feet long, while its mast stands at an amazing 140 feet in height. The hull is similarly impressive, standing at 50 feet tall.

For the know-it-alls out there, the History Supreme’s draft is 8.5 feet deep, has a displacement of 82 tons, and has a deadweight of 92 tons. It’s made out of a custom alloy that contains 60 percent platinum and 40 percent gold. The history supreme is the most expensive yacht in the world for a reason, is literally equipped with everything you need to live comfortably and safely at sea.


The interior of the yacht is adorned with some very rare and expensive materials

The interior of the yacht is adorned with some very rare and expensive materials. The walls are made with meteorite rock, while the deck is covered with 100,000 kilograms of pure gold. The master bedroom has a wall featuring an incredibly rare Tyrannosaurus rex fossil and walls covered in 68 kilograms of 24-carat gold. Other lavish designs include statues made from meteorites, a 24-carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium filled with exotic fish from all over the world, and a wine cellar filled with exceptional vintages.


History Supreme is the world’s most expensive yacht at $4.84 billion

For privacy reasons, this anonymous Malaysian businessman has requested to not be named (with a $4.84 billion price tag on this boat, it’s no wonder why he wouldn’t want his name released), but most people already know that he is Robert Knok.

The boat took over three years to build and $4.84 billion to complete. When it was finally completed, the History Supreme became the most expensive yacht ever built and put the previous record holder, Eclipse, in second place with a $1.5 billion price tag.

It is constructed out of 5 tons of pure 24-carat gold and platinum that have been finished off with 100,000 kg of solid steel as well as several other valuable materials such as titanium, teak wood, and some other precious stones such as diamonds, which are placed throughout various parts of the boat, like railings or water faucets within bathroom sinks or bathtub fixtures – all decorated with intricate detailing made completely out of meteorite stone!



You’re a businessperson who craves luxury and posh accommodation, right? That’s why you fly the best airline, stay at the finest resorts, dine in only the best restaurants, and drink only the finest of wines. It’s all about accessorizing, right?

The elegant room decor, the fine cutlery, and the exquisite jewelry. Yes, you need all that to be taken care of by someone else. It has always been like this since mankind started trading with each other.

The rich demand high-quality service from tradesmen. Even today, in this modern age of e-commerce and industrial automation, people are still driven by the illusion of exclusivity. To that end, it is no surprise that some businessmen would actively seek out the very best yacht in existence.


With a massive vessel like this, we can conclude that the owner of history supreme wants to feel important, and he hopes that the world will think of him as a very rich and powerful man. The yacht is almost like a status symbol for its owner; it is just for image more than anything else. He bought this pleasure boat to enjoy a wonderful life with his friends and family.


Most of us would have wished at least once in our lifetime to be able to live on a yacht. If you are one of the lucky ones, you need to make sure that you spend sufficient time exploring every single detail of your boat. To get away from the chaos and clutter of staterooms, it is best if you have your own private quarters or even a mini-suite where you can just lie back and relax while admiring the view outside.

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