Wondering How To Grow Your Amazing Hair, But Faster? Here Is The Magic Behind That You Need To Learn About

Wondering How To Grow Your Amazing Hair, But Faster? Here Is The Magic Behind That You Need To Learn About

I can bet any woman out there is wondering how to grow hair faster? Since we were kids, we’ve always dreamt about that gorgeous princess hair as we saw in every cartoon. Even nowadays Barbie has a long and beautiful hair. I’m wondering though? Is there any doll on the market, which doesn’t have extremely long hair?

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Let’s go through this so popular question on how to make your hair grow faster, and find some tips and tricks about it. Along with these, I will provide you some DIY hair masks which I guarantee will work! Stay close!Anyway, don’t expect to find here that magic hair product which will make it grow in 24h because it doesn’t exist! It simply doesn’t, no matter what! Forget those fake retails who are promising you the heaven 🙂 if you want a long hair in minutes, you better go for some hair extensions and enjoy it for 4-6 months, until you have to replace them.



The main keyword when you join the “growing your hair journey” is PATIANCE and effort! A good friend of mine, which, by the way, has a very long and healthy hair, told me once that she is using the same hair mask every weekend (on Saturdays) since she was in her 20s. Now she’s 30 :))


Tips&Triks on how to grow your hair faster

#1 Trim your hair!

Get as frequent trims as you can, I mean on a regular basis, four times a year (once 3 months). Eliminating all those split ends will prevent your hair loss. The hair will not use anymore nutrients to keep that dry and split end alive, so you can save them for the actual healthy hair you still have.

#2 Dont’t go from brunette to blonde!

If you are a veritable brunette, please, please do not go blonde!! Not even ombre! I did it, and I am deeply regretting this mistake. Once you apply that blonde you will damage the cuticle of your hair and you can definitely say goodbye to any change of a rapid hair growth. All these kind of chemical treatments will harm your keratin and structure ofyour hair. So please stay away from blonde!

#3 Keep your scalp as healthy as possible using the right shampoo

When wondering about how to get long hair, go a little bit beyond and realize that you need strong and healthy roots. Treat your scalp with healthy ingredients and definitely avoid shampoos which are full of chemicals. Go for the natural ones. There are plenty on the market.You can also have a look through this article and find the best shampoo for fast hair growth: Most Expensive Shampoo | TOP 10 | Exotic & Precious Ingredients to Grow Your Hair !

Ah… and be careful! Avoid DAILY SHAMPOONING!!! This is a must. I know you want it to smell and look good, but cleaning it daily will do much worse than good to your hair. Shampooing will clean all the natural oils that your scalp is producing in order to protect your hairs. If you are cleaning it every single day, all you do is to keep your scalp dry, which is not “a good environment” for hair growth.

#4 Avoid high heat styling tools

Definitely use a heat protectant and decrease the temperature. We don’t want our hair to break or frizz.

#5 Be careful how you brush it

Especially when your hair is still wet! You must use a brush that will go easy on your hairs and will not damage it.

I also recomend kids hair brushes. After many years of searching the perfect brush, I’ve tried one of my niece )) I had no other one near me so I used that. I was amazingly surprised to find that the Hello Kitty Brush did the magic! Maybe the brands which are creating them must use softer materials, because they are for kids, and that is why it really goes smoothly through your hair. TRUST ME!

#6 Eat a healthy diet

And that is recommended no matter what. It will help you increase your entire health, starting with a better looking skin and hair. When you switch from a very bad diet to a healthy one, the first signs can be observed on your skin, nails and hair. You must stick to a diet with food high in vitamins A, B, C, and E. The most important for hair growth is the B complex



How to get your hair to grow super fast?

Well, considering you already took into consideration all the advice provided above, you can now start using a weekly mask to grow hair fast.That’s how you can nourish its roots and boosts its growth. I am going to share with you my DIY weekly routine, and then give you some alternatives, so you can choose the best that fits your need or preferences.The best way to grow hair is at home.

So here is My magic combination of ingredients:

– Extra-virgin olive oil 1 spoon- Juice from half a lemon (or Lemon oil 1 spoon)

– Coconut oil 1 spoon- Vitamin A (which comes as an oil in a black glass bottle)

– I am using 3-4 drops

– Castor oil (rich in vitamin E which promotes hair growth naturally)

– 1 small spoon

– + I have to admit I’m taking Biotin (vitamin B, 1 pill every 2 days) supplements because I am not eating that much meat as I am supposed to do as to make sure my body will have enough biotin for my nails and hair.

You can mix them all together and massage (circular motion) your entire scalp and hair with this mixture . Then put on a shower cap and wait 4 to 6 hours. I am doing this when I know I’ll stay home for cleaning, washing clothes and dishes, reading, working on my laptop or enjoying some good movies. So, make sure you have at least 4 h free for that.

Then you rinse and shampoo as you do every time. Because it is an oily based mask you will feel the need to shampoo twice or even more. No worries, do it until you feel your hair clean. Then let it dry naturally.

The Mother Nature gave us the Essential Oils which have truly amazing benefits! For a complete answer on how to make hair grow faster, see these oils which you can mix together for a DIY mask:

Peppermint, which is known for improving circulation;

Tea tree oil, which soothes your scalp and helps get rid of dandruff;

Lavander Oil – Improves circulation;

Rosemary essential oil – stimulating hair follicles;

Thyme – rejuvenates hair follicles, which helps make hair grow faster

P.S. If you are not sure how to use these oil you can ask a natural health practitioner or your doctor. If you are allergic to any oil above, you can always use Aleo Vera instead.

Find here some awesome ideas of how to combine all these oils above.

Up Nature is a great website if you want to learn the deep secrets of Mather Nature.Guys, let me know which one will you try and the results you get!! I’m so so curious!

Hope this guide helped you. If any questions, leave a comment below!