Spectacular Floating House You Need To See | Ever-Expanding Industry And The Joy Of A Floating Life (price, plans, designs & all you need to know about it)

Spectacular Floating House You Need To See | Ever-Expanding Industry And The Joy Of A Floating Life (price, plans, designs & all you need to know about it)

I’ll say that a floating house is a beach side paradise and a modern living life. Architects are going wild with their ideas of design for this ever-expanding industry. What’s your vision of this whole idea? Don’t you think “house on water” will be soon more of a necessity than a fancy thing? Just think about all the studies made by The National Climate Assessment, which showed up that there will be a 4 feet rise in the sea level by 2100. Cities are expanding, and, as many of them are located next to the seaside or big rivers, and the ice melts more and more every year, building on the waterfront have become risky. A floating house may be the solution for your dream of living near the seaside. Not being threatened by the water anymore, but loving and living with it… or… to be much more accurate… living on it! [Love that]

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Floating homes and all the technology behind their architecture isn’t new. The floating house design concept may be difficult to understand for many of us, so I am not gonna talk about its all structure and details. They are actually built with the same materials and technology as the “terra firma” homes.

Oh! Now I am wondering whether you know the difference between a houseboat and a floating house.

Well, is not the same! NO NO NO! Let’s make it clear.

Houseboats = a house which can freely navigate / travel the waterways, and has its own motor which facilitates this.

– While, Floating Homes are built on floats anchored, usually, to a semi-permanent place on the water.

There are two types of floating homes out there:

#1 those which are permanently floating in lakes or any other waterways


This is the RIGHT Photo:

and those which are floating only when the flood waters swell,

sitting on the land when it is the dry season.


The entire floating real-estate market is quickly rising again, so take into consideration any opportunity you see. Before any move, make sure you can afford not only the house itself, but also the floating home insurance. It has always been both difficult and expensive to obtain it. The water is, of course, considered a “high risk” area, thus there are not so many companies which can provide you a full coverage.

Now let’s go back to the feeling of living in such a house on water.

Imagine yourself having dinner on the dock, enjoying the sunrise which reflects off the water on your “back yard”. Like this one:

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Check these awesome photos of Luxury floating homes around the world:


If you don’t feel like buying such a home, or you just want to try the feeling of living in such a place, you can go to a floating hotel, book an awesome room, either on the water or under the water. Imagine the experience underwater!!! You must try that!

Floating Homes for Sale – The Floating Seahorse Signature Edition

Talking about the luxury real-estate industry, here is a gorgeous project named The Floating Seahorse Signature Edition. It is about a couple of floating houses, especially designed for big families with children. What is great about this project is the fact that you can actually customize every floor as to meet your need and expectations.

Floating Home Video


& as we talked before about floating and underwater hotels, here is a stunning suite in Dubai: Underwater Suite at The Atlantis, The Palm Dubai!



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