iPhone 14 Pro Review: Chasing the Dream 📱 Upgrades, Innovations & Existential Musings 🤔

iPhone 14 Pro Review: Chasing the Dream 📱 Upgrades, Innovations & Existential Musings 🤔

Part 1: Introduction: The Allure of the Latest iPhone

Every year, the launch of Apple’s iPhone model creates a lot of excitement and anticipation. As customers, we are intrigued by the idea of groundbreaking functions and improved user interaction.

In September 2022, Apple introduced its recent flagship phone, the iPhone 14 Pro. Featuring a pill-shaped cutout instead of the notch, an Always On screen, a 48MP camera, and the high-performance A16 Bionic chip, the iPhone 14 Pro comes with significant enhancements hidden within its sleek design.

After using it as his daily driver for a week straight, I want to back it up with an extensive review packed with nuanced takes, but the verdict proved controversial, sparking heated debate among Apple fans. In this multi-part blog post, we’ll dive deep into the iPhone 14 Pro review to unpack the intriguing complexities at play. Beyond just the standard tech specs, we’ll explore the philosophical underpinnings guiding a consumer’s relationship with a beloved product.

So get ready to geek out, dear reader! This is no ordinary product review; this is an existential meditation on the seductive power of Apple’s reality distortion field.

Why do we crave the latest iPhone so desperately?

Let’s find out!

Why do we crave the latest iPhone so desperately?


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– iPhone 14 Pro delivers meaningful upgrades: 48MP camera, Dynamic Island, A16 chip, Always-On display
– 48MP sensor enables new creative possibilities for photographers, especially with ProRAW
– Dynamic Island adds visual flair but practical utility remains to be seen
– A16 Bionic and iOS 16 offer iterative improvements, not game-changing leaps
– Display enhancements like peak HDR brightness and 1Hz refresh rate enable Always-On mode
– Battery life remains solid despite new features thanks to power efficiency optimizations
– iPhone 14 Pro is an excellent all-around device but may not feel revolutionary to demanding users
– Existential musings on constantly chasing the next big thing and tempering hype/expectations
– Recommended for iPhone 11 or earlier upgraders, 12/13 Pro users may want to wait another year
– Apple still sets the pace of smartphone progress, even if breakthroughs have slowed


Quick TL;DR – Is the iPhone 14 Pro Still Worthwhile?

  • Apple software support: Probably 5-6 years
  • Realistic lifespan: 3-4 years, maybe more
  • Upgrade worthy? Depends on what you’re using now (if you are using an iPhone 11 or below I think it may be a good upgrade)
  • Big improvements over older iPhones, less noticeable if you have a 13 Pro
  • Battery life is solid
  • The Dynamic Island is kinda cool, kinda gimmicky
  • Camera is chef’s kiss
  • Refurbished 13 Pro might be a smarter budget buy
  • Not the top-selling iPhone of its generation
  • ¡Hola! Consider a carrier deal or trade-in program para ahorrar dinero💸


Brand new information


Part 2: The Honeymoon Phase: Enamoured With Novelty

Iphone evolution

That childlike euphoria when unboxing a brand new iPhone, we all know it well. The slick packaging, the gleaming finish, and that sweet new phone smell (mmm…chemicals!). Apple has basically turned iPhones into toys for adults. Initially, I was smitten with the iPhone 14 Pro. That gorgeous new Deep Purple color! The way the Dynamic Island fluidly shifts and changes shape! Sheer geek heaven! I practically giggled while customising the new lock screen, enthralled by the novelty of it all.

iPhone 14 Pro Purple colour

But the honeymoon period starts wearing off because nothing retains that “new and exciting” feeling permanently. Features that initially dazzled became just…normal. Still, for tech enthusiasts, the iPhone 14 Pro felt like a meaningful upgrade, at first. The A16 Bionic chip delivers excellent performance gains. The screen now refreshes at 1 Hz for Always-On capability without sacrificing battery life.

But was it a monumental, society-altering upgrade?

Not quite. As the initial thrill faded, I realised the iPhone 14 Pro was more iterative than innovative, but Apple still packed enough new goodies for loyal upgraders.


Part 3: Camera Upgrades: Megapixels & Modalities

“The best camera is the one that’s with you.” – Chase Jarvis (photographer). And the iPhone 14 Pro just might be the ultimate pocket powerhouse.


Iphone 14 pro camera

For iPhone users, the camera system is arguably the headline upgrade year after year. This time, in a major move, Apple jumped from a 12MP to a 48MP main camera sensor. More megapixels mean the potential for more detail and flexibility.

In my testing, I found the 48MP camera captures intricate textures, patterns, and details the old 12MP sensor would miss. And Apple employs pixel-binning to fuse data from multiple smaller pixels into one large pixel for improved low-light shots. But the benefits only fully materialise when shooting in ProRAW mode. For casual users shooting JPEGs, the 12MP and 48MP modes are nearly indistinguishable. Only pixel-peepers zooming in can spot minor differences. Still, Apple preserved strong continuity of image processing between generations.

The improved telephoto camera now offers a usable 3x zoom range while maintaining acceptable detail, noise control, and image quality. Apple also added a new Action Mode for smooth video capture during high-intensity activities. It works decently thanks to the A16 Bionic chip’s new image stabilisation algorithms.

While the iPhone 14 Pro doesn’t reinvent phone photography outright, it does expand the shooting envelope. For creators and professionals, the 48MP sensor and ProRAW format open new creative possibilities.


Part 4: Dynamic Island: Useful or Gimmick?

IPhone 14 PRO Dynamic Island: Useful or Gimmick

Easily the most radical design change in the iPhone 14 Pro is the new Dynamic Island, a pill-shaped cutout housing the front camera and Face ID components. It builds on the idea behind the notch but makes it an interactive, shape-shifting UI element. Initially, I was enthralled by Dynamic Island, calling it “fun and futuristic.” The playful animations do add some visual intrigue, but I also worry it could become visually annoying or distracting over time.

In terms of utility, Dynamic Island neatly consolidates the status bar information into an easily glanceable hub. It dynamically expands to preview stuff like AirPod connections, Face ID unlock attempts, turn-by-turn directions, timer alerts, and more.

But is it actually useful, or just visual eye candy? I lean towards the latter. While Apple gets credit for the slick implementation, in most situations, Dynamic Island shows things you can already see by just looking at the status bar. It doesn’t seem to add any new functionality per se. And unfortunately, third-party apps can’t tap into Dynamic Island’s capabilities right now beyond basic notifications. So the interactive potential remains largely untapped. For practical purposes, the jury is still out on Dynamic Island, but it does hint at some promising future possibilities.


Part 5: Display & Battery: Nits, Hertz, & Power

IPhone 14 battery

While not as flashy as the camera and Dynamic Island upgrades, the iPhone 14 Pro display and battery also saw notable improvements.

Let’s start with the display. It now gets even brighter outdoors, hitting up to 2000 nits of peak HDR brightness. This allows better visibility in challenging lighting. Apple also added an Always-On mode to keep showing glanceable information on the lock screen without chewing through battery life.

IPhone 14 always on display

To pull the Always-On display off, Apple dropped the screen’s refresh rate down to just 1 Hz when static. This puts far less strain on the battery than if it stayed at 10 or 120 Hz constantly. iOS 16 also optimises frame rates in other scenarios to conserve power.

In my testing, I found battery life to remain very consistent despite the faster chip and Always-On display. Apple’s power efficiency optimisations prevent any major battery drain while adding new capabilities.

The iPhone 14 Pro battery life won’t blow anyone’s mind, but it’s reliable. And almost all iPhone upgraders already own batteries, cables, and chargers that still work fine. There’s no need to purchase all new accessories.

While not the most attention-grabbing upgrades, the improved display brightness, refresh rates, and power efficiency combine to offer a meaningfully enhanced overall user experience.


Part 6: A16 Chip & iOS 16: Iterative Improvements

A16 Bionic chip

The A16 Bionic chip powering the iPhone 14 Pro builds on previous Apple silicon success rather than reinventing the wheel. Manufactured on an enhanced 5nm process, the A16 delivers a nice jump in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance versus last year’s A15.

In benchmarks, I recorded a 14% increase in CPU speeds, a 39% faster GPU, and nearly 3x faster machine learning performance with the 16-core Neural Engine. This translates to snappier app loading, smoother gameplay, and quicker ML tasks. But is the A16 chip game-changing? Not quite.

While the performance gains outpace rivals utilising the same 5nm process, chip manufacturing has plateaued recently. The era of massive generational leaps with each die shrink seems over; we’re now in an age of iterative refinements.

The A16 gives the iPhone 14 Pro plenty of headroom and some future-proofing, but apps and services will need to further evolve to take advantage of the extra horsepower. Otherwise, it risks just being overkill for today’s needs. Similarly, iOS 16 refines the iPhone experience without redefining it. New features like customisable lock screens, the iCloud Shared Photo Library, and key Safari tab group enhancements are certainly welcome. But it doesn’t include that one must-have, killer feature you can’t live without.

For better or worse, iOS 16 feels more like iOS 15S, a solid point upgrade building on existing frameworks rather than a radical overhaul. But stability has its virtues too, for an OS used by over a billion people.


Part 7: The Biggest Mistake? Philosophical Musings

My issue isn’t with the iPhone 14 Pro itself; it’s a truly excellent device that meaningfully improves photography, displays, performance, and battery life compared to iPhone 13 Pro models. And Apple nailed the overall product execution. Rather, the existential quandary stems more from my personal relationship with technology, constantly chasing the next big thing only to be let down when it doesn’t revolutionise his world outright.

Only by consciously tempering the hype & expectations we can make peace with iterative updates.


The iPhone 14 Pro is an impressive achievement, building upon Apple’s outstanding track record, but its refinements may understandably feel underwhelming to ultra-demanding power users who are always hungry for the next big revolution. Ultimately, I’m still happily recommending the iPhone 14 Pro to upgraders and new iPhone buyers alike. While not a mythical dream phone, it delivers fantastic all-around performance and photographic capabilities inside a thoughtfully designed package. For most buyers, it will prove to be a supremely satisfying device.


Part 8: Final Verdict: Well Worth It for Upgraders

So, what’s the final verdict?

Cat iPhone support


The iPhone 14 Pro’s upgrades feel substantial enough to strongly appeal to last-gen iPhone 13 Pro users ready for an upgrade, but users with an iPhone 12 Pro or earlier may crave more dramatic improvements.

The 48MP main camera introduces new creative options via ProRAW capture. Performance gains stay comfortably ahead of competitors. Dynamic Island’s whimsical animations add some visual charm. And the display notch replacement creates a more immersive viewing experience. But the always-on hype cycle threatens to obscure just how capable the iPhone 13 Pro still remains. It already supports nearly all the same iOS 16 capabilities.


While the iPhone 14 Pro clearly outpaces it, it’s no game-changer relative to last year’s model.


Ultimately, I don’t view buying the iPhone 14 Pro as a true mistake per se, just a reflection of the insatiable desire to always chase the next big breakthrough innovation. More of a philosophical quandary than a product-specific complaint. For owners of older iPhone models, the 14 Pro makes a terrific upgrade, but 13 Pro users may want to squeeze another year out of their still-stellar devices before taking the plunge. Either way, Apple sets the pace of progress yet again.



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FAQ – The Actually Interesting Edition

Think of the iPhone 14 Pro as the Swiss Army knife of the tech world. It’s got tools for everything.



Okay, peeps, listen up! I know you’re all about those shiny new iPhones.

So let’s ditch the boring Q&A and get down to the real deets. Buckle up, ’cause this ain’t your average FAQ ride!


Q: Okay, so, what’s the deal? iPhone 14 or 14 Pro – dish the dirt!

Alright, people, let’s get real about these iPhones! We’re ditching the tech jargon and breaking down the iPhone 14 vs. 14 Pro drama. Think of it like this:

  • Cameras: The Pro’s your ticket to Instagram stardom. It’s got a triple-lens setup (including that crazy 48MP main lens!) for pro-level pics. The basic 14 has two cameras, which also rock, but the Pro is next level.
  • Screen: Both got those sweet OLED screens, but the Pro’s smoother than a milkshake with that adaptive refresh rate thingamajig. Plus, it’s got the always-on display, which is kinda nifty.
  • The Brains: The Pro’s got the latest and greatest chip – the A16 Bionic. We’re talking serious speed. The regular 14’s A15 is no slouch, but the Pro just leaves it in the dust.
  • The Look: The Pro finally said “peace out” to that big ol’ notch and replaced it with the fancy “Dynamic Island.” Apart from that, they’re not too different looking.


Here’s where it gets real, folks. Let’s compare these bad boys side-by-side:

Feature iPhone 14 iPhone 14 Pro
Cameras Dual Camera Triple Camera
Chip A15 Bionic A16 Bionic
Display Standard OLED ProMotion OLED, Always-On
Design Notched Dynamic Island


Why is the iPhone 14 Pro special?

Okay, let’s get real. The iPhone 14 Pro ain’t your mama’s smartphone. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Dynamic Island: This little shape-shifter at the top of your screen is like a notification ninja – messages, alerts, music controls… it pops in and out, always keeping you in the loop.
  • Always-On Display: No more fumbling to check the time, like a caveman figuring out fire 🔥. Your vital info is always chilling on your lock screen, even when it’s snoozing.
  • The Camera: Forget carrying around that bulky DSLR. This thing packs a punch – 48MP main sensor for ridiculously detailed shots, buttery-smooth video even in low light, and cinematic mode that’ll make you want to direct your own blockbuster.

But wait, there’s more! Supercharged chip, insane battery life… this phone is like the Iron Man of the tech world.


What are 3 new features of the iPhone 14 Pro?

  1. Dynamic Island: Forget those boring old notches. This interactive zone is where the magic happens. Think of it like a chameleon notification bar! 🦎
  2. Always-On Display: Your phone never truly sleeps anymore. Peep your lock screen for the time, weather, or your latest messages without even tapping it.
  3. That Camera Power-Up: 48MP main sensor, better low-light performance, and a Cinematic Mode so pro that Spielberg might get jealous. 🎬


Is the iPhone 14 Pro waterproof?

Waterproof? Nah. But let’s call it seriously water-resistant. With an IP68 rating, this baby can handle a splash or even a dunk for up to 30 minutes in 6 meters of water.

Pool party mishaps – no sweat! But don’t take it deep-sea diving or try to film your pet goldfish with it… it’s still a phone, not Aquaman’s trident.


Is 128 GB enough for iPhone?

Let’s break it down…

  • Casual user: Snapping the occasional photo, light social media, mostly texts? 128GB will do the trick 👍
  • The App Enthusiast: Lots of games, streaming galore, saving every track on Spotify? You might wanna size up.
  • Shutterbug Central: If you’re taking photos and videos like there’s no tomorrow, especially in fancy formats like ProRAW, go bigger! Nobody wants to play storage Tetris on their phone.

Bottom line: 128GB is good for most folks, but “enough” is always relative. Think about your digital habits, my friend.


Is iPhone 14 Pro worth it and good overall for photography?

HECK YES, especially if…

  • You crave detail: That 48MP sensor is no joke. Zoom in, crop like crazy, and you’ll still have pixel power to spare. It’s like having a microscope in your pocket.
  • You’re a night owl photographer: Low-light shots? This phone scoffs at the dark. Get those moody, atmospheric snaps you’ve always dreamt of.
  • You’re a Spielberg wannabe: Cinematic mode got leveled up too – shallower depth of field and smoother focus transitions for that pro-movie vibe.

Let’s face it: Smartphone cameras are ridiculously good these days, and the iPhone 14 Pro sits atop the throne. So worth it? That depends on your budget and whether those photography superpowers are your jam. 💸


A regular phone is like driving a minivan – reliable, gets the job done. The iPhone 14 Pro? That’s like cruising in a Tesla… sleek, lightning-fast, and heads will turn.


Q: iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. 14 Plus – Who Wins This Battle Royale? 🥊

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. 14 Plus

  • Size Matters: It’s like comparing a monster truck to a sports car. The Pro Max is HUGE (6.7-inch screen), while the Plus is a bit more manageable (6.1-inch).
  • Battery Champ: The Pro Max wins hands down for battery life. It’s a beast.
  • The Price is (Not) Right: The Plus is kinder to your wallet. If you don’t need the biggest screen and longest battery life, it might be your jam.


Q: The Showdown: iPhone 14 Pro vs Pro Max 📱💥

  • It’s a Screen Thing: Both have the same awesome features, with the Max being, well, MAX-sized. It’s purely about how much screen real estate you crave.
  • Battery Boss: Again, Max takes the crown for sheer staying power.
  • Cost Factor: Like before, the Max is gonna make your wallet give you the side-eye.

Pro-Tip: If you’re into mobile gaming or watch tons of videos, go Max. For most folks, the Pro is perfecto.


Q: Should I ditch my iPhone 12 Pro for the 14 Pro? 🤷‍♀️

  • Camera Upgrade?: If you want significantly better photos (especially in low light), then yeah, it’s worth it. The 14 Pro has a 48MP main camera, a major jump from the 12 Pro.
  • Need for Speed: The A16 chip in the 14 Pro blazes. If your 12 Pro feels a little sluggish, you’ll notice the difference.
  • Battery Blues: The 14 Pro is better, but not by a massive margin.


Q: iPhone 13 vs. the New Kid, iPhone 14 Pro. Who Ya Got? 🧐

iPhone 13 PRO Vs. 14 PRO

  • The Dynamic Island: This is the 14 Pro’s coolest trick. It’s a replacement for the notch, and it changes to show info and notifications. Love it or hate it, it’s eye-catching!
  • That Sweet 48MP Camera: Way better for zooming and low-light shots than the 13 Pro.
  • But… If you’re not a huge camera buff, the 13 Pro is still an awesome phone, and you can snag it way cheaper now.

Apple iPhone 13 Vs. 14

Iphone 13 Vs. 14


The Verdict?

Honestly? It boils down to a few things:

  • Your Moolah: New iPhones are spendy. Think about if the upgrades are worth the hit to your bank account.
  • Your Camera Obsession: If you’re a major photog, the newest models are tempting.
  • The “I Gotta Have the Latest” Itch: If ya can’t help yourself… we won’t judge, tech is shiny! 😉


Table Time! Let’s Break it Down 🤓

Feature iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max
Display Size 6.1 inches 6.7 inches
Battery Life Very Good Excellent
Camera Awesome 48MP Main Same as Pro
Price Ouch! Double Ouch!


Final Thoughts

iPhones are cool, but don’t feel pressured to upgrade unless it truly fits your needs and budget.

Remember, Hasta la vista, baby!… I mean, your old phone might serve you just fine for a while longer! 🙂


iPhone 14 Pro: Longevity, Value, and All the Juicy Details

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. You wanna know if that iPhone 14 Pro is still a worthwhile investment in 2024. I’m here to spill the beans and help you decide if it’s time to upgrade!

  • So, how long can I keep my iPhone 14 Pro before it turns into a pumpkin?
  • Apple usually rolls out software updates for a good 5-6 years. Your iPhone 14 Pro is a champ and should easily get those new iOS versions for quite a while.


  • But seriously, how many years will my iPhone 14 Pro actually last?
  • If you treat it right (no wild pool parties!), 3-4 years is a safe bet. Maybe even longer if you find a real wizard to fix it up if things go south.


  • Okay, but how long does it really last, let’s be honest.
  • It depends! Are you obsessed with having the latest tech? Or chill about a couple of software updates? Your 14 Pro will still work, but it might start feeling clunky if you’re power user.


  • Spill the tea – is the iPhone 14 Pro really that much better?
  • Here’s the deal: if you’re rocking an older iPhone, yeah, it’s a big leap. Camera’s fantastic, battery lasts longer… But if you’ve got a 13 Pro? Maybe the “wow” factor isn’t as big unless you’re a major camera nerd.


  • Okay, bottom line: Should I buy an iPhone 14 Pro in 2024?
  • Well… It depends on your budget and your upgrade itch. If money’s burning a hole in your pocket, go for it! But if you’re on a budget, a refurbished iPhone 13 Pro might be a smarter financial bet, with not too much difference in everyday use.


  • Wait, did the iPhone 14 Pro even sell that well?
  • It did decently, but the Pro Max was the true superstar. People love those giant screens, I guess. Who knew? 🤷‍♀️


The Takeaway

Your iPhone 14 Pro is a quality machine, but just like the rest of us, it won’t be young forever. 😉 If you want the absolute latest and greatest, then newer models are on the horizon. But if you need a reliable phone and want to save cash, the 14 Pro (or a refurbished 13 Pro) still packs a serious punch! 👊


Wait, iPhone 15?? What Kind of Time Warp Did I Step Into?!

Hold up! Let’s do a quick reality check. The iPhone 15 isn’t a thing (yet, at least) and I can’t predict the future. 😉 We can definitely have some fun imagining a future iPhone 15 and what it might be like. Think upgraded cameras, maybe an even snazzier processor? Now, let’s dive into some FAQs based on what’s actually out there:

Q: Spill the beans! Is the iPhone 14 Pro out? How long has it been around?

A: Heck yeah, it’s out! The iPhone 14 Pro dropped in September 2022, so it’s been hot off the presses for a few months now.


Q: iPhone support – How long’s it got?

A: Apple’s got a pretty awesome track record. They usually roll out software updates for their iPhones for about 5-6 years! This means your shiny device should stay supported for quite a while. 👍


Q: When did the iPhone 14 series hit the shelves?

A: The iPhone 14 made its debut in September 2022. Get those calendars updated!


Q: Showdown time: iPhone 14 or 14 Pro? Which one reigns supreme?

A: Here’s the deal:

  • iPhone 14: Rock-solid choice, awesome cameras, and that classic Apple performance. Think of it like your trusty workhorse.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: This is the camera beast! It packs extra lenses, the fancy Dynamic Island, and oh-so-smooth performance. It’s like the fancy sports car version.

Which one wins? Depends on your budget and what you NEED in a phone. 💸


Q: Big differences – 14 Pro vs. If I had the 14 Pro what could a hypothetical iPhone 15 Pro do even better?

A: Ooh, let’s play the prediction game! Here’s what a future iPhone 15 Pro could bring to the table:

  • Camera magic: Maybe even crazier zoom, or how about a camera that sees in the dark like a freakin’ superhero?
  • Mind-blowing chip: Imagine a processor that makes your phone feel like a tiny supercomputer.
  • Battery for days: Ditching the charger for a whole weekend? A girl can dream!


Q: The burning question – is a hypothetical iPhone 15 worth the upgrade?

A: Honestly, that depends. If you’re rocking an older iPhone, the jump to a newer model could be HUGE. But if you’ve already got the 14 Pro, it might be a matter of whether those rumored new features really scream “must-have!” Keep that wallet in check, friend.


Extra Nuggets of Wisdom

  • Pro tip: Always compare prices and features – don’t just get swept up in the hype!
  • Think ahead: What do you really use your phone for? Let your needs guide your decision.


Q: When’s the iPhone 16 poppin’ out?

A: Hold your horses! Apple likes to play it mysterious, but we’re expecting the iPhone 16 to make its debut around September 2024. Keep those eyes peeled for that classic Apple fall event, it’s gonna be a doozy! ✨


Q: Got old iPhones on the outs? Which ones get the boot in 2024?

A: Out with the old, in with the new – that’s the Apple way! While nothing’s official yet, here’s the likely lineup of iPhones facing retirement:

  • iPhone SE (first generation)
  • iPhone 7


Q: Why’d they ditch the iPhone 13 Pro? Adios amigo?

A: The iPhone 13 Pro got axed to make room for those shiny new models, like the rumored iPhone 15 Pro. It’s a tech world dog-eat-dog battle out there!


Q: Hold up, is the iPhone 14 waterproof? Can I dunk it?

A: “Waterproof” is a bit tricky. Your iPhone 14 is actually water-resistant. Here’s the deal:

Water Resistance Rating What it Means
IP68 (most iPhones) Can survive a 30 min dunk in some serious H20 (up to 6 meters in some cases!)


Important Disclaimer: Don’t tempt fate, y’all! Water and fancy tech don’t always mix. That warranty won’t cover water damage, so maybe don’t use your iPhone for underwater selfies.


Extra Techy Bits (for those who wanna go deeper):

  • Why they ain’t 100% waterproof: Those tiny ports gotta breathe too! Seals and stuff can only do so much.
  • The future of waterproofing: Maybe one day iPhones will be like tiny submarines…we can dream!