Unveiling the LG G1 OLED TV: A Revolution in Viewing Experience 📺✨

Unveiling the LG G1 OLED TV: A Revolution in Viewing Experience 📺✨

Part 1: Introduction to the LG G1 OLED TV

Get ready to dive into the world of top-of-the-line TV technology, my friends! In this multi-part blog extravaganza, we’ll be exploring LG’s newest flagship OLED TV, the gorgeous and feature-packed G1.



A Stunning Addition to LG’s Award-Winning OLED Lineup

As many of you likely know, LG has been at the forefront of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV innovation for years now. Their earlier-generation OLED models have snatched up countless industry accolades for their self-illuminating pixels, infinite contrast ratios, and ultra-thin, wallpaper-like designs. LG aims to continue their reign at the top with their freshest release, the G1.

Early reviews suggest the G1 builds upon the strengths of its predecessors, taking contrast, brightness, and colour accuracy to daring new heights. But does this OLED darling live up to the hype when put to the test in real-world living rooms? We’re about to find out!


Cutting-Edge Display Technology for a Jaw-Dropping Viewing Experience


So what exactly makes the G1 such an object of desire for home theatre enthusiasts?

In short, its exceptional OLED Evo panel employs next-generation OLED EX technology to unlock higher brightness than ever before. Translated into regular folks’ terms, you get dazzlingly vibrant colours, inky blacks, and improved highlights and shadow details across the board.

The G1 is also outfitted with LG’s new α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K, leveraging deep learning algorithms to detect scenes and genres and then optimise picture and sound quality on the fly. This smart chip works tirelessly in the background, so you can soak up your movies, shows, games, and more with no visual downsides.


Part 2: Design, Features & Smart Functions

LG Oled Ex technology

Alright, alright, enough techno-babble! Let’s get into the design, features, and smart capabilities that make the G1 such an enticing centrepiece for living spaces and media dens everywhere.


An Impossibly Slim Profile That Defies Imagination

Even among OLED screens renowned for wafer-thin builds, the G1 manages to push boundaries with an unfathomably slim profile. At its thinnest point, this TV measures a mere 0.8 inches (20.3 mm) thick. You read that correctly. Less than one inch from front to back!

LG accomplished this by moving all ports and inputs to an attached Dolby Atmos soundbar speaker, allowing them to shave the panel down to barely-there depths. Wall-mounted with the included flush mounts, the G1 becomes one with its backdrop, transforming into a virtual floating picture frame in your home.


Dolby Vision IQ & Filmmaker Mode for Reference-Quality Images

It wouldn’t be an OLED if it didn’t spoil viewers’ eyes, and the G1 is no exception. With Dolby Vision IQ, the TV automatically adjusts picture settings depending on ambient room light levels and content genre. Cinephiles will also appreciate Filmmaker Mode, which eliminates motion smoothing and preserves creators’ intended cinematography for an authentic movie-watching experience.


webOS 6.0: LG’s Smartest Smart Platform Yet

webOS 6.0 from LG

The G1’s operating smart platform, WebOS 6.0, receives some nifty upgrades here as well. You can now create personalised user profiles with individualised content recommendations. Have kiddos in the house? Parental controls let you restrict access and set time limits on their viewing. LG’s Magic Remote makes navigating everything a breeze with its motion-controlled pointer and built-in mic for hands-free voice commands.

LG Magic Remote Control


Part 3: Picture & Sound Performance

LG Oled Evo Performance

We’ve ogled this beauty long enough. Now let’s get into how the G1 actually performs! Is it really all sunshine and rainbows when you power up a pixel-packed OLED panel? Let’s kick the tires and find out.


OLED EX Pays Dividends with Boosted Luminance

Remember that fancy new OLED EX panel from Part 1? Consider those promises of enhanced brightness totally fulfilled. The G1 churns out around 20% higher peak brightness versus standard OLED TVs, plus boosted colour accuracy and vibrancy.

In person, images take on an almost three-dimensional quality, with pinpoint light control that simply stuns. Shadow details emerge from the blackness without a hint of greying or muddiness. And vibrant hues like lush greens, fiery oranges, and piercing blues feel more electric and lifelike than anything you’ve laid eyes on before.


A Feast for Your Ears: Dolby Atmos & AI Sound Pro

You might assume tinny, lacklustre audio from such a skinny screen, but the built-in 60W 4.2-channel soundbar proves looks can be deceiving. With Dolby Atmos and AI Sound Pro tech onboard, the G1 analyses content and room conditions to create immersive 360° audio matched perfectly to each scene.

Crank up the volume and be transported right into action sequences, concert halls, and bustling cityscapes. The upfiring and side-firing speaker configurations bounce sound every which way for a truly cinematic experience.


Part 4: Gaming, Viewing Angles & Burn-In Prevention

LG Oled Performance & Specs

What fun is an amazing display without cool content to watch? Let’s explore how the G1 fares for gaming, off-angle viewing sessions, and that infamous OLED pitfall: burn-in.


LG’s Game Optimizer Menu Levels Up Gaming

Gamers, rejoice! The G1 comes preloaded with a Game Optimizer menu that provides shortcuts for common game settings, VRR support, and genre-specific presets. Low-latency modes engage automatically when gaming to minimise input lag. We’re talking snappy, fluid gameplay with nary a stutter or tear in sight. LG also employs advanced cooling measures, so you can bash baddies for hours on end with no throttling or shutdowns.


OLEDs Off-Axis? No Problemo!

What about plopping down on the couch for movie night with family and friends? Do colours wash out or invert at wider viewing angles? Thankfully, no! The G1 maintains its stellar picture quality even when viewed from off-centre seats. LG endowed this panel with a special light-focusing film to widen viewing angles, so everyone enjoys accurate colours and contrast regardless of seating position. No more subpar pictures for the poor souls stuck on the edges!


Burn-In Fears Allayed with Robust Preventative Measures

And lastly, let’s discuss the elephant in the room when it comes to OLED longevity: burn-in. This phenomenon manifests as faint, permanent image retention if static content is displayed for too long. Thankfully, LG leverages various tactics to safeguard the G1 against burn-in, including:

  • Pixel Refresher: This routine maintenance cycle redistributes pixels evenly to prevent uneven wear.
  • Logo Luminance Adjustment: Automatically dims static logos and icons to avoid uneven ageing in those areas.
  • Screen Shift: Subtly moves images in tiny increments to vary pixel usage.

Just be sensible by not displaying static HUDs or logos endlessly and enabling the TV’s built-in safety measures, and your G1 should enjoy a nice, long, burn-free life.


Part 5: Verdict – A Triumph By All Measures

LG G1 Series

And there you have it, folks! We’ve just scratched the surface of why LG’s G1 has been showered with such rave reviews since its launch. To recap, you can expect:

  • Mind-blowing OLED EX-enhanced images
  • An impossibly slim, sleek glass design
  • Robust gaming support and smart features
  • Immersive, cinematic audio
  • Advanced burn-in prevention


No television is perfect, but the G1 checks just about every box you could ask for in a premium set. Considering these stellar specs, LG’s asking price of $2,500+ for the 65-inch model remains reasonable compared to other flagships. If you seek a best-in-class viewing experience to anchor your entertainment space, look no further than the G1. Its vibrant, contrast-rich pictures and future-forward features make this LG’s finest OLED yet. Just make sure to stretch first, because your jaw will drop!

LG G1 Premium TV Set



  • Jaw-dropping contrast and brightness
  • Wafer-thin, gorgeous design
  • Packed with gaming and smart features
  • Immersive Dolby Atmos audio



  • Very expensive for larger sizes (more than 2.000$)
  • Potential for permanent burn-in over time
  • Mediocre off-angle sound quality


And scene! I hope you enjoyed this informal little review. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Considering adding LG’s stunner to your own home theatre?

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