Mastering the Art of Typing: A Comprehensive Review 👍👎 of the Logitech MX Keys ⌨️💫

Mastering the Art of Typing: A Comprehensive Review 👍👎 of the Logitech MX Keys ⌨️💫

A Premium Keyboard for Discerning Typists💡: Is the Logitech MX Keys Worth the Investment? 🤑

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Today we are taking a look at a keyboard 💻, but not just a typical keyboard, my friends. This one is simple. It’s streamlined and somewhat feature-rich, too. 🔍

This is the Logitech MX keys. Just look at how beautiful it is 👇

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So think of this as a stripped-down version of the Logitech Craft and if you recall, that keyboard came with a unique dial that allowed the user to customize it with different commands using different creative applications. But it wasn’t cheap as the launch price was $200, and you can pick it up right now for $170, which is still pretty expensive.

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That isn’t the case with the MX keys which retails for $99, which I think is fair considering what it offers so let’s check it out.

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All right, so for starters, this is a pretty simple keyboard layout.

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Whether or not it will be to your preference, it is a full-size product. I really wish that they offered a TKL version of this as well, but for most people, this would be fine, because if you work with a lot of numbers, you can’t complain with this setup.

For size comparison, here’s a shot beside my other keyboards from the past.

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  • I also have an extra one from Zenka Beat for my iPad.

This is the keyboard I used in the 90’s 👇

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This one I think I used from early 2000s till around 2008…

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This one from Microsoft I used it from 2009 till late 2019 from what I remember 👇

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After 2020 I used mainly those two from Logitech👇

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Photo by author — 2 keyboards from Logitech and one for my iPad from ZenkaBeat

The design of Mx Keys hasn’t changed that much compared to The Craft.

Photo by author — Logitech Mx Keys
Photo by author — Mx Craft

The keys now have a darker tone that gives them a nice contrast to the frame, and I like it. The build quality is really good, just like The Craft, and that is to be expected considering the price.

The edges are rounded as well, so that’s pretty cool. 😊

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Plus, if you’re comfortable spending an extra $20, you can pick up a palm rest for the keyboard.

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That’s right, $20 for this piece of stain-free memory foam. (I don’t have the original one from Logitech, I just ended up buying one from Aliexpress for around $10–15)

You see, I honestly feel like they should have included this with the MX keys in the first place. I mean, $99 is still pretty expensive, but charging $20 for just a palm rest? They just pulled an Apple here (if you know what I mean).

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But hey, on the positive side, it’s really comfortable to type with, and it doesn’t take away that whole low-profile aspect of the keyboard.

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One thing that really caught my attention was just how stable these keys are. 😎

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The absence of any wobbling ensures that the typing experience remains uniform and steady. You might also notice these round-shaped dents that are supposed to match the shape of your fingertips for better comfort and they do exactly that. ✅

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When I’m typing something, every key I press feels natural. I can distinguish one key from the other, and they’re spaced out adequately, so it’s pretty difficult to not miss a perfect stroke.

However, I really wish that Logitech included angle adjustments with the MX keys, because by default, this main unit, which holds most electronics, angles the frame by a little bit but it was not enough for me personally.

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The switches, on the other hand, are, in one word, fantastic, given their low-profile nature. You see, the MX keys don’t come with mechanical switches, and if you’re looking for that clickety-clack experience, this is not the one to get. ❌

However, its main advantage lies in delivering a sturdy, more efficient, and responsive typing experience with each keystroke. Yes, the travel distance is shorter, but the benefit is that you naturally start typing faster. ✅

The MX keys feel a lot more superior compared to all keyboards I had in the past, so ultimately, I started typing a lot faster on the MX keys.

Now, let’s get to some of the other features, starting with the smart illumination. Just like The Craft, Logitech has implemented proximity sensors around the frame of the keyboard.

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So as your fingers approach them, the keys light up, and they fade away when you leave the desk. This is pretty cool, especially if you work in low-light environments.

It’s also very bright, which is helpful and if you want to preserve battery life, you can manually adjust lighting through the function keys (it has 7 levels), which by default are set to different Windows-based commands, like launching Task View or opening up Action Center, Media Playback Controls, which is highly appreciated. You can, of course, switch it back to standard function keys through the driver software.

Oh, and did I also mention that the MX keys are on a wireless keyboard?

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So it comes with a unifying receiver that you can plug into your keyboard, but it also comes with low-energy Bluetooth support, and it’s cross-platform compatible, so it works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. ✅

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USB Type-C is used for charging, which is fantastic. 🔋

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Battery life is expected to last for ten days if you decide to leave Smart backlighting on, but if you turn it off completely, you can expect up to 6 months, which isn’t too bad. Now, I’ve been using this keyboard for about a year, and battery life is still going pretty strong (I charged it only once or twice, and keep in mind that I use it daily).

My recommendation is that you turn off smart backlighting during the day when you have adequate light and then turn it back on when you’re working those night hours, so you can get more than ten days worth of use.

If you are running low on battery, the driver’s software should prompt you to plug in the keyboard, so that’s an easy touch (a red led will be shown at the top of the keyboard).

This keyboard also comes with easy switch technology, so it allows the user to switch between three different systems by just pressing this button over here, which is really convenient.

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It’s worth noting that the MX Master 3 mouse complements the MX keys flawlessly. Not just because of how unified they look with the color scheme, but because the user can use Logitech flow to seamlessly switch cursors between two different systems.

Well, if you pair the MX keys with the mouse, the keyboard will follow the mouse’s direction. So if I hit CTRL C to copy a file, and then if I drag the cursor to my notebook and hit CTRL V on the same keyboard, the file gets transferred to my notebook.

That is just freaking cool❗️

Just consider the potential of utilizing this specific arrangement. If you’re someone who’s working in an environment where you need to switch between different systems at the same time, you just need to use one set of peripherals to control all of them.

And because the keyboard follows the mouse’s direction, you can copy and paste files, you can also browse and type things on a different computer, but then bring your mouse along to your third system if you want to.

I do see this as a one-size-fits-all solution for a lot of professionals out there so let me know what you guys think about this particular feature. Are you excited about it? Is it something that you particularly find interesting?

To wrap things up, the driver’s software is very simple to navigate through. This is an all-in-one solution for all your other Logitech peripherals. ✅

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With the MX keys, so you can customize the top function row to any command that you desire and there are a lot of options that Logitech has prebuilt already.

If you take a look at the upper right corner, you will notice four buttons that can be customized according to your preference. By default, they’re set to open the calculator, take a screenshot, open the app menu, and lock the desktop. It’s also possible to toggle the F1 to F12 keys into the standard mode.

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So I guess this brings us to the conclusion. ☝️

This keyboard may not be suitable for everyone as it is designed for those seeking a straightforward, productive, and moderately feature-packed option.

I think I was particularly impressed with Logitech’s Flow feature, where the keyboard actually follows the direction of the mouse (it is a separate Logitech product that you have to invest in because the MX Master 3 and the MX keys are a total of $200). I do see this as a particularly attractive setup for certain demographics.

The switches are fantastic. 🙌 In fact, I preferred this over all my previous keyboards and while you can get away with a little bit of casual gaming, I won’t recommend this for the hardcore gamers out there, obviously.

However, I did have some desires for Logitech to either add or enhance some aspects of this keyboard. First and foremost, they should have just included the wrist rest with the keyboard in the first place. In my opinion, they followed the same strategy as Apple by charging an additional $20 for the product.😬

Also, it would have been nice to include angle adjustments with this keyboard to elevate it a little bit, which would have been highly appreciated.

Last but not least, it would have been great if Logitech had provided or made available a tenkeyless (TKL) variant of this keyboard.

In terms of the price of $100 I think it’s priced appropriately, especially considering that this is a premium product.

Logitech hasn’t cut any corners with it as it comes with a lot of features, and if you’re looking for a low-profile, really cool, slick keyboard, this is definitely going to be on my recommended list.

If you’re an Apple user using an iMac / MacBook, and if you want to try something different from the Apple Space Gray Magic keyboard that goes for $200–$400, you should definitely give this a shot.

In conclusion, based on my experience, I believe you will find the MX keys enjoyable to use. That summarizes my overall impressions of Logitech’s MX keys so let me know what you guys think about it in the comments. ✌️


Key Takeaways!💡

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  • Consider the Logitech MX keys as a simplified variant of the Logitech Craft. It retails for $99, which I think is fair considering what it offers.
  • Despite the funky name, the MX keys is legit. For an additional $20, you can purchase a palm rest to accompany the keyboard, if you don’t mind spending a little more. Build quality is really good, just like The Craft.
  • The MX keys is a wireless keyboard with low energy Bluetooth support. It works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Battery life is expected to last for ten days if you decide to leave Smart backlighting on (and 6 months with this setting off). This is a one size fits all solution for a lot of professionals. ✔️
  • If you’re in search of a sleek, trendy, and low-profile keyboard, then this product is one that I would highly recommend. I think it’s priced appropriately, especially considering that this is a premium product.
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This keyboard may not cater to everyone’s needs, as it specifically targets individuals seeking a straightforward, efficient, and moderately feature-rich option. ✅

What keyboard are you using?


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