10 Spectacular Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Apartments That You Can Try Out Today

10 Spectacular Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Apartments That You Can Try Out Today

Transform Your Home into your Private Heaven for Relaxing your mind & body! I am sure all of you experienced the feeling of searching through thousands of ways to decorate a bathroom, to make it a place of fully relaxing, your own oasis where you can enjoy and forget about the problems you encountered through the day.

Most luxury bathrooms out there require a lot of space and that’s a big issue for some of us who have to adapt and come up with tiny apartment ideas.

Let’s create a modern bathroom, your own sanctuary of comfort!



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We’ll go beyond the common approach of presenting luxury bathrooms as you are used to. I’m going to share with you 10 Different Small Bathroom Design Ideas, but none of them will be similar. What about the ideas for luxury bathroom suites below?


#1 WHITE – All white bathrooms
#2 BLACK – Black bathroom ideas
#3 MEN – Masculine bathroom
#4 METAL – Metal inspired bathroom
#5 MARBLE/STONE- Marble bathrooms ideas
#6 COLORFUL – For creative people
#7 OAK/WOOD – To warm the space
#8 LUXURY – Gold bathroom accessories
#9 TRANSPARENCY – “Wall of Windows” bathroom
#10 VINTAGE – Vintage inspired bathroom


#1 WHITE – All white bathrooms to create

some space – for tiny apartments

That kind of chic and spacious bathrooms which are everybody’s dreams. I know white is a common color, but it is the best choice when you deal with a small apartment and you have to organize it the best. Though, even the white can make a modern bathroom, without making it resemble with a hospital :)). It is all about small details and the perfect blend between colors, style, design and innovation.


If your whole bathroom is on white, you can add a silver Venetian Mirror for an elegant touch, or you can mix it with a dark wood floor/brownstone for contrast and oak towel hangers. You better check the ideas below.


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#2 BLACK – Black bathroom ideas

for spacious houses

Black will never be a good idea for a small bathroom, but for those who have big houses, it’s gorgeous. There is no designer to tell that a monochrome black bathroom will be a success. You always have to add some white, gray, silver, beige or other lightening colors to keep the balance.

If you chose to use a black tube&sink, then it’s a must to pick a bright color for the floor& walls, a big window and some bright accessories. On the other hand, if you love dark floors and oak furniture, you’ll be forced to go for some white tubs & accessories.


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#3 MEN – Masculine bathroom with

the touch of your own style

Many, many bathroom designs for this specific niche. You men are lucky. There is no pink involved 🙂 so it will look luxurious and precious. Masculine bathrooms are usually those on dark shades, black, gray, minimalist and as simple as possible. You should create your own design for this bathroom, get inspired but choose your own style.

I encourage you to be more expressive and add a splash of color – it can be green, yellow, or even blue. It looks awesome. You’ll see in the pictures below.


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For a rustic touch, add some oak bathroom mirrors, wood sink or some forest inspired faucets.

You can also try the industrial touch. It is a great way to transform a bathroom in a more masculine one. Black sink, brass fixtures and navy blue. Imagine it!

masculine bathroom

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#4 METAL – Metal inspired bathroom

If you are not that much into the glitz and glamour of the bathrooms above, maybe you should consider this idea. Go urban or rustic, using industrial materials, corrugated metal panels, metal bathroom accessories and open gray showers.

metal bathroom


#5 MARBLE/STONE- Marble bathrooms ideas – great for a small bathroom

Different types of marble give different moods so choose yours wisely. Marble means royalty and this is well known by all of us. I personally love the Marmara Equator Marble which is by far the most beautiful, featuring dark colored parallel veins all over its surface, looking extremely stylish, modern and luxurious. You will recognize it in the pictures below and you’ll love it.

Since the marble can give you a cold feeling, you will balance this by decorating the bathroom with puffy towels, soft pink roses, and brown candle lights.

When it is time to choose the bathtub, the sink and the faucet, I will say the best choice is to go for wooden ones. White richly-veined marble and dark wood accessories can be a great idea.


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#6 COLORFUL – Full of color bathroom for creative

people or unstoppable kids

It is your choice if it will be a monochrome one, or you gonna use the whole rainbow. The most important thing is to feel those colors, to give you good energy. It’s really easy to decorate your bathroom when you have so many colors available and you are willing to use them all. There is a lot of colorful bathroom furniture on the market and you can easily play with different textures.

colorful bathrooms ideas

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#7 OAK/WOOD – Oak bathroom to warm the space

– a luxury bathroom remodel

Refresh and redecorate your home oasis, add marble and wood, make them contrast and you found the magic! Oak color can be easily mixed with delicate pastels, pale blue or soft beige.

Choose a white tub and place an oak small table next to it. You’ll make your everyday bathing even easier and relaxing. Buy some deep musk flavored candle lights and enjoy!

Instead of the classic claw feet you should use a statement wooden plinth to stay away from the very traditional design. You know that natural materials are all wonderfully tactile. Choose antique wooden elements for every corner and transform the atmosphere in a very warm one.

Oak luxury bathroom ideas


#8 LUXURY – Gold bathroom accessories

No matter what and where, gold is a color that gives a sense of luxury to any area it’s added. It’s both warm and pleasant to the eye when is correctly mixed. When you have to use such a difficult color you must pay attention to the symmetry. All gold accents will be placed in the perfect spots.

If you’re not an expert in mixing colors, then you can go safely as I would do, and combine matte black walls with a touch of gold mosaic around the sink or why not, somewhere above the tube.

Black& Gold is safe! That’s sure! Everybody knows it :)) Add dramatic lights to make it shine a little.

Gold bathroom accessories

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#9 TRANSPARENCY – “Wall of Windows”

small bathroom ideas

I understand you may want to have privacy and intimacy in your own bathrooms, but this doesn’t mean you have to cover your bathroom window with some sort of I don’t know..shutters. If your bathroom is a small one, then you’re screwed! It will look even smaller and you will have no natural light at all.

Instead of making this huge mistake, cover them with a translucent window shade, which will let natural light come into your room and hug you. Does it sound better now?

Another trick I learned is to place the mirror across the window. This will make you feel you have actually two windows in the same space. Isn’t that awesome? MAGIC!

large window for small bathrooms

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#10 VINTAGE – Vintage inspired bathroom ideas

If you are a vintage lover, take into consideration your local auctions, yard sales and restoration specialist in your town. Those are the places where you will find original vintage bathtubs and basins. Create that retro design, but make sure you keep it for the rest of your hose. You want to have that balance in your home design, isn’t it?

Go BOLD, go UNIQUE. Let creative you design everything!

Vintage inspired bathroom

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If you are thinking about bathroom renovations, bringing a whole new feeling in your home, and you don’t really like the idea of taking care of each detail, or it is time consuming for you, go ahead and check this website I’m going to share with you (UK based):

They will “lighten the road” and provide you with the best custom ideas depending on your needs. You can either choose to pick specific bathroom products from their collection, or you can even find the entire luxury bathroom suites and just adapt them to your house.


I have found the best 25 Decor Ideas Which Will Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger. It is all about strategic configuration, many windows, mirrors and lots of white and gray.

Create space, but keep it modern and stylish!