10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas for Luxury Spaces - Transform Your Home | Home Heaven

10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas for Luxury Spaces - Transform Your Home | Home Heaven

10 Spectacular Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Apartments That You Can Try Out Today

Transform your home into your private heaven for relaxing your mind & body!


I am sure all of you have experienced the feeling of searching through thousands of ways to decorate a bathroom—to make it a place of fully relaxing, your own oasis where you can enjoy and forget about the problems you encountered throughout the day. Most luxury bathrooms out there require a lot of space, and that’s a big issue for some of us who have to adapt and come up with tiny apartment ideas. Let’s create a modern bathroom—your own sanctuary of comfort!


10 Small Bathroom Makeovers: Your Guide to a Luxury Oasis 🌟🛁


Table of Contents


1. All white bathrooms create an illusion of space and look clean, but add pops of color with accessories.

2. Black bathrooms look luxurious in big spaces, but balance with light colors like white, gray or silver.

3. Masculine bathrooms often use dark colors, but don’t be afraid to add an unexpected color for interest.

4. Metal and industrial materials like corrugated panels or exposed pipes give an urban look.

5. Marble bathrooms feel glamorous, but pair with wood and warm metallics so they don’t seem too cold.

6. Colorful bathrooms are vibrant and fun; go bold with paint, tile, and accessories in bright hues.

7. Wood elements make a bathroom feel cozy and spa-like. Try oak vanities or wooden bathtubs.

8. Gold accents add luxury, but use them sparingly against dark colours like black or charcoal gray.

9. “Wall of windows” bathrooms feel spacious and airy. Add window shades for privacy.

10. Vintage-inspired bathrooms have an old-world charm. Source items like clawfoot tubs from auctions or restoration specialists.


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Small Bathroom Design Ideas - image concept
Small Bathroom Design Ideas – image concept


Small Bathroom Makeovers

10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas for a Luxurious Oasis | Home Decor Tips 🏡✨

Revamp your small bathroom with our top 10 design ideas that turn limited space into a luxurious sanctuary. Discover how to blend style, comfort, and functionality for the ultimate relaxation retreat. 🛀💡


We’ll go beyond the common approach of presenting luxury bathrooms, as you are used to. I’m going to share with you 10 different small Bathroom Design Ideas, but none of them will be similar. What about the ideas for luxury bathroom suites below?


#1 WHITE – All white bathrooms
#2 BLACK – Black bathroom ideas
#3 MEN – Masculine bathroom
#4 METAL – Metal inspired bathroom
#5 MARBLE/STONE – Marble bathrooms ideas
#6 COLORFUL – For creative people
#7 OAK/WOOD – To warm the space
#8 LUXURY – Gold bathroom accessories
#9 TRANSPARENCY – “Wall of Windows” bathroom
#10 VINTAGE – Vintage inspired bathroom


#1 WHITE – All white bathrooms to create some space – for tiny apartments

All white bathrooms

That kind of chic and spacious bathroom is everybody’s dream. I know white is a common colour, but it is the best choice when you deal with a small apartment and you have to organise it the best. Though, even the white can make a modern bathroom, without making it resemble with a hospital :)). It is all about small details and the perfect blend between colours, style, design, and innovation.

If your whole bathroom is white, you can add a silver Venetian mirror for an elegant touch, or you can mix it with a dark wood floor or brownstone for contrast and oak towel hangers. You better check out the ideas below.


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#2 BLACK: Black bathroom ideas for spacious houses


Go Bold or Go Home: Daring Black Bathroom Design Ideas

So you’re thinking of taking the plunge and painting your bathroom black?

Well, buckle up, buttercup; you’re in for a wild ride!

While an all-black bathroom may seem dark and brooding at first glance, when implemented correctly, it can actually create a stunning, high-contrast sanctuary.

But before you grab a paintbrush, make sure you have ample lighting and space to balance out all that darkness. Small half-baths and powder rooms may end up feeling like caves if painted black from floor to ceiling.


Lighten Up

You’ll want to incorporate lighter accents throughout to keep things fresh and airy and avoid the dreaded bat-cave effect. We’re talking:

  • White and grey tiles
  • Silver or chrome fixtures
  • Light wood vanities
  • Ample windows and lighting

Pro Tip: Paint the ceiling white for an instant lift!


Scale it Up

Bigger is better when it comes to dark, dramatic spaces as the black will feel enveloping and cosy rather than oppressive in a large bathroom. Go big with:

  • Double vanities
  • Soaking tubs
  • Walk-in showers
  • High ceilings

Insider Tip: Incorporate lighter flooring to keep things visually balanced. Black floors, black walls, and a black tub may end up feeling like a dark abyss.



The devil’s in the details when it comes to a black bathroom. Cleverly chosen accessories will make the space sing! Have fun with:

  • Bright artwork
  • Sculptural lighting
  • Mirrored cabinets
  • Fresh flowers and plants
  • Woven accents

Hot Take: Brass fixtures will add a hit of luxurious contrast against all that black.

So don’t be afraid to embrace your dark side with a striking black bathroom! Follow these tips, and you’ll end up with a seriously chic yet livable space. Just don’t forget to draw those curtains in the morning; you may need an extra jolt of java to really wake up in this moody sanctuary!



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STUNNING Black Bathrooms, This time all Black, no white no bright colors. Awesome!


#3 MEN – Masculine bathroom with a touch of your own style

There are many, many bathroom designs for this specific niche (you men are lucky). There is no pink involved, so it will look luxurious and precious as masculine bathrooms are usually dark, black, grey, minimalist, and as simple as possible. You should create your own design for this bathroom; get inspired, but choose your own style. I highly encourage you to be more expressive and add a splash of colour—it can be green, yellow, or even blue. It looks awesome as you’ll see it in the pictures below.

You have some awesome ideas from our previous article on bathroom accessories: TOP 17 High End Bathroom Faucets | Ultimate Guide For Your Own Oasis

High End Bathroom Faucets

For a rustic touch, add some oak bathroom mirrors, a wood sink, or some forest-inspired faucets. You can also try the industrial touch simply because this is a great way to transform a bathroom into a more masculine one. Black sink, brass fixtures, and navy blue. Just imagine it! :p

masculine bathroom

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#4 METAL – Metal inspired bathroom


Heavy Metal Bathrooms: A Rockin’ Good Time

For those not into all the glitz and glam of fancy bathrooms, going with an urban or rustic metal style can totally rock. I’m talking exposed pipes, corrugated tin walls, metal buckets for sinks—it’ll be sweet as a guitar solo!


Turn Your Bathroom Into An Edgy Hangout

  • Use corrugated metal panels on the walls for texture and edge; it’ll look bangin’. Go vertical, horizontal, or checkerboard; get creative and make it yours.
  • Accessorise with metal bathroom accessories like towel racks, shelves, and even a metallic wall clock. Mix matte black, hammered copper, and rusty tin—metals were made to be mixed.
  • Open up the shower with an exposed industrial style. Use a metal frame, pipes for the showerhead, or a concrete or pebble floor. Way better than any glassed-in box.
  • Add an urban touch with a galvanised metal tub or bucket sink and pipe fittings for the faucet. Fully commit and get metal countertops too.


I’m telling ya, when you walk into a metal and concrete bathroom like this, it’ll feel like stepping backstage at a slammin’ rock concert. You’ll never want to leave! Add some vintage concert posters and a killer sound system, and you’ve got the ultimate rockin’ bathroom. \m/ (-_-) \m/

Pro Tip: Use a matte sealant on metal surfaces to prevent corrosion and rust from moisture. Keep rockin’ in safety!

So let your inner metalhead loose and get ready to design the most badass bathroom on the block. It’ll be a sweet escape every time you need to refresh and refuel from your rockstar life!



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[5] https://www.amazon.com/Country-Metal-Bathroom-Decor/s?k=Country+Metal+Bathroom+Decor

metal bathroom


#5 MARBLE/STONE: Marble bathroom ideas—great for a small bathroom

Different types of marble create different moods, so choose yours wisely. Marble means royalty, and this is well known to all of us. I personally love the Marmara Equator Marble, which is by far the most beautiful, featuring dark-coloured parallel veins all over its surface and looking extremely stylish, modern, and luxurious. You will recognise it in the pictures below, and you’ll love it.

Since the marble can give you a cold feeling, you will balance this by decorating the bathroom with puffy towels, soft pink roses, and brown candle lights. When it is time to choose the bathtub, the sink, and the faucet, I will say the best choice is to go for wooden ones. White richly-veined marble and dark wood accessories can be a great idea.


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Sophisticated Bathroom Designs


#6 COLOURFUL: A full-colour bathroom for creative people or unstoppable kids


Splash Some Colour in Your Bathroom! 🎨

So you want to jazz up your boring, bland bathroom? Well, grab your paintbrushes, folks; we’re about to take a plunge into a rainbow-coloured oasis! ✨

I know what you’re thinking—bathrooms are supposed to be tranquil, spa-like spaces with soft whites and beiges. Wrong!

When did we establish that rule? Your bathroom should spark creativity and joy, not put you to sleep!

“Why choose between red or blue when you can have both?”


Whether you’ve got energetic kids who need a playful sanctuary or you’re a free spirit who craves self-expression, a colourful bathroom design is the way to go.

It’s time to break free from boredom! 🙅‍♀️


Perk Up With Vibrant Hues

The first step is choosing one or two vibrant hues as your main colors. Might I suggest:

  • Radiant red – Stimulates the senses and sparks passion
  • Sunny yellow – Encourages optimism and creativity
  • Cool blue – Promotes calmness and clarity
  • Lush green – Revitalising and tranquil, evoking nature

You can go bold with paint or tiles in your main hue, then weave in accent colours with towels, rugs, shower curtains, and accessories. The options are endless!


Colour Personality
Red Passionate, Playful
Yellow Cheery, Creative
Blue Serene, Soothing
Green Relaxed, Renewed


Textures, Patterns, and Themes

Now for the fun part—picking whimsical textures and patterns to complement your colour scheme!

  • Retro mosaic tiles – For a funky blast from the past
  • Tropical leaf prints – Escape to an exotic paradise
  • Graphic black & white stripes – Bold and dramatic high contrast
  • Metallic sheen – Glamorous touch of luxury

You can also choose a fun theme, like under-the-sea, rainforest, or Moroccan nights, and decorate accordingly with colourful fishbowl sinks, leafy shower curtains, woven baskets, lanterns, and more!


Final Touches

  • Paint the ceilings a lighter tint of your wall colour for a cocooning effect.
  • Add pops of colour with towels, rugs, candles, and knickknacks.
  • Use colour-changing LED light bulbs to transform the mood.
  • Display vibrant artwork, photos, or temporary wall decals.

So tear down those boring walls and dive into a new technicolour dream bathroom! Surround yourself with energising hues, artful patterns, and playful themes. Those monotonous white boxes will be a thing of the past. 👋


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#7 OAK/WOOD: Oak bathroom to warm the space—a luxury bathroom remodel


Luxuriate in a Warm, Woodsy Bathroom Oasis

Listen up, friends! Is your bathroom looking a little lacklustre these days? Craving a space that feels like a relaxing, woodsy retreat?

Well, gather ’round because I’ve got some seriously game-changing design ideas coming at ya faster than my great-aunt Edna’s fruitcake at Christmas. 😜


See, there’s just something about natural materials like oak and marble that imparts this luxurious, cosy vibe that sterile porcelain and tile just can’t touch. So why not lean into those earthy elements to create a bathroom that feels less like a sterile hospital room and more like a freakin’ spa? I’m talkin’ mood lighting, tactile textures, and creams, taupes, and pale blues that evoke the great outdoors. Swoon!

Now don’t get me wrong—clawfoot tubs undoubtedly have their quaint charm. But if you wanna modernise things a bit, consider swapping in a statement wooden plinth instead. We’re going for a vibe that’s more woodland retreat than great granny’s guest bath. Feel me? And while we’re at it, let’s infuse the whole dang space with antique wooden accents to really drive home that cosy, luxe atmosphere. I’m talking an oak side table for candles, bath salts, and a glass of Pinot Noir. A wooden console sink with a marble countertop to offset all the rich tones. An oversized oak mirror to make things feel grand AF.

Pros Cons
Warms up sterile spaces More expensive than tile or porcelain
Natural, earthy aesthetic Requires more maintenance
Adds a cosy, luxe vibe Not as moisture-resistant as some materials


The bottom line? If you’re looking to upgrade your current bathroom sitch into a relaxing, woodsy oasis, layering in oak and marble accents is clearly the move. Just don’t forget the deep musk-scented candles—you gotta set the mood, ya know! 🕯️😌



Oak luxury bathroom ideas


#8 Luxury: Gold Bathroom Accessories


Pimp Your Bathroom with Gold Bling

Listen up, folks! It’s time to make your bathroom the envy of all your guests with some gold bling! I know what you’re thinking, gold in the bathroom, isn’t that a bit much?

Well, lemme tell ya, when done right, gold accessories can give any bathroom a glamorous yet cosy vibe.


The Midas Touch

Gold just has a way of making things feel luxe. It’s warm, it’s rich, and it’s regal. It reminds me of King Midas and his fabled golden touch. But unlike old Midas, you gotta use gold judiciously, my friends. No one wants to feel like they just walked into Fort Knox for a relaxing bubble bath!


Choose Wisely Grasshopper

  • Pick statement pieces: Fancy gold faucets or mosaic tile backsplashes do the trick without going overboard.
  • Play with symmetry: Place gold accents in aesthetically pleasing spots to delight the eye.
  • Mix and match: Temper gold with matte black or other dark hues so it doesn’t overwhelm.

I like to keep it simple with a stunning gold vessel sink on a bold black stone vanity. Add some modern black and gold sconces above the mirror and a chef’s kiss – magnifique!


When in Doubt, Keep it Classic

Not sure how to rock the gold bling? No worries; you can never go wrong pairing gold with classic black because it’s a combo that never goes out of style. Throw in some ambient lighting to make that gold gleam, and you’ve got yourself a glitzy yet elegant space! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to make my bathroom the talk of the town. Out with the boring builder-grade fixtures, in with the gold baby!

Let me know if you take the gold plunge, cuz I wanna see your glamorous new spaces. Tag me in your pics!


Gold bathroom accessories

Searching for GOLDEN HIGH END FAUCETS FOR SALE? CLICK RIGHT HERE: TOP 17 High End Bathroom Faucets | Ultimate Guide For Your Own Oasis


#9 TRANSPARENCY: “Wall of Windows” small bathroom ideas


Let the Light Shine In: Small Bathroom Window Ideas

Listen up, friends! I know many of you want some privacy in the potty, but covering up those bathroom windows with shutters or blinds would be a rookie mistake of epic proportions! 🚫🙅‍♂️ Sure, no one wants their neighbour Jimbo peeking in while they’re in a state of undress, but a small bathroom already feels cramped enough without blocking all the natural light!

neighbor Jimbo peeking in my bathroom

Neighbour peeking in my bathroom

Instead, opt for some translucent window shades to let that sweet, sweet sunshine pour in while still keeping things PG. 🌞😎 Your morning routine will feel far less like getting ready in a cave when you’ve got a warm glow hugging you like a ray of positivity! Plus, studies show natural light improves mood alertness. Who doesn’t want to start their day off on the right foot? 👣👟

And for all my clever little interior designers out there, I’ve got an insider pro tip that’s practically magical: place a mirror across from the window to make your space appear twice as large! 🪄✨ It’s bathroom wizardry. I tell ya! Suddenly, that tiny water closet feels positively palatial with the illusion of extra windows. Poof! What sorcery is this?!

So ditch the heavy drapes and let your bathroom breathe, folks! Show off those windows with pride and watch your mornings transform into something special. 🌅 Just maybe keep the blinds half closed if Jimbo’s lawn chair is a little too close for comfort… 👀😆


large window for small bathrooms

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#10: Vintage-inspired bathroom ideas


Groovy Vintage Bathrooms That’ll Make You Flip Your Lid

Well, tickle me pink and call me Sally. If you’re jonesin’ for a radical retro restroom, you’ve come to the right place, daddy-o! Get hep to these out-of-sight ideas for crafting a tubular vintage bathroom that’ll have you exclaiming, “23 skidoo!” ☮️

I’ll cut to the chase of cats and kittens. If you’re looking to cook up some boss vintage bath bliss, the bee’s knees places to dig are local auctions, yard sales, and restoration mavens. Sniff out those solid-gone daddies and pick up some stellar original loos and lava fountains for that bodacious midcentury modern or art deco flair. Me-ow! 🛀 But hey, daddy, before you go flipping your wig into full Jerry Lee Lewis mode, make sure your snazzy new throwback commode complements the rest of your humble abode.

You dig? Strike that delicate daddy-o balance between “Wowie zowie!” vintage vibrations and harmonious house harmony. 🏡 Now that we have the solid out of the way, let your imagination run wilder than a hepped-up hipster at a Beat poetry reading! Craft that super cool vintage vibe by:

  • Installing a classic clawfoot tub (just tubular baby!) 🔥
  • Rocking some rad black and white checkerboard tile 😎
  • Topping it off with some pop art posters, like Warhol’s iconic Marilyn Monroe
  • Slapping on some vibrant paint colours like psychedelic orange or radical red
  • Firing up an old-school radio and just letting those bobby soxer hits wail! 🎶


The point being, dolls and cats, don’t be a square! When it comes to that dreamy vintage bathroom, throw caution to the wind and let your creativity hang loose. Design a lavatory that’s so bossy, so hip, and so out of this world that you’ll be flipping your lid over that gone glow every time you visit. So blast that bebop, mix up some pink champagne in the tub, and make with the crazy cool, daddy-o! 🛁🍾

Now that’s the ticket!


Vintage inspired bathroom

Vintage Bathroom Ideas and Photos
Vintage bathroom ideas


If you are thinking about bathroom renovations, bringing a whole new feeling to your home, and you don’t really like the idea of taking care of each detail or think it is time-consuming for you, go ahead and check out this website I’m going to share with you (UK-based). They will “lighten the road” and provide you with the best custom ideas depending on your needs. You can either choose to pick specific bathroom products from their collection, or you can even find the entire luxury bathroom suite and just adapt them to your house.

I have found the best 25 Decor Ideas Which Will Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger. It is all about strategic configuration, many windows, mirrors and lots of white and gray.

Create space, but keep it modern and stylish!

bathroom renovations that are modern and stylish

[1] https://www.bathroomcity.co.uk/blog/top-5-bathroom-apps-design-or-remodel-bathroom
[2] https://www.roomsketcher.com/bathroom-planner/
[3] https://foyr.com/learn/best-free-bathroom-design-apps-and-software/
[4] https://apps.apple.com/mo/app/room-planner-home-design-3d/id1076159017?l=en-GB
[5] https://www.wholesaledomestic.com/blog/the-best-free-bathroom-design-apps/





How do you plan a bathroom layout?

Planning a bathroom layout

When planning a bathroom layout, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Space and dimensions: Carefully measure the bathroom space and create a detailed floor plan to scale. This will help you visualise layout options so please pay attention to plumbing locations and windows as fixed elements.
  • Traffic flow: Think about how people will move through the space. Allow enough clearance around doors and at least 21 inches for comfortable movement between fixtures and cabinets.
  • Plumbing: Group the toilet, sink, and tub/shower in a way that simplifies drain and vent pipe runs to save on costs.
  • Storage: Incorporate drawers, cabinets, shelves, and other storage solutions. Adequate storage prevents clutter.
  • Lighting: Include both general and task lighting. Windows, skylights, and mirrors aid natural light.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation prevents mould and mildew. If there are no windows, plan for an exhaust fan to be ducted outdoors.
  • Electrical: Show locations for outlets, lighting, hardwired appliances, and other electrical components.
  • Personal needs: Tailor the layout to suit your lifestyle, needs, and aesthetic. Get input from all household members.


What do you remodel first in a bathroom?

It’s smart to remodel a bathroom from top to bottom in this order:

  1. Ceiling – Any electrical, plumbing, or ventilation work
  2. Walls – Take care of drywall, tile, and paint
  3. Floor – Waterproof and lay new flooring
  4. Cabinets – Install storage like medicine cabinets
  5. Fixtures – Mount sink, toilet, tub/shower
  6. Extras – Add mirrors, hardware, and accessories

This workflow minimises potential damage to new finishes during construction.


Is it possible to change the layout of a bathroom?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to change the layout of a bathroom with some remodeling work. This may involve:

  • Knocking down or building new walls
  • Relocating plumbing lines and drains
  • Removing and reinstalling fixtures
  • Adding electrical wiring or lighting
  • Reframing the floor plan

Bathroom layout changes range from minor adjustments to complete gut renovations. The scope of work will impact how complex the project is and the cost. But with proper planning and a skilled contractor, renovating a bathroom layout is very doable.


Is it expensive to change the layout of a bathroom?

layout of a bathroom

Changing the layout of a bathroom is one of the most expensive parts of a remodel because of the construction work involved.

Here’s a breakdown:

Demolition costs to gut the existing bathroom: $900-$3,000

Structural changes like moving walls or plumbing: $2,000-$5,000+

You may also need to hire specialists, which adds $200–$500 per hour for their services.

In total, expect to spend $5,000 or more to alter the floor plan of a bathroom. The exact cost rise depends on factors like the remodelling scope, bathroom size, your location, and your choice of materials. So while a layout change really expands what you can do with the space, it comes at a significant price. Weigh your budget and goals before taking on such intensive renovations.


Is a 6×6 bathroom too small?

6x6 bathroom

At only 36 square feet, a 6×6 bathroom may feel too cramped and impractical for daily use. However, with some clever layout and storage solutions, you can make this bathroom functional. Consider these tips:

  • Use pocket or sliding doors to save space.
  • Install a corner sink or pedestal sink to open up the floor area.
  • Choose a narrow tub over a standard size.
  • Build floor-to-ceiling shelving for towels and toiletries.
  • Use a wall-hung or compact toilet with a tankless design.
  • Add mirrors to create the illusion of more space.
  • Paint it with light, bright colours to make it appear larger.

While a 6×6 bathroom requires some compromise, it can absolutely work with smart planning. The layout should focus on ergonomics and multipurpose fixtures suited to small areas.


What is a 3/4 bathroom layout?

3/4 bathroom layout

A 3/4 bathroom contains three of the four standard fixtures: a toilet, sink, and either an abathtub or a shower. Since it’s missing one fixture, it‘s called a 3/4 bath.

Some examples of 3/4 bathroom layouts:

  • Toilet, sink, and shower stall
  • Toilet, double vanity, bathtub with no shower
  • Toilet, pedestal sink, corner shower

The layout should allow for comfortable movement between the existing fixtures. Focus on an ergonomic workflow from toilet to sink to tub or shower.


What is a three-way bathroom layout?

A 3-way bathroom layout divides the space into 3 separate zones, or “ways”:

Wet way – Contains the tub or shower

Dry way – Holds the toilet

Grooming way – Where the sink/vanity goes

This creates a logical sequence of bathroom activities and a helpful visual separation.

For example, tub users don’t have to walk past the toilet on wet floors. To implement a 3-way layout:

  • Zone fixtures into trios
  • Allow space between zones
  • Use walls, partitions, and flooring changes to define areas

The three-way approach brings efficiency and purpose to bathroom floor plans.


Where should a toilet be placed in a bathroom?

The best place to position a toilet in a bathroom layout is:

  • In its own defined zone
  • At least 15–30 inches from the sink or bathtub
  • 21–24 inches away from sidewalls or obstacles
  • Facing the door without blocking it

Avoid putting the toilet next to the shower if possible. The wet zone should stand alone and please place priority on creating a comfortable clearance area around the toilet. A cramped, awkward toilet position will frustrate users.


Should the toilet be next to the shower?

Should the toilet be next to the shower?

It’s best practice not to place the toilet right next to the shower or bathtub if you can avoid it. A few reasons why:

  • The toilet is used more frequently than the tub or shower. Fixture grouping should reflect that.
  • Toilet splashes can spread germs into the shower zone.
  • Bathroom users don’t want to walk past the toilet on a wet floor after showering.
  • Tight toilet-to-tub proximity limits options for grab bars, TP (toilet paper) holders, etc.

If space constraints force this layout, use a privacy wall or glass partition to separate the wet and dry zones. But maintaining a comfortable buffer between these two fixtures is ideal.


How far should a toilet be from the shower?

Standard guidelines recommend a toilet be at least 15–30 inches away from a shower or bathtub because this spacing allows users to move freely without bumping elbows on either fixture. Other toilet-to-shower clearance tips:

  • 30 inches minimum for wheelchair access
  • 24 inches between the toilet centre and wall
  • 21 inches of clearance in front of the toilet
  • Avoid overlaps in the “splash zones”

While every layout has limitations, keep the toilet-to-shower distance as generous as possible. This makes using either fixture more safe, sanitary, and comfortable.


How much room do you need around a toilet?

Here are the standard clearances needed around a toilet:

  • In Front – At least 21 inches from floor to wall, minimum. This allows leg clearance when sitting.
  • On Sides – 24 inches of minimum width from the centerline to walls, cabinets, or other obstacles
  • In Back – No obstructions within at least 36 inches, so users can manoeuvre as needed
  • Above – about 96 inches overhead to stand comfortably

standard clearances needed around a toilet

Maintaining proper toilet clearances in a bathroom layout means no one has to squeeze in or stretch to use it. Keep the area open and accessible.


How far is it from the toilet to the vanity?

Standard guidelines call for at least 15–30 inches of clearance between a toilet and bathroom vanity or sink. This relatively narrow zone allows a user to rise from the toilet and take one small step to the sink. You can place a toilet and vanity closer together or further apart if space allows. But anything less than 15 inches gets uncomfortably tight. Avoid overlaps between the toilet’s “splash zone” and sink area.


What is the minimum space between the toilet and sink?

The absolute minimum space between a toilet and sink is 12 inches, per residential building codes. However, 15 to 30 inches is ideal for standard bathrooms. Anything less than 12 inches is too cramped and won’t pass inspection. Remember to account for elbow room, plumbing, and the area needed to use both fixtures comfortably.

When designing toilet-to-sink clearance:

✅ Allow 15–30 inches between fixtures

✅ Keep “splash zones” separate

❌ Don‘t overlap toilet and sink spaces

❌ Avoid less than 12 inches of clearance


How do you design a small bathroom on a budget?

design a small bathroom on a budget

Designing a small, budget bathroom takes strategic planning, but it can look amazing.

Here are some cost-saving tips:

Optimise layout – Make the most of every inch with a space-saving floor plan.

Multitask with fittings – Choose sinks, cabinets, and shelving that integrate storage.

Use lighting – Windows, mirrors, and lights make rooms feel larger.

Select materials carefully – Affordable tile, metal accents, and DIY paint jobs cut spending.

Buy used fixtures – From Habitat for Humanity or salvage yards. Or upcycle flea market finds.

Do your own labor – Sweat equity saves thousands so start to watch some online tutorials. With clever solutions, small bathrooms can feel open and elegant. Set priorities and get creative!


How do I budget for a DIY bathroom remodel?

Doing a DIY bathroom remodel can save money but requires careful budgeting. Here are some tips:

  • Account for all materials needed, like tile, fixtures, vanity, flooring, paint, etc. Get quotes and add at least 20% more as a buffer. Materials can cost $2,000 to $4,000 for a basic remodel.
  • Factor in dump fees, rental equipment, and miscellaneous supplies. That’s usually $500–$1,000.
  • Be conservative if you are doing plumbing and electrical yourself. Getting it wrong means paying a pro to fix it. Budget at least $1,000 for that, just in case.
  • Finally, add a 20% contingency fund for unexpected issues. DIY projects often have surprises!


Can you do a bathroom remodel yourself?

Yes! With good planning, you can totally DIY a bathroom remodel. Focus on cosmetic upgrades, like:

  • New paint, tile, vanity, and fixtures
  • Adding recessed lighting
  • Replacing medicine cabinets
  • Installing new flooring

Avoid extensive plumbing or electrical work if you’re inexperienced. Consider getting help for:

  • Moving drain lines or supply lines ⚠️
  • Replacing tubs or showers ⚠️
  • Upgrading electrical panels or circuits ⚠️

Overall, the key is setting realistic goals based on your skill level!


How do I design a small bathroom interior?

design a small bathroom interior

When working with a small bathroom space, a few smart design ideas can help maximise both aesthetics and functionality:

  • Use wall-mounted fixtures – Floating vanities and toilets save space and create an airy, modern look.
  • Add mirrors – Strategically placed mirrors visually double the space.
  • Choose glass partitions – Using a glass shower partition makes even a tiny bath feel open.
  • Use vertical storage – Floor-to-ceiling shelving holds lots otowels and supplieses without taking up valuable floor space.
  • Go neutral and bright – Stick with light, neutral colours for a fresh, clean look. Boldly patterned tile can make small bathrooms feel even more cramped.
  • Consider pocket doors – They slide into the wall, saving precious square footage.

Get creative with these tips, and even the tiniest powder room can feel luxurious!

Idea Pros Cons
Wet room style Seamless look, easy to clean Risk of leaks, no tub
All-in-one unit Pre-fabricated, fast install Less customization
Corner sink Saves space Awkward to use
Pedestal sink Sleek, space-saving No storage


How to design a small guest bathroom?

When designing a small guest bathroom, it’s all about maximising function and a welcoming aesthetic in a compact footprint. Here are some savvy tips:

  • Use a narrow vanity – 24-30 inches wide saves space yet fits a sink and small countertop.
  • Install a corner toilet – Unconventional but space-saving. May require specialty plumbing.
  • Add a stylish pedestal sink – Saves space and looks classy. Just be sure to add storage baskets below since pedestals don’t offer counter space.
  • Include closed storage – Freestanding cabinets or a medicine cabinet provide concealed storage without clutter.
  • Zone lighting – Overhead plus task lighting ensures guests can see comfortably.
  • Pick light, neutral colors – Crisp white or beige keeps the space feeling open, airy and easy on the eyes.
  • Use patterns sparingly – Limit bold prints to towels or art. Stick to solid-coloured shower curtains.

With smart layout and finishes, even the smallest powder room can feel fresh, tidy, and welcoming for guests!


How do I design a modern bathroom?

design a modern bathroom

Achieving a contemporary, modern bathroom design is all about embracing clean lines, sleek surfaces, and cutting-edge materials. Here are some key elements to include:

  • Floating vanity – A wall-mounted sink and minimal base exude modern appeal. Glass or metal legs add an industrial edge.
  • Vessel sink – These unique, stand-alone sinks make a sculptural style statement.
  • Rainfall showerhead – Install an oversized showerhead for a luxurious, spa-like soaking experience.
  • Freestanding tub – Make this focal point sleek and contemporary with clean lines and modern shape.
  • Quartz countertops – Prefer engineered quartz for a crisp, contemporary look and durability.
  • Metallic accents – Brushed gold, matte black, or chrome finishes bring high-style luster.
  • Recessed lighting – Flush circular lights enhance the modern aesthetic.
  • Natural greenery – Potted plants or living walls inject organic contrast.

The overall goal is an airy, uncluttered, geometric space with standout contemporary materials and finishes.


How do I create & design a luxury bathroom?

create & design a luxury bathroom

Transforming an existing bathroom into a luxury retreat or designing a high-end new master bath takes strategic planning. Here are the must-have elements:

  • Spa tub – Make a statement with an oversized, jetted soaking tub. Freestanding styles work beautifully as the focal point.
  • Walk-in shower – Opt for an expansive walk-in shower with dual shower heads and a built-in bench.
  • Heated floors – Radiant floor heating adds literal warmth and spa-like comfort.
  • Smart tech – Include voice-activated lighting, Bluetooth sound systems, and USB charging ports.
  • Natural stone – Select marble, travertine, or granite slabs for the ultimate luxury finish.
  • Premium fixtures – Install name-brand, customized faucets, shower systems, and toilets.
  • Pro lighting – Incorporate layers of light, like recessed ceiling lights plus sconces, for a glamorous glow.
  • High-end storage – Built-in cabinetry with integrated hampers provides ample storage solutions.

It’s all about going big, maximising features, and choosing top-tier materials, from tiles to taps!


How do you make a small bathroom luxurious?

make a small bathroom luxurious

Even the cosiest powder room can provide a little luxury with these high-end touches:

  • Install an elegantly framed mirror to visually expand the space
  • Choose a unique vessel sink that makes a stylish statement
  • Use marble or travertine tile for natural drama
  • Incorporate gold, black, or brushed bronze accents and fixtures for glam
  • Add dramatic pendant lighting over the vanity
  • Include a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to play spa music
  • Use rainshowers and handheld showerheads for a customisable experience
  • Incorporate soft, fluffy towels in neutral hues
  • Display fresh flowers and candles to engage the senses


How to make a bathroom luxurious on a budget?

make a bathroom luxurious on a budget

Upgrading a basic bathroom doesn’t have to blow your budget. Use these affordable ideas to create a little luxury:

  • Update lighting – Swap out dated fixtures for elegant pendants or sconces. Lighting makes a huge impact.
  • Fresh paint color – Rich hues like navy or emerald green lend instant sophistication.
  • Faux marble contact paper – Self-adhesive marble paper adds the look of luxury stone for $20 or less.
  • Glass vessel sink – An eye-catching vessel sink elevates any vanity. Check second-hand stores for deals.
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring – This affordable, waterproof flooring looks just like real hardwood.
  • Frosted film on windows – Apply frosted film to windows for a high-end, private look.
  • Fluffy bath mats – Oversize, ultra-soft cotton mats feel heavenly underfoot.
  • Framed art – Hang a gilded mirror or print in an ornate frame for quick glam.

Luxe living doesn’t have to cost a fortune!


How can I make my bathroom look like a farmhouse?

Channelling charming, vintage farmhouse style in the bathroom is easy with these design ideas:

  • White shiplap walls
  • Vintage-look porcelain pedestal sink
  • Classic clawfoot tub (or slipper tub)
  • Floral shower curtain
  • Gingham print fabric towels
  • Galvanised metal buckets for storage
  • Wire basket on the wall to hold rolled towels
  • Framed botanical art prints
  • Rustic wood shelf for toiletries
  • Wrought iron sconces
  • Natural elements like a jute bath mat

The overall goal is warm, traditional charm with vintage details and organic textures.


Do I need a bathroom designer?

Hiring a professional bathroom designer isn’t essential but can be extremely helpful, especially with large or complicated remodels.

Pros of using a designer:

  • Maximises layout, functionality, and storage solutions
  • Helps helps visualise design via 3D renderings
  • Knows which materials work best in bathrooms
  • Aware of universal design and safety considerations
  • Can oversee entire project from start to finish



  • Adds cost for their services
  • May not mesh with your personal style

If undertaking a major remodel or reconfiguring a layout, a designer can save time, money, and headaches in the long run. But for simple refresh projects, it’s usually not necessary.


Do interior designers do bathrooms?

Yes, many professional interior designers offer bathroom design services as part of whole home projects or as stand-alone bathroom remodels.

What an interior designer brings to a bathroom remodel:

  • Expertise in envisioning layout possibilities and spatial planning
  • Knowledge of building codes and permit requirements
  • Experience choosing finishes and fixtures
  • Skill-making selections for an integrated, cohesive look
  • Ability to create 3D renderings to help visualize
  • Contacts for sourcing special materials and items
  • Oversight of the renovation from start to finish

Interior designers typically charge by the hour or as a percentage of the total remodel cost. Their services aren’t cheap, but they can pay off tremendously in terms of the quality of the final design.


How do I choose the right bathroom design?

choose the right bathroom design

The “right” bathroom design is different for every homeowner, but keeping these tips in mind helps:

  • Consider your personal style – Modern, traditional, minimalist? Choose a cohesive aesthetic you love.
  • Focus on function – Make sure the layout, storage, lighting, and flow fit your needs.
  • Plan for longevity – Select durable surfaces that will weather high humidity. Natural stone, quartz, porcelain, and glass excel here.
  • Mind the details – Spend time choosing fixtures and finishes you enjoy, like your perfect tub or faucet.
  • Visualize the whole – Use an app or work with a designer to see everything together before installing.
  • Check sightlines – Place toilets and showers away from direct view for privacy.
  • Account for resale value – Most buyers prefer dual sinks and soaking tubs as prime features.

Choose thoughtfully, invest in quality, and you’ll enjoy the finished bathroom for years to come!


Is there an app to design a bathroom?

Yes, there are several user-friendly apps to design your dream bathroom:

  • Home Design 3D – Design layout in 2D & 3D. Add tiles, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.
  • MagicPlan – Uses phone camera to create a floor plan. Annotate with bathroom elements.
  • RoomSketcher – Build 3D plan with cabinetry, tubs, toilets, etc. Provides realistic visual.
  • Floor Planner – Drag and drop bathroom components to scale. Render in 3D.
  • HomeByMe – Virtual planning tool for floor plans and designs. Has a sizable catalogue of bathroom items.
  • Planner 5D – Create multi-dimensional plans and visualise ideas. Intuitive bathroom design features.
  • Roomle – Web-based app for 2D and 3D planning. Bathroom-specific visualisation tools.

Having a visual design to reference makes decisions and the renovation process much easier!


Is there an app where you can take a picture of a room and design it?

Yes, there are a few apps that allow you to take a photo of a room and virtually design it:

  • MagicPlan – Uses phone camera to capture room dimensions. Design the layout by adding furniture, lighting, etc.
  • Roomle – Take photo of the room, then customise it with bathroom elements like tile, vanities, and tubs.
  • RoomSketcher – Upload room images and scale. Annotate the layout; try different configurations.
  • Homestyler – Take or upload pictures, then design over images with bathroom components.
  • Decorist – Uses AI to analyse room images, detect dimensions, and then allow custom design.
  • Planner 5D – Import images & map out the floor plan. Drag and drop bathroom features to visualise.

So handy! These apps make it easy to envision new bathroom designs without altering anything yet.


What bathroom design programme is easy?

Some of the easiest bathroom design programmes to use include:

  • RoomSketcher – Very user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and a comprehensive component library. Great for beginners.
  • Planner 5D – Intuitive mobile app with tonnes of customisation options. Easy to design on the go.
  • Homestyler – Fun and simple tool to visualise designs. Upload photos of your space to get started.
  • SmartDraw – Straightforward software with many pre-made templates. Nice built-in measurement tools.

The key is finding a program with an interface you like and helpful tutorials if you get stuck! Many have free trials, so you can test out the workflow.


Is there a 3D programme for bathroom designs?

Yes, many bathroom design programmes offer 3D visualisation, so you can view your layout and design from all angles. Some of the top options include:

  • RoomSketcher – Detailed 3D renderings with custom textures and lighting effects.
  • Planner 5D – Convert your 2D floor plan into an interactive 3D model.
  • Homestyler – Fun 3D view with realistic materials and lighting.
  • Chief Architect – Powerful 3D technology for expert-level designs.

Seeing your bathroom design in 3D makes it much easier to envision the final result! Play around with fixtures and finishes to bring your vision to life.


Can AI remodel and design my bathroom?

Unfortunately, AI is not yet advanced enough to fully remodel or design a bathroom. However, AI-powered tools can help generate ideas and concepts. For example:

  • AI image generators like DALL-E 2 (or even DALLE-3) can create unique bathroom designs based on text prompts.
  • Some 3D planning software uses AI to recommend layouts and suggest products.
  • There are also AI chatbots emerging that offer remodelling advice by answering questions.

But human judgement is still required to turn AI inspiration into feasible bathroom plans. We have a ways to go before AI can replace remodelers!


Is there a way to design a bathroom online?

Yes, there are many free and paid online bathroom design tools that allow you to plan and visualise a bathroom remodel right from your web browser or mobile device. Some top options:

  • RoomSketcher Planner
  • 5D Homestyler
  • Floorplanner

These programmes provide drag-and-drop floor plan tools, 3D rendering, customisable libraries of bathroom components like tubs and tile, and more. It makes planning a renovation so much easier!


Is the Homestyler app free?

Homestyler app offer

Yes, Homestyler offers an entirely free interior design app with no subscription required. You have full access to all the floor planning and visualisation features, including:

  • 2D and 3D floor plans
  • Large furniture/decor catalogue
  • Color and texture customization
  • Realistic 3D visualisation
  • Photo upload to design on actual space
  • Cross-platform on mobile, tablet, and desktop

Homestyler app pricing

They offer paid subscriptions too, which provide additional furnishings, faster rendering speeds, private sharing, and other perks. But the free version is very capable for most home projects!


What is the best app for finding bathrooms?

Bathroom Scout Application

Some of the top apps for locating public restrooms or rating or reviewing bathrooms include:

  • Flush – Database of over 200,000 bathrooms globally, with descriptions, photos, and ratings.
  • SitOrSquat – Crowdsourced bathroom finder with 10 million entries globally.
  • Toilet Finder – Directory of clean, public toilets in various countries.
  • Bathroom Scout – Reviews and listings of local bathroom cleanliness and amenities.

These apps tap into user-generated content about bathrooms worldwide. Great for travel, medical conditions, or just in case of emergency!


What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

The most expensive aspect of most bathroom renovations is installing new fixtures like a tub or shower, toilet, vanity sink, lighting, cabinets, and flooring. Prices vary depending on the types of fixtures selected, but expect at least $5,000–$15,000 in costs just for new fixtures. Labour, demolition/construction, plumbing, electrical, and other little expenses also add up quickly. But splurging on high-end fixtures usually makes up the largest portion of total bathroom remodel costs. Prioritise this in your budget!


What adds the most value to a bathroom?

Some of the best bathroom upgrades for boosting resale value include:

  • New shower/tub
  • Added a separate tub
  • Contemporary vanity/sink
  • Improved lighting
  • Tile flooring
  • Added ventilation fan
  • Extra storage space

Aim for modern, neutral, and low-maintenance materials that appeal to most buyers. Adding a full bath if only a half bath exists also greatly increases value.


How much does a bathroom remodel increase home value in 2023?

According to the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodelling Magazine, the average bathroom remodel in 2023 recoups about 72% of costs upon home resale.

For example, a midrange bathroom renovation costing around $21,000 would add roughly $15,120 to the value of that home. This ROI fluctuates based on remodel scope, home type, region, and market conditions. So while you likely won’t regain 100% of renovation costs, a bathroom update still boosts value substantially to help sell your home faster and for a higher price!


Can a bathroom remodel increase home value?

a bathroom remodel increase home value

The answer is yes, according to remodelling experts.

A good redesign looks great, sells well with the house, and can provide a great return on investment, or ROI.

The National Association of REALTORS® reports that bathroom remodels are a great way to recoup costs. In fact, bathroom remodels are the number one recommended remodelling job out there. At least, that’s the view held by the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report construction site. It found that, on average, suburban and urban bathroom remodels in 2023 accounted for about 72% of the costs.

Certain bathroom class half-baths, baths becoming three quarters, baths to master barth, baths to contemporary finishes, and baths added-top levels of return on investment in 2023. What’s more. Bathrooms are one of the most used areas of a home, and upgrading them makes a property more liveable and desirable for future occupants. This translates into buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for an updated bath.


How much does an extra-full bathroom add to home value?

Adding a full bathroom to a home that only has one or two can increase property value by $10,000 to $25,000 on average, according to Redfin real estate agents. However, value boosts as high as $100,000+ are possible, depending on the market.

The reason an extra full bath adds so much value is that it makes homes more usable for families, increases future flexibility, and increases resale potential. It also turns a 2-bedroom house into a 3-bedroom house by code in most areas since full baths count as bedrooms. Just make sure the new bathroom is properly permitted or up to code. An illegal DIY bath addition could actually hurt value.


Why do bathroom remodels cost so much?

Bathroom renovations are one of the most expensive remodelling projects because they require extensive labour, demolition, plumbing, and compliance with strict building codes. Key reasons bathroom remodels cost $12,000 to $25,000+ on average:

  • Plumbing – Rerouting drain and vent lines and adding fixtures costs $4,000+
  • Electrical – Lighting, fans, and outlets could need rewiring ($2,000)
  • Labor – Tile setting, carpentry are very time-consuming
  • Fixtures – New tubs, sinks, etc. range from $2,500 to $10,000+.
  • Permits & Codes – Require licenced plumbers & electricians
  • Layout Changes – Moving walls and fixtures gets complex fast
  • Waterproofing – Preventing leaks and damage is crucial
  • Materials – Tile, stone, and glass drive costs up

It adds up fast! Carefully value engineers to control expenses.


When should you remodel your bathroom?

The best times to remodel your bathroom are when:

  • Fixtures and finishes are extremely outdated or worn
  • You plan to sell your home within 5 years
  • Mould, leaks, and electrical issues appear
  • Your family has outgrown the current setup
  • You have cash available from refinancing, bonus, or inheritance

Ideally, remodel bathrooms every 20–25 years as homes age. Update styles within 10 years if selling. Always address functional problems ASAP before they worsen!


How much does it cost to retile a bathtub surround?

Retiling a standard bathtub surround with ceramic wall tiles often ranges from $1,500 to $4,000, with most homeowners paying around $2,500 on average. Costs depend on tile type, pattern, and detail, as well as whether plumbing fixtures are replaced.

Key charges include:

  • Tile purchase/delivery: $500-$1,500
  • Tile prep & installation: $800-$2,500
  • New fixtures (optional): $500-$1,500
  • Misc supplies, grout, and backerboard: $200-$500

Get 3+ quotes to find the best value. Consider reglazing ($400-$900) to save thousands!



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