TOP 7 Luxury Hotels In Abu Dhabi And The Extravagant Life Behind The Scenes That You Need To Know

TOP 7 Luxury Hotels In Abu Dhabi And The Extravagant Life Behind The Scenes That You Need To Know

Are you ready to discover a world behind any imagination? I know the focus of this article is on Luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi, but let’s go a little bit beyond it. First, once you are arriving there, you’ll feel the luxury touch of each product or service. Then you’ll be surprised by the warmth of Arabian hospitality and amazed by their delicious Arab cuisine.


Insights about Abu Dhabi’s experience

If you go deeper you’ll be captivated by their complex culture, religion, and traditions. You can take into consideration private tour with a knowledgeable local guide, who can help you understand each and every detail about this beautiful country.

Abu Dhabi is the place where the sea meets the desert!

Go enjoy a camel trip or a 4×4 ride through Rub al Khali desert (is the world’s largest sand desert), and then enjoy the beaches and warm waters of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf.


You’ll also find below the best luxury beach hotels in Abu Dhabi.

Corniche Beach

Yas Beach

Saadiyat Beach

Mirfa Beach


Now let’s go back to our TOP 7 Luxury Hotels in Abu Dhabi UAE.


1. Emirates Palace Hotel – Abu Dhabi’s most Luxurious Hotel

That’s the place which will exceed any expectation. It’s known as the symbol of the luxurious Abu Dhabi, featuring a huge private beach, sea view balconies and awesome design with opulent interiors. The Michelin-starred Hakkasan restaurant will be a delight for the gourmands out there.

Grandiose from the outside, cozy and warm on the inside. This Palace is THE Place to splash out and savour.



2. Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi – the centerpiece of the Yas Island – Formula 1™ legend

499 rooms, modern hotel, Art Deco style inside. Located just 10 minutes drive from the international airport of Abu Dhabi, the atmosphere can be a little bit noisy, but it worth. Its statement curved exterior is the main thing you will notice.

It has an innovative touch, two huge pools, both of them with sunset view, and a famous luxury spa. Any of the Abu Dhabi luxury hotels are featuring a luxury spa, but none of them has nine treatment rooms as Yas Viceroy does!



3. Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel – Great for the view of the Abu Dhabi Corniche

Reviews say it has the best international service for business customers. It is located just across the road from Emirates Palace, the very western end of the Corniche. At a first glance, you will notice its 69-storey tower and all the stunning Swarovski crystal chandeliers around the first floor.

There are more than 350 rooms, some facing the seaside and the rest of them with a gorgeous view of the city. Jumeirah Etihad is one of the most wanted Abu Dhabi luxury hotels, not only because of its design and services but also for its extremely spacious and luxurious rooms.

For their incredibly comfortable beds, they use Sealy mattresses. You can also see: TOP 5 Luxury Mattress Brands | From Extremely Expensive to Budget Ones



4. Zaya Nurai Island – This Abu Dhabi luxury hotels resort is great for families who want to escape the city

Nurai Island is actually a previously uninhabited natural island which keeps its virgin look even if it was artificially enlarged by people. First, you arrive in a smart welcome center in Saadiyat Island, which means 10 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi. Then you’ll go for a 10-minute speedboat ride, and here you are, on Nurai Beach.

There are no cars on the island, but it takes about 1 h to walk around. The hotel doesn’t allow more than 80 guests at the same time, and there is plenty of staff (several for each guest of the hotel).

Large rooms, private gardens, turquoise pools and white furniture.


5. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel And Villas – Family Friendly

Indoor and Outdoor activities for kids who can play under supervision daily from 9.30am to 6.30pm

Located on Saadiyat Island, next to the white sandy beaches of Abu Dhabi, Hyatt is reviewed as one of the best among Top 10 Abu Dhabi luxury hotels 5 star. It’s modern and stylish, giving an open-air feeling. Its design elements and furniture give you a warm welcoming.

You must try the Middle Eastern cuisine traditionally cooked in The Café restaurant (and don’t skip the hotel’s signature steakhouse!)



6. The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

First, you will notice its elegant ziggurat style (massive building, with a terraced form). St. Regis is Superbly-positioned with a stunning view of the sea. Maybe the best among hotels in Saadiyat.

Besides many restaurants and bars, you’ll also find many luxury shopping boutiques. This inside world of opulence is completed by the soft piano music you’ll hear once you enter the spacious lobby.

All in all, the atmosphere is very warm, with eye pleasing colors, beige and white marble, and gold-uniformed staff.

It is featuring more than 7 restaurants and bars, but once you are there, you should try the Grill, St Regis signature restaurant.



7. Rosewood Abu Dhabi – last in our TOP 7 luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi

This 34-storey tower reminds you about NY, and that’s perfectly right, because it was actually designed by a group of architects based in Manhattan. It’s located on a small natural island, entirely separated from Abu Dhabi, but connected through a bridge.

You’ll love the floor-to-ceiling windows and its dark-wood paneling rooms & suites.



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