The Ultimate Trends In Luxury Nails Today | Be Special, Unique & Attractive and Bring Your Sexiness Back!

The Ultimate Trends In Luxury Nails Today | Be Special, Unique & Attractive and Bring Your Sexiness Back!
When it comes to getting our beautiful nails done, many of us are searching for good products and services, happy employees and a relaxing atmosphere. But why not thinking bigger than that!? We’ve found that there are many nails spas which can offer a way more! They add magic and make luxury nails ! 💅
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Why Choosing A Nail Salon?

We all know that having your nails clear, with a neat look is a must! Once you will choose to go for the first time to a nail salon, you will feel like you are in heaven. That is the right place to relax, to be alone with your thoughts, or even chat with new people (most of them women to whom you’ll have a lot to discuss) or with your best friend if you decide to go together.
Most of the times all the employees are happy to have you there, to share important tips & tricks about everything (hair, nails, make-up, eyebrows and so on), and you definitely need them in your day to day basis. So, girls, it is not a luxury…it is a necessity!


What is 2017 bringing in terms of nail painting?

Besides the fact that accurate nails is a must, 2017 is coming with brand new designs and ideas for nails. The shape and the overall look of the nail should be perfect. Blurring colors or wired shapes are not in trend anymore this year.

First of all, you have to decide about the shape of your nails. If you are wondering what are the options, here they are:

For 2017, designers recommend the almond one, as you can see in the following pictures:

I did not randomly choose these colors to show you. I did it because nude nails are the feature this season. You can combine the nude with a glimpse of beige or pink, or even add some gold on it, and you can match them with any outfit you want.

If you are thinking to have a french mani, go wild and choose some crazy colors to do it. It is very trendy this year to have your tips of the nails painted black, purple, green, gold or even yellow.

Another amazing thing that I really like about 2017, is the fact that it is not conservative, and keeps glitter on the first position. You are allowed to combine the silver one with the gold one, choosing between covering only the ring fingernail, or all of them. You will look extremely fashionable with it!


Let’s discover some luxury nails trends 👏

Want to be different? To shine? To celebrate your beauty every day?

For those of you who are not getting satisfied with only a usual nail painting, let’s discuss about luxury ones.

While red nails are still the favorite but the conservative ones, some designers decided to innovate. We all love marble, aren’t we? Why not having marble on your nails? Have you ever thought about it? If not, now you will do for sure! Many luxury nail salons are focusing on this huge trend. A luxurious and universal look:

Not impressed by marble?


You should see the $51,000 Diamond Manicure, done by Katy Perry, in a famous nail salon in London. It looks just stunning:


Prices for a luxury mani 💰

Wondering about the luxury nails prices? Here you can find a nail lounge, which offers 3 kinds of packages for those of you who wants to shine with some fancy fingers. The first one is called “Haute Couture Manicure” ($500-$2,500), the second one is “Gold Rush Manicure” ($2,500-$10,000) and the last one, named “Glitz & Glamicure” which cost up to $25,000.

Ready to spend on your fingers more than on your car?

For such an expensive nail painting, choose from 24K gold polish to Chanel or the lovely black diamond one:


Now…are you interested in finding the nearest luxury nail spa?

Here we might got a solution for you, cuz we got an awesome website which does exactly that for you.

All you have to do is to enter the type of service you want to enjoy and your zip code, in order to be located. They will find the best solution for your needs. Check the website here!

Available for the next cities: NY City, Chicago, San Diego, London, Toronto, LA, Houston, Austin, Denver, Vancouver, San Francisco, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Calgary, Seattle, Scottsdale, Miami, Dallas, Montreal, Paris. You lucky residents of these cities, we can’t wait for them to go global !


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