Master the Art of Beard Grooming 🧔✂️ with the Revolutionary Philips OneBlade ✨ Trimmer & Shaver! 🙌

Master the Art of Beard Grooming 🧔✂️ with the Revolutionary Philips OneBlade ✨ Trimmer & Shaver! 🙌
Unlock the Secrets to Perfect Beard Trimming with the Game-Changing Philips OneBlade PRO — Master the Art of Effortless Beard Grooming and Unleash Your Style! 🧔✂️✨
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Find out if it’s the right fit for you and achieve smooth, comfortable shaves. Explore the secrets to perfect beard trimming and unleash your style! 🧔✂️

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Are you looking for a grooming device that can do it all❓👀

Well, in this article, I’m putting the Phillips One Blade to the test to find out if it’s the right fit for you so stick around 😉

Let’s help you get comfortable, confident, and clean in grooming. ✅

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Phillips One Blade hybrid electric shaver and trimmer, a versatile grooming tool that promises to handle all your edging, trimming, and shaving needs, regardless of hair length.

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Now, before I dive in, let me clear up some confusion you may have with the items you see listed on Amazon, because there are actually three versions of the One Blade: one for the face; another for the face and body, which I’ll be reviewing today; and a third pro version, which is also for the face but geared more towards the beard. ✅

Now, each of these products may look similar, but there are actually slight variations as we dig into the details so let’s take a look. ☺️

  • The face or base unit comes with one replaceable blade as well as three stubble combs of lengths one, three, and five millimeters. It uses a nickel metal hydride battery and requires 8 hours of charge time for 45 minutes of use. ✔️
  • The Face and Body package comprises of two extra blades, four stubble combs ranging from one to five millimeters in length, a bodycomb of three millimeters, and a skin guard attachment designed for individuals with sensitive skin. Unlike the face unit, this one uses a lithium-ion battery and requires 1h to charge for 120 minutes of use. ✔️
  • The Pro unit’s differentiator is its 14-length precision comb attachment, which allows you to trim at a length of 0.4 millimeters up to ten millimeters. This unit also includes one replacement blade, a charging stand, a travel lock, and uses a lithium-ion battery that only requires 1 hour of charging time for 90 minutes of use. ✔️

You can find all of those products below 👇

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Now, let’s talk turkey. What’s the cost❓💰

Currently, the One Blade basic face unit is listed on Amazon Prime for $39.99, while the face and body is just south of $50. You’ll find the Pro version for close to $80.

This may seem reasonable, but what jumps out to me right off the bat are replacement parts because when I see the words “replacement blades”, I automatically think of future costs. And upon further review of the fine print, we can see that these blades only last for four months, and that’s based on two uses per week. (it’s even listed on the replacement blades)

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So if you’re thinking about using this as your new grooming tool for the next year or two, get ready to dish out some extra cash. 🤑

In addition, Phillips makes it clear that this product does not shave as close as a traditional blade and this is due to a tiny green guard preventing the blade from directly contacting your skin.

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Now, based on features and pricing structure, I believe there are several Phillips trimmers that include the foil shaver attachment, including the Multigoom 5100 and Multigoom 7100, that can get you the same or better results at the end of the day with better pricing and no replacement parts necessary.

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In the end, the One Blade face model is a decent little trimmer. It’s not the closest shave, but it gets the job done. ✅

Personally, I did not experience any skin irritation; however, I did notice that the device felt somewhat cumbersome when maneuvering it around the area beneath the lower lip and inner chin. The blade can feel a little bit wide, so when you’re cutting into those corners, you might be taking off more than you want.

As a side note, I appreciate the fact that it has an LED indicator for the battery and a few useful accessories👇

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That said, where I saw the One Blade perform best next to the Multigoom was on the mustache. The One Blade’s smaller profile comb was able to angle in with ease, while the Multigroom had difficulty getting in there with the larger attachment. But the foil shaver of the Multigroom edged out the One Blade for smoothness.


Overall, for those of you who are working with a shorter and tighter profile beard or those who are just unconcerned with smoothness on the face and just don’t want to use a razor anymore, this would be a good fit. 👊

But for those of you out there with thicker beards, the Multigroom 5100 and 7100 are still forces to be reckoned with, and they will save you in cost and time over the One Blade in the long run.


In the case of the One Blade, the Pro would be recommended to you, but at a price point of $80, it makes more sense to go with a multi-groom around $50, which doesn’t need replacement parts and will last you up to probably two years (or more). ✅

If you are curious to find out more about this awesome product then check out the full review here 👇


Let me know in the comments what specific grooming products you would like to see me review in the future. I want to start putting out more helpful articles, but I need your help to grow my base! 👊

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Key Takeaways! 💡

  • There are 3 versions of the One Blade: one for the face, another for face and body, and a third pro version. Each of these products may look similar, but there are actually slight variations. ✔️
  • The One Blade face model is a decent little trimmer and while it’s not the closest shave, it gets the job done. At $80, it makes more sense to go with a multigroom for around $50. ✔️
Photo by author — the items you get inside with the One Blade PRO — Face & Body Package!


Any questions or do you have something to add? Also, what shaver are you using? ☺️

Let me know in the comments please!


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Article Summary

Topic Details
Product Philips OneBlade PRO
Versions Face, Face and Body, and Pro
Use Trimming, edging, and shaving
Battery Life Varies per version; from 45 minutes to 120 minutes
Charging Time Varies per version; from 1 hour to 8 hours
Notable Features Replaceable blades, different stubble combs, LED indicator for battery, water-resistant
Price Varies per version; from $39.99 to $80
Replacement Parts Blades need to replaced every four months (based on two uses per week)



What is Philips OneBlade PRO?

The Philips OneBlade PRO is a versatile grooming tool that serves as a shaver and a trimmer and is designed to handle all trimming, edging, and shaving needs, regardless of hair length.


How many versions of Philips OneBlade PRO exist?

There are three versions of the Philips OneBlade PRO: one for the face, another for the face and body, and a third pro version. Each of these products has slight variations in features and accessories.


How long does the battery of Philips OneBlade PRO last?

The battery life varies per version. The face unit lasts 45 minutes, the face and body unit lasts 120 minutes, and the pro unit lasts 90 minutes.


How much does Philips OneBlade PRO cost?

The cost varies per version. The OneBlade face unit is listed on Amazon Prime for $39.99, the face and body unit is just south of $50, and the pro version is close to $80.


How often do the blades of Philips OneBlade PRO need to be replaced?

The blades need to be replaced every four months based on two uses per week.


Is the Philips OneBlade PRO water-resistant?

Yes, the Philips OneBlade PRO is water-resistant.


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FAQ – Diving Deeper into the Philips OneBlade PRO 🧔✂️🤩

Yo, peeps! Ready to talk some real beard biz? Grab your coffee ☕ (or tea, if you swing that way), and let’s tackle the good, the bad, and the hairy of the Philips OneBlade PRO. Buckle up, ’cause here we go!


1. What’s the Philips OneBlade PRO all about? 🤷‍♂️

Let me break it down for ya, pal. The Philips OneBlade PRO isn’t your grandma’s razor. Nah, this bad boy is like the Swiss army knife of grooming tools.

Imagine a tool that shaves, trims, and edges, regardless of the hair’s length. Yeah, it’s that dope!


2. Versions, Versions, Versions! How many? 🤔

Buddy, I feel ya! It’s like ordering a coffee with all the weird names. ☕

So, the OneBlade PRO comes in three flavors: Face only, Face + Body, and the Pro (fancy one for the beard enthusiasts).

Each has its own special mojo to make you look fly.


3. Battery juice! How long does it last? 🔋

Alright, check this out:

  • Face Unit: 45 min run time 🐢
  • Face + Body Unit: 120 min, the marathoner 🏃‍♂️
  • Pro Unit: 90 min, just right! 🕺

4. Money talk! What’s the damage? 💸

Keep those wallets ready! 🤑

  • Face: 39.99 bucks. Not too shabby!
  • Face + Body: Little less than 50. Worth it?
  • Pro: Around 80 big ones.

Now, these prices might make you go “Hmm 🤨”, but it’s a one-time investment for looking slick.


5. Replaceable Blades? What’s the 411? 🔁

Oh, man! Here’s the catch: the blades last for about four months with two uses per week.

So, if you’re thinking of flexing with this for a couple of years, those dollar bills might be flying.


6. Waterproof? Can I sing in the shower with it? 🚿

Yo! You can drop some sick tunes while shaving. 🎶

The OneBlade PRO is water-resistant. Just don’t go diving with it, Aquaman!

Insider Tip: The LED indicator on this device? Total game-changer! Battery anxiety is real, folks. 🙌

Quick Chuckle: Why did the razor apply for a job? It wanted to be the sharpest tool in the shed! 😂

Quote of the Day:

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”Warren Buffett

So, investing in a tool that keeps you looking sharp might just be the play, huh?



  • For the dudes rocking short, tight beards or those who’re just tired of the traditional razor burn, the OneBlade PRO might be your jam! 🤘
  • If you’ve got a lush forest on your face, maybe check out the Multigroom 5100 or 7100. They’re the real MVPs. 🌳
  • And remember, looking fly is an art and a science. So, research, compare, and choose what suits you the best.

Got more burning beard queries? 🧔

Drop ’em below. And if you’re using another fancy tool, share the deets! Sharing is caring. ✌️👇