Mastering Microsoft Word 2019: A Comprehensive Guide to Text Formatting and More 📝💻

Mastering Microsoft Word 2019: A Comprehensive Guide to Text Formatting and More 📝💻

Master Microsoft Word 2019 with our comprehensive guide. Learn to launch the program, format text, change layout & appearance, and apply dynamic tools to your documents.


Exploring the Depths of Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Word 2019

Learn to navigate Microsoft Word 2019 like a pro in our latest article! We’ll cover everything from launching the programme to text formatting, font changes, and document layout tools. Come join us!


  • Launching Microsoft Word
  • Opening a New Document
  • Text Formatting
  • Font Formatting Tools
  • Font Group Tools
  • Applying Text Formatting
  • Selecting Text to Format
  • Using Bullets
  • Bullet Types


Microsoft Apps

Today, I am thrilled to take you on a journey exploring various aspects of Microsoft Word 2019. From launching the application to diving deep into text formatting, there is so much to discover. Remember, Microsoft Word stems from the Microsoft Office Suite; therefore, when you install Microsoft Office, it comes along as a companion to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and a host of other programmes.

Microsoft Office 2019 programmes available

Microsoft Office and other programmes that comes with it


How to Launch Microsoft Word

Mastering Microsoft Word 2019

Launching Microsoft Word 2019 is a skill that sits at the very foundation of product interaction. It is a simple process. Start by being in front of your computer and reaching out to your desktop screen. There lies an icon referred to as ‘the Stack’. Clicking the stack leads to the Start Screen. From there, type ‘Word’ into the search bar, click ‘Open’, and voila! Microsoft Word 2019 will be displayed right in front of you.


Explore the Creation of a New Document

Microsoft Word - Work area

Now, let’s delve into the process of creating a new document and working with text. Word offers a variety of tools that cater to editing, formatting, and inserting pictures or charts. But, for now, our focus lies on a central task: text formatting.

So, what is text formatting? It’s the ability to alter the appearance and layout of your text, giving you complete control over your document’s visual appeal.


Let’s start with the basic font styles available in Word:

  • Font type: The textual character style that you choose.
  • Font size: Influences how big or small your text appears.
  • Grow Font: Increases the size of your selected text.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline: Allows you to emphasise your text.
  • Subscript and Superscript: This enables you to create small letters above (superscript) or below (subscript) your text line.
  • Text Highlighting and Text Colour: Adds a background colour behind your text or alters the text colour.


“Text formatting is the process of changing the appearance and layout of text.”


Apart from changing the text’s appearance, Word also offers you various tools to alter the text layout. These are housed under the ‘Paragraph’ group of tools. Here, you will find ‘Bullets’, ‘Numbering’, ‘Multilevel List’, ‘Decrease Indent’, ‘Increase Indent’, ‘Alignment’, and other useful features.

By the way, do you remember this design it has in the past?

Microsoft Word Toolbar and features at the top available



Applying Text Formatting and Layout Tools

Let’s see text formatting tools in action! Begin by typing your name on your document.

To apply text formatting, you first need to select the text as this indicates to the computer the specific set of text you want to apply the changes to! After you’ve selected the text, press on ‘Bold’ to make your name appear bold. You might want to increase your font size too. Simply hit the ‘Font Size’ tool and select your desired size from the drop-down menu.

In the same vein, you can apply ‘Bullet points’ to a list of items. For instance, write down a few names and select them. Navigate to the ‘Paragraph’ group and click on ‘Bullets’ and you will find yourself faced with different bullet-point styles. Click on the one that suits your preference and watch as your text transforms. This is how we can make our text look different from what it was originally.

There are various other formatting tools still available in Microsoft Word 2019 for modifying your texts. Do experiment with them and see for yourself because working out these tools is to your advantage since MS Word serves as the platform for you to shine. It can increase your efficiency and productivity so have fun browsing through and ring me up if you are stuck. I would love to help you out!



Master Microsoft Word 2019

The author is discussing the process of launching and formatting data in Microsoft Word 2019, a software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite and can be launched from the computer’s start screen by typing and opening ‘Word’. A new document must be created to begin the formatting process.

  • Tools in the program are categorized into those related to editing, formatting, and inserting objects such as images or charts.
  • Text formatting, in particular, refers to changing the appearance and layout of text.
  • Various tools under the font and paragraph groups on the home tab can be used for changing the appearance and layout of text, respectively.

The author guides the audience in typing and selecting their name on the screen, applying the ‘bold’ function, increasing the font size, and implementing bullet points. The author concludes by inviting any questions.



Microsoft Word 2019, a software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite

Is there a version of Microsoft Word that is free or in other words…Can I access Word without paying?

You sure can! Let’s explore some no-cost ways to use Word:

  • Check if your job or university offers Office 365 for free. Many schools provide the full Office suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, through Office 365 Education. Students and teachers usually get access.
  • Try out desktop Word risk-free. Microsoft lets you test drive the latest version of Word on your computer for one month through a free Microsoft 365 trial. Then it’s $7 per month after, but you can cancel anytime.
  • Use Word Online. This web-based Word lets you open, edit, and share Word docs right in your browser. Less functions than desktop Word, but handy for basic editing on the go with no download required.
  • Snag the mobile apps. The official Word, Excel, and PowerPoint iOS and Android apps are all free. Ideal for viewing and light editing on smartphones and tablets when your laptop isn’t handy.

Microsoft 365 Education

See? You’ve got solid options to access Word features without spending a dime. We covered the well-known Office 365 University freebie, risk-free Microsoft 365 trial, handy Word Online, and convenient mobile Word apps. What other questions about Word can I answer for you today?

Microsoft empowering education








Can I download Microsoft Word for free?

Unfortunately there’s no legal way to download the full desktop version of Microsoft Word for free. You either need to purchase a license, subscribe to Microsoft 365, or use the free web and mobile apps if the advanced Word features aren’t needed.


Is Microsoft Word free for students?

Office 365 Education for free to students

Many schools provide Office 365 Education for free to students, which includes full, installed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Students can usually download it from their school’s software portal. Just make sure to enter your school-provided credentials during installation.


Can I get Microsoft Office for free at library?

Some libraries offer Microsoft Office products for free on their computers. You can use Office apps like Word while in the library. However, most don’t allow free downloads or lend out software. You’ll need to buy Office or subscribe to Microsoft 365 to use the full apps on your personal devices.


How do I get Office on my laptop without paying? = No Free Lunch, But Plenty of Tasty Samples!

Bad news, amigos – there’s no way to slap down a crisp $0 bill and strut out with the full Office shebang installed on your personal machine. None. Zilch. Nada. But before you storm the Microsoft castle, pitchforks in hand, let’s chat options!

  • Students, rejoice! Many schools provide free Office 365 Education accounts. Confirm with your administration ASAP to score your free copy!
  • 30 days of feasting! Try Microsoft 365 on a no-strings-attached 1-month free trial. Kick the tires before you buy.
  • Purchase one app only. Word? Excel? Your choice! No need to break the bank for features you won’t use.

So don’t fret, valued reader! While the C-suite big wigs in Redmond haven’t opened the Office floodgates for total freeloading (gotta make that paper, baby!), there are avenues to score access without draining your bank account. Try before you buy. Choose one app, not all. And students – pester your school admins relentlessly until they hook you up!

Microsoft office for students

Now get out there and start creating awesome Office masterpieces on a budget!

What will you produce first – the next great American novel drafted in Word, or a hard-hitting financial model built in Excel? The world awaits yourgenius!

Try Microsoft 365 For Free for 30 days








What’s the deal with getting Word on my device?

Alright, listen up folks: If you bought Word as a standalone product – you know, like on a disc or something from an actual store – then you can install it by entering the product key during the whole setup process. Simple enough, right? Now, if you went ahead and subscribed to Microsoft 365, then all you gotta do is log into your account and download those desktop apps.

And here’s a little pro tip: Use the same Microsoft account on all your gadgets. That way, you can easily re-download Word whenever you need to without any hassle. Pretty smooth if you ask me!









How do I download Word from Office 365?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to and sign in with your Microsoft 365 account.
  2. Click “Install Office” and select Word (or Office suite).
  3. Click “Install” on the web page or download directly from the installer file.
  4. Run the installer once downloaded and follow the prompts to install Word.


How can I get Microsoft Word on my computer?

Here are the main ways to get Word on your Windows or Mac computer:

  • Buy a one-time purchase “boxed” version from a retail store
  • Subscribe to Microsoft 365 and download Word from your account
  • Use the 1-month free Microsoft 365 trial to test out the full Word app
  • Install Office 365 Education if you’re a student whose school offers it

Unfortunately there is no way to get the full desktop Word app for free. But you can access free basic document creation and editing features through the Microsoft Word mobile and online apps.


Got Word? How to Score Free Access

So you want to start crafting captivating documents with Microsoft Word, but don’t want to drop the dough? Well, you’re in luck, word nerd! 🤓 There’s a free way to access Word if you’re a student. 🎓

  • Schools that use Office 365 Education provide students Word access at no cost. Pretty sweet deal! You just need to:
    1. Get login credentials from your school
    2. Sign into Office 365 using said credentials
  • Then you can start word processing like a boss! ⌨️


Unfortunately, this free version won’t get you the full Microsoft 365 suite with Excel, PowerPoint, etc. But at least you can tap into Word for $0! Write on, wordsmith! 🖊️









How much is it to download Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word itself does not have a set download fee. You need to purchase a license or subscription to download and activate Word:

  • Microsoft 365 Personal – $6.99 per month
  • Microsoft 365 Family (up to 6 people) – $9.99 per month
  • One-time purchase standalone version – $139.99

If you have a product key from buying Word previously, there is no cost to download the software onto a new device.


How much does Microsoft Word cost per year?

If you subscribe monthly to Microsoft 365 Personal, Microsoft Word costs around $83.88 per year ($6.99 x 12 months). It’s cheaper to pay annually at $69.99 per year for Personal and $99.99 per year for Family plans. Buying a one-time, standalone Word license costs a flat rate of $139.99 (which I recommend so you won’t have money flying away each month/year).


Does Microsoft Word always cost money?

The full, installed desktop application of Microsoft Word does always cost money, whether you buy it as a one-time purchase or subscribe to use it.

However, there are free alternatives:

  • Microsoft Word online is free to use with basic editing tools.
  • Microsoft offers a 1-month free trial of Microsoft 365 to try Word.
  • Students may receive Office 365 Education, including Word, for free.

The Word mobile app is also free for light viewing and editing. But advanced features require a paid Microsoft 365 subscription.


Can I just buy Microsoft Word?

Yes, you have the option to just buy Word as a one-time, standalone purchase. This allows you to use Word permanently without a ongoing subscription. As of 2024, a standalone Word license costs $139.99 for PC or $169.99 for Mac. You can purchase it from Microsoft directly or stores like Amazon and BestBuy. Downside is you only get Word – no Excel, PowerPoint, etc. And there’s no included cloud storage or technical support.


Gotta catch ’em all? Snagging Microsoft Office forever

Y’all, listen up! We got options if you wanna catch that Microsoft Office suite and hold it close forever. No more of this subscription nonsense. Let’s break it down:

  • For the PC peeps:
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint – the tried ‘n true trio for $149.99. Boom.
    • Add Outlook, Teams, OneNote to the mix for only $100 more at $249.99. Now that’s a steal.
  • If you’re on Mac (we see you!):
    • Again Word, Excel, PowerPoint will run you $249.99.
    • The kitchen sink bundle with Outlook ‘n all is $399.99.


I know what you’re thinking: “But what about the new hotness? The updates?”

Well, friend, you’ll have to shell out more moolah when fresh versions drop. But hey – you own these babies for life! No monthly payments. No subscriptions. Just you and Office till death do you part. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

So what’ll it be? Wanna tie the knot with Microsoft Office in sickness and in health? The choice is yours!


Do I have to pay for Microsoft Word?

If you previously purchased Microsoft Word outright you own it permanently. Can freely download and install it on devices without any additional payment. You just need to use your original product key to activate it. However if you had Word through an Office 365 subscription you would need to buy a subscription or standalone license in order to regain full access, to the Word application.


Do I need to purchase Microsoft Word for each computer?

If you bought Word as a one time license generally speaking it can only be installed on one computer. Installing it on PCs requires obtaining licenses for each device. However if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription usually you can install Word on up to 5 computers along with 5 tablets and 5 phones per user account. You can sign in with the subscription on devices.


Got a new laptop and need Microsoft Office? Let’s chat options!

I hear you just got a shiny new laptop – congrats friend! But now you’re wondering: should I buy Microsoft Office for this thing? What a pickle! Let’s break this down:

  • If your old laptop had Office thanks to a Microsoft 365 subscription, then take a breath – you’re golden! Just sign into that same account on the new machine and re-download Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc for free. High five for subscriptions!
  • However, if you previously purchased Office as a one-time product for the old device, then you have a choice to make:
    1. Repurchase Office as a product for the new laptop (cha-ching!)
    2. Or subscribe to Microsoft 365 to access Office on multiple devices


So in summary, friend:

  • Microsoft 365 subscription? Download Office on the new laptop for free by signing into your account
  • One-time purchase? Time to buy Office again or start a subscription


How much does Office cost?

Here are the current (as of 2024) costs for Microsoft Office:

Microsoft 365 plans:

  • Personal: $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year
  • Family (up to 6 people): $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year


One-time purchase Office 2021 suites:

  • Home & Student for PC or Mac: $149.99 / $249.99
  • Home & Business 2021 for PC or Mac: $249.99 / $399.99


Standalone purchase:

  • Word 2021: $139.99
  • Excel 2021: $139.99

And Office 365 Education is free for eligible students.

Office 365 Education is free for eligible students


Why is Microsoft Word so expensive?

There are a few reasons why Microsoft charges a premium price for Word:

  • It’s the top professional word processing software with advanced capabilities like collaboration, built-in design tools, integration with Office suite apps, and AI-powered writing assistance. These features take significant investment to develop.
  • As the market leader, Microsoft can charge more thanks to Word’s widespread use and status as an industry standard in documents.
  • Microsoft offers volume/multi-license discounts for corporate customers that brings down the per-unit cost, subsidizing home user prices.
  • Microsoft Word subscriptions include tech support, ongoing updates, and cloud storage space – added value elements that come at a cost.

There are cheaper or free alternatives but Word remains the gold standard for many professionals.


How do I download Microsoft Word if I already bought it?

If you previously purchased Microsoft Word outright, like a boxed copy from a retailer:

  1. Have your 25-character product key code ready (should be on packaging or email receipt)
  2. Go to and select Word in the “Install Office” section
  3. Choose to enter your product key during setup
  4. Download, run the installer, and enter your key when prompted

You can repeat the download on new devices as long as you have the product key.


What happens when Microsoft Word expires?

If your Microsoft 365 subscription expires after the monthly or annual billing cycle:

  • Word will switch to a read-only, reduced-functionality mode. You can open files but cannot edit documents.
  • You’ll be prompted to renew your subscription to regain full editing capabilities and access to all features.
  • If you don’t renew for an extended time, Word may enter an inactive state where you cannot access any files until the subscription is reactivated.

So while documents are still retrievable, you lose all editing functionality without an active paid Microsoft 365 subscription.


How can I use Microsoft Word without subscription?

Here are a few options to use Word without paying a monthly or annual subscription:

  • Purchase a one-time, standalone perpetual license (which I recommend the most). This grants you full access without recurring fees.
  • See if you qualify for free access through an Office Education subscription from your school.
  • Use the basic Microsoft Word online web app or Word mobile app, which are free but have limited functions.
  • Consider free alternative office suites like LibreOffice or OpenOffice. However, full compatibility with Word documents is sometimes an issue.


What is the best free Word program?

The best free alternative programs to Microsoft Word are:

  • Google Docs: Excellent for easy sharing, collaboration, and works right within your Google account. Seamlessly saves progress online. But fewer advanced formatting options compared to Word.
  • LibreOffice Writer: Full-featured open-source office suite. Great Word compatibility and huge array of formatting tools. Lightweight app can be installed locally.
  • Microsoft Word Online: Basic version of Word that lets you view and lightly edit documents from a browser without paying – convenient for quick edits.
  • OpenOffice Writer: Veteran free office software with strong Word format support. Packed with editing tools and customization options for power users.


What is the Google alternative to Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word VS. Google Docs

The main Google alternative to Word is Google Docs. As part of the G Suite productivity apps, Google Docs offers free document creation and editing right within your Google Drive account.

Key features:

✔️ Real-time collaboration with live multi-person editing

✔️ Accessible from any device with an Internet connection

✔️ Hundreds of templates for documents, sheets, slides, and more

✔️ Share docs easily for group feedback or public viewing

✔️ Add-ons provide extra features like grammar checks and formatting

✔️ Revision history shows all changes made to the document

✔️ Available offline with the Google Docs mobile app


While not quite as robust as Microsoft Word regarding advanced layouts and formatting, the unlimited sharing and real-time collaboration abilities make Google Docs a top free alternative for most basic document needs.