Discover The Most Expensive Chairs In Today's World For Maximum Comfort Of Your Back | TOP 7 | Unappealing Design or Precious Art?

Discover The Most Expensive Chairs In Today's World For Maximum Comfort Of Your Back | TOP 7 | Unappealing Design or Precious Art?

#5 Finn Juhl Chieftains Chair [$15,970]

This chair was designed in 1949 by famous Finn Juhl. I just love its distinctive classy shapes, with that primitive and simple look.  At first glance, it can be confused with one of the cheap chairs. But not!

It is first quality leather and wood. Finn used to say that his art has sensual curves and we can guess he was thinking about a women’s shape.

It is all pure black leather and beautifully sculpted wood. I have found some great detail photos of it, so check them all below.


Find here the House of Finn Juhl if curious about his art.


#6 Gehry Power Play Club Chair [$9,330]

Frank Gehry is known as the most innovative designer nowadays. In the 2010 World Architecture Survey, his work is stated as the most important in contemporary architecture. He is Canadian, but he moved to Los Angeles to start his career along with famous Victor Gruen Associates and Pereira and Luckman. Find here some of his gorgeous works.


This particular chair is made with thermo gel and very comfortable for all movements of the body. It doesn’t look so, but this is what the reviews say.


#7 Egg Chair [$7,891]

Egg Chair was created by Arne Jacobsen, a Danish architect who captivated the world with his simple but effective chair designs. It is specially created to fit the lobby of luxury hotels around the world, being both classy and modern. It is not the most expensive chair, but, for me, it is by far the most comfortable one. Check the image below and get it now Via Amazon !

Danish Shop:

He also designed some expensive high chairs and you can find them all on his website provided above in the hyperlink.


Gaming Chair

Thinking about gaming and expensive gaming chair? For those who love gaming, and want to make the best out of it, here is an article worth reading: Most expensive Gaming Chair. The Emperor 200 is priced at $44,750, so is definitely the most expensive in the world and you should read about it.

Business Insider TOP chairs list

Melia from Business Insider did a quick list of massage chairs after she visited the exhibition “Consumer Electronics Show” in Las Vegas. The most expensive massage chair in this list is around $9,000, so be prepared if you want to make such an investment. Check her article right here.

People nowadays are crazy about Fshiatsu massage chair. There are some power rollers which are supposed to relax all your muscles because this chair covers all your body. I bet it not only reduces your muscle tension, but also relaxes your brain and makes you feel as in heaven. If you are working all day on a common chair at your desk, you will definitely feel awesome trying this beauty. I really like the burgundy one. Click the photo for shop !

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