TOP 6 Most Expensive Ice Cream EVER | I bet you can’t pick the right one !

TOP 6 Most Expensive Ice Cream EVER | I bet you can’t pick the right one !

h We have a challenge for you guys. Can you pick the most expensive ice cream in the world? 🍧

All these types of dessert are premium & expensive. Let’s find out which one will stand out in our top today !


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Let’s start this article by revealing first the winning one, I bet you don’t have to much patience in finding out, isn’t it?

The world’s most expensive ice cream is the Strawberries Arnaud! 🍨

And I know, I know… you maybe didn’t expected this, cuz it doesn’t look like being so unique, but it seems like it is.


#1 Strawberries Arnaud 🍦 – found in Arnaud’s Restaurant, New Orleans [$1,4 Million] –

Ok. I can admit that there can be perfumes, or diamonds or whatever luxury thing you want for $1+ Million, but I can’t get used to the idea that there can be out there such an expensive ice cream. :))

My first thought was: “Hell NO, it’s just an ice cream… I’m gonna eat it in 5-10 minutes. If I focus enough, I can feel the $$$ in my stomach. [Laughs]”

It looks like there are people willing to spend such a price for this experience. If you wanna try it, first you have to travel to Louisiana, and then find the restaurant.

Discovering the ingredients now: Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberries, Wine, Mint, Spices and Cream. Along with this piece of heaven, you will relieve your senses with a great wine from the Charles X Crystal Cave Liqueur collection.

The dish comes with a Large Pink Diamond Ring, 4.7 carats, which belonged to a British merchant around 19th Century. His name was Sir Ernest Cassel, a well-known jeweler that time.

Now that explains the price. Check the photos below to see what’s about.


#2 Absurdity Sundae 🍦 – World’s most expensive ice cream sundae [$60,000]

Let’s calm down a little bit now. There will be no more prices above $100k.  As you can see, this time we are talking about a much cheaper dessert.

This tasty dish is the result of brilliant minds of Three Twins Ice Cream company. Their idea is to make the best travel experience of your life, along with a sweet ending. I am saying that because you can only find this ice cream on Mount Kilimanjaro. Your dessert will be made with fresh glacial ice, and rare ingredients. More details can be found here >


This one comes with a first class flying ticket to amazing Tanzania and a booked five-star hotel there. What will you do more? Well, you will help the local African environment by donating the money spent on this dish to an NGO.

You better hurry if you are interested in having this experience, because it’s said that the glacial ice will melt in 10-15 years from now.


#3 Frozen Haute Chocolate 🍫 – Known for the most expensive pint of ice cream in NYC. The place is called Serendipity 3, New York City [$25,000]


As I am a chocolate lover, my mouth starts watering. Well…  Let’s focus!

This is the most expensive ice cream maker because they use to make not only the Frozen Haute Chocolate, but also another piece of art called Opulence Sundae. We’ll talk about it later. OFC they beat any Guinness world record.


Ingredients: This super sundae contains 28 types of rare cocoas around the world (majority from Africa and South America). They blend them with whipped cream, milk, and most rare truffles in the world. They end the process by adding five grams of 23-karat pure gold, a gold bracelet as souvenir and a gold spoon which you can take home as to remember the experience.


I am going to talk about the other expensive dessert they made, and after that I will let you see the whole process in a small video below.