TOP 6 Most Expensive Ice Cream EVER | I bet you can’t pick the right one !

TOP 6 Most Expensive Ice Cream EVER | I bet you can’t pick the right one !

#4 The Golden Opulence Sundae – Serendipity 3, New York City, NYC [$1,000]

Another Serendipity spectacular creation, the Opulence Sundae is about Vanilla and Chocolate ice creams for the base, covered in 23-karat gold leaf. Marzipan, rare truffles, candied fruit and gilded sugar flowers are beautifies the top of it.

The Serendipity’s signature caviar includes citrus and the expensive Armagnac brandy. It is served with the same gold spoon which you can take home after the Serendipity’s $1,000 adventure.


As I promised, here is the video:


#5 Mauboussin Mega Sundae – NYC, Bagatelle [$1,000]

It looks like NYC is THE PLACE for world’s most expensive ice cream. We already have 3 amazing dishes here.

This beautiful giant sundae is served in a large martini glass. Next to it there is a $590 gift for you, a Mauboussin ring made of white gold, diamonds, and black steel.

Ingredients: Vanilla Ice Cream, chocolate Truffles, French Macaroons, dark chocolate Brownies all covered with 24 carats pure Gold. On the top of it, there is a vodka sauce and a very special sorbet made with Don Perignon rose champagne.

It really looks tasty.


#6 The Victoria – Langham Hotel, Chicago [$1,000]

As the name can tell, it smells like royalty here. It is served with Don Perignon champagne, in a Wedgewood crystal bowl, with a chocolate crown on the top, sprinkled with pure gold.

Adding some alcohol as an ingredient: Vanilla and Chocolate ice creams, both made with Hennessy VSOP cognac. For much magic in your mouth, they add whipped cream, hot fudge, caramelized golden peanuts, butterscotch, salted caramel, all of them covered with 24 karat Gold.


The last trend in terms of ice cream is the black one.

Yup. I was also surprised to see a black ice cream being so popular this year. As people were crazy about a new Starbucks Drink, called Unicorn Frappuccino, colorful and childish, a local ice cream maker based in Los Angeles thought about creating a contrast, a noncolored ice cream.

Their idea had such a huge impact, as they run out of ice cream after all folks posted photos on Instagram and the thing got viral.

Black Ice Cream, Black Cone! The all-black-everything look is the trend when thinking about trying a new type of ice cream. There is also an NYC based place to try it. Its name is Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream shop.


This type is known as the black ice cream but it is actually Black Coconut Ash, which is not only dark chocolate ice cream but it also contains activated charcoal.

Some say it is detoxifying so it can be good for your health, but be careful, because if eating too much and your body will not be able to absorb all the nutrients you are providing eating actual food.

As we talked about popular ice cream shops you should definitely try Steves ice cream. Here is their website to take a look.