TOP 5 Most Expensive Lipstick That Will Blow Your Mind | Genuine Luxury Brands You Need To Know !

TOP 5 Most Expensive Lipstick That Will Blow Your Mind | Genuine Luxury Brands You Need To Know !

As other maniacs as I do, I have always wondered which is the most expensive lipstick ever, or the most expensive mascara, foundation, blush and so on. Your lipstick makes you sexier, gives you confidence and attitude.

In this article, I am going to share with you a top of 5 brands of luxury lipsticks. Be always prepared to conquer and seduce the world !


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#5 Guerlain Rouge G Jewel Lip Rouge Compact

It is not the most expensive lipstick but it is a luxurious one. Besides the fact that it looks alien, it is alien in its ingredients. Well, this Luxury Jewellery Lipstick contains a unique combination of the jewel (as it says in the title ), Pure Ruby powder, wild mango butter and hyaluronic acid. It will lighten and soften your lips.

The case is a fancy luxurious one, with a small mirror attached. This amazing lipstick is available in almost 20 shades, from soft pink to pure red, and is priced at $51. For official points of sale, check this link, enter your address and you will find the nearest store.



#4 La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lip Rouge

First of all, it has a pure silver case ladies! So, it is royal from outside to inside, where you can find some magic ingredients to make your lips juicy. It has a long-lasting non-sticky texture, being rich in vitamins and caviar extracts. As we can imagine, it comes in limited edition. Get your own luxurious appearance for just $55.

Find some more info here>

I have found 2 online shops for you: Nordstrom, NeimanMarcus.



#3 Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lip Roug

This is that kind of lipstick which is deeply softening your precious lips. Thanks to its ingredients, it will hydrate and lighten your lips. It contains a little bit more vitamins than the others, especially Vitamin E and C, acting as anti-oxidants. It has also some extracts of Calendula which is moisturizing your lips and gives the long-lasting quality of this lip. Most of its shades have a satiny texture.

Sisley provides you a wide range of colors, all suitable for any type of skin. Its price is around $60.

Online shops: NeimanMarcus, Amazon, Nordstrom, Sisley-Paris -Official Website


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#2 Guerlain Kisskiss Gold and Diamond Lip Rouge

Why is this lipstick so so expensive? Well, not only because of its precious ingredients but also because of its case. It’s  made by 110 grams of pure gold embedded with 199 pieces of diamonds of 2,2 karats.

This company gives you the option to engrave your name on the case, or even a small text, a personal message if you want to. The lipstick comes with a lip brush and it is refillable. YES! You will not keep this beautiful gold case empty, girl! You can refill it to, and with any color you want, once you finish the original one.

You can buy it only from their official website, by making a special request for it.

As Herve Van Der Straeten (KissKiss co-creator) said once:

This is maybe the most expensive lipstick brand on earth!

Make your kiss worth $62 000!!!



#1 H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lip Rouge – the most expensive lipstick in the world

I now it sounds insane, but it costs $14 Million! This is for sure the most expensive red lipstick. Its price is based on its case, full of pure pink diamonds!!! The H. Couture Beauty brand is the only place where you can request something like that. You will be provided with lifetime refill for this huge investment. This amazing piece of art gives charm and elegance to any woman.



Maybe now you are curious to see: H. Couture Beauty LLC Sells World’s Most Expensive Mascara and Lipstick for $14 Million


NO Name Price Website
#1 H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lip rouge $ 14 Million  Web
#2 Guerlain Kisskiss Gold and Diamond Lip rouge $ 62 000  Web
#3 Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lip rouge $ 60  Web
#4 La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lip rouge $55  Web
#5 Guerlain Rouge G Jewel Lip rouge Compact $51  Web
#6  Kanebo Sensai Intense lasting lip rouge  $40  Web
#7  Givenchy Le Rouge Rose Dressing Lip rouge  $35  Web
#8  Christian Dior Rouge No. 999 Lip rouge  $34  Not Available
#9  Dolce and Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lip rouge  $34  Web
#10  Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lip rouge  $30  Web


Let’s cover your royal lips with a royal lipstick!

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Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick for $62,000

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