Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World 🕶️ : Luxury Eyewear Masterpieces 😎

Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World 🕶️ : Luxury Eyewear Masterpieces 😎

TOP 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses Ever | Some Gorgeous, Some Extremly Awkward


Are you thinking about accessorizing your style with one of the most expensive sunglasses?

That is not too hard because there are many pairs of such pieces of art. If you want to find which are the most expensive sunglasses for men or for women just take a look at our top 10 and see the most relevant info available for each one of them.

Lately, sunglasses are not anymore only a sun protection accessory, rather they actually become a trendy item used to complete our style, our outfit. If you want to change a simple clothing into an eye-catching one, put on a pair of sunglasses and you will shine for sure. There is no place for plastic when we talk about the most expensive sunglasses, but only high-quality materials and precious gems.

Before discussing about the TOP 10 most expensive sunglasses in the world, let’s find the real info behind them, how does sunglasses work and which are those important qualities we should look for.


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  1. The top 10 most expensive sunglasses in the world, ranging from $31,000 to $408,000.
  2. Luxury brands like Chopard, Dolce & Gabbana, Bvlgari, and Bentley dominate the list.
  3. Precious materials such as gold, platinum, and diamonds are used in the craftsmanship.
  4. Some sunglasses feature unique materials like emeralds and buffalo horn.
  5. Limited edition pieces, with as few as 10 pairs released to the public.
  6. Collaborations between luxury brands and eyewear experts create exclusive designs.
  7. Cutting-edge technology, like light-sensitive lenses, incorporated into some models.
  8. Iconic inspirations, such as Emperor Nero’s emerald lenses, influence certain designs.
  9. Celebrities and wealthy individuals are the primary target market for these extravagant accessories.
  10. The high price tags reflect the rarity, craftsmanship, and brand prestige associated with these sunglasses.




The fashion world took advantage of our sensibility to such precious products and created some stunningly expensive ones. Here they are, starting with the highest price.


10. Bvlgari Parentesi Limited Edition Diamond Sunglasses [$31,000]

We’ve talked before in our articles about Bvlgari and you all know its luxury items, cuz basically when you say Bvlgari, you say quality and elegance. Throughout the history, they delivered luxury bags, wallets, jewelry after that and now sunglasses.

Those sunglasses for example have 206 pave diamonds in 18 carat gold. Only 10 pairs were released for public, in a special gift box within a unique case in order to make them more appealing. I am not so impressed with the design, but rather with the story behind.

As you can see below, its frame is accessorized with pure diamonds and gold (extracted from temples in Italy, Rome). Now you can understand why there are only 10 of them made and why they are considered so precious. We can expect some celebrities wearing those at some important events or even night clubs maybe?




09. Bentley Hand Crafted Platinum Sunglasses [$45,300] – most beautiful among expensive mens sunglasses

As we will have Maybach in this top, why not having its rival Bentley?

Bentley Eyewear is not actually a full line of this brand, but still they decided to try the expensive men sunglasses market a few years ago, in order to sell them along with their luxury cars (as the flagship car Bentley Mulliner Bacalar). In their opinion, men should pay attention to grooming and their personal style, drive a Bentley, wear a suit and some platinum glasses and there you are.

Those sunglasses are available in gold, rose gold and platinum, with a starting price of 11k $. They were made in Germany, with polarized Zeiss lenses, which are glade-proof and scratch-resistant. There are only 100 of these sunglasses made, and each one of them has its individual number from 1-100. For an extra fee, customers can decide for some personalization on the sunglasses frame.

Initially, their main markets were in Kong Kong, China and Russia, but sooner they expanded to UK, US and Middle East. 


Abut this sunglasses? I can’t say much because unlike the fancy ones from D&G these are simple and elegant. I guess the price comes from the brand name and not so from the materials used. Really expensive sunglasses compared to what they can offer.


08. Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Sunglasses [$55,000]

My first thought was: Why would you match the wood and gold and diamonds? I don’t get it! After I’ve searched for some photos I realized that it is actually a genius idea. Well, that is what Gold and Wood did. They become famous with this brand new idea in the industry. Now they are among most expensive sunglasses brand names. There are many celebrities out there who got addicted to this design. Check this link to find out.



This piece of art is something that you can buy with $55, 000 so don’t be so excited cause it is pretty expensive. Its name says that they have 253 diamonds embedded in the frame, both nose bridge and corners of the glasses.

It is such a precious accessory because, between those 253 diamonds, there are 22 princess cut ones. What does that mean? Well, the princess cut is the second most popular shape in the world when we talk about diamonds.

Ask a diamond connoisseur and he will recognize the value of this art.


07. Bulgari Flora Sunglasses [$59,000]

Going back to women and flowers, here are some stunningly beautiful expensive women’s sunglasses. I doubt you are not familiar with Bulgari, but I’ll introduce you a little bit in this heaven. It is all about luxury here, from jewelry to watches, fragrances, accessories and amazingly designed hotels around the world.


They are both classy and elegant for any women who want to look her best. It priced is justified by the pure gold frame and elegant, colorful diamonds used to make those beautiful flowers. There is also a cheap option for this particular design, with fewer diamonds used, being sold for $25,ooo.


06. Maybach “The Diplomat I” [$60,000] –  awesome name for such expensive sunglasses

I feel that here is about expensive sunglasses for men. You can guess by the name that is the Maybach luxury car brand which was bought by Daimler AG around 2013. Between 1909 and 2013, while it was a separate entity, it used to be a rival for Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Since they were able to made the most expensive cars at that moment, why not calling their glasses line as the most expensive men sunglasses. Check the photos below and you will see that they are really masculine and sexy.