Effortlessly Master Your Typing with MX Keys Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard: An In-Depth Review 💬

Effortlessly Master Your Typing with MX Keys Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard: An In-Depth Review 💬

Boost Your Productivity with this Amazing Bluetooth Keyboard 👀

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MX Keys Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard: A Game-Changer for Typists 🔍
Unlock the full potential of your typing skills with this powerful Bluetooth keyboard. Our detailed review reveals everything you need to know about it.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at something different, something I use on daily basis which since I picked it up a year ago, has massively improved my productivity. 📈

And that’s the Logitech MX keys keyboard. ✅

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So the MX keys is available in two versions. There’s the Mac-only option, where it’ll only work on an Apple device. And then there’s the cross-compatibility version, which will work on Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows.

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Now, as I use both Windows and Mac on a daily basis, I’ve opted for the latter, as it means that I only need one keyboard, and I’m able to use it on both systems at the press of a button. 😎

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The MX keys keyboard retails for $99 (or $119 for some regions), and it seems to be one of the most popular keyboards on YouTube and Instagram at the moment. And there’s a good reason for that.

So what do you get in the box❓

Well, once you’ve removed the sleeve, you’ve got this nice black box with the MX branding on it.

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Then inside, we’ve got a smaller box that contains a USB adapter, which you can use instead of Bluetooth. And then we’ve got the USB cable with some instructions, and that’s pretty much it.

For an extra $20 you can also get the Plus version which comes with a palm rest (I got mine later on from Aliexpress for about $15–20). So it’s got a nice clean gray theme going on, with the frame having a gunmetal shade to it, which actually gives a nice contrast to the darker keys. It definitely has an Apple Space Gray look to it.

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The corners are rounded, which is pretty nice, so there are no sharp edges here at all. And it’s got a clean logo and branding across the top, too.

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Size-wise, I’d say it’s pretty average. I mean, the dimensions are on screen here, so you can see for yourself.

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So it’s not tiny like some of the small-frame ones that I’ve seen out there, but it’s not bulky either (it’s pretty well balanced, but it feels heavy). It weighs over 800 grams, so it feels solid and handling it, there’s no flex at all; it definitely feels premium rather than cheap plastic. It also doesn’t show any fingerprints at all. I mean, it looks clean pretty much all of the time. ✅

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So it’s got a full keyboard layout with a number pad on the side, which is always my preference. You can see that there are certain buttons that have dual purposes.

For example, the Alt key on Windows is the command key on a Mac, and the same goes for the Options key and the Start buttons.

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If you’re switching between systems regularly, you’ll obviously get used to this quite quickly anyway. I don’t feel like it takes anything away from the style here either so for a cross-platform keyboard, it’s done really, really well.

Across the top there are various function keys, including screen brightness, keyboard brightness, and your media playback options. You’ve also got a dedicated calculator and screenshot icon. Then, to switch between your different devices, you just tap one, two, or three, and it instantly swaps over. ✔️

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Something else you’ll notice are the small dips in the keys as these are designed to match the shape of your fingertips. This actually makes it a lot easier to type because you can feel where your fingers are all the time. When talking about the keys they are really sturdy too, so there’s very little wobble or travel at all and although it is a low-profile keyboard, it isn’t so thin that it feels uncomfortable, and your fingers won’t slide away from each key press.

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I mentioned it’s low profile, and it’s got kind of a tapered design, so at the base it’s very, very low, and I mean, it’s almost as thick as a pen.

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Then, at the top part, it’s raised just enough so it’s angled towards you. To be honest, it’s the perfect angle too. ✅

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You can see underneath how it’s raised with just this bar here, so it’s not adjustable at all. There are also some small rubber feet, which do a great job of preventing any steps when you’re using them.

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So the keypad is backlit, and it works really well too, so you can have it completely off if you need to, or you can adjust the brightness using the function keys across the top. It looks great at night.

Now, unlike other keyboards that I’ve used, these don’t stay on all the time, so they light up as you’re typing, and after 6 seconds, they turn off again. But one really cool feature here is that when your hand is approaching it, they light up, so you don’t even need to touch the keys for them to light up.

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What’s the battery life like❓🔋

Well, it’s really good. It comes with an internal battery and it will take around 3–4h to actually charge from the flat.

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There is a battery indicator icon at the top of the keyboard, which will turn green when you first turn it on, and then it will blink red when it’s flat. But the backlight will also turn off when it’s below 10%. It’ll last up to 6 months with the backlight turned off, or just ten days with the backlight on. So if you want to last longer, definitely keep the lights off.

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There’s a physical power button on the back as well, so when you’re not using it, you can just switch it off, knowing that it won’t use any battery at all.


Customization you’re able to do.

So Logitech recommends installing their software Logi options. This allows you to customize every function button on the keyboard and the gesture controls on the mouse (Logitech MX Master 3), as well as some of the buttons.


So every function key across the top can have multiple purposes, and you can use the default settings or change each button to do any task or open any application that you want.

For example, you could have F1 open Photoshop, or F2 could be your desktop. Almost anything is possible here, and the same goes for the mouse. So you can change what each button does or what each gesture does as well.

For example, you could press the gesture button, swipe down, and reveal your desktop. I would definitely recommend downloading and installing this whether you’re using a Mac or Windows.

It’s pretty straightforward as you can make changes & create shortcuts that will make your life a little bit easier. This can totally transform the way you work by using gestures to complete certain tasks that you’d usually use shortcuts for. And if you regularly open certain apps, the function keys can be mapped to save you time too.

So what’s great about this is the fact that it will work on both Windows and Mac, which is ideal for me, as I’ve said before, but it also means it’ll work across multiple devices.

For instance, you could use your Mx keys on your iPhone, your iPad, your MacBook, or your Windows laptop. All you need to do is pair each device with a number on the keyboard and mouse (MX Master 3). And then, once paired, every time you press the numbers one, two, or three, it will just swap between each device. ✅

The MX keys uses Bluetooth to connect, and as most devices have Bluetooth by default, you shouldn’t have any issues. But if yours doesn’t, it does come with an USB dongle, and that allows you to plug that in and connect that way instead.

You’ll only need one adapter for the pair, though. So although they come with one each (MX keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse), you won’t need to install them both. So they both come with USB cables, which you can plug into your machine, or a USB plug if you have one to charge. And this is where the ports are for both.

You’re still able to use the devices while they’re charging, too.

Okay, so let’s take a look at how you set them up.

Now, this is really, really easy. So the first thing you need to do is head over to the MX setup website, and it will walk you through what you need to do. But essentially, you turn on the keyboard and mouse. You press and hold the key that you wish to pair it with until it starts to blink fast. It’ll then show up as a Bluetooth device on your machine, and then you just press Connect.

For the keyboard you will need to type the code on screen into your new keyboard, and this will then pair the two together. With the overall look and professional styling, along with the incredible customization you’re able to do, this pair makes the ultimate productivity duo.

I’m really pleased I opted for this, and to be honest, unless I was going for a mechanical keyboard, there isn’t really any other combo that I would go for.

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Sure, you’ve got the Logitech Craft, which is practically the same as the MX keys but with a scroll wheel, but that’s $80 more. So for $200, it seems like a lot of money to spend on a keyboard and mouse. I mean, you can pick up other combo kits for as little as $30, but honestly, it’s worth it. ✅

I’d highly recommend getting them if you’re in need of a new stylish, sleek, and productivity-driven keyboard and mouse. But what do you think? Do you think it’s worth $200? Do you think you could justify spending that on a keyboard and mouse?

Let me know in the comments!

What’s your go-to keyboard? Do you think the MX Keys is worth the $99 price tag?

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Key Takeaways! 💡

  • The Logitech MX Master 3 and the MX keys are available in two versions (Mac only and Universal one that is cross compatible). The Cross compatibility version will work on Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows. I’ve opted for the latter as it means that I only need one keyboard and mouse.
  • The MX Keyboard retails for $99. You can also get the plus version for an extra $20. It has a full keyboard layout with a number pad on the side. The battery life is good as it will last from flat to 6 months.
  • The MX Master 3 also retails for $99. The way that it is designed means it fits your hand almost perfectly. It’s also really, really precise and will work on any surface, even glass. Will it make a difference in terms of productivity? Yes! ✅
  • The MX keys uses Bluetooth to connect, and will work on both Windows and Mac. You can customize every function button on the keyboard and the gesture controls on the mouse. With the incredible customization, this pair makes the ultimate productivity. ✅

Let me know your feedback in the comments! 😉


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