11 Passages Malibu Celebrities Exposed (like Mel Gibson) !! Who? When? And Most Important, Why? Discover Now !

11 Passages Malibu Celebrities Exposed (like Mel Gibson) !! Who? When? And Most Important, Why? Discover Now !

Realising that you or a family member, a loved one, has a dependency, may be more frightening than you can imagine. That’s when you may have a severe depression or you can be strong enough and have the courage to ask for help. So did many celebrities out there.

In a previous article, we had the chance to discuss Malibu Passages as a place, revealing its features and ways of treatment, but now let’s focus on Passages Malibu celebrities, learning from their mistakes and experiences.

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If you did that, you are not the only one who suffers here! Your whole family is emotionally involved in this situation. Find that good energy in you and have the courage to change yourself!



I am sure you are curious about that!!!

You don’t need to be a billionaire to be part of a rehab program, but if you have enough money, as celebrities do, you can afford to cure yourself in a luxurious place.

Those who are part of the program can have their own team in the Malibu Rehab Center journey, to help them through the whole process. Having a dedicated chef ready to cook the best-customized meals sounds great, isn’t it?

After you find out that this is such an expensive, innovative and luxurious place, next step is to wonder who is the Passages Malibu owner? This healing heaven was founded by father and son Chris & Pax Prentiss.

Find all the info & reviews about Passages of Malibu in our previous article, by clicking right here.


Talking about celebs and rehab

We all know that they love fancy and comfortable things in their lives. Celebrities at Passages Malibu benefits of privacy, comfort, recreational activities, stunning view of the ocean, fitness center, personal assistant, fine dinning, meditation and ACCESS TO THEIR PHONES AND LAPTOPS. Passages give them all, reason why they are so interested in starting their journey here.

What drives all these well-known celebrities to choose this place?

Response: Passages Malibu success rate of 91% with a non-12-step program, starting with the denial of the addiction itself.


Celebrities and their stories

Mel Gibson is an American filmmaker and also an actor. He is born on 3 January 1956, in Peekskill, New York. He was one of those people who went more than one time to rehab. The alcohol addiction stole many years of his life. He was arrested 2 times for driving under alcohol influence: once in 1984 and second in 2006.


David Hasselhoff born July 17, 1952, an actor, businessman, singer and producer. He has a well-known bad history with alcohol. After taking part of Passage’s therapy, he cured and living a normal life now.



Andy Dick – born in December 21, 1965, an actor, television and film producer, musician and a great comedian. Many years he was addicted to drugs and repeatedly spent time in this luxurious rehab center.



Natasha Lyonne was born on April 4, 1979. Her real name is Natasha Bianca Lyonne Braunstein. She is a famous American actress, who struggled a lot with her drug and alcohol dependency. She has overcome all of that thanks to Passages Malibu therapy.


Stephen Baldwin is an American author, actor, and producer, born in born May 13, 1966, he also spent some time at Malibu passages conquering his drug and alcohol addictions.



Les McKeown admitted he was an alcoholic and cocaine addicted. He checked into Passages as a part of a reality show called “Rehab” (in 2011).



Alicia Douvall was a special situation in the center. She is an English model and also working in television. She has a strange addiction to plastic surgery. I never thought this could ever be an addiction to be honest :))

Malibu Passages Rehab cost was for sure cheaper than all her previous surgeries. It is said that she took 350 cosmetic surgeries,



Cassie Sumner was born on January 13, 1983, in Kent, England. She is an amazingly beautiful woman. In 2011, she entered the Passages program to treat her bulimia.



Marc Jacobs – born April 9, 1963, is an American fashion designer for his own luxury brand, with the same name. Where else would he choose to cure his addiction? In a luxurious place, of course. He entered Passages in 2007 because of his drug addiction.



Rowetta Satchell is an English singer for Happy Mondays. Born on 5 January 1966 in Manchester, she checked in Passages in 2011 to treat her alcoholism.



In 2013, actor Sean Kanan entered the Passages therapy. He made that decision in order to overcome his opiate addiction.



What Is The Cost Of Passages Malibu?

The price depends if you want a shared room or a private one. Based on price, there will be different facilities that Passages Malibu will provide to its customer. Passages Malibu price per month starts at $80,000 for a shared room which cost can go up to $111,000 for a private one.

Celebs don’t care how much does passages Malibu cost since they are interested in overcoming their problems, relaxing their body, mind and be able to start a new life from that moment. No matter how up the price will go, celebrities will still go there.


Very Well-Prepared Staff for Passages Malibu Celebrities

As we are talking about celebrities, here is a woman who is not taking part of a rehab program, but is helping the patients do that. Her name is CHRISTINE AVANTI and she is the new Nutrition Director and Executive Chef at Spa Cuisine, part of Passages Rehab Malibu. This one-on-one luxurious therapy center is lucky enough to have Christine as a nutritionist there. She is helping patients to heal their body throughout custom diets.

To deny your addiction or dependency is not all, you also have to keep in balance with some customized diet programs. Then, with your new healthy body, you will be able to combat the depression and the stressful period. Christine creates recipes to provide the best nutritional value for her patients, to help their body heal and make them ready to conquer the detoxing program.



She is a graduate of Westlake Culinary Institute, an amazing nutritionist and well-known television and radio women, talking about healthy lifestyle. In her early 20’s she was a very beautiful model and, based on her love for real and healthy food, she became a fitness enthusiast. After her father’s death, she found food as a way of escaping the real world, conquering her depression. She gained 30 pounds, losing her model career and of course her social life. That was the moment when she decided to find help and ask a nutritionist for a diet plan.


She was lucky enough to find a person from whom she learned that eating real food will be better and more useful than following a strict loss plan. She succeeded and decided to share her experience and her recipe with all the women out there who wanted so bad to lose some extra pounds.

She is the author of “SKINNY CHICKS EAT REAL FOOD”, published in 2009, a great guide to lose pounds. She designed a weight loss plan based on real-food diet. Find here her official website, have a look and learn some tips & tricks in keeping your weight.


Additional info and links

Check some other rehab centers where celebrities decided to cure themselves.

I recommend you a video to understand more about Passages Malibu and to be able to visualize it and have a virtual tour of the location. You will discover the client experience and some wise thoughts of one of the founders of this beautiful therapy center. Check the Malibu Passages Commercial

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