The Luxurious Rehab Haven for Celebrities Battling Addiction 🌴

The Luxurious Rehab Haven for Celebrities Battling Addiction 🌴

11 Passages Malibu Celebrities Exposed (like Mel Gibson)!! Who? When? And Most Important, Why? Discover Now!


Realising that you or a family member, a loved one, has a dependency, may be more frightening than you can imagine. That’s when you may have a severe depression or you can be strong enough and have the courage to ask for help. So did many celebrities out there.

In a previous article, we had the chance to discuss Malibu Passages as a place, revealing its features and ways of treatment, but now let’s focus on Passages Malibu celebrities, learning from their mistakes and experiences.


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  1. Passages Malibu is a luxurious rehab center known for its celebrity clientele.
  2. The center boasts a 91% success rate with its non-12-step, personalized treatment programs.
  3. Celebrities such as Mel Gibson, David Hasselhoff, and Marc Jacobs have sought treatment at Passages Malibu.
  4. The rehab offers 5-star amenities, including private rooms, personal chefs, and stunning ocean views.
  5. Passages Malibu was founded by father and son duo, Chris and Pax Prentiss.
  6. The center allows clients access to phones and laptops, ensuring comfort and privacy.
  7. Treatment costs range from $80,000 to $111,000 per month, depending on room type.
  8. Christine Avanti, a renowned nutritionist, serves as the Nutrition Director and Executive Chef at Passages Malibu.
  9. Avanti creates personalized meal plans to support clients’ detoxification and healing processes.
  10. The luxurious setting and high-end amenities attract celebrities seeking a private and comfortable recovery experience.




If you did that, you are not the only one who suffers here! Your whole family is emotionally involved in this situation. Find that good energy in you and have the courage to change yourself!



I am sure you are curious about that!!!

You don’t need to be a billionaire to be part of a rehab program, but if you have enough money, as celebrities do, you can afford to cure yourself in a luxurious place. Those who are part of the program can have their own team in the Malibu Rehab Center journey, to help them through the whole process. Having a dedicated chef ready to cook the best-customized meals sounds great, isn’t it?

After you find out that this is such an expensive, innovative and luxurious place, next step is to wonder who is the Passages Malibu owner? This healing heaven was founded by father and son Chris & Pax Prentiss.


Find all the info & reviews about Passages of Malibu in our previous article, by clicking right here.


Talking about celebs and rehab

We all know that they love fancy and comfortable things in their lives. Celebrities at Passages Malibu benefits of privacy, comfort, recreational activities, stunning view of the ocean, fitness center, personal assistant, fine dinning, meditation and ACCESS TO THEIR PHONES AND LAPTOPS. Passages give them all, reason why they are so interested in starting their journey here.

What drives all these well-known celebrities to choose this place?

Passages Malibu success rate of 91% with a non-12-step program, starting with the denial of the addiction itself.


Celebrities and their stories

Mel Gibson is an American filmmaker and also an actor. He is born on 3 January 1956, in Peekskill, New York. He was one of those people who went more than one time to rehab. The alcohol addiction stole many years of his life. He was arrested 2 times for driving under alcohol influence: once in 1984 and second in 2006.


David Hasselhoff born July 17, 1952, an actor, businessman, singer and producer. He has a well-known bad history with alcohol. After taking part of Passage’s therapy, he cured and living a normal life now.



Andy Dick – born in December 21, 1965, an actor, television and film producer, musician and a great comedian. Many years he was addicted to drugs and repeatedly spent time in this luxurious rehab center.



Natasha Lyonne was born on April 4, 1979. Her real name is Natasha Bianca Lyonne Braunstein. She is a famous American actress, who struggled a lot with her drug and alcohol dependency. She has overcome all of that thanks to Passages Malibu therapy.


Stephen Baldwin is an American author, actor, and producer, born in born May 13, 1966, he also spent some time at Malibu passages conquering his drug and alcohol addictions.



Les McKeown admitted he was an alcoholic and cocaine addicted. He checked into Passages as a part of a reality show called “Rehab” (in 2011).



Alicia Douvall was a special situation in the center. She is an English model and also working in television. She has a strange addiction to plastic surgery. I never thought this could ever be an addiction to be honest :))

Malibu Passages Rehab cost was for sure cheaper than all her previous surgeries. It is said that she took 350 cosmetic surgeries,



Cassie Sumner was born on January 13, 1983, in Kent, England. She is an amazingly beautiful woman. In 2011, she entered the Passages program to treat her bulimia.



Marc Jacobs – born April 9, 1963, is an American fashion designer for his own luxury brand, with the same name. Where else would he choose to cure his addiction? In a luxurious place, of course. He entered Passages in 2007 because of his drug addiction.



Rowetta Satchell is an English singer for Happy Mondays. Born on 5 January 1966 in Manchester, she checked in Passages in 2011 to treat her alcoholism.



In 2013, actor Sean Kanan entered the Passages therapy. He made that decision in order to overcome his opiate addiction.



What Is The Cost Of Passages Malibu?

The price depends if you want a shared room or a private one. Based on price, there will be different facilities that Passages Malibu will provide to its customer. Passages Malibu price per month starts at $80,000 for a shared room which cost can go up to $111,000 for a private one.

Celebs don’t care how much does passages Malibu cost since they are interested in overcoming their problems, relaxing their body, mind and be able to start a new life from that moment. No matter how up the price will go, celebrities will still go there.


Very Well-Prepared Staff for Passages Malibu Celebrities

As we are talking about celebrities, here is a woman who is not taking part of a rehab program, but is helping the patients do that. Her name is CHRISTINE AVANTI and she is the new Nutrition Director and Executive Chef at Spa Cuisine, part of Passages Rehab Malibu. This one-on-one luxurious therapy center is lucky enough to have Christine as a nutritionist there. She is helping patients to heal their body throughout custom diets.

To deny your addiction or dependency is not all, you also have to keep in balance with some customized diet programs. Then, with your new healthy body, you will be able to combat the depression and the stressful period. Christine creates recipes to provide the best nutritional value for her patients, to help their body heal and make them ready to conquer the detoxing program.



She is a graduate of Westlake Culinary Institute, an amazing nutritionist and well-known television and radio women, talking about healthy lifestyle. In her early 20’s she was a very beautiful model and, based on her love for real and healthy food, she became a fitness enthusiast. After her father’s death, she found food as a way of escaping the real world, conquering her depression. She gained 30 pounds, losing her model career and of course her social life. That was the moment when she decided to find help and ask a nutritionist for a diet plan.


She was lucky enough to find a person from whom she learned that eating real food will be better and more useful than following a strict loss plan. She succeeded and decided to share her experience and her recipe with all the women out there who wanted so bad to lose some extra pounds.

She is the author of “SKINNY CHICKS EAT REAL FOOD”, published in 2009, a great guide to lose pounds. She designed a weight loss plan based on real-food diet. Find here her official website, have a look and learn some tips & tricks in keeping your weight.


Additional info and links

Check some other rehab centers where celebrities decided to cure themselves.

I recommend you a video to understand more about Passages Malibu and to be able to visualize it and have a virtual tour of the location. You will discover the client experience and some wise thoughts of one of the founders of this beautiful therapy center. Check the Malibu Passages Commercial

passages malibu celebrities


Contact info for Passages Malibu Rehab Centre:

  • Passages Malibu phone number: (888) 920-8849
  • For passages Malibu location, check the map below:




Passages Malibu celebrity rehab

Image concept developed by the author




Celebrity Rehab and Personal Experiences: The Lowdown

Ever wonder where those celebs ditch the glitz and glam to get their lives back together? Well, I got the inside scoop for ya!


1. Where do most celebrities attend rehab?

Think luxury resorts with a side of therapy. Forget those dingy, hospital-like places. Celebs usually head to joints like:

  • The Meadows (Arizona): Nestled in the Sonoran Desert, it’s known for treating trauma and some serious psychological stuff.
  • Passages Malibu (California): Ocean views? Check. Horse therapy? Check. This place is all about that holistic healing vibe.
  • Promises (California): Another Malibu spot, Promises is like the OG of celeb rehab. They treat it all – drugs, booze, the works.
  • Betty Ford (California): A classic. If your addiction is major league, Betty Ford is where the A-listers go.


2. Why do so many celebrities go to rehab?

Fame and fortune ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, folks. Think about it:

  • The pressure cooker lifestyle: Being in the spotlight is stressful AF. Constant scrutiny, crazy schedules… it messes with your head.
  • Easy temptation: All those parties with free-flowing cocktails? Yikes. Plus, when you’re loaded, no one says “no” to scoring you whatever you want. It’s a recipe for disaster.
  • Unhealthy coping: Sometimes celebs turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with stress, fame-related trauma, or mental health issues.


3. What celebrities have gone to Passages?

Get ready for some tea! Passages has seen ’em all:

  • Mel Gibson: After his infamous DUI rant… yeesh.
  • Lindsay Lohan: A rehab regular, sadly.
  • Charlie Sheen: Remember that meltdown? Passages tried to help… we all know how that went.


4. What celebrities went to Cliffside Malibu? 💥

Cliffside Malibu: Where the Stars Fall (and Get Back Up)

Celebs, they’re just like us…except with fancier rehab digs. Cliffside Malibu has seen its fair share of famous faces gracing those oh-so-exclusive halls. Let’s spill the tea: 🫖

  • Demi Lovato: Heartbreak to Healing This pop star’s been through the wringer, and Cliffside was a pitstop on her journey. Demi’s openness about her battles? Major inspiration. 💪
  • Zac Efron: From High School Heartthrob to Hot Mess…and BackOkay, Zac’s fall from grace was rough. But hey, Cliffside seems to have put some pep back in his step.
  • Dr. Drew Pinsky: The Doc Who Needed a Dose of His Own Medicine This guy dishes out rehab advice on TV, and turns out even he needed a Cliffside stint. Life’s funny like that, huh?


So Why Cliffside?

It ain’t just the ocean views. This place offers top-notch therapy, digs that scream luxury (think private chefs, not cafeteria slop), and the kind of privacy celebs crave.


But Let’s Get Real…

Rehab’s no joke, celebrity or not. These folks are battling demons just like the rest of us, only under way more public scrutiny. Mad respect to anyone, famous or not, who takes those brave steps toward healing. 🙌


Want the Insider Scoop?

  • Cliffside ain’t cheap. Think upwards of $60k a month. Yikes! 💸
  • Rumor has it, the group therapy sessions can get pretty juicy. Imagine the drama! 🍿


Let’s Sum It Up

Celeb Cliffside Stint? Outcome
Demi Lovato Yep Open & thriving
Zac Efron You betcha Back on track (ish)
Dr. Drew Pinsky Indeed Jury’s still out


Before You Go

Remember, fame and fortune don’t shield you from life’s curveballs. If you’re strugglin’, reach out. Ain’t no shame in asking for help. ❤️


5. Which lady, a singer went to rehab?

We could be here all day! Here’s a few of the biggies:

  • Amy Winehouse: A heartbreaking case, addiction ultimately took her way too soon. 🙁
  • Britney Spears: Post-meltdown, rehab played a role in her comeback.
  • Whitney Houston: Her struggles were public, and rehab was a tragically recurring theme.


6. What celebrities are in Silver Hill rehab?

Now this place is super hush-hush. High-profile folks want that privacy bad. Silver Hill, it’s like… the Fort Knox of celeb rehab.


7. What celebrities went to Hazelden?

They’re mostly known for booze addiction, and some famous alums include:

  • Robin Williams: His struggles with mental health and addiction were no secret. Hazelden was one stop on his journey.
  • Eric Clapton: Guitar legend and former addict, he credits Hazelden with helping him get clean.


8. Who had a seizure on Celebrity Rehab?

Mindy McCready

This was a scary one: Mindy McCready, the country singer. Addiction is no joke, people.


9. Who was on Celebrity Rehab and died?

Sadly, there’s a long list:

  • Jeff Conaway (Grease): Years of addiction took its toll.
  • Mike Starr (Alice in Chains): Another tragic loss to addiction.
  • Rodney King: Even after rehab, his demons followed.


10. Why did Celebrity Rehab get canceled?

Two big reasons:

  • Ethics: People were iffy about turning serious addiction issues into entertainment. ¿Es una buena idea, amigos? (Is this a good idea, my friends?)
  • Tragedy: When multiple patients died after filming, it sent a bad message.


11. Was Celebrity Rehab scripted? 

Celebrity Rehab Show

Not like a movie, but let’s be real, reality shows aren’t totally unstaged. Producers gotta stir up that drama for ratings!


12. Do celebrities get special treatment at hospitals? 😉

Okay, let’s be honest. Sometimes, yeah. Why? Here’s the deal:

  • Privacy, please: Picture this – you’re a mega-famous celeb, and the last thing you want is paparazzi snapping pics of you hooked up to an IV. Hospitals gotta protect those VIPs.
  • The money factor: Big celebs = big donors sometimes. Hospitals ain’t dumb, they want to keep those deep pockets happy.
  • The distraction: Word gets out that a major celeb is in the building, and suddenly it’s fan central, not a hospital. Staff gotta focus on treating everyone.

But here’s the thing – it’s not always fancy suites and gourmet meals. Often it’s about making sure celebs get the same treatment as everyone else, but without the circus that their fame brings.


The Ethical Dilemma

Does this “special treatment” mean better medical care?

Usually not, but should resources be diverted to protect their privacy or manage crowds? That’s a stickier question…


Let’s keep it real: Celebs are people too. They get sick, they have vulnerable moments. But being famous adds a whole extra layer of complexity to the situation.


Celebrities’ Challenges and Contributions

Celebrities. We love to get all up in their business…but they’re just people, right? With wild success also comes a whole lotta drama, and sometimes they do extraordinary things to help the rest of us. Here’s a little peek behind the curtain:

13. Which celebrity used to be homeless?

  • Jim Carrey: Dude, before he was making us laugh ’til we cried, life was no joke for this funny man. He and his family lived in a van for a while. Talk about hitting rock bottom. But look at him now!

  • Halle Berry: This powerhouse had nowhere to call home for a bit before making it big – she even stayed in a homeless shelter. Shows you that even the most successful folks face crazy hardships.


14. What celebrity had depression?

Celebrities Experience Sadness Famous Individuals Who Have Dealt with Depression

Let’s be honest here: Depression doesn’t discriminate based on fame, wealth or social media following. Celebrities may appear invincible.

Reality check – they’re just as human, as the rest of us. Many of them have spoken openly about their battles with health challenges. Here’s a brief overview;

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Setting aside his tough guy image – even The Rock, known for his muscles has grappled with depression. It goes to show that no matter how tough you appear on the outside; this struggle can affect anyone.
  • Demi Lovato: This talented singer has shown courage by sharing her health journey. It’s comforting for fans to know that they are not alone, in facing struggles.
  • Kristen Bell: Bubbly personality, check. Sparkling career, check. Battles with depression… also check. It’s inspiring to see celebs get real and smash those mental health taboos.


Why Does This Matter?

Think of it like… everyone knows superheroes are awesome, right? But it’s even cooler when they admit they have flaws too. It’s the same with celebs. Seeing them be open about mental health makes it less scary for the rest of us to talk about. Suddenly, feeling down doesn’t seem so weird or shameful.


The Takeaway

Depression is a total drag - like a party pooper that just won't leave

Depression is a total drag – like a party pooper that just won’t leave. But you ain’t gotta face it alone. Tons of resources are out there, and reaching out is the first step (your doc, a therapist, a helpline, even a trusted pal). Remember, it’s okay not to be okay.


Pop Quiz! ✨

Think you know other celebs bravely fighting mental health battles? Drop their names in the comments; let’s spread the word and break the silence!


Feeling a Little Lighter?

Sharing stories and breaking down taboos can make the weight of depression feel a tad easier to carry. And just in case… Hier ist Hilfe, falls Sie sie brauchen (That’s German for “Here’s help if you need it” 😉 )


15. Who is a famous person who never gave up?

  • Oprah Winfrey: From a rough childhood to media mogul…need I say more? This woman is the definition of resilience.

  • Colonel Sanders: The guy behind KFC? He got his recipe rejected over 1,000 times before hitting the big time. Now that’s perseverance.

  • J.K. Rowling: Before becoming the queen of wizarding, her Harry Potter manuscript was a hot potato publishers kept passing on. She’s proof you gotta keep believing.


16. Has a celebrity ever turned down a make a wish?

Oof. Not that I know of – it seems like a seriously bad PR move. BUT, sometimes celebs have scheduling conflicts or there are reasons it just doesn’t work out. It ain’t always out of meanness.


17. Who is the most giving celebrity?

This one’s a toss-up, and it changes over time. But these folks frequently give to some great causes:

  • Dolly Parton: Sweet Dolly isn’t just a country legend, she’s done mad good – funding literacy programs, disaster relief, the Dolly Parton Imagination Library…the list goes on.

  • Keanu Reeves: The internet’s sweetheart is secretly super generous. There are stories of him donating big chunks of his salary, buying gifts for crew members…dude has a big heart.

  • Taylor Swift: Swifty may drop some drama in her songs, but she’s big on giving back. Education, kids’ hospitals, natural disaster victims…she spreads her wealth around.


18. Which celebrity has done the most good for society?

Tough call! Depends on what you mean by “most good”. Let’s break it down:

  • Changemakers: Bono (U2 frontman) fights like heck for global poverty and AIDS causes. Angelina Jolie is practically synonymous with UN humanitarian work.

  • Philanthropy Power: Mega-donors like Bill Gates, Oprah, Michael Bloomberg… their foundations create massive changes in education, health, you name it.

  • Everyday Heroes: Celebs who support smaller, local charities with their time and money are awesome too. It’s not always about the biggest bucks.


19. Do celebrities go into debt?

MC Hammer

Heck yeah! They’re not immune to bad spending habits, messy divorces, or just plain bad luck. Remember MC Hammer? Went from mega-mansion to bankrupt. Ouch.


Key Takeaways

  • Celebs are humans. Just like us, they face struggles, do good, or stumble and fall.
  • Fame and fortune don’t shield them from life’s hard knocks.
  • It’s important to see beyond the glitz. Some use their platform for awesome things, others…let’s just say the red carpet lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Celebrities’ Interactions and Public Perception 🔥

20. Do celebrities give away their clothes?

Absolutely! Celebs are actually way cooler than you might think! Tons of them donate clothes to charities, pop-up shops, or sell them on fancy-schmancy online platforms. Some even pass clothes down to friends or family! Kinda makes me think twice about complaining about hand-me-downs, huh?

Why do they do it? Well, it’s a mixed bag:

  • The good vibes: Helps out charities, gives back to fans, and is just generally a cool thing to do.
  • The green factor: Celebrities are just as aware of those overflowing landfills as the rest of us, so reusing and recycling those designer threads is huge!
  • Fresh looks, fresh life: It’s hard to rock the same outfit twice on the red carpet. Gotta keep those paparazzi guessing! 😉


21. How can I reach out to a celebrity? 😉

How to Make a Celeb Actually Notice You

Okay, let’s ditch the sugarcoating: getting a celeb to notice you is like winning a mini-lottery. But hey, someone’s gotta win, right? Here’s how to boost those odds:

  • Slide into those DMs: Twitter, Insta, all that jazz – it’s the modern-day autograph line. But ditch the “OMG I LOVE YOU” for something that’ll make ’em laugh or think. A good meme goes a looong way! ✨
  • Snail mail FTW: Remember that thing called paper? A handwritten note is unexpected. Find their agent’s address and make it personal. Bonus points if it’s on funky stationery 💌
  • Roll up in the VIP: Charity events are where celebs go to feel good. Yeah, it’ll cost ya, but it’s a chance to casually bump into your fave while supporting a good cause. Two birds, one stone!
  • Here’s the real deal: No one – and I mean no one has time for a mile-long message. Keep it short, witty, and real. If you sound like their long-lost BFF, you’re golden.


Insider Tips:

  • Don’t be a creep. If they’re not responding, chill out.
  • Timing is EVERYTHING. Catch ’em right after a movie release or new album – they’re more likely to be scrolling through mentions.
  • Make your comment COUNT. Ask a question about their work, or tell ’em how something they did actually impacted you.


The Harsh Truth:

Even with all this, there’s no guarantee. Celebs are bombarded with messages constantly. Sometimes, it’s pure luck of the draw. Don’t let it get you down, sometimes just the effort is worth celebrating! 🙌


Let’s get creative: Think there’s something they haven’t been asked yet? Shoot a unique question their way, that’s the stuff that goes viral! ¡Buena suerte! 😉


22. How can I get help from a celebrity? 😉

How to Get a Celeb in Your Corner

How to Get a Celeb in Your Corner

Okay, folks, let’s be real. Snagging help from a celeb is like finding a unicorn in a haystack – rare and kinda magical. These folks get bombarded with requests, so forget about just sliding into their DMs. But hey, don’t ditch your dreams just yet! Here’s the sneaky, not-so-obvious stuff that might give you a shot:

  • Play matchmaker: Celebs, they’re just like us – they have causes they’re passionate about. Do some ninja-level research and see if your need lines up with their fave charity or mission. Shared values? Boom, that’s your ‘in’!
  • Rally the troops: Social media is your friend here. Start a hashtag campaign about your cause – make it catchy, make it heartfelt. Get it trending, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll land on your dream celeb’s radar. #fingerscrossed
  • Hometown heroes: Sometimes the best help is right in your backyard! Don’t forget the power of local organizations and community groups. They might pack a bigger punch than a faraway celebrity.


Think outside the celeb box

Let’s get real creative here! Who needs a traditional celeb when you can…

  • Crowdfund like a boss: Platforms like Kickstarter or GoFundMe can seriously level up your game. Don’t just ask for money – tell your story, tug at heartstrings, and show folks why they should care.
  • Slide into those influencer DMs: Ok, maybe not A-list movie stars, but influencers with a niche audience can be super powerful. Look for those who align with your cause and have an engaged following.
  • Get scrappy: Organize a local event, a fundraiser, anything to generate buzz about your need. You never know who might catch wind of it – a local news crew, a blogger with a big platform, or even a smaller-scale celeb who lives nearby!


Insider Tips (Shh, don’t tell anyone)

  • Don’t be a stalker: Celebs value privacy, so don’t bombard them with messages or try to track ’em down. It’s a major turn-off.
  • Keep it real: Honesty is always the best policy. Ditch the cheesy sob stories, and be upfront about what you need and why.
  • Timing is everything: Launching a campaign during a major news event where celebs are focused elsewhere? Yeah, bad idea.
  • ¿Hablas español? Sprinkling a little foreign language into your request adds some flavor. ¡Buena suerte! (That’s ‘good luck’ in Spanish 😉).

Remember, it’s a long shot. But hey, if it works, your story will be legendary! 💪


23. Who is the most humble celebrity in the world?

Ooh, spicy! I don’t want to play favourites, because let’s be real, celebs are just people. Some have good days, some have bad days. But based on the whispers I hear…

  • Keanu Reeves: This guy’s basically a living legend of being awesome. Donates huge chunks of money, rides the subway, total sweetheart.
  • Dolly Parton: National treasure, amazing singer, and seems like she’d make the best cookies ever. Enough said.
  • Tom Hanks: America’s Dad, what more can you ask for? Nicest guy in Hollywood, hands down.


Pro tip: Focus on celebrities who do low-key charity work, who focus on actions more than flashy publicity. Those are your truly down-to-earth gems. 🌟

Alright, I want to hear YOUR thoughts. Which celebrity do YOU think is super humble? Let’s spill the gossip in the comments! 💬


Rehab Specifics and Costs ✨

24. How much does Privé Swiss cost?

Whoa there! Privé Swiss is like the Rolls Royce of rehabs. We’re talking about super-luxe accommodations, one-on-one therapy, gourmet meals… the works! It’ll set you back somewhere around $20,000 per week. Yikes! 💸 But hey, if your wallet’s that deep and you need the best of the best, it might be worth it.


25. What is the success rate of rehab in the US?

Here’s the thing about success rates – they’re kinda like finding the perfect pair of jeans. One size does not fit all. It depends on tons of factors, like:

  • The quality of the rehab: Like jeans… there’s a huge difference between designer and discount
  • Type of addiction: Some substances are tougher to kick than others.
  • Your personal commitment: Rehab ain’t a magic wand! You gotta put in the work.


Generally, studies say around 40-60% of people stay sober after rehab. Sure, those numbers could be better, but let’s look at the bright side – that’s still a LOT of people who get their lives back on track! 💪


26. How much does Cliffside Malibu cost?

Cliffside Malibu is another one of those fancy-pants rehab places with ocean views and all that jazz. Get ready to shell out a pretty penny – think upwards of $50,000 per month! 💰 But hey, maybe some of that’s covered by insurance…


fingers crossed Gif


A lil’ somethin’ extra ’cause I care: Picking a rehab is huge. Don’t just go for the price tag. Ask the tough questions:

  • Therapists: Are they the real deal, with serious credentials?
  • Aftercare: Do they help you stay on track once you walk outta there?
  • Vibe: Does the place feel supportive and safe? Trust your gut.


“The cost of addiction is far greater than the price of recovery.” – Someone wise, probably 😉


Celebrity Rehab: The Wild First Season

Celebrity Rehab Show

Okay, if you haven’t heard about the OG Celebrity Rehab, buckle up! Think train wreck meets riveting TV show, sprinkled with some actual attempts to get better. Let’s tackle those burning questions:


27. What was the first season of Celebrity Rehab like?

Straight-up chaos. Picture this: a mash-up of washed-up celebs, raging addictions, and Dr. Drew Pinsky trying desperately to maintain control. It was like putting a lit match in a powder keg…explosive!


Specific Individuals or Events

28. Did Anna go to Passages Malibu?

Rachel Uchitel

Nope, that was Rachel Uchitel (Tiger Woods’ infamous mistress, remember her?). Anna was nowhere near that place!


29. Did Rachel DeLoache lose her job?

Yup. Turns out being a high-end nightclub hostess and a full-blown addict don’t mix too well. Who would’ve thought, right?


30. How did Anna pay her hotel bill?

Here’s where our girl Anna gets extra creative (and a little shady). Think bounced checks, fake wire transfers, and mooching off anyone and everyone. Girl’s got hustle, I’ll give her that.


31. How did Anna get caught?

The hotels finally got wise to her tricks. Plus, a friend she conned went to the cops. It all came crashing down, and not in a glamorous Hollywood way.


32. Are Neff and Anna still friends?

Now, this gets messy. Neff got caught up in Anna’s web of lies, even getting stuck with a huge bill. Let’s just say the friendship ain’t what it used to be…surprise, surprise!


33. How does Anna get released from jail?

Good behavior and some legal loopholes worked in her favor. But don’t get too excited, she got scooped up later by ICE for overstaying her visa. Anna can’t seem to catch a break!


34. Was Peter Hennecke real?

Here’s a mind-bender. Peter Hennecke was probably a mix of real people and Anna’s own grandiose fantasies. Think of him like an imaginary rich dude she used to make herself sound more important.


35. Did Anna Delvey really live with Billy McFarland?

Yup, for a hot minute! Two infamous scammers under one roof…now that’s a reality show I’d pay to watch.


36. How much money did Anna Delvey steal?

Get this: about $275,000! Hotels, banks, friends…no one was safe from her schemes.


37. Did Anna stay on the yacht?

Heck no! Turns out that yacht trip was another Anna special: all talk, no money. The crew wasn’t having it and kicked her to the curb.


38. Where is Anna Sorokin now?

Anna Sorokin

After jail, ICE detention, and a whole lot of drama, Anna got deported back to Germany in 2021. But knowing her, I bet she’s already cooking up her next big move.


39. Did Anna Delvey go to Morocco?

Yes indeed! That lavish trip with Rachel Uchitel was real…and funded with shady money, of course. It ended in disaster with Rachel footing the massive bill. Ouch!


40. Did Pax Prentiss relapse?

Pax Prentiss

Sadly, yes. Addiction is a beast, and even with all of Dr. Drew’s help, sometimes it wins a round.


Wow, that was a ride! Hopefully, this answers more than a few of your burning questions about Celebrity Rehab.

Remember, addiction’s a serious thing, but these stories are wild enough to write a whole book series. Stay curious, my friends! 😉