Philips One Blade PRO🪒: A Comprehensive Review — The Solution to Shaving Sensitivity at Last? 💈✨

Philips One Blade PRO🪒: A Comprehensive Review — The Solution to Shaving Sensitivity at Last? 💈✨
Suffer from irritated, red skin after shaving? This comprehensive review reveals how the Philips One Blade PRO finally solved my shaving sensitivity problems. No more razor burn or bumps!

Achieve Smooth & Comfortable Shaves: Exploring the Benefits🌟 of the Philips One Blade PRO for Sensitive Skin 👨‍🦰

Experience the ultimate shaving solution with the Philips One Blade PRO. Read this comprehensive review to discover how this revolutionary razor tackles shaving sensitivity and delivers smooth, comfortable shaves. ✅

Hello everyone. 👋 Sebastyan Papp here reviewing the new Phillips One blade PRO shaver. I’m hoping this review can be slightly different from some of the others you might have seen online because it addresses shaving sensitivity.

It’s something that I haven’t really seen so far. All of the reviews seem to be pretty much paraphrasing each other where they’re saying the same thing just in their own words, or they’re doing things like riding a bike / electric scooter while shaving.

And all that proves that you can show off while using one of these so not very useful. ❌

What I want to find out is: can I use this without going red all over my face? 😑 That’s usually what happens with most other products I’ve tried.

I’m not affiliated with Phillips in any way and this product has come out of my own pocket. I bought it a year ago for $50 and you’ll see soon if it’s a go to for me 👍 or a no no. 👎

With that being said I’m hoping this article will help inform your purchase.


This review is going to be completely honest because if this product stinks, I’m going to let you know. But I’m hoping it’s going to be a lot better than some of the other products out there because traditionally you’d have a razor with maybe, sort of, little safety guides or whatever on it. But the problem is that these scratch the top layer of your skin, and that’s really what causes the irritation. 😥

Then you have electric shavers which are a lot better, but the problem is if you tend to grow a little bit of beard like me and you’re not shaving every day, then you’ve got to go over with a beard trimmer first, then the electric shaver, and that double pass over your skin that causes irritation as well. 😬

In theory, this should solve that problem because, effectively, it’s pretty much like a safety razor. You get a blade inside with a serrated edge that should cut through the hair on the edge and then in the middle here, we’ve got sort of the crisscross pattern that allows the entire process that should in one swoop just cleanly shave you. That’s the theory. ✅

You should also be able to do some sort of stylish trimming and things like that but I don’t know; it’s nice to have options. ✔️

The other thing as well is that it has these beard trimming guides, an extra blade and a protection cap.

This particular model ranges from zero to ten millimeters. They just clip on, and then pulling it off, as simple as that. 🙌

When I was actually buying this in 2022 last summer I found that there were three different models on the website. Essentially, I went for the PRO model because I wanted all the features, but it doesn’t really matter which one you pick because they all use the same one-blade trimming system. And that’s what I’m interested in, because hopefully that’s the bit that’s going to stop my skin from flaring up red.

What I want to know is: is this going to solve my problem so I can shave in the morning and go to work without looking like a fallen in the form bush? That’s the important part.

As a quick note, this specific product has a 2h run time and just a 1h charge needed. It comes with a LED digital display which shows the status of battery and I think it’s cool. For example, as I take a look right now it says that I have 38% battery left (I have it for a year already and I never charge it yet; using only 2–3% battery per shaving of about 5–10 minutes) 👇

So what I’m going to do is try one of these beard guides first, and I’m going to see if I can trim this down to something like, I don’t know, one maybe 3mm, and then leave it for an hour just so any potential redness goes down. I’m going to do a dry shave, and I’m hopefully going to go from a whole beard, and we’re going to see how well it works and how irritated my skin gets. 😌

Then in about a week’s time, when maybe a little bit of stubble grows again, I am going to do a wet shave, and we’re going to see how the results vary. This will be all in one article so don’t worry; you don’t have to wait a week. Anyway, that’s my plan. 😜

Now, in theory, a wet shave should be better because the hair should soften and smooth the skin. In other words, it’s supposed to make the whole procedure less irritating on your skin so that’s what I’m going to try.

It’s probably worth noting at this point that this isn’t fully waterproof. You can’t submerge it underwater; you can’t have a shower and shave, but to be honest, that’s not really a big deal.

My other electric shaver says you can use it in the shower and I think, “Oh, that’s brilliant.” I tried it, and it’s really rubbish because, well, most people don’t have a mirror in the shower, and even if they do, it probably steams up so it’s a pretty good selling point, but it’s a useless feature. 👀

However, this is water-resistant, so you can run it under the tap and do a wet shave with it, so that should be okay. ✅

One last thing to mention before I actually get onto the official review is that those blades are around $10–15 mark (depending your location), and they should last for around four months (but in my case it will last for at least a year for how rare I shave honestly 😅).

Now, this should be pretty good for everyday use, but as some other people have pointed out online, this is quite expensive over a longer period, and Phillips should really offer multipacks.

The other problem is that you can’t really replace just the blade; you have to replace the whole head of this thing, which is really wasteful. 🗑

The other problem is that it means that these little bands here are really quite thin, and apparently they can break. ❌

Anyway, I don’t know what the case is going to be, so I’m going to try this out and see how it goes.

Photo by author — Before pics

Now onto the beard shaving. 🙌

Photo by author

Awesome, almost done and I’m actually liking this. It’s taken years off me. I’m not going to hold out hope that this is going to be a completely red-free experience though…

I just thought I’d quickly test the water resistance of this because I need to clean it. It’s a bit hairy, so if it breaks, then you know that it’s not very water-resistant. 😜

Yeah. Well, it seems pretty water-resistant to me. ✅

It’s working exactly the way it should: it’s trimming off the stubble, and it’s actually creating a pretty smooth finish underneath. So far, it’s looking good so I’ll finish it, and I’ll see how it goes.

Okay, all done. Not bad, actually. You can see a little bit of stubble but that’s actually how it’s supposed to work. The idea is that it’s not so cutting so close that you irritate the skin. It doesn’t irritate the skin that much. It doesn’t cut perfectly close, but right up your skin, that’s no biggie.

I’m pretty impressed, actually, I’m pretty happy with that. The other idea is that you can use this to trim and shake sort of hair as well, so you can use it on your sideburns if you want to.

I’m actually pretty impressed that a dry shade isn’t irritating my skin as much as before when I was just using a beard trimmer.

What I’ll do is go back into my room and write about the conclusion, and maybe we’ll see after sort of ten minutes or anything if my skin starts to flare up, because that’s usually what happens. Ten minutes is the proven time. It’s all right so far. Cool. 👍

It’s been about ten minutes since I used the One Blade for a clean shave, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty impressed. I can see there’s pretty much no irritation. That’s great. ✅

I will note that there is a bit of redness on the chin, but I’m not quite sure what it is. I’m not actually blaming the One Blade for this. It just seems like my body’s way of saying that it wants to grow a neck beard, but I’d rather not. ❌

For a dry, clean shave, this has done pretty well. So, yeah, this is pretty impressive. I really look forward to trying it out in a week’s time with a wet shave because it’s supposed to be a lot more gentle on your skin, and I’m hoping there should be no redness or irritation whatsoever.

As I say, that’ll be in a week’s time. I’m going to let my stubble grow and actually give it a proper test, because it would just be a bit pointless right now. ✊

It’s been about a week since the last shave with the One Blade, and I’ve grown a little bit of stubble, so I’m going to try it again.

I’ve got to say, this is definitely my favorite product so far when it comes to shaving, it’s not that bad and I’m really impressed by this thing. 😀

Photo by author — Before pics
Photo by author — While this time isn’t that much hair it’s still something, especially after just one week.
Photo by author — After pics

By the way, I like to say that I’m not in any way affiliated with Phillips. I’m just pretty impressed that this product works for me. ✅

In short, my review of this is that it’s a pretty decent product. I would definitely recommend it if you have shaving sensitivity problems like I do. The only thing I would say, though, is that I’ve heard the blades are quite expensive, and I think I mentioned that earlier (about $11–15 for each new blade).

In the end, I guess we can make the judgment by looking at the product itself. So, yeah, I’ve got to say I like it. It’s probably worth taking a look at and if you can get your hands on one when you’re reading this article, I’d probably recommend it. It’s worth giving it a try at the very least and I think this product will be the number one solution for most people for at least 15–20 years (if they are taking good care of it, of course). ☺️

So, yeah, thumbs up. 👍

Once you have a Philips One Blade you won’t be using these anymore, that’s for sure👇

I’m going to be reviewing loads of products in the future, so follow me to find out more, and if you’ve got any questions about the One Blade, then add a little comment because I’m going to try to reply to as many as possible because, in the end, I want to help you make an informed purchase. ☝️

In the meantime, though, have a brilliant day! 💛

Now it’s time to go for a quick soup & KFC 🙌 cuz I’ve been writing here for over 2 hours ✍️

Key Takeaways! 💡

  • The Phillips One blade shaver addresses shaving sensitivity and I’m actually liking this product, it’s taken years off me.
  • One Blade is supposed to be a lot more natural on the skin if you go for a wet shave. Having a wet shave definitely helps cut closer to the skin. This is definitely my favorite product so far when it comes to shaving, but keep in mind that the blades can be a little bit expensive.

Let me know your feedback! 😉

What shaver are you using❓👀

Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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