Shocking Revelations! 🚨 How Riding School Buses Feels Like a Wild Beyoncé Concert in Chaos 🚌🎤

Shocking Revelations! 🚨 How Riding School Buses Feels Like a Wild Beyoncé Concert in Chaos 🚌🎤

Surviving the Chaos 😩: The Unbelievable Reality of Riding School Buses 🚌

A student’s hilarious and chaotic experience riding school buses and how one field trip changed everything. 💺

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I’m sure many of you reading this article have taken the bus to school. If you haven’t, well, consider yourself lucky. I took the bus until my senior year of high school, and it was quite a journey, I must say. ☺️

When you take it, you have to wake up way earlier than everyone else, and if your school has an early start time, good luck getting up in the morning.

My school started at 7:15, and my bus came at 6:30, which meant that I needed to get up at six if I wanted to even be close to catching it.

Photo by Vicky Ng on Unsplash

I was never really ready for the day. Every morning, I would eat yogurt, and then I’d have to haul myself to the bus stop.

The bus was always there waiting for me, so I would just look like an idiot running all the way down my street. I had no choice but to run, which really sucked.

So when I finally got to the stop, after everybody just watched me awkwardly run with a big backpack, of course, it was always a mystery who the driver was. 👀

Now that you’re on in, where do you sit❓👀

A lot of shenanigans go down in the back, so I sit right in the middle. Of course, when you walk onto the bus, the smell of an old, shitty bus hits your nose. I sit down, and I see a bunch of holes poked into the seat where the smell of piss hits my nose.

I’m like, “Did somebody really pee in that hole? Jesus Christ.”

So I think to myself, “Okay, let me put my headphones in so I can stay awake and don’t get hazed.” I put on some loud-ass “Akon — Smack That” music to stay awake (which was my ringtone as well at that time on my Motorola V360V), but even that doesn’t help. I’m still bobbing and weaving the entire bus ride.

Photo by author 


Most of the time, my rides are pretty uneventful, especially in high school. But in middle school, it was impossible to fall asleep on the bus. When I got on the bus in middle school, everybody was already cracked-out at six in the morning.

On my bus, the chill kids would sit in the front, and the troublemakers would sit in the back (obviously). During my middle school bus ride, it was screaming and moaning galore. One motherfucker even had a soundboard open and was just playing random memes. :)) It was like a whole circus act back there, and the driver would sometimes say, “Hey, can you kids shut the fuck up back there? I’m trying to drive here.”

In my mind, I was like, “Yeah, we’re definitely going to crash.” The chances of the bus crashing were so much greater in middle school because of the amount of shit the kids in the back would do. Sometimes whole-ass fights would break out.

Your bus ride was truly going to be an amusement park where you just didn’t know what you were in for that day. You had to sign up for some crazy ass shit but at least we had some free entertainment for the day. That’s a plus. :))

So we finally arrive at the school, somehow in one piece. I get up from my seat, and my ass hurts from sitting on that uncomfortable seat, and my legs are burning from the seat heater at the bottom.

At this point, I’m like, “Oh, thank God I’m off this bus.” But I thought before school was worse. Seven in the morning, shenanigans. I thought that was really bad, but after school, everybody somehow had, like, ten times more energy than they did before.

Image by author via Dalle 2

There were 50+ different buses lined up in three different rows, and you had to somehow find yours every day in less than five minutes. Usually, they park in the same spot, thank God, but sometimes they weren’t parked in the same spot, or they would take a different bus for the day.

So one day, I got out of school, and I’m looking for the bus. I’m like, “Come on, where the fuck is it? Where is it? Is it in the back? No. Is it the other two rows? I don’t know.”

All the buses leave, and I’m just standing there like an idiot, watching all the cars leave. And I just start walking towards the front of the school because I’m basically, “All right, I guess I’ll just sit there. After all, I don’t know where else to sit.” So I was just sitting there for 2 hours, and I was like, “Damn. I had to miss the bus, huh?”

Source: Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

Staying there, I just started playing Temple Run, Samurai VS. Zombie (please make it available on iOS as well), or some sh*t and ended up calling some friends to pass the time. One of them be like, “Yo, how the fuck did you miss the bus, bro?” and I was basically saying, “Yeah, don’t ask questions. I don’t know how the hell that happened.” ☹️

After a few hours, my mom came to pick me up, and she was like, “Wow, you are an idiot.” I’m like, “I know, but hey, shit happens. What the hell are you going to do about it?” 😜

On other days when I got on the bus, I was like, ‘Thank God I found it.’ And then everybody started turning up. Freestyles were going on back there. There were even people selling each other’s stuff.

This is what a typical after-school day on the bus looked like for me.

Some classmates would rap and say, ‘Hey, yo, put on that beat real quick. Put on that beat. Y’all, I’m gonna kill this sh*t. Are you ready? Ready?’

Dude, I’m putting on my headphones. What the hell is this? I’m better off listening to Uzi instead. 🙃

Photo by Xia Yang on Unsplash

People wouldn’t only freestyle. They would just randomly scream, and it was so fucking loud, I couldn’t even hear myself talk.

Every time I wanted to talk to someone, I had to yell at them because of all the screaming and other chaos going on on the bus. And honestly, at this point, the bus driver kind of gave up on getting everyone to shut up because it was damn near impossible. 😬

I mean, it was after school; the bus was going to be loud. He was, like, speeding through the highway, swerving through lanes as he was just trying to get us home as fast as possible. Now, I was one of the first stops, and I’m like, ‘Goddamn, thank God I’m out of this bitch, bro.’

When I got off the bus, sometimes my ears would ring. I would forget my headphones, and I would have to listen to ‘whatever the hell that was’ for the day.

The absolute worst time to be on a bus is during a field trip. Let me tell you, it sucked, and it was so bad. I mean, we were all cramped as little sardines on this goddamn bus.

They squeezed as many people as possible onto the bus, and I remember they said, three to a seat. I’m like, ‘Holy shit. Is that even possible?’ 👀

Of course, I was stuck at the end, with my ass hanging off the seat the entire ride. I was just thinking to myself, “Fuck, I’m definitely going to be that one kid that falls.”

Image by author via Dalle 2

Now, we were going to an amusement park, so it was about 2 hours away from the school. The entire bus ride, I kid you not, people were just singing. I’m like, “God damn, bro. Thank God I at least liked the music that they were singing, or else there would have been problems.” 🎤🎧

Yeah, it is really annoying when everybody and their mama sing the song, but at least it was a song that I liked, so I was okay with it.

I mean, the songs that were popular at the time were “Love Generation” by Bob Sinclair, “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee, and “Disco Inferno” by 50 Cent, just to name a few. Also, let’s not forget about U Can’t Touch This 🙌

But honestly, the worst part was the leg cramps I got after 2 hours of going.

In high school, we went to the same place, and we got a luxurious bus with TVs. They were playing Jurassic Park, and I’m like, “God damn, this is the best experience I’ve had on a school bus.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

The school actually went all out, and I’m basically, “Holy shit, I’ve never seen this before.” 🙌 And I was like, “You know what? The $100 for this field trip, damn, that shit was worth it. I’m not going to lie.”

Even though people were doing the same thing, just singing songs the whole time 🎤🎧, it was still nice and a cool experience, full of cool memories. It was the first time I ever got off a bus, and my ass didn’t hurt. It was crazy. 😝

All in all, I rate school buses a two out of ten. But that luxurious bus, ten out of ten, is unbeatable. In my mind, it was really something like this (especially for times like 2000–2008)👇

Let me know your funny stories from school as well!


All images are provided by the author via Dalle 2 and Unsplash ✅


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School Bus with Childhood memoriesImage concept developed by the author


Childhood Memories Unveiled: The Ultimate FAQ Dive into the Nostalgic Abyss! 🎈

Student life with middle school chaos

Hey there, dreamer! Remember those days of slurping popsicles under the sun and scraping knees in backyard games?

Ah, childhood! But what’s the real deal behind those old-school memories? Time for a quick and deep dive into the pool of yesteryears. Grab your floaties, ’cause here we go! 🏊‍♀️

1. What is childhood in a few lines?

Childhood: that golden period when jumping in puddles was a sport, the tooth fairy was real, and bedtimes were the enemy. Think of it as a limited-time free trial of life, with fewer responsibilities and more recess. ✨


2. What are some good childhood memories?

Remember building a couch-cushion fort? Or that weird game you invented with your neighbor? Late-night storytelling sessions, chasing ice cream trucks… Ah, the list is as endless as a summer day back then.


3. Why are childhood memories so beautiful?

Our brains are sneaky little editors, focusing on the good times, like your grandma’s cookies, not the time she burned them! Plus, the world was vast, new, and magical – like stepping into Narnia every single day. 🦁🚪


4. Why do childhood memories matter?

Childhood memories are our emotional compass. They shape who we are, remind us of where we’ve been, and even guide where we’re heading.

It’s like your personal playlist; you always have those old-school hits you come back to.


5. Why are good childhood memories important?

Like a fave teddy bear or blankie, they’re our comfort zone. These memories give us a cozy feeling, a dash of confidence, and a sprinkle of belonging. They’re the emotional equivalent of your mom’s mac n’ cheese. 🧀


6. Why childhood memories are so nostalgic?

It’s the Back to the Future effect. Our brain loves to time-travel! As we grow, we crave the simpler times, the unadulterated joy. It’s like missing that unbeatable 90s TV show binge! 📺


7. What makes memories so important?

Memories are the bookmarks of our life’s story. Imagine re-reading your fave book but not knowing where the best parts are. That’s life without memories. They’re the plot twists, the cliffhangers, and the happy endings.


8. What are the effects of childhood on memory?

Ever heard the phrase “young sponge”? Kids soak up experiences like a marathoner guzzling water. Their brains are ultra-plastic, making and breaking connections. That’s why every scraped knee felt like an epic drama!


9. What is a nostalgic memory?

It’s like when you hear an old tune and are instantly transported back in time. Suddenly, you’re 10 again, dancing without a care! Music to the ears, quite literally. 🎶


10. At what age are memories most important?

Memory doesn’t play favorites. But our “magical years”, between 5-10, usually stand out. It’s the sweet spot – old enough to understand, young enough for unbridled wonder.

Childhood Memory Insider Tips 🤫

  • To Relive: Jot down memories when they pop up. That scrapbook or journal will be a goldmine later.
  • To Preserve: Photos, folks! And no, not just the Insta-worthy ones. Snap the messy, real, everyday moments.

11. What age are people’s earliest memories?

Typically around 3 or 4. But if you claim to remember your epic second birthday bash, dude, we’re not calling you out! Maybe you’ve got an elephant’s memory. 🐘


12. How many childhood memories are real?

Tricky! While some are clear as day, others might be our mind’s little adaptations or exaggerations. It’s like fish tales, the fish grows bigger every time the story’s told! 🐟


13. Can you trust your childhood memories?

Mostly, yeah. But memories can be mischievous. Over time, our brain might remix them, adding a bit of spice here and there. So, if you think you met a dragon at 5, well, might wanna double-check with mom.


14. Why have I forgotten childhood memories?

Not all files make the cut in our brain’s storage. Some get deleted, some are on that mysterious cloud thingy. Plus, as adults, we’re flooded with info. Some childhood deets just don’t make the VIP list.


15. What is it called when old memories come back?

Flashbacks! And not just the cool, movie-style ones. They can be a scent, a sound, or a déjà vu moment. Like smelling crayons and whoosh – you’re back in art class!

When Old Meets New: 🔄

Memory Event Modern Day Equivalent
Passing Notes Texting
Rewinding Video Cassettes Buffering Streaming Video
Mixtapes Spotify Playlists

16. What is the most vivid memory from childhood?

This varies! For some, it’s a holiday surprise, for others, it’s the thrill of learning to ride a bike, and for a few, it’s that time they danced like nobody was watching (but everyone totally was).


17. Is it normal to have flashbacks of childhood?

Absolutely! It’s your brain’s way of saying, “Hey, remember this classic episode from the series of Your Life?”


18. What are three types of childhood memories?

  1. Event Memories: Specific events (like the day you adopted that furball!)
  2. Skill Memories: Learning experiences (like tying shoelaces without the bunny ears method.)
  3. Habitual Memories: Everyday routines (brush, rinse, repeat.)


19. What are the most important memories?

The ones that shape, shake, and make you. Whether it’s your first fall or the day you stood tall, it’s the moments that add chapters to your personal tale.


20. How do you write a childhood essay?

Start with emotions, dive into details, and sprinkle in some senses.

It’s not just what happened, but how it felt. Like how the pie smelled, not just how it looked.

Nugget of Wisdom🧠: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Maya Angelou

21. What is a nice quote about childhood?

“Childhood is a short season.” – Helen Hayes.

But, oh boy, it’s jam-packed with magic, mischief, and memories!


22. How do childhood memories affect personality?

They’re the Lego blocks of our psyche. They can build us, shape us, or even occasionally trip us up (ouch!).

  • Your love for animals? Probably rooted in that first pet.
  • Your fear of water? Maybe that unexpected pool dunking.


23. What is childhood trauma for most people?

Unfortunately, not all childhood memories are sugar, spice, and everything nice. Trauma can be deep-seated experiences that overshadow the good times. But remember, they don’t define you; they’re just one chapter in a vast book.


24. How do you uncover repressed childhood trauma?

Tread carefully. Seek professional help, like therapists. Digging deep can be like opening Pandora’s box; you wanna be ready for what jumps out.


25. What is it called when you remember childhood memories?

That’s reminiscing. Like putting on old records and grooving to the tunes of the past.

In Conclusion…

Childhood memories are like the secret sauce to our life burger. Some are tangy, some sweet, and some a bit bitter. But mix ’em up, and you get one heck of a flavor-packed life!

So, next time you’re feeling blue, just tap into the good ol’ days and let a wave of nostalgia wash over you.

Keep rockin’ and rememberin’! 🚀🎸