TOP 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World That You Need To Know About

TOP 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World That You Need To Know About

The Most Expensive Yachts nowadays are like 7 star hotels, but on water, with the capacity of transporting hundreds of people on board. Having your own luxury yacht is not only a mater of status symbol, but also a way of showing off your class & style.

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The owners of those luxurious yachts are mostly millionaires & billionaires with a business / political background. Besides the design, those amazing yachts are differentiated by the materials and technologies used. And in addition to this list we’re offering you to check our list of Top 15 Most Popular Luxury Cars in the World and TOP 10 MOST Wanted Items For Buyers Of Luxury Homes


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Today we are talking about the big boys, no little to medium yachts that anyone can have, so here are the TOP 10 most expensive yachts in the World:


10) The Rising Sun – $200 Million


Owner: David Geffen


  • 82 rooms scattered across five floors
  • a movie theater
  • a wine cellar
  • basketball court on it which can also be used as a helicopter landing pad.


9) Seven Seas – $200 Million


  • Owner: Steven Spielberg
  • Accommodation Capacity: 14 guests across 7 suites (which act as double cabins) + 23 crew members
  • Structure: Having a movie theater, helipad, gymnasium, and an infinity pool.
  • 282.15 feet long (about 86 meters)
  • 2750 tonnes
  • Max Speed – 20 knots (about 37 km/h)


Nuvolari & Lenard designed and engineered the exterior as well as the interior of this fantastic 200 million dollar superyacht, built in 2010 by Oceanco in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. The exterior of Seven Seas is chic and elegant with brilliant blue and silver accents. During the year 2016, Amico & Co. performed a few attachments and re-fittings to the yacht.

Find more about those amazing designers from Venice on their Instagram profile >


8) Lady Moura – $210 Million


  • Owner: Nassar Al-Rashid
  • Capacity of accommodating 30 guests and 60 crew members.
  • Built by: Blohm & Voss shipyards in 1990
  • 105 meters long


The name of the yacht is displayed on the exterior with 24-carat gold lettering which looks awesome. 


7) Al Mirqab – $250 Million


OwnerJassim bin Jabar Al Thani (Prime Minister of Qatar)

Built by: Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth in 2008



  • 10 bedroom suites which can accommodate up to 24 guests,
  • helipad,
  • swimming pool,
  • movie theater,
  • bar,
  • jacuzzi,
  • sun deck,
  • a set of VIP suites for the owner.
  • 55 rooms for the crew



6) Dilbar – $263 Million


  • Owner: Alisher Usmanov (using his yacht mostly for visiting his private islands)
  • Built by: Lürssen Yachts in 2008
  • Accommodation for up to 20 guests & 48 crew members
  • Dilbar is over 360 feet long (110 meters) & 50 feet high (15 meters)
  • it has a helipad, swimming pools & other cool features.


We see Lürssen yachts coming again into place, setting the standards for yachts with their experience.

What we found interesting about this company is the continuity (apart from other things such as lifetime support for their yachts and having the best facilities in the world)